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What Kayani Can Learn From Putin

April 27, 2010

Ahmed Quraishi

By allowing foreign militaries a free reign in our tribal belt to kill hundreds of innocent Pakistanis, Pakistan is committing the same mistake as Putin’s, who initially did well a decade ago by crushing the rebellion in Chechnya but now is creating more rebels because of highhandedness. Also, Pakistan has no business eliminating the Afghan Taliban, who survived the 2001 war thanks to US mismanagement. The problem should be solved inside Afghanistan, not Waziristan.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—It was brave on the part of Pakistan army chief to publicly apologize for mistakenly bombing and killing tens of innocent Pakistanis in a Khyber Agency village. In a similar incident in 2006 during the reign of his predecessor, where a US missile killed up to 80 children in a school, the action was not only defended but the Pakistani military was forced to own it, giving the first signal to everyone that innocent Pakistanis can be killed with impunity as part of the war on terror. Since then, more than a thousand innocent Pakistanis have lost their lives as collateral damage in these ‘successful’ drone attacks. This would remain one of the darkest spots in our history where our rulers shirked their responsibility for the protection of every Pakistani citizen on our soil.

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Rotten Tree of Democarcy Must Be Uprooted

November 8, 2009

Talha Mujaddidi | PKKH

“Another such victory and we have had it”, King Pyrrhus of Epirus

This ancient quote comes to mind after witnessing the latest run of CIA imposed democracy in Pakistan. The old crooks back with gloss and glitter. The biggest crook getting the biggest prize, the Presidency, the rest of the goons settling for ministries and cabinet posts. The humble people of Pakistan were mesmerized by the media into welcoming these crooks back into power. People have short memories, it is true for any nation, but a nation that forgets its history has its geography changed by its enemies.

The masses were blinded by the media and the liberal fascists who want to enforce their 1% doctrine of western cultural, political, economic and secular agenda on the 99% nation of Pakistan. The mantra of democracy was tuned into the minds of the people using the best propaganda tool ‘the television’. Now second year into the Zardari government people are praying for Divine intervention or some miracle to rid the nation of this cancerous government. On the other hand, the 1% liberal fascist elite class wants to enslave 99% of the nation into bowing down to US slavery. We shouldn’t really blame them for they have been programmed into being nothing else but servants of the Zionist cabal.

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