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Indo-Pakistan Proxy War Heats Up In Afghanistan

April 27, 2010

Tim Sullivan

KABUL — Across Afghanistan, behind the obvious battles fought for this country’s soul, a shadow war is being quietly waged. It’s being fought with spies and proxies, with hundreds of millions of dollars in aid money and ominous diplomatic threats.

The fight pits nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan against one another in a battle for influence that will almost certainly gain traction as the clock ticks down toward America’s military withdrawal, which President Barack Obama has announced will begin next year.

The clash has already sparked bloody militant attacks, and American officials fear the region could become further destabilized. With Pakistani intelligence maintaining ties to Afghanistan’s Taliban militants, India has threatened to draw Iran, Russia and other nations into the competition if an anti-Indian government comes to power in Kabul.

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US must address Pakistan’s security concerns through South Asia diplomacy

February 22, 2009

Report by Washington-based think tank says US must acknowledge Pakistan’s security concerns have worsened after it joined hands with Washington

WASHINGTON: The United States should dedicate robust economic assistance for uplift of the Pakistani people along its Afghan border and also help resolve Pakistan’s security concerns by engaging Islamabad and New Delhi as part of a regional solution to the Afghan conflict, a new study by a Washington think tank said Tuesday.

The research released by the US Institute of Peace acknowledged that Pakistan “has legitimate security interests in its region and it has few conventional political, military, or diplomatic tools to achieve its interests”.

US Aware India Supporting Pakistani Taliban
What About America’s Responsibility For The ‘AfPak’ Mess?

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What About America’s Responsibility For The ‘AfPak’ Mess?

February 19, 2009


Ahmed Quraishi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A politician in Karachi comes out on GEO News to say Pakistan’s existence is ‘not sacred.’ The separatist-leaning government in Balochistan wants to bar ‘Pakistani settlers’ from the port city of Gwadar. And two Pakistani political parties – the Pashtun ANP and Karachi’s MQM – are itching for an ethnic war. Both of them are U.S. allies and their leaders have been flown secretly to Washington for talks. Interestingly, Karachi, Balochistan and the Pashtun areas control the supply route essential for maintaining U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. What part of this picture the Zardari government and the Pakistani military does not understand? When will they dismantle CIA outposts in Pakistan?

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India’s Defeat in the Proxy War in Sri Lanka

February 7, 2009

If you enjoy following the wider geo-strategic game unfolding in our region, you must have heard this news. India’s desire for expanding its control over the Indian ocean received a setback in Sri Lanka with the Lankan military’s decisive move against the LTTE, which is an Indian proxy terrorist militia. This is a game that involves Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United States.

Read this paper by Farzana Shah as she goes behind the news to give you an insider report of what this news means from the Pakistani perspective.