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From Iqbal’s Dream to Takmeel-e-Pakistan

November 9, 2009


A PKKH Iqbal Day Exclusive

Aquib Moin | PKKH

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal envisioned a sovereign and independent state for the Muslims of Sub-continent. A state where Islamic teachings will establish the core ideology, a way of life and socio-politico-economic system, practiced as the true religion and celebrated as the ideal way of life. His vision was not merely a dream rather it was a divine invocation, an order from the spiritual domain, which was destined, to be executed, which already had Almighty’s approval, which He brought into existence for a special purpose.

The personality appointed by Almighty to propagate the underlying ideology, which ultimately laid the foundation of Pakistan, was Allama Iqbal. He was more than a scholar, more than a philosopher, more than a saint and much more than a visionary. We cannot attempt to sum up in one article what this legend really was, since he himself once said, “Iqbal himself isn’t aware of what Iqbal really is”. What we know and should always remember is that he was the one who ignited the spark of self-awareness in the Muslims of Sub-continent, who infused the passion to acquire freedom and independence in the blood of Muslim youth of the time. He was who unveiled the true meaning and spirit of Islam and hope in the otherwise pessimistic minority.

“Kia ajab meri nawa-haaye sahar gaahi say
Zinda ho jaye woh aatish kai teri khaak mein hai”

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