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India: Give it a rest

March 21, 2009

Its just not funny. 

While the world media and foreign investigative agencies have continued to reject India’s attempts to link Pakistani agencies with the Mumbai attacks, it appears the Indians prefer keeping their heads buried in the sand while beating the same old drum. (Chidambram: Pak official agencies involved)

There’s a joke in Pakistan about Indian authorities worrying about the rising population graph, until someone points out ‘it must be the work of Pakistani agencies!!’. Its just not funny.

There are precedents, ofcourse.

India’s ISI / Pakistan bashing usually comes before every major election in India, and after mysterious terrorist attacks on its citizens. It has turned into a tool used by warring Indian politicians to consolidate their Hindu vote-bank in what is an alarming rise of Hindutva politics in the past few years. And its not just restricted to Pakistan – no one has suffered the wrath of the Hindutva ideology more than those living within its borders – the Indian minorities.

Its a shame that ordinary, innocent Indian citizens pay with their lives for the politicians’ gain whether its orchestrated terrorist attacks or religious and communal riots. Until the ruling elite have a long, hard look in the mirror and start being sincere about the safety and security of their citizens, the old drums will be kept beating over and over again.

Is it not the failure of this rotten system that it continues to breed the most corrupt and deceitful and place them incharge of the masses? We should all be asking ourselves this question, whether Indian or Pakistani.

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