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Blood Or Water

March 10, 2010

PKKH Editorial

Power vacuum on the streets of Islamabad is visible. Sovereignty and Freedom seem like fabled tales of the past. India declaring war on Pakistani waters fell more than just on one deaf ear. Those who eat, drink, drive and live-off of taxpayer’s money, have no concern whatsoever of the 71 percent population who put their flesh and blood into agriculture, which drives the economy of this country. Then again, why would the higher ups in Islamabad be bothered? Their kids aren’t the ones dying of hunger. By the time there are food shortages and economic crisis in the country, they would be on their way to a Newfoundland, far far away. There they would write books and deliver lectures on, ‘How to rip-off a third world nation’. Till that time comes, lets just smile and have our pictures taken with Krishna and Shivshankar to show the people, ‘we care’. Fact of the matter is when there are dams and hydro-electric projects to be constructed, these very people are at each other’s throats, but when a neighbouring country blocks a whole river, they people act deaf and dumb. That’s probably because they have nothing to politicize. Patriotism, self-respect, equality are the words that these people have buried in Museums and Libraries. Ethnic, linguistic and a cultural divide are the factors that score points in our dirty politics.

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Shining India: Farmers Sell Wives After Crops Fail

September 13, 2009

Dielle D’Souza | The Independent, UK


North Indian farmers are selling their wives to survive, it has been revealed.

Left without money due to failing crops, debt-ridden farmers in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, have reportedly been selling their wives to money lenders for Rs 4,000 – 12,000 (£50-150). The more beautiful the woman, the higher the price that she fetches, it was claimed. The deals are allegedly being settled on a legal stamp paper under the heading “Vivaha Anubandh” meaning Marriage Contract. Once the new “husband” is tired of the woman, she is allegedly sold to another man.

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