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Speech – Not As Free As It Used To Be!

August 11, 2009

Atif F Qureshi | PKKH

Kashif Abbasi, who was allowed by a ‘Dictator’ to speak his mind and criticize the then government in a media campaign which eventually saw the ‘Dictator’ resign, has been kicked off the airwaves by our ‘Democratic’ Government. Irony at its best. The free-wheeling liberal social democratic facade is starting to peel as the current government now resorts to tactics not even ‘Dictators’ indulge in.The stifling of contrary opinion is normally only done in one of two cases: a desperate measure to veil weaknesses, or to shore up strength and consensus. No prizes for guessing which applies here.

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Loud & Clear: Episode 2

May 25, 2009



The wait is finally over! Here’s the second episode of PKKH’s own production in association with, Loud & Clear from Islamabad – Pakistan’s first and only web-tv show.

In this episode our guest is PML-Q’s Mushahid Hussain Syed – a rare politician with who is not just in tune with the problems that Pakistan faces (having the distinction of being from a middle-class background), but is also quite strong and outspoken in his criticism of not just Asif Zardari’s corrupt government, but also the western-style democratic set-up in place Pakistan.

In this fascinating conversation, Ahmed Quraishi and Mushahid Hussain lift the lid on the sensational and often dangerous levels of incompetence of the current government, the American and Indian designs of using Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan and the strength and resilience of the Pakistani people who are by now used to staring misfortune in the eye and making their own way through the storms we’ve faced in our 60-odd years. A MUST WATCH Program.

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Haqqani Pushed India Transit Idea…

May 13, 2009

…On Behalf Of Washington

In a highly undiplomatic move, U.S. officials coordinated with Ambassador Haqqani to have the India-Afghan transit trade concession forced on Pakistan. The issue raises once again the perennial question: Does Ambassador Haqqani represent Pakistani interests or is he working for Washington? In March, Mr. Haqqani broke diplomatic norms and national security considerations by arranging a secret, one-to-one meeting between President Zardari and Mr. Holbrooke in Dubai to talk things behind the back of the entire Pakistani government, Foreign Office, and the Pakistani military.

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Zardari’s Kindness

May 10, 2009

India Should Ask Him To Hand Over Kashmir, Hunza & Gilgit Too

Just as the tide was turning against the so-called Pakistani Taliban because of loss of public support, comes the news that Asif Zardari has signed a transit trade agreement that gives India the right to overland trade with Afghanistan and beyond – something that even Bangladesh has refused to give to India in the case of trade with Burma. That is the extent to which Zardari’s ‘My Democracy’ can go to accommodate the enemy.

As I predicted in my article “ The Future of Pakistan” only two days ago, it is America’s plan to induct Indian troops into Afghanistan and have a shorter supply line from India to Afghanistan via Lahore and Peshawar. Clearly that would be resisted and not just by the Afghan Taliban. This transit agreement is the red rag to the bull that would expand the scope of the Civil War in Pakistan and create ‘opportunities’ for the USA. If the Pakistani political parties do not unite to oppose this agreement, the people will. That is a prospect that should be avoided. Would the armed forces rise to the occasion and save Pakistan from Asif Zardari?

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Obama Is Lying About Pakistan

May 5, 2009


Mr. Obama used a domestic event to ‘accidentally’ declare war on Pakistan. Now his team is trying to encourage the Pakistani military to seize power. The Americans destroyed Pakistan’s stability through the Benazir-Musharraf deal in 2007. They are doing it again. Here is the easiest way of telling the Americans to: Lay off, stop lecturing us on India, stop supporting separatism, and mend your ways in Afghanistan.

It is not difficult to respond to the entire American psy-ops on Pakistan, which are built on half-truths, disinformation and in some cases outright lies. This campaign is successful mainly because of the broad influence of the U.S. media in setting the world news agenda.

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The objectives of fake “flogging video” of Swat

May 2, 2009

Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz | Sheikh Mohammad Taimur

Fake satellite image of WMDs in Iraq

Fake satellite image of WMDs in Iraq

It has been established that fake Swat flogging video was a failed stunt by our western enemies having vested interests to undermine Islam, demoralize Muslims and create chaos in Pakistan to provide an excuse to attack Pakistani territories for neutralizing its nuclear arsenal — that is, the only Islamic country with nukes.

Following videos pertain to crimes against women and humanity happening in world’s two leading democracies and should enable us to think why these crimes were NOT given such a hype by international media and western countries as much a fake video of Swat was used to defame Islam and Pakistan.

**Warning: These videos contains violence, viewer discretion advised**


A low-caste Hindu woman being beaten by men in India:

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General Hamid Gul on Azfar & Mani Show

April 17, 2009

General Gul (r) quotes Bush Senior as “clip the wings of ISI”. Further talks about how in Pakistan, we do not have democracy, neither dictatorship nor even humanitarian-ship. Sheds some light on “modern day terrorism”, talks about his meeting with Osama Bin Laden, a report called “World at Risk” is given to Obama which concludes that all roads of terrorism and nucleus of weapons of mass destruction are from Pakistan. General Gul (r) says that Israeli belief, from Ben Gurion to Netanyahu, that Pakistan is the only threat and should be neutralized, and confirms that there are two Talibaans, one true and pro-Pakistan who are being missiled by US drones and the other American sponsored anti-Pakistani terrorists.

He also talks about General (r) Musharraf very frankly as his student and as a soldier and that he has suspicions on Americans for Ojri Camp incident.

He mentions that three points were given to him by Benazir and an American ambassador for Talibaans to be recognized as a Government and conveying these to Talibaans in Afghanistan were his biggest mistake in life.


Part 1:

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