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Are Hindu Extremists Going To Sabotage This Year’s Commonwealth Games In India?

January 14, 2010

Sumayya Chawla | PKKH Editorial Team

After reports of threats made by the Hindu Extremist party, Shiv Sena, against the Australian cricket team, the Australian government and media are now very concerned about the safety of their players in India. So they should be. This threat was issued in reaction to incidents of random violent attacks against Indian nationals in some Australian cities. While the concern of the Indian government about the safety of its citizens is justified, it should be noted that Shiv Sena or the Army of Lord Shiva, is the same right wing Hindu extremist political party that has over the past years orchestrated violence against minorities in India, intimidated political opponents and carried out a reign of terror and intimidation against anyone who dares to speak against their hate-mongering leader Mr. Bal Thackeray. Hence if Bal Thackeray has issued a threat against the visitors, it is indeed a worrisome development for the international community in terms of the security of their players during the Commonwealth games which are to be held in India this year. There is a long list of heinous acts of violence that have been perpetrated by Hindu extremist parties like Shiv Sena for decades in India.

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The objectives of fake “flogging video” of Swat

May 2, 2009

Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz | Sheikh Mohammad Taimur

Fake satellite image of WMDs in Iraq

Fake satellite image of WMDs in Iraq

It has been established that fake Swat flogging video was a failed stunt by our western enemies having vested interests to undermine Islam, demoralize Muslims and create chaos in Pakistan to provide an excuse to attack Pakistani territories for neutralizing its nuclear arsenal — that is, the only Islamic country with nukes.

Following videos pertain to crimes against women and humanity happening in world’s two leading democracies and should enable us to think why these crimes were NOT given such a hype by international media and western countries as much a fake video of Swat was used to defame Islam and Pakistan.

**Warning: These videos contains violence, viewer discretion advised**


A low-caste Hindu woman being beaten by men in India:

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Hindu Extremism and the Threat to Pakistan

March 12, 2009

Its a sad state of affairs when our own government defends the actions of our enemies when instead we should demand action and threaten air-strikes at the bases of VHP, RSS, Bajrangdal etc. Watch this eye-opening video:


Hindu Radicals Pose Terrorist Challenge to the Sub-Continent

February 15, 2009

india1The charge sheet filed in a Mumbai court on January 20 against 11 members of the radical Hindu group Abhinav Bharat – including a serving Military Intelligence officer, a retired Indian Army Major, and nine other activists – has brought the growing landscape of Hindu terrorist cells in India into the open (The Hindu, January 21).

In the last decade a few radical Hindu groups have carried out systematic hate campaigns against minority communities, particularly India’s 150 million Muslims, including mob violence (as in Gujarat in 2002) and bombings (such as the 2004 blast in Nanded, Maharashtra). The September 29, 2008, Malegaon bomb attack in which the Hindu militants are charged was the first sophisticated bombing to be planned and executed by a Hindu terrorist group (Times of India, January 20).

Pursuing the Hindu Rashtra

The Malegaon bombing was intended to be the first of a series of attacks the group had planned throughout India to establish a “Hindu Rashtra,” or Hindu India. The 4,528-page charge sheet, citing 389 witnesses, accused Lieutenant Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit, retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay, self-styled religious preachers Sadhvi Pragnya Singh and Dayanand Pandey (a.k.a. Swami Amritanand), and others of executing a bomb blast in Malegaon, a Muslim-dominated city in Maharashtra, one of India’s prosperous west coast states. The bomb, strapped to a motorcycle, killed six persons and injured more than 70. The accused have been charged under the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA), a tough law that has survived criticism while other severe laws fell after intense public scrutiny.

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To India: End The Charade

February 10, 2009

Just as we had predicted, the Mumbai Police has planted a story in the Indian media today claiming Ajmal Kassab’s life is in danger from Dawood Ibrahim’s gang, allegedly linked to Pakistani Intelligence services.

The Times of India claims, ‘Sources from the intelligence agencies said that underworld don Chhota Shakeel, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim, has been given a contract to kill Kasab. According to an intelligence sources, the plot came to light on January 29.’

PKKH originally reported ‘Ajmal Kassab’s’ death on January 27th, putting the Indian authorities on the backfoot. The denials came thick and fast. The Times of India even went to the extent of producing an old photograph of Kassab and, bizzarely, claiming to have ‘nailed Pakistan’s lies’.

We also reported, on January 31st:

Despite the denial by Indian authorities, PKKH understands through its sources in Mumbai that the lone gunman arrested in the wake of the Mumbai attacks and identified since as ‘Amir Ajmal Kassab’ has been dead for over two weeks.

The Mumbai Police had originally intended to announce his death this week – in a supposed ’shootout’ at the Arthur road jail – pinning the blame on ‘Pakistan-controlled gangsters’ with links to Dawood Ibrahim.

If Ajmal Kassab is indeed alive, as the Indian authorities continue to try and convince us, why has he not been allowed access to? Bring him in front of the media, let the truth be known.

Kassab: New Photo, New Questions.
Surprise Surprise: Another ‘Kassab’ No Show
Indian Response to PKKH Report on Kasab’s Death
Ajmal Kassab: Dead


Kassab: New Photo, New Questions.

February 4, 2009

“Pakistan’s Claims Fall Flat” – screams the headline on Times of India this morning.

‘Nailing Pakistan’s claims that Ajmal Kasab was ‘dead’, TV channel Times Now has got access to the latest pictures of the lone surviving terrorist of the November 26, Mumbai attacks.’ – it says.

Strange that, when on the very same page they admit “There is, however, no clear indication about when this picture was taken or where, because the terrorist is not dressed in any prison gear, casually clad in a t-shirt and brown pants. ” [link]

thumbcmsSo basically, the photograph labelled as ‘latest’ by TOI could well have been taken weeks ago, if not months (if reports of his kidnapping from Nepal in 2006 are to be believed.)

Times of India had previously linked PKKH to the ISI – claiming that ‘Reports which security sources suspect to have been planted by Pakistani official agencies, Islamabad alleges that captured Mumbai terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab is actually dead.’

Needless to say, it is the latest example of extremely poor and lazy journalism by a publication that is read by millions in India and is one of the leading newspapers worldwide in terms of circulation figures.

It seems as if the Indian media has taken a leaf out of Bollywood’s book – which thrives on the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind in entertainment or imaginative situations / activities – in coming up with ‘reports’ that are far, far from reality.

UPDATE: CNN IBN with the same claims as TOI – Call it an ‘Exclusive!’

CNN-IBN are reporting on the same story, and claiming that the above photograph has been ‘exclusively made available to CNN-IBN by highly placed sources in the Mumbai’. LINK

Bizzarely, both the reports in TOI and CNN-IBN have failed to put a date on this photograph, which means they could well have been taken immediately after Kassab’s ‘arrest’.


Surprise Surprise: Another ‘Kassab’ No Show

February 2, 2009

Further to PKKH’s exclusive report last week, we can now confirm that the Mumbai Police have once again failed to produce Ajmal ‘Kassab’ in court today (February 2nd, 2009).

The Mumbai Police has previously failed to produce Kassab in court TWICE – on December 11th and more recently on January 19th.

Indian authorities have repeatedly denied media access to Ajmal Kassab and have turned down requests from the Pakistani authorities for a DNA sample for Kassab. This is consistent with the inability of the Indian authorities to provide any information (finger prints, DNA) of the other nine alleged perpetrators of the Mumbai Attacks.

PKKH reported earlier after recieving information from sources in Mumbai, that Ajmal Kassab no longer exists. [Read Full Report]

It is also worthwhile to note that during January 15th to 20th, a number of stories were planted in the Indian media by the Indian security agencies in an attempt to sound out the possibility of announcing Kassab’s death in a “Pakistani controlled gang murdering Kassab” scenario – that is, the second episode of Mumbai drama.

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