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Accused Mumbai Gunman Recants

December 19, 2009

NY Times

A Pakistani man who confessed in court to being one of the gunmen in the terrorist attacks on Mumbai last year recanted on Friday, saying the Indian police had framed him. A gunman, who was later identified as Mohammed Ajmal Kasab at the Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminal railway station in Mumbai in November 2008.

It was the latest flip-flop from the suspect, Ajmal Kasab, who made a dramatic and detailed confession in July, explaining his role as one of 10 Pakistanis who attacked two luxury hotels, a busy train station and a Jewish center, killing more than 160 people over three days in November 2008. Photographs and security tape show him and a partner firing at commuters at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and dozens of witnesses have identified him. Nine of the attackers were killed in battles with the police.

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Time For A Pakistani Putin

March 9, 2009

Ahmed Quraishi

U.S. and U.K.-backed democracy is destroying Pakistan the same way it almost brought Russia to collapse in the 1990s. Pakistan needs a creative and unorthodox solution. This includes curtailing some of the chaotic aspects of democracy in order to help Pakistan heal and stabilize. The current system has a government installed by Washington pursuing the Anglo-American agenda of wiping out Pakistan to pave the way for an Indian role in Afghanistan and Central-West Asia and neutralize China, Russia and Iran. The way to counter this strategy is to extricate Pakistan from the American grip.

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Pakistani Military Torpedoes Pro-America Government’s Case On Mumbai

March 1, 2009


Two public officials – the Navy chief and a deputy attorney general – together have destroyed Rehman Malik’s case of ‘admission of guilt’ in Mumbai attacks. The government has fired the deputy attorney general for taking a stand, but no one in the Pakistani media noticed since it is busy in the latest Pakistani political circus. But it is this story that could unravel this staunchly pro-U.S. setup.

February 28th 2009 | Ahmed Quraishi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Two developments in Pakistan have thwarted the deliberate effort of Pakistan’s pro-U.S. government to take the Mumbai investigations on a path that leads to placing the blame on the Pakistani military and intelligence.

The two developments, one by a public prosecutor and the other by the Pakistani military, confirms that the Zardari government, and especially his confidant and interior adviser Rehman Malik, deliberately led Pakistan into acquiescence to American and Indian demands by accepting partial responsibility for Mumbai attacks without verifiable evidence. It also raises questions about the motives of this government.

The first development took place on Feb. 18, when Zardari government’s special public prosecutor in the Mumbai attacks Sardar Mohammad Ghazi issued a statement saying Islamabad is formally requesting India to extradite Ajmal Kassab, the alleged lone survivor of the Mumbai attacks. This was a surprising statement considering how the Zardari government unilaterally accepted – on behalf of Pakistan – every single piece of questionable Indian and American ‘evidence’ linking the attacks to elements with past links to Pakistani intelligence.

Sardar’s statement shook the Indians and the Americans, who lobbied hard to ensure Pakistan accepted some responsibility for the attacks as a prelude to implicating Pakistan’s ISI.

Pakistani investigators have yet to independently confirm that Kassab is indeed a Pakistani citizen, or that the person in Indian custody is indeed Ajmal Kassab.

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CNS demolishes Malik’s case on Kasab

February 28, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The chief of naval staff (CNS) on Friday demolished the case and contention of the adviser on interior to the prime minister conceding that the main accused and his accomplices of the Mumbai incidents of November 26 last year belonged to Pakistan and they travelled from Karachi.

The CNS, Admiral Noman Bashir said on that no evidence has been provided that Ajmal Kasab had gone to Mumbai from Pakistan while Adviser on Interior Rehman Malik confessed last month that Ajmal Kasab and his nine accomplices travelled from Karachi to undertake the attacks in Mumbai. Interestingly, his statement was a confirmation of the position that India had taken about the case and Indians jubilantly termed it their great diplomatic achievement.

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India’s Terror Dossier

February 6, 2009

Further Evidence Of A Conspiracy

The most striking point about the dossier is its vague and unprofessional character. Enormous reliance is placed on the interrogation of the captured terrorist, Mohammed Amir Kasab, despite the fact that there is an abundance of other evidence – eyewitness accounts, CCTV and TV footage, forensic evidence, etc. – which could have been called upon to establish when, where, and what exactly happened during the attacks. This gives rise to the suspicion that the interrogation is being used as a substitute for real investigation because it can be influenced by intimidation or torture, whereas other sources of evidence cannot be influenced in the same way.

Read Full Article | Raveena Hansa

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Zaid Hamid With Pakistan First

February 5, 2009

This is an hour long Editor’s Show of Pakistan First. An intense discussion on some grave issues faced by Pakistan with Zaid Hamid. This includes internal affairs such as conflict in Swat and lawyers movement. Also an open discussion on external pressures faced by Pakistan. This is a critical and current analysis of national security. LINK

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BrassTacks Response to the Mumbai Dossier

January 19, 2009

BrassTacks Special Edition – Rebuttal of Indian Lies & Mumbai Drama

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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