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  1. After completing the Waziristan operation, Pakistan now should be declared a state of Islam completely according to Shariyah of Holy Prophet(Sallaho aleyhi wa sallam) of Madina…

    01)There should be superior unbiased bench of Maulanas from every sect to investigate and inspect corruption of politicians in parliament. And they should charge them according to Shariyah

    02)All judges in supreme court and other courts of Pakistan should be Quran Hafiz and great in taqwa who can give bright example of Adal in 7 days…

    03)All powers of President should be in parliament…

    04)All politicians should belong to poor family, who are Pakistani citizens according to constitution. They should not be from outside like Bilawal Bhutto or Hamza Nawaz etc and they should not be provided protocols, houses, cars or security…

    05)The tax system should be well managed and all collected money should be used in the building of roads, infrastructers, building schools, collegese, universities, science labs etc etc…

    06)Our educational system should be Islamic according to need of science, There should not be difference between Madarassas and schools. All educational text books should be similar in whole Pakistan…

    07)Teachings of Quran and Hadiths should be compulsory from 5th to Masters…

    08)All subjects should be in Urdu. Learning Arabic should be oblicated from 5th to masters. English should be extra learning language and it should not be compulsory…

    09)And one subject should be in regional language according to provinces like Punjabi in Punjab, Suraiki in Multan, Sindhi in Karachi, based on the sayings of Sufi saints…

    10)Our national dress should be Shalwar Kameez in schools, colleges, offices for both males and females…

    11)All banking system should be interest free and it should be according to Islamic banking system which is the best system and it is being appreciated in England as well…

    12)All business owners and whole salers should be alotted license like sugar owners, flour owners and kissans etc to have complete information about their dealings. License will help to avoid stocking things and without license, owner cannot conduct his business in whole Pakistan…

    13)All Pakistani people should be considered as equal, if they are poor or rich how Islam itself removes this difference…

    14)There should be punishment for those who pass negative comments on others including provincial people. For example: Punjabis should not abuse Sindhis, Balochis or Pathans. They should be equal and just Pakistani… It will avoid politicians as well who now openly represent themselves as well wishers like MQM thinks that only we are protectors of Singh, ANP thinks about NWFP, PML-N thinks about Punjab…

    15)All political flags should be banned…

    16)Foreign interfarence in country’s interest should be think as sin including in media like Indian, British, American channels should be banned totally. Indian movies should be banned. All nasty stuff should be banned on TV which is blood cancer for our youth…

    17)Pakistan now should stop asking for donations…

    18)Doors of IMF should be closed forever in Pakistan…

    • I would to discuss some points of your agendas.

      1) The word Mowlana means Mufti or Islamic scholar of Fiqah or Ulema. Also is it the same as Federal shariat court of Pakistan?

      3) again the same democracy or is there something new here?
      Iqbal talks about the spiritual democracy. We must adopt some kind of criteria to distinguish illiterate from educated person.
      Simple example of weighting the votes could be:
      below Metric :1
      Intermediate: 6
      Bachelor: 8
      Masters: 10
      MS/Mphill(18 years):15
      Phd and Above: 20

      4) Also need to emphasis on removing the corruption. Anyone guilty should be treated very harshly. A common person can file a case against the president as well.

      5) transparent system. All the ongoing projects reports should be published on the website. [we need to adopt e-governance and automate every system of the government]

      8) I really respect this point but English is becoming universal language. Most of the books related to Science and Technology are written in English.
      Practically speaking your blog is in English 🙂 when I have to communicate with my Turkish, Egyptian, Palestinian and other friends English is the only option.
      I think English should be compulsory as well. There is no harm in learning the language.

      Our main focus should be

      Introducing the spiritual democracy [Iqbal ideology]

      please also consider the following points as well

      1)Practically Independent Judiciary. [we have very good constitution but without implementation, we must focus on its practical implementation]
      2)Harsh Punishment to corrupt leaders and those who do discrimination on any level[racist people].
      3)Refinement of education system. [as you said]
      4)Transparency in government institutions. [E-Government].
      5)Government should take care of poor people[with individuals help] and impose heavy taxes on rich peoples.
      6)Promotion of proud Pakistani.[We prefer to die instead of taking aids from foreign element]

      May Allah bless Pakistan and Pakistanis…

    • 01) 02)
      We don’t need the governance of a special section of a society. Justice should be in the hands of the people who are trustworthy. Religiosity is no criteria. We dont want a theocracy. Why do you want us to end up in dark ages like Europe. Its out of our laziness and ignorance that this instituation of mullah came into being. Islam requires everyone to know the things these so called mullahs are attributed with.


      No restrictions are required. The system should be transparent and everybody should be allowed to take part in politics.

      If it is with good people, it would be well managed

      06) 07)

      Urdu is the mother tongue of only a fraction of Pakistani. English as a medium of instruction is good. It opens you up to the amazing amount on literature, scientific work not only written in english but also to work from other languages translated into english. There is just too much information that a translation bureau can handle. And you dont need just information but interaction with people of different backgrounds and english definitely is a bridge. So english must be compulsory.

      09) 10)
      Make it whatever you want as long as it is not forced upon people

      And all drinking and gambling should be Islamic as well.

      Thats the color of it all. Its good to have a sense of belonging, ownership and a bit of jealousy as well. Constructive though.


  2. Basically, I do not agree with you that the name of your blog is Pakistan Ka Khudah Hafiz. Is ka nam dar asal Pakistan Zindah Abad rakho. Aap ney jo nam rakha hai us sey tu mayousi jalakti hai. Pakistan hamaishah qaim rehnay key liya bana hai aur yeh kabhi khatam nahin ho ga. Albatah jo Pakistan key dushman hain woh zaroor bazaroor khatam ho jaiy gay. Insha Allah ho tallahah.

    • Dear Dr. Bokhary,

      ‘Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz’ has intentionally been chosen as our mission statement to rid the term of it’s negative conotations and bring to light the power of these words; for it is with our fate in Allah’s hands and an unbreakable will to achieve the true potential of our Pak Sarzameen that we have risen to reject the negative propganda against Pakistan as well as to combat the evil designs of our enemies.

      • Qureshi / Gilani / Zardari / Malik, etc., are a puppet officers with their, like all the present so called elected Government leaders there. They are boneless docile submissive charades under the snooze of Pakistan Army and ISI.

  3. Salam, recently i have uploaded a website name http://newpakistan.co.cc , i used some of your contents, which i think wont be a big deal to you, since my mission is same, to wake up every pakistani, you can have a look at the site, i just uploaded in 2 days…. im a fan of Zaid Hamid, He’s working for Pakistan and people like team of PKKH, im from Canada and looking frwd to work for Pakistan.

  4. salam ,sumayya ,can u tell me how u peoples do fight against all this terrorism in our country ?whats your openion about our government ?i think conclusion is this now only dua can do work now dawa ka time gone …we all know everything from hadith and quran so !!! yeh hamare he aamaal ka natija hay or qurb e qayamat ki nishaniyan hain ..ALLAH ham sab par reham karey .ameen

  5. You erased my comment with a changed pen name,which I wrote with some intention “PHADDA DALNAY KAY LIYE” to change the course of discussion.

    Pitty you.

  6. Better late than never.Thank you.

  7. WE (all the nation) dont need any kind of president or primeminister and any MUSHARRAF. we can take care of our pak land by own. BY OWN.

  8. dont want to say any thing………..we can never unite until our differences in islaam removes…u know about firqaas(groups) among muslims like sunnis n ahle hadis……..wat is this we only need to be muslims who believes in ALLAH n HIS PROPHET PIECE BE UPON HIM……..

  9. Admin,

    I have recently watched some episodes of “Defence and Diplomacy” on PTV World,on Thursdays.

    These are very much thought provoking as guests are all of high calibre.

    Suggest,to include them in PKKH forum.

    • I host the program Defence and Diplomacy on PTV News every Thursday. Please let me know how its contents can be included in PKKH forum.Regards

  10. Aslamo Alikm

    We have to need change our Education Systems otherwise our new Generation will be lost as such as not Pakistani.

  11. i like your work v much. at this time v realy need such kind of work.realy informative and thought proviking all the stuff

  12. I think v should make an organization like bal takhre’s shiyo sehna.

    v hv 2 make the world realize that pakistanies love pakistan alot, which doesnt have any boundry.

    if v make that sort of organization, we can put the pressure on our government & on those kind of people who r disturbing law & order like BLA of Balouchistan.

    not only that v can also make a think tank

    i dont hv words 2 express my feelings in words but it will a very good decision i think.

    wht do u think

  13. Documentary: UK’s pro-Israeli lobby ‘owns Tories’
    Thu, 19 Nov 2009 17:57:58 GMT


  14. AsalamOalikum
    im Ammarah , m a ACCA student , i live in karachi i want to join “Pkkh” as a volunteer, so how can i join this ?

  15. Assalam o Alikum
    I want to ask u onething that how can i post articles?????
    and what are the requirements for them to be published?

  16. salaaaaaam to all ap ko ALLAH is ka ajar de ga humari duhain aap ke sath hain or sab se barhi bat aap ke sath wali ALLAH hian phir aapko darne ki kiya zaroorat hia take good care and ALLAH HAFIZ

  17. Salaam,
    As the time passes,PKKH is getting maturity.But there is one area which requires your attention.

    You have to find someway to educate your subscribers.Some of the comments posted,sometime,make no sense.The writer’s upper story seems to be vacant.They resort to filthy language as well.

    Take the example of a comment under your article”ISI clearance mandatory” where the guy thinks he is making fun of Indians and given a web-link.Probably he is least concerned what is happening around him.

  18. Would PKKH provide me with the e-mail adress of Mr Zaid Hamid.
    I want to draw his attention to a certain events.

  19. could you please send out urgent SOS call to younus khan and let him know Pakistan needs you. don’t let few people upset you. Pakistan is first.

  20. salam

  21. assalam o alaiqum


  23. salam

    kuch rooz pehley behria auditorium karachi me zeed hamid sahab ka prog howa tha boht acha program tha is k lia me pkkh ki pori team ko mubarakbad deta hu
    or khas tor par pkkh ki janib se security k jo behtaren akdamat kiye gay they

    us program me khuch log dhrhi waley they merey khiyal se wo koi suchey pakey mujahid lag rahey the jo zahid hamid sahab ki hifazat par mamor they unka rooab hi bohat tha us hall me pkkh ki team k pas unme se kisi bhi mujahid ka no ho to zaror bataiye ga me den ka mujahid banna chhta hu buhat shkria
    m khalid khan my Email :kkhan3376595@gmail.com

    • a mujahid ajkal to sub hi dhoka or fareb chal raha he jehad k nam par chanda khaya jata hai


  25. PKKH did not approve my comments which were meant to support and talk for Pakistan. I did not abuse or anything. That’s sad to see indians abusing here and getting away with it and Pakistanis talking for Pakistan and Islam and not allowed to be expressed. i wonder what is going on here. If you cannot allow Pakistanis to talk for Pakistan, there’s no point for me to come back to PKKH again. Thank you.

    P.S: I wouldn’t be alarmed if you do not publish this comment too.

  26. i want to request mr. Zaid Hamid to come to my college for lecture on Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal can you tell me how will i b able to call him?

  27. It is a request because i want to change the education system.i m from Lahore..plz contact me my number is 0332-5561021…ill b very thank-full to you ..

  28. **********the PKKH team**********
    Please take notice of these indians who are cluttering our website with nothing but utter trash. And take notice of the insulting remarks they are regurgitating against our Prophet (PBUH). This is meant to generate a discussion amongst Pakistanis not accommodate trash talking by these social isolate low life indians. Recently we’ve seen indian masquerading as Pakistanis and using our nicks to spread their trash. They were duly caught after much prompting and their comments were removed but the very next day they were back again with the same nonsense. Now we don’t have any problems in nailing their asses to the wall but it takes the focus away from the topic at hand. As the Pakistan movement takes more and more momentum and more people visit this site, it is really disgusting to see these filthy comments by these degenerate indians. Is anyone really monitoring these posts.

  29. I am a Pakistani…but how can I offer my self to pakistan…i mean I want to serve Pakistan but i dont know where to start…Zaid Hamid Sahib what is my role?

  30. i think this represents the opinion of the Pakistani Youth. Please watch this video and help spread it.

  31. PKKH Team,

    Sadly, you are doing an awful job at moderating the threads. You take days in approving the comments which is making efforts meaningless and at times you don’t even approve the comments. I urge you to increase the number of moderators and change the ways of moderating threads by post-moderating comments (not pre-moderating) i.e. check comments after they are posted. If you want to check them before posting, make sure its done fast. Also, delete abusive and profane comments, nothing else than that.

    I hope you will find this important.

    Thank you

  32. Good work peeps ! may allah bless you all…. great efforts and my special salute to u all…. yaar plz i want to meet zaid bhai… is it possible if you can provide me his contact number… i have many great ideas which can be stressed in betterment of PAK….. Brasstacks ignoring my emais and not responding back…thats y m asking you guys….! plz mera milna bohot zarori hai un se help me out !

    Best Regards
    Engr Sohaib Khan
    Pakistan Zindabaad

  33. assalam o allaikum
    dear i weant to join pakistan ka khuda hafiz plz help

  34. salmualaikum…
    mashAllah u r doing a gr8 job…keep it up…
    i m 14 yrs old n would lyk to b a part of pkkh…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lemme know how can i b???? plzzz plzzz plzzz… 🙂

  35. Hi Team PKKH

    i have written a article and it got published on a website with small scale

    if u guys like this article , publish it on ur site , this article will give us the youth a bit knowledge about our Nuclear Prog History and its Current condition as well

    My Latest Article On pakistan Nuclear History and its Current Situation ,Do Read , and if u find right , u can publish it at ur site 🙂

  36. well i just want to say is that u guys are doing a great job keep it up! we all are with you!:-)

  37. Asalamualaikum Syed zaid hamid i realy want to say you something
    from a 15 years of my life spent in finding some1 who is the real soldier of Islam and Pakistan and specialy i want a real true sincere and simple soldier of Quid-e-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal but i could not found even a single person including me bcoz i think i didn do anything 4 Pakistan yet but after hearing you today on youtube suddenly i become your fan and my heart give me trust and believe that Mr. Murtaza this is the man who is a real sincere and true soldier of Islam and Pakistan and I have joined you but now i realy want to do something for pakistan for TAKMEEL-E-PAKISTAN Iwant to do something for myself for my mothers sisters brothers and for our father’s dream mean my dear father GREAT QUID MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH plz give me a reply plz that how can i participate completly in TAKMEEL-E-PAKISTAN
    bcoz i think now the time is coming when we need to become a real sincere true soldier of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) so kindly also give me a chance that i can prove my love with this country bcoz i believe
    r inshallah hm hisaab len gy
    and i pray from Allaha plz Bless us bless to our TAKMEEL-E-PAKISTAN TEHREEK Ameen
    Allah syed zaid hamid r usi k tra k Quid-e-Azam k tmam spahiyon ka hami-o-nasir ho

  38. A suggestion to PKKH

    If you consider that certain comments should be deleted,in that case you can tell the guy why you did so,to educate him further.

    For this you have his E-Mail address.

    I have noticed many of my comments having disappeared,whereas I am very very cautious in choosing my words.These should not be deleted merely on difference of opinion.

  39. When We respect all kind of work then we will be able to make progress in the world.

    A request to government n people that finish the holiday of not only of saturday but also of sunday.

  40. How much begging mullah you expect from meeting of
    ” Friends of Pakistan ” ………….??????????

    The world has also tired from you international beggers……..

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