CIA Threat To Pakistan


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  2. This is a must-watch program for all Pakistanis!

  3. Wonder what next episode brings and will zaid hamid expose the corruption of our top NAVY officials as they are assisting U.S in building a base at GHARO near gawadar. This large base would practically provide them access to our port and top ranking NAVY officials are assisting U.S army for that. Wonder whats MR. Zaid Hamid,z comment on that.

    • He realy spoke nothing or very little on corruptions and wrong doings of armed forces in public.
      None of our institues must be exposed so badly in public but so checks must be set to counter any mischiefs.

  4. that was realy an eye opening though im still very concered about our country, it;s integerity, sovernigty and defence. I wonder what Mr. Zaid hamid has to say about Black Water, please comment on that as well.

  5. excellent we should keep the public aware of the Blakware and all other enemy agencies working in pakistan along with the local recrutement

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  7. why dont u say no the americanmoney..learn to live with what u have, in matterof time the nation will grow..

  8. Totally Agree with you George and I strongly believe that most of the Pakistanis agree with me that we must say NO to American Money and we can surely use our natural resources to grow and handle the terrorists within Pakistan only if external hands stop creating problems in Pakistan.

    Unfortunately, Our leadership is corrupt and cheats that is why they keep going to USA for AID for personal gains. Shame on them!

    • Suhail! There are no external hands!! The moment pakistan faces that fact, then solutions will become clear. Jihadis: blame on India, USA, Afghanistan. Kerry Bill, Say NO thank you for the money. I see a huge persecution complex in the Pakistan press and discussions. The world is not out to get you! Your govt and institutions are doing a fine job of it.

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  11. What should i say, every thing has been said by the speaker Zaid himself. I pray to allah that our corrupt ruler be hanged and shot dead in public. These american puppets have made us slave and all of them be shot in public. May allah bless our country. ameen

  12. […] CIA Threat To Pakistan[ Urdu – Zaid Hamid] […]

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  14. Ya these corrupt politicians deserve to die in public, they have only made Pakistan worst, they have never done anything for Pakistan only for their own selfish needs and have robbed the country, Inshallah they will be punished soon by the people of Pakistan.

  15. i luv brasstacks…like the color of topi on zaid bhai…i luv facebook and luv yow all….

  16. zaid hamid ap bohat azeem insan han. allah ap k elam main,umar main,amal main izafa kry.or allah mulk.e.pakistan ki khair farmay.

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