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PKKH Unveils New-Look Website

April 29, 2010

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April 29, 2010






Another Mumbai 26/11 Style Drama Imminent

April 25, 2010

Zainulabedin Ameer | PKKH Editorial

India and its allies have put tremendous pressure on Pakistan ever since the Mumbai Carnage on 26/11. Pakistan has been a recipient of repeated allegations; we are accused of harboring terrorists, and our rickety leadership has even succumbed to pressure to crack down on some religious groups. The unfortunate part is that none of the evidence furnished could be termed credible. Ironically, there was ample evidence that pointed towards the 26/11 drama being orchestrated and directed on Indian soil; it had become increasingly obvious that India’s RAW and the Israeli Mossad staged the entire showdown. In view of recent developments in terms of security threats in India, it seems apparent that this very nexus plans to carryout another Mumbai style drama, and blame it on Pakistan. Even most skeptics cannot deny the likelihood of another carnage like the Mumbai 26/11 drama, as it seems fairly obvious that the stage is being set for yet another excuse to pressurize Pakistan; the recent attacks at an IPL venue [Chinnaswamy Stadium] has already gotten most people worried about October’s Commonwealth Games. Indian sports authorities and organizers appear to be scrambling to bolster security to make sure the games are played while the United States has already issued a warning to its citizens traveling to or residing in India .

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Rejoinder To ‘General In The Hood’

April 10, 2010

Usman Ahsan

General in the ‘reverence’

ISLAMABAD: Kayani’s worldview is Pakistan centric; he is respected as his military has won victories against enemies where the superpower could not succeed; like all good military leaders, he has good political sense; having recognised the failure of pre-emptive kill-capture doctrine, the US and West are listening with more attention to his advice; the strategic and operational framework outlined by him for ongoing conflict is in-sync with the national interests and good news for Pakistan.

Having gone through the article ‘General in the hood’, one gets more convinced that a lot needs to be thought right first, before endeavouring to put right, between the two countries. The article reinforces the perception; ‘What is good for Pakistan gets portrayed as bad for India’. The urge to write became more compelling due to a deliberate effort of quoting issues, which actually form the basis of threat to Pakistan. Interestingly enough, Pakistan’s predicament is that if it is not successful against the extremists, it gets portrayed as epicentre of terrorism and threat to world, especially India, and if it succeeds, our neighbour still feels threatened and portrays these as back to Brass Tacks. The blame game continues, despite knowing far too well, the extent to which Pakistan has gone against the miscreants with tangible results.

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Analysis: In Afghan End-Game, India Gets That Sinking Feeling

March 29, 2010

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Disquiet is growing in India that Pakistan is gaining the upper hand in a “proxy war” in Afghanistan as the two juggle for influence in an end-game that risks a political vacuum if the U.S.-led war winds down.

Escalating distrust over Afghanistan may threaten tentative India-Pakistan peace talks and herald more militant attacks on Indian soil, experts say. There are also signs it is all gnawing at New Delhi’s once strengthening ties with the United States.

Last week’s high level strategic dialogue between Pakistan’s military and U.S. politicians in Washington, praise for Pakistan’s crackdown on Taliban commanders and promises of swifter U.S. aid have added to India’s sense of playing second fiddle.

Underlying this is a perception that Western powers need Pakistan more than India to broker any deal with the Taliban if there is any U.S. troops withdrawal, creating a potential flashpoint in relations between the emerging Asian economic power and the West.

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Blood Or Water

March 10, 2010

PKKH Editorial

Power vacuum on the streets of Islamabad is visible. Sovereignty and Freedom seem like fabled tales of the past. India declaring war on Pakistani waters fell more than just on one deaf ear. Those who eat, drink, drive and live-off of taxpayer’s money, have no concern whatsoever of the 71 percent population who put their flesh and blood into agriculture, which drives the economy of this country. Then again, why would the higher ups in Islamabad be bothered? Their kids aren’t the ones dying of hunger. By the time there are food shortages and economic crisis in the country, they would be on their way to a Newfoundland, far far away. There they would write books and deliver lectures on, ‘How to rip-off a third world nation’. Till that time comes, lets just smile and have our pictures taken with Krishna and Shivshankar to show the people, ‘we care’. Fact of the matter is when there are dams and hydro-electric projects to be constructed, these very people are at each other’s throats, but when a neighbouring country blocks a whole river, they people act deaf and dumb. That’s probably because they have nothing to politicize. Patriotism, self-respect, equality are the words that these people have buried in Museums and Libraries. Ethnic, linguistic and a cultural divide are the factors that score points in our dirty politics.

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Newsweek Pakistan to compete in Pakistan’s ‘vibrant media’

March 6, 2010

By Moin Ansari | Rupee News

Newsweek, a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company, is to launch a title for the Pakistan market, marking the first such move by a prominent western magazine in the country.

Newsweek Pakistan, which will offer international and local content, is expected to hit the stands by September under a licence agreement with a local media company.

The English-language newspaper and magazine industry in Pakistan is far smaller than in neighbouring India. Some estimates suggest only 100,000 copies of English-language publications are sold a day in a country with a population of 180m. Existing English language titles include The Herald, Newsline, The Friday Times, The Dawn and The News.

Pakistan imposes fewer regulatory restrictions on western media than India, which limits foreign ownership. In Pakistan, western media are able to enter the market and the only apparent restrictions are on Indian media organisations.

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