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The ‘Inevitable’ Clash

April 29, 2010

Sana Aijazi | Eastern Tribune

Would you like an atheist American as Chairman of WAPDA? A white City Nazim for Karachi or for that matter a British Director General of FIA in Punjab? Would you encourage wine shops and dance bars across Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad? How would you react to roving half-naked girls at Constitutional Avenue in Islamabad and at Millennium Mall in Karachi? Just as you don’t want significant titles in your country given to westerners and your way of life swayed by secular thoughts, same is the case in United States, Europe and India. They don’t want their culture altered under the shadow of Islamic civilization.

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Taliban Defiant Following Marjah Operation

April 16, 2010


KABUL – Recent operations by foreign and Afghan government forces in Helmand province had little impact on Taliban capabilities ahead of the summer fighting season, an insurgent commander has claimed.

Despite February’s assault by 15,000 troops on the Taliban stronghold of Marjah, its ranks are unhurt, uncowed and poised to retaliate, Abu Hamza, who claims to command 300 rebel fighters operating in southern Afghanistan, told the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in a telephone interview.

“We will inflict heavy casualties on the foreigners this year,” Abu Hamza, who is well known in the region, said. “We have not been defeated in Helmand … The foreigners are now surrounded in Marjah. We have only withdrawn tactically from some areas.”

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Dr. Israr Ahmed: A Life Well Spent

April 14, 2010

Aquib Moin | PKKH Editorial Team

Dr. Israr Ahmed was a magnanimous, towering personality in the Muslim World who spent his life in the service of Islam. He was a spiritual intellectual having a true and clear understanding of the meaning of Islam and being a Muslim. For over half a century he lived his life by Quran, he taught Quran, he propagated Quran and preached Quran in most comprehensible way. He made Quranic teachings easy for a common man to understand. He was not only well-versed in Quran and Hadeeth but he also had a very strong grip on various subjects such as philosophy, social sciences and spirituality with true Islamic perspective.

He tirelessly worked to clear the concepts of Muslims of the World in general and Pakistani Muslims in particular on various religious issues and he delivered the knowledge based purely on Quran, Hadeeth, Authentic Islamic literature, and Islamic/World history. He can be regarded as a contemporary scholar as he also had a critical eye on current regional and global affairs. He believed in a non-violent revolution to bring about a positive change and to employ the method of Rasool-Allah (s.a.a.w.s) to establish an Islamic welfare state on the line of Khilafat-e-Rashida.

He was a staunch pro-Pakistani and a strong proponent of Iqbal’s ideology. His dream was to see Pakistan as a prosperous, just and peaceful Islamic state. He spent his entire life in the struggle to make Pakistan what it ought to be and the fulfillment of the promise that we made with Allah. He influenced millions of hearts and he has a very large number of people coming to the straight path to his credit.

Dr. Israr’s struggle, his effort, his mission shall not stop here. His mission to propagate Islam and the teachings of Quran above all ethnic and sectarian differences will go on. His students will march on and his mission to work for the transformation of Pakistan into a true welfare Islamic state and the revival of Islam will go on, Insha’Allah.

“Kia ajab meri nawa haye seher gaahi say
Zinda ho jaye woh aatish kai teri khaak mein hai

Torh daalay gee yehi khaak tilsm-e-shab-o-roz
Garchay uljhee hui taqdeer kai pechaak mein hai”


Obituary: Dr. Israr Ahmed (1932-2010)

April 14, 2010

An Irreplaceable Loss

انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون

LAHORE: The world of Islam lost a luminary early on Wednesday as Dr. Israr Ahmed breathed his last in Lahore, Pakistan. He died of a massive cardiac arrest, according to media reports.

A veteran Islamic scholar, Dr. Israr was suffering from back pain and heart disorders for a long time. His funeral prayers will be held on Wednesday in Lahore.

Dr. Israr was the head and founder of Tanzeem-e-Islami. He had a huge following in Pakistan, India and Gulf countries, especially in Saudi Arabia. A medical doctor by profession, Dr. Israr was one of the founding members of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

He was popular for his lectures and TV debates over current Islamic issues and his grasp over Islamic history made him a front-ranking scholar of Islam.

Dr. Israr was a beacon of knowledge and a true spiritual inspiration for millions of Pakistanis. He will be immensely missed and remembered, his unparalleled and magnificent services to Islam will always be cherished and his teachings will live on.

May Allah bless his soul and elevate his status (Amin)



Glaring Evidence Of Crusades Against Muslims

April 12, 2010

PKKH Exclusive

Zainulabedin Ameer | PKKH Editorial Team

The chaos that Afghanistan and Iraq has been experiencing in the past decade is undeniably because of the presence of foreign troops occupying these lands. While these troops were supposed to bring peace and stability to these countries, quite the opposite has happened; the role of these troops has become increasingly suspicious, and a great many questions have been raised regarding their true intentions. While Afghanistan has been seeing its share of brutality, Iraq has suffered tremendously too; private security firms have been engaged in committing all sorts of atrocities. Quite often, one hears about these mercenary death squads in the news and even in newly published books. However, the killing of innocent civilians in Iraq cannot be only attributed to mercenary death squads. The very troops that occupy Iraq and Afghanistan illegally in the name of bringing freedom to these countries, are themselves extremist crusading murderers! In a collaborated effort with the military, in Iraq and Afghanistan, mercenary armies like Black Water, DynCorp, etc. are responsible for a lot of the atrocities too, and they contribute to the overall genocide of Muslims worldwide. The video accompanying this article stands testimony to this:

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US Officials Say Pakistani Spy Agency Released Afghan Taliban Insurgents

April 11, 2010

Greg Miller

The recent capture of the Afghan Taliban’s second in command seemed to signal a turning point in Pakistan, an indication that its intelligence agency had gone from helping to cracking down on the militant Islamist group.

But U.S. officials now believe that even as Pakistan’s security forces worked with their American counterparts to detain Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and other insurgents, the country’s Inter-Services Intelligence directorate, or ISI, quietly freed at least two senior Afghan Taliban figures it had captured on its own.

U.S. military and intelligence officials said the releases, detected by American spy agencies but not publicly disclosed, are evidence that parts of Pakistan’s security establishment continue to support the Afghan Taliban. This assistance underscores how complicated the CIA-ISI relationship remains at a time when the United States and Pakistan are battling insurgencies that straddle the Afghanistan border and are increasingly anxious about how the war in that country will end.

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Setbacks In Marjah As Taliban Regaining Control

April 6, 2010

Richard A. Oppel Jr.

MARJA, Afghanistan — Since their offensive here in February, the Marines have flooded Marja with hundreds of thousands of dollars a week. The tactic aims to win over wary residents by paying them compensation for property damage or putting to work men who would otherwise look to the Taliban for support.

The approach helped turn the tide of insurgency in Iraq. But in Marja, where the Taliban seem to know everything — and most of the time it is impossible to even tell who they are — they have already found ways to thwart the strategy in many places, including killing or beating some who take the Marines’ money, or pocketing it themselves.

Just a few weeks since the start of the operation here, the Taliban have “reseized control and the momentum in a lot of ways” in northern Marja, Maj. James Coffman, civil affairs leader for the Third Battalion, Sixth Marines, said in an interview in late March. “We have to change tactics to get the locals back on our side.”

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