BlackWater & US Presence in Pakistan

PKKH Exclusive Report on BlackWater/Xe

Waqt TV: Zaid Hamid on Blackwater & Balochistan Issue Eps 2
US Recruiting Retired Pakistani Military Officers
Private Security Agencies & Anti-State Activities
Dr Shahid Masood Report On Blackwater
BlackWater And Other Diseases
Anti-US Wave Imperiling Efforts in Pakistan
Blackwater/Xe in Pakistan
Our Fifth Column Ambassador
US Military Bases ‘Will Destabilize Pakistan’
ALERT: Blackwater Recruiting Agents Fluent In Urdu & Punjabi For Pakistan
Blackwater / Xe in Pakistan – Full Version
Hussain Haqqani To ISI – Let Blackwater In
Anti-Americanism Rises In Pakistan Over US Motives
ALERT: America Targets Pakistan And Silences The Critics
US Hummers Enter Pakistan, Undercover American Soldiers Swarm Islamabad
US Plans For ‘Imperial’ Presence In Pakistan
Has The US Invaded And Occupied Pakistan?
Dr. Shireen Mazari on Capital Talk Disclosing US designs agianst Pakistan
US Government Website Supports Terror In Balochistan
Blackwater and Affiliates: History and Intentions
American NGO Covers For Blackwater In Pakistan?
US Blackwater-Xe Mercenaries Spread Fear In Peshawar
Dismantling Pakistan, a Quagmire of Imperial Slavery
Blackwater Operational in Pakistan?



  1. please aware more and more Pakistanis of this hideous organization

  2. those nations who compromise on national ego and prestige can not remain on the current scene.lets think where we are heading.
    if you give 100 million to a begger. he will a bloody begger by nature.lets get out of this begging policy and have self respect.

    be a proud pakistani and do it something to be.

  3. is this true report?? given in this site???

  4. http://islamicupdates.com/black_water.html

    is this true report given on this link??

  5. plz repel americans frm pakistan

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