A tribute to Armed Forces of Pakistan

On this day of 23rd March, which we all celebrate as “Youm-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Day)“, let us join our hands and stand shoulder to shoulder as one solid nation, let us pray together to thank Allah subhanau-wa-ta’ala for blessing us with a home, and let us pay tribute to brave sons of Pakistan who are the pride of entire nation.


Special Service Group of Pakistan Army:
Part 1 – Introduction:

Part 2 – Selection Process and Course Curriculum:

Part 3 – Gallant History:

Pakistan Army – a flash from the past, the courage, zeal and vigor is still the same as it was 34 years ago:

Pakistan our love, Pakistan our life – Sab Se Pehle Pakistan:



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  2. Pakistan Zindabaad
    Pak Army Paindabaad

  3. Pakistan Zindabad….
    But please do read this post by an Ex Army Person (kamran Shafi)

    In the very recent past there has been some sanctimonious, and quite sickening, hectoring in a section of the press to the effect that Pakistanis were not standing behind their army like other people. Such as the Americans tying yellow ribbons in honour of the soldiers fighting ‘wars’ in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    About the allegation that Pakistanis are not supporting their army like the Americans are theirs, let us for the moment leave aside the fact that before this latest action in Swat and Buner (that came about, let us not kid ourselves, after a massive American kick) the army’s performance was dismal to say the least. And, since the comparison is with the ‘patriotic’ people of the United States let us for now just look at the face the American army shows to its people.

    I have been to Fort Myer in Virginia with my chum and course-mate Zafar Kayani who was married to Colonel Jo Ann Kayani, now sadly passed on, good and gracious woman. Jo Ann was commander of Headquarters Company, US Army, stationed at Fort Myer and it was my pleasure to visit not only her spartan office but also the canteen where officers ate alongside privates, carrying their own trays and standing in line waiting their turn. Fort Myer serves the Washington D.C. military district and the senior-most officers serving in the Pentagon live there. I have had the pleasure of seeing Gen Colin Powell, then chief of the joint staff, mow his own lawn in one of a row of houses that housed him and other senior generals including the chief of the army staff. The houses were in typically American suburban style: no walls, with sloping lawns running onto the pavements.

    Most of all, I was astonished to see that there was no wedding hall anywhere in Fort Myer. Neither was there was any burger joint catering to all comers in any of the officers messes, and none of the mess buildings had bank branches and wedding dress boutiques in them. The US army had not constructed shops all around the fort either, and its soldiers did not sell pastries and bread.

    I saw no evidence of banks and travel agencies and textile mills and sugar factories and cornflakes-manufacturing mills and estate agencies being run by the US army (or the US navy and the US air force for that matter) in my travels across America. Armed forces stations were just that: armed forces stations with limited access to civilians, and those too who were accompanied by a member of the armed forces or their dependent(s). Neither, and this is important, does the US army run farming operations and get into disputes with the tenant farmers who till the land as share-croppers.

    Since one mostly drives in the US to get from point A to B, many were the times that I came upon army convoys on the highways. Every single time the convoy travelled in the slow lane, at the designated speed, the drivers with both hands on the steering wheels, headgear on, looking straight ahead. No slouching, no cigarette hanging from the drooping lower lip Humphrey Bogart style. In the back, if there were soldiers being transported, they sat up straight, headgear on, no slouching, no smoking. And no leering at passing cars either!

    Never has a US army captain who was given a ticket for a traffic infringement gone back to his barracks, filled a truck or two with soldiers from his company, and driven to the police station to which the offending policeman belonged, and proceeded to beat up everybody in sight. Never has a US army general’s wife got so infuriated by her driver being ticked off by a police constable that the local army authorities kidnapped the offender and beat the daylights out of him, among other ministrations.

    Is this enough for those who would say to the rest of us that we are not as ‘patriotic’ as other people because we do not have respect for our army the way those others do? There was also a hint that those who were writing against the army did not know what it takes to serve in it. Well, they need not talk down to me because I spent 11 wonderful years in this same army and loved every minute of it.

    That was the army when, as young officers, we dared not ride our bicycles without a light at night for fear of getting a ticket from a patrolling policeman. For if you got one, you were warned by the adjutant; the second one got you hauled before the CO — a fate worse than death itself. For subalterns never even laid eyes on the CO other than in the training area or in the tearoom for elevenses when he deigned to come; and on mess and dinner nights. And of course when he and his lady invited all the officers for the biannual dinner at their home.

    Those were the days when the CO would order a young officer who had made the cardinal mistake of bringing a car (in my case a 1951 Chevrolet California two-door coupe’) to the unit to jolly well go home and leave it behind. And to buy a bloody bicycle because even the 2-I/C did not have a car! Idiot!

    So please, no sanctimonious lectures!

    As for the present operations going on in Swat and Buner, I can only caution against the use of fighter jets and artillery. The cruel and criminal thugs aka ‘Taliban’ roam the countryside in their twos and threes and tens; they do not move in battalion or even platoon formation, and their numbers are hardly targets for the aforesaid weaponry which only spread fear and alarm among the populace. Good intelligence, and God knows our “agencies” are huge enough and powerful enough, and the correct use of the PBI, the Poor Bloody Infantry, will win us our war. And yes, the selective use of our much-vaunted SSG.

    Also, the next time anyone says the Pakistan Army and the Frontier Corps are not trained to fight insurgents, in their own country, in their own villages, dash it, will all Pakistanis kindly tell them to shut their mouths? So then, let’s get on with it gentlemen, let’s rid our country of the Yahoos once and for all. And if my services are needed I am ready for the call-up notice. Kai Kai, Baloch!

    Let me end by saying that it is disgusting to see the MQM appealing to the COAS and the DG ISI to take action against the ANP and the PPP in Karachi. Who too deserve our opprobrium for not protesting the loss of innocent life on that horrid, horrid day.


  4. Pakistan Army Zindabad…Let us all pray that may ALLAH SWT give hidaya ( guidance to the right path ) to our beloved army and people.

  5. Glory is our Fate…

    Afwaj e Pakistan Zindabad

    Pakistan Paindabad

  6. Pakistan and Islam Zindabaad.Pakistan is our beloved country and we will do everything to protect it. Click the link below for more information.

  7. A voice or wish of every Shaheed of Islam and Pakistan

    Main mer ker bi Arz-e-Pak ka muhafiz hu, qasam mujey shehadet ki
    Ho k defen isi metti mein, main ben gaya metti isi Pak zameen ki
    Koi kerey zinda Sunnet Muhammad SAW ki jeng-e-beder wali, phenke metti jannb-e-dushmen
    Main hu wahi metti sunnet wali, main ker du ankhain andi dushmen ki

  8. pakistan zinabad ….. pakistan mere jaan… pak fouj paindabad

  9. pakistan zindabad pak army paindabad









  12. Pakistan zindabad
    duniya ka 96% media Sirf 6 companies ka hai aur wo 6 ki 6 companies jews ki hain HUMARE PAKISTAN main b ye media hai like geo ary express wagaira jo bik chokay hain postive news nhi dikhatay bas PAKISTAN k khilaf negative propeganda krna jantay hain 24/7 yehe dikhatay hain k wahan blast hoa itnay log mare wagaira wagaira
    agr ye negative propeganda krte rehain gay tu kia PAKISTAN ki pri likhi youth PAKISTAN main rehna chahye gi un ka mind is tara banaya ja raha hai k wo kal ko PAKISTAN main na rahay pr INSHALLAH hum aisa nahi honay daina gay Humain PAKISTAN Ko bachana ho ga ab media khud tu nhi bataya ga k unhain kon funds daita hai aur internet b tu jews ka hai wahan b israel jews k khilaf kam he daikhny ko milta hai
    PAKISTAN k liye humain aid laina khatam krna ho ga bhoka reh lain gay hum pr PAKISTAN ki izat pr saoda mat krna bhaiyou ye wakt hai is k bad PAKISTAN ko bacha tu lain gy pr phir KHON bahot bhaye ga ………
    logon ko anti american anti israeli anti indian ki jiye un ki products ka bycott ki jiaye barcode is main ap ki bahot madad kry ga jo countries israel ko funds daiti hain un ki products ka bycott krain wo product itni zarori nahi hain istamal krana
    wo products un PALESTINES bachoo sy important nahi hain jo israel ki goli bombs ka nishana bantay hain ap net sy email sy logon tak bata ponchain mobile msgs sy papers print kr k logon main dain jahan maoka milay wahan information dain aur b bahot kuch hai ap khud net pr search krain PAKISTAN k khilaf bahot kuch ho raha hai humain phele americans israel aur indian ki involvment rokni hai inhain yahan sy nikalana hai phir gov ko b sodhar lain gay

  13. gov ko mujboor krain k wo aid na lai aur indian americans israel involvment ko rakay inhain dafa kray aur americans k sath tamam talukat khatam kr dai
    isi sorat main PAKISTAN sy terrorism khatam ho ga aur BALUCHISTAN main america india aur israel wohi game plan chal raha hai jo us ny bangladesh main ki thi humain BALUCHISTAN ko bachna ho ga
    kai aisay sahafi hain jo bik chukay hain aur americans k liye kam krtae hain un ka maksad propeganda krna hai
    america khud he PK mai bomb blast krwata hai aur khud he kehta hai k wahan terrism phele raha hai humare kitnay ARMY k jawan shahid ho chukay hain kitnay log hain jo shahid hoye kitnay khandan ujr gay bahot sy mazoor ho ga masoom bachy shahid ho rahay hain
    americans ki himaiyat kabhi na krna humain in k khilaf hona hai is sy ALLAH TALAH b khosh ho ga

  14. Asslam o Allikim,
    I am 100% agree with you as I have also heard these things from a reliable source. With you {Amaan Ali} I appeal my all country fellows to join hands to save our country. HUM BULAND DAVY TO KRTY HN AB UN KO PURA KRNY NA WQT A GIA HA.

  15. long live pakistan

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