The ‘Inevitable’ Clash

April 29, 2010

Sana Aijazi | Eastern Tribune

Would you like an atheist American as Chairman of WAPDA? A white City Nazim for Karachi or for that matter a British Director General of FIA in Punjab? Would you encourage wine shops and dance bars across Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad? How would you react to roving half-naked girls at Constitutional Avenue in Islamabad and at Millennium Mall in Karachi? Just as you don’t want significant titles in your country given to westerners and your way of life swayed by secular thoughts, same is the case in United States, Europe and India. They don’t want their culture altered under the shadow of Islamic civilization.

There is nothing wrong with the reaction that the West has, as it is exactly similar to how Muslims’ respond to when their societies are threatened by liberal and secular thoughts. However, over the past few years, this reaction has been institutionalized to a dangerous level, resulting in segregation of Islam and the West. It has become possible only due to controlled American media, campaigning strategically against Muslims since many decades. There has been intense use of propaganda techniques by various groups including PSYOPs of United States Army. 9/11, 7/7 and Mumbai attacks have only catalyzed the process and have given more strength and a tangible result to these stakeholders. As of now, we can weigh the major milestones that take us to the final and complete clash of both civilizations. Sympathy lies in the fact that all these steps were initiated by Westerners, who believe that their civilization has the power to influence the world and wipe out all other ways of life, including Islam. Therefore, the faster the process, the earlier their dominance would prevail.

Europe and the United States have been a key player in battling Islam’s rise. The laws addressing detention, ban on scarf and minarets are not only ceilings on symbols of Islamic faith, but in a broader perspective, they are more about funneling Islam towards a totally rejected religion. Scarfs and minarets aren’t the only threats, Americans and Europeans don’t even welcome shops that sell Halal food. Maligning Islamic faith and Salat is what was extracted from the Fort Hood episode of Major Hasan Nadal, in a move to further their hostility.

Likewise, the Swiss ban on minarets is not a matter of beautiful terrains; it’s is a symbolic reaction to what they perceive as Islamic threat. During the campaigning for ban on minarets, the organizers discussed less on the construction and architecture of minarets and campaigned more about the influence of Islam, its Sharia’h and Burqa. They portrayed Islam as a civilization contrary to their beliefs, in order to gain voters for their drive. The posters reflected images of Switzerland as if it was taken over by some ‘beast’ known as Islam. The Swiss people termed minarets as Muslim power symbols.

Lately, the South Asian version of this clash was reflected in the Indian Premier League bidding and Shoaib Sania wedding. It was just another example of the assumed ‘greater civilization’ insulting Muslims for no apparent reason, other than Pakistanis, Shoaib and Sania being Muslims in faith.To ridicule Pakistan, or the symbolic fort of Islam, served the purpose of many. It has been apparent in the Indian cinema too since more than two decades, and no need to mention the threatening statements of Indian ministers and leaders.

Despite the ongoing insult and ridicule, thousands of Muslims have migrated to United States and other western countries over the past decades, felling prey to the deceptive Western civilization. Better economic conditions and improved standard of life is what low-esteemed immigrants might have achieved, but at what cost? Upon arrival, the migrants are forced to choose between the three; adapt their civilization, leave their lands or get ready for detention and death. As a result, total lost of identity is what trickles through generations or one observes people returning to their homelands after being offended. It further strengthens the argument that Muslims have never been welcomed in the West and will never be.

Muslims, in principle, are known for their self-esteem. In order to stop the influx of Muslims, methods are being adopted to institutionalize suppression of self-esteem. The full body scan introduced at American and UK airports for majority Muslim countries reflect the same. Similarly, the ‘terror threats and suspects’ mechanism ensures that Muslims do not create stronger bonds with Masjids, Muslim community and their faith.

There had been several efforts in the past too for segregation of Islamic and Western civilizations. But, since the Islamic civilization has proved to be more powerful than the western civilization, it had always superseded in terms of influence. The only solution left now is to segregate the followers of the two civilizations. However, it is a step that precedes the ‘final clash’ of both.

The ‘final clash’ will be more fierce and bloody than what we see now. The United States and its allies are loosing war in Afghanistan and can never, I repeat never, win war in Pakistan. Leave aside the state power, military and nuclear capability, the resistance in the public has already perplexed the western forces. This imbalance has the power to reverse the entire situation and further miscalculations could lead the United States to complete disaster.

Those who still believe that there is a place for composite dialogue and understanding between Islam and the West, are badly mistaken. There are no options left. Clash of civilizations is the only thing that can happen between the two camps – The Muslims and the Non-Muslims. Both are extremists, assertive and insist on their ideology, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, logic and philosophy of mind. Its time to decide, which side are you on?



  1. 110% agreed!!!!!!! & I will be a MUSLIM warior

    Those who still believe that there is a place for composite dialogue and understanding between Islam and the West, are badly mistaken. There are no options left. Clash of civilizations is the only thing that can happen between the two camps – The Muslims and the Non-Muslims. Both are extremists, assertive and insist on their ideology, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, logic and philosophy of mind. Its time to decide, which side are you on?

  2. islam has its own identity,its values & strong logical ideology.it cann’t merge with anyother religion.insallah with islam.

  3. I disagree with the writer in this regard that the western governments may be scared of islam reaching in their states and there might be extremists sitting in the government but most of the people respect and allow other relegions to exist and let the believers practice. No doubt 9/11 conspiracy has done a lot of damage to the muslim repuation and allowed clouns like Bush and Sarkozy to malign islam but still people in the west are embracing islam. May Allah help us and muslims all over the world.

  4. There are still believers of islam in the western world and there are westerners who are still embracing islam. No doubt 9/11 conspiracy has done a lot of damage to islam idealogy in the west but there are still mosques and mussallahs where people are freely going to practice islam. The clowns like Bush and Sarkozy used 9/11 to scare people so that they can stop the spread of the islam but who can stop it if Allah willing the people come and go like bush disappeared sarkozy is also under the clouds and will disappear soon. We have bigger clowns of our own like Altaf who lives in england and calls himself a lion. Lion is the king on the other hand altaf is bhatha khor lutaira who always tries to damage islam and thinks the creation of pakistan was wrong. If we have mir jaffars like these in ourseleves then the extremists of west have them spreading their idelogies. May Allah save us from the evils of shaitan.

  5. I m from Islam side. and inshallah a i secrify on the way of Islam superiority

  6. Wel i disagree with the writer bcz islam is the religion of peace and prosperity nt just for muslim bt for whole mankind
    so we didnt thnk like that war is the option and there is no option left islam is the fastest growing religion in the west instead of minartes and scarf restriction
    although if someone start war we wil answer with full power and save islam capable of defending
    everyone in this world have to see the mater wid broad point of view or else distruction wil be unimaginable

  7. You can’t say that what US/Europe is doing is understandably alright. First of all, Shariah always placed clear cut rules for the non-Muslims living amongst us of what their limitations were. They know full well before they enter of what they can or can’t do.The West, however, prides itself on being multicultural where people from all over can come and stay; where they can have religious rights. Only now, have they changed their tune but only against the Muslims. So, no, it is not understandable that the West, which is only a hybrid culture fused by people of different backgrounds feels threatened by something they once allowed. However, this only means that the West feels threatened by Islam because of its growing in number and strength. Alhamduillah!

  8. I find this article poorly written and the lack of historical aguments when dealing with subjects like civilizations.

    Ibn Khaldun was the first In history who wrote on the subject on raise and fall of civilizations in the 14th century, a period known as the mature era of the Islamic Civilization. According to him a civilization will decline after it reaches it’s mature age and lesser people will invade it. Maybe he was influenced by the Mongol devestation of the 13th century and the ongoing conquest of Al-Andalus. But never the less he is credited of being the first human to write on this subject and his book is still to be found around.

    The whole of Islamic Civilization is just waiking up after a long colonization which lasted, in some parts of the world, for nearly 300-400 years (Indonesia and Bengal is a case of point). This period is known as a complete decline and our way of life, culture, schools, businesses, military, empires and sultanates where
    completely destroyed. One of the first thing the British used to do was to close down Islamic schools and implement their language and way
    of thought. In the case of Bengal they cut of peoples thumbs and ship their cotton production machiene to England. When they were not even allow to grow food (read: Opeum War) their ruin was complete.

    The only thing we had left to build upon after centuries of European occupation and robberies was the Holy Quran amd the Sunnah of the holy Prophet (pbuh).

    My point – is that we as a civilization has lot of catching up to do. We are not in a position to take on the most advanced western countries. Infact we must do everything possible to reduce tensions and focus 100% on development and co-operation.

    As for the circle of the raise and falls of civilizations it will continue. It is a slow process with take centuries. The Western Civilizations is at their peak and they will have a hard time competing and holding their position with a up
    and coming Asia – as prophecized by Allama Iqbal.

    As for our Islamic Civilization: it is unique in the world as it is based on the teachings of a person
    (pbuh), based purely on faith alone. Take away the Islamic religion and you are left with a set of countries on different continents. A Western Civilization can exist without Christianity and a Chinees Civilization can exist without Budhism but the Islamic Civilization can not exist without the Holy Quran, Shariah and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

    This is why it is a matter of life and death to our Islamic way of life that we keep the secular and the so-called liberal western values as far away as possible.

    Remember there is not a correlation between
    culture and science. One can perfectly adopt science while perserving one’s culture, language and the wider way of life.

  9. Note! Using a iphone for writing results in so many typos and gramatical errors. Sorry for that :o)

  10. The best article in describing the eventual showdown. This is inevitable and those who deny it are infact blind.

    Bravo DQ.

  11. I agree with the writer, but I have to comment on first paragraph of the article. See, it is not Islam or muslims who claim to be a free society. A muslim society can not be free, because it’s life style is under the parameters drawn by the Almighty Creator of this entire existence. So if a muslim society do not allow to roam around semi-naked, the west should understand this and respect our religious boundaries.

    On the other hand the west claim that the are a free society, so in their society they make law for themselves and under these laws a man can marry a man and woman can marry a woman, even the marriage is not necessary they can live as they like, but, this can not be true to a muslim society, reason we can not fabricate laws for ourselves, beyond the boundaries of parameters given to us.

    Freedom is such a fake expression that it can never be defined, one’s freedom is the other’s trespassing. Even if we consider that west has defined freedom and ready to adhere to it, why their society trembles when a woman takes a scarf and is more steady when she strips? This is hypocrisy and nothing else.

  12. If you dont want liberal secular values as anti-islamic, what is going to stop me Indian hindu from considering islam as a threat to my way of life and fighting to implement the supremacy of hinduism in India? Any answers?

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  14. This is an important disscussion. It is about time to think as one ummah and not just as one nation. We have proven to be the most indiciplined people. We are failing to keep up the lable of Muslims on us,and that Is due to a reason, which is going away from QURAN and Sunnah. Our situation now is somewhat similar to bani-Israel as discribed by ALLAH in Quran (may ALLAH’s mercy be on us ameen).
    Dear brothers and sisters, we should Pray and do lot of Toba, and start understanding and following Quran and Sunnah as it is ment to be. And try to do our best in research and development.

  15. Just Superb

  16. I just want to add one thing…. If someone has doubt on clash of civilization then go and read the life of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed. You will know that we had fought with two civilization 1) Roman and 2) Persian while Islam was extremly weak at that time.

    Without this Muslim civilization can never grow at its true speed and Islam can not get its destiny. Get ready muslims…..

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