Pakistan Tells India To Hand Over ‘Kassab’

April 25, 2010


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad asked Delhi on Saturday to facilitate the transfer of Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving Mumbai attacker, to Pakistan for recording his statement in the trial of the suspects here.

The request was conveyed by Interior Minister Rehman Malik in a meeting with Indian High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal.

The Indian envoy was briefed about the steps being taken by Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice.

Technically, the interior minister did not seek Kasab’s extradition and only asked him to be brought here for his testimony.

The meeting took place five days before the Saarc summit in Bhutan where, diplomats express the hope, the Pakistani and Indian prime ministers will hold a one-on-one meeting.

Mr Malik was quoted by a source as having told Mr Sabharwal that Kasab’s testimony in the trial of seven Mumbai attacks suspects by a Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court was an essential legal requirement for taking the prosecution forward.

The prosecution has requested the Lahore High Court to declare Kasab as a proclaimed offender.

If the court accepts the prosecution’s request, Kasab would become part of trial by the Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court.

The anti-terrorism court will resume hearing of the case from May 8 after a three-week adjournment.

Kasab’s trial by a special Indian court has been completed and the verdict is expected on May 3.

His statement in the Indian court is not valid in Pakistani courts because of non-conformity with provisions of Qanun-i-Shahadat.

The interior minister explained to the Indian envoy the steps being taken by Pakistan against Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed, but stayed short of committing himself to any action against him or his group.

One of India’s main demands for resumption of the Composite Dialogue, suspended in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks, is the action against Hafiz Saeed.

Mr Malik informed the high commissioner that Pakistan would shortly respond to the three dossiers given by India during the Feb 25 foreign secretaries’ talks in Delhi.

The three dossiers pertained to the prosecution of Mumbai attack suspects; threats directed against India allegedly from extremist groups based in Pakistan; and fugitives from Indian law suspected to be in Pakistan.



  1. I think Kasab should be handed over. Time to call their bluff – as it is, we are spending a lot of money keeping him alive. Hand him over and see what drama the Pakistanis get up to?

    • Better late than never.You have now realised that your bluff did not work,as it had too many loophaoles such as Qassab giving statement in Marathi language etc.
      That is the reason why there is news that you are planning another bluff,rectifying your previous mistakes.

      This time,PAF jets will not stop at simply chasing your planes out.You will see much more.

      • you mean the PAF jets to become target practice for our Mig-21 Bisons? LOL 😀

        I love the way you guys overestimate yourselves. The people of your country have this problem.

        Anyways. Do u know what a mig21 BISON is? what it is capable of?

  2. It’s time that Pak Afghan policy is formed on complete new lines in order to get India out of Afghanistan.

    Terrorist India in a longer run will harm American agendas in the region and before it reaches to that stage Pakistan, America and Afghanistan should seek to disintegrate India as a state A/S/A/P.

    Terrorist India is holding on to bulk of population in India and minting on their miserable and poverty stricken lives for handful extremist and terrorist Brahman Hindus and for their dirty gains.

    Just as the terrorist India was put on the maps in 1947, time to take down terrorist India from the maps in 2010!!!!

  3. Poor India wanted a 9/11 reaction after killing it’s own people but were truely exposed so will try something similar again.This time it could lead to an outright civil war seeing the Moaist threat is is very real.

    • Ignorant and illiterate people can be shown the right way…. but people who don’t want to see the truth can never be shown the reality – even if it bites them hard.

      Continue to believe whatever you want my deluded neighbour… absolutely whatever you want… and continue wondering why the world does not trust or believe Pakistan

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