What Was Rehman Malik Doing At Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi Late Night On 27th December After Benazir’s Murder?

April 24, 2010

Farrukh Siddiqui

Benazir non-investigation: the cover-up continues even after the UN report:

One fact that the UN investigators did not know or could not get to is what was Rehman Malik doing around the mid night of the evening Benazir was assassinated. The mystery has deepened after an eyewitness has revealed that Rehman Malik was seen in the Regent’s Hotel Karachi (at Shahra-e-Faisal) around mid-night. While there is no doubt about that, it is speculated that he had brought Khalid Shahenshah with him. Would Rehman Malik explain his conduct and whereabouts on the 27th and 28th of December?

This report by the News is an indication that the present government’s top leadership including Zardari, Gilani, and Rehman Malik are part of the cover-up of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Rehman Malik still has to answer the questions raised in the report about leaving Benazir without a back-up car. Until and unless, the government moves against the big wigs, the people will be justified in believing that they all were involved, one way or the other.

From The News International
Saturday, April 24, 2010

Umar Cheema

ISLAMABAD: No big name mentioned in the UN report on Benazir Bhutto’s murder has either been put on the Exit Control List (ECL) or asked any question so far, though more than a week has elapsed.

These names include ex-DG MI Major General Nadim Ejaz, Nusrat Naeem, former IB chief Ejaz Shah, retired interior secretary Kamal Shah and even Interior Minister Rehman Malik. The News has learnt on good authority that only a bunch of scapegoats have been put on the ECL and called for recording their statements. They include police officers CPO Saud Aziz, SP Khurram Shahzad, ASP Ashfaq Anwar, Additional IG Abdul Majid Marwat, Yasin Farooq and the then DCO Irfan Elahi.

Another official put on the ECL is Brigadier (retd) Javed Iqbal Cheema, who addressed the press as spokesperson of the Interior Ministry on the question of cause of death of Benazir Bhutto and played the intercepted audio conversation of Baitullah Mehsud.

The rest of the lot is at large and Interior Minister Rehman Malik has also started exercising the authority of secretary interior to include or exclude anybody from the ECL.The Interior Ministry spokesman was not available for comments. However, officials dealing with the ECL confirmed that Major General Nadim Ejaz, Brigadier (retd) Ejaz Shah, former secretary interior Kamal Shah, Rehman Malik, Major General (retd) Nusrat Naeem, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, Lieutenant General (retd) Hamid Gul and Major (retd) Imtiaz, Benazir Bhutto’s chief security officer, are carrying on with life as usual instead of being made OSDs, put on the ECL or facing any investigation.

Nadim Ejaz has been accused in the UN commission’s report as the man who issued orders to the then CPO, Saud Aziz, for hosing down the crime scene. Instead of forcing him to join the investigation, the officers in the field, Saud Aziz and Khurram Shahzad, have been made OSDs and summoned for probe.

Nadeem, former DG MI, is presently the Log Area Commander in Gujranwala Cantt, serving under Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Nadeem Taj, the then DG ISI. Kamal Shah has been indicted for not providing fool-proof security. Shah is not only roaming around as a free citizen, he is also considered to be a regular visitor to the Presidency, hoping for the prized slot of governor of the newly-named Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. That would be the ultimate rebuff to the UN report.

The UN commission has consumed a lot of energy and space in exposing the flip-flops of Rehman Malik on the question of his role as the chief security adviser and running away from the scene in the back-up Mercedes. Instead of putting him in the dock, he has been given special benefits of backdated retirement with full honours, although he was dismissed from service.

Nusrat Naeem, accused of flip-flopping in recording his statement to the UN commission, is also untouched. Like Kamal Shah, he is also said to be a close friend of the Presidency, though he has previously denied this impression.



  1. I wonder if he was the only Rat(Interior Minister)in the scheme. BB was an International figure I think like Hameed Gul has said that CIA is surely involved and their was a bigger scheme to it then we know.

    • Rufi, everything HG says is absolutely correct. CIA WAS blatantly involved in the murder of BB but couldnt have done it on their own without help from the ‘inside’ – by this i mean BB’s enemies and certain aides. Musharraf, ISI and certain elemants of the establishment knew of the conspiracy to destabilise Mushrraf’s administration by using BB but they sat silent and dumb. they could have prevented BB’s murder and they know who was behind this. however, lets deal with the the real culprits.. Asif Ali Zardari, Rehman Malik, Babar Awan & the present PM were directlky involved in the conspiracy. there were huge promises of ministries and $’s and its a crying shame that one lady paid for it with her life. she ‘broke’ the deal with Musharraf and the US because she had found out who was trying to play her. thats why she returned to Pakistan because she genuinley believed she could make a change and save Pakistan from her husband, his cronies and yes men AND the US… its a huge conspiracy in which many local and international players are involved. if i write any further, i’m sure this comment wil nor be posted. i think this is enough foood for thought. take care. may Almighty Allah protect Pakistan.. AA

  2. Whatever they say or do, a common knows who is the real rat in this assasination.

    • After Seymore Hersh(well known journalist) had revealed in his column,it simply requires to know who were the local players.And they don’t have to be too many.
      Raising a finger on everybody will not be correct.

  3. Attending a mujra, I suppose…

  4. t is unprofessional and irresponsible for journalists such as Ansar Abbasi to mislead the public by misinforming them of the facts. I should have been studying for my exams instead of writing this article. But since what was written in the newspaper was so outrageous and deceiving, I am going to be getting an earful from my parents about procrastinating on my academics. Thanks a lot The News!


  5. Banazer Bhuttu was a crook. In one of her last interview she said, “we have no property in UK”, yet it was later on proved that the Bhuttu and Zardari did had the property in Surry UK’.

    I can still remember when she went to Pakistan and the gov was asking her to not to form gatherings as bombings and the blasts were happening everywhere, especially on places where lots of people were forming gatherings, i.e., mosques and markets.

    But she had something else in her mind. She had some dirty game on her agenda; that she, her crony husband and her corrupt party-people were about to play. PPP were planning of having all Pakistan only to themselves, and so she was out and about giving speeches to people to blind them and just for this maligned cause that she had in her mind she got caught in blast that it was inevitable because of her own actions on the grounds.

    After the gov’s several warnings to her including others and knowing very well that by gathering people can have saviour consciousness and actually she will be putting lots of innocent people’s lives in danger, if she go ahead forming large gatherings but she just carried on giving her PHAJA STYLE TAQREERS for her own selfish gains.

    In addition why people are confusing the facts surrounding her and her position at the time of the incident in Pakistani power looms? The fact is that she was nothing to Pakistan at the time of her death; accept being a former sacked MP from exile with corruption charges. At the time of her death she was not even the part of any gov, nor of any opposition.

    She was nobody at the time of her death. She was ordinary Pakistani citizen at the time of her death, just like those many ordinary people who got caught in her greed and lust for the power and more money and lost their precious lives; a lesson for a Pakistani nation to learn from this is; “NO TO FOLLOW OTHERS LIKE SHEEP”.

    Banazer Bhuttu PPP and Nawaz PMLN always had been the burden on Pakistani nation. Both set up their own dynasties on the cost of Pakistan’s sovereignty and on the cost of Pakistani nation’s blood and bones. These sick criminals, we don’t want them in Pakistan. Either these criminals are caught and hanged by their filthy necks or they be thrown out of the country forever and not let them in ever again.

    Where China stands today was not achieved because they had media and the people like Pakistan has. China before its success story actually cleaned its lands of these kinds of criminals and put them down with each bullet in the criminal’s heads for the sake of the good and for the sake of the betterment of the country.

    In truth right now after seeing the hell Pakistan is in, that’s the only solution left for Pakistan before we are able to move further for our betterments.

    Pakistan Zindabad Paindabad!


  7. BB For a Third Crack!

    A joke being committed on people of Pakistan through the most corrupt and bought out Medias of Pakistan after UN’s fact finding the pack of lies report to off hook PPP’s criminals.

    What is happening in our sold out Medias regarding BB’s death is this;

    The PPP is hell bend establishing information in their favours regarding BB’s death. Zardari and PPP gang are doing this to make maximum out of BB’s death for their maximum gains.

    In the drop of UN report on facts about the incident that took place 2007 are being pushed back and are being replaced by the new made up stories and evidences to turn things their way with the backing of UN’s report that costing Pakistani nation millions of Dollars that Pakistani nation don’t have, can’t afford and shouldn’t pay.

    On the 27 Dec 2007 the time of incident, few, very clear cut things happened and those are the things that are now being suppressed through UN and the Media’s help, just to accommodate PPP gang further into distorting and to destabilising the state of Pakistan.

    First of the entire incident 2007- Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi:

    When BB had finished her speech and got in her vehicle there was a whole bunch of mob just outside the stadium and they rounded her vehicle, shouting various slogans and chanting up-lifting words for BB. This mob was not part of the actual gatherings that were inside the space areas, allocated.

    After she got into her vehicle the motorcade moved with steady speed but soon BB’s vehicle slowed down facing a sudden rush of unprecedented mob that was waiting just outside the gates carrying hand held written boards stuck on pickets and bamboo shoots?

    The media footages showed this situation building around her vehicle and also showed the Stinger/Shooter and the Suicide Bomber moving towards her vehicle seemed calm, collective and seemed with up to date knowledge of the surroundings, as if they were being lead by the mobile communication from the spot where everything was managed collectively, knowing every inch of the movement/s.

    Inside BB’s vehicle were few people;

    1 Benazir Bhutto
    2 Sherry Rahman
    3 Naheed Khan
    4 Makhdoom Amin Fahim
    5 Driver

    Outside of BB’s vehicle were people hanging, standing and running around.

    It clearly almost shows a deliberate confusion and chaos like situation? It also clearly shows that this mob was actually a deliberate act of those who wanted BB to show up in the window/rooftop;


    Normally people lower their car window glass to see to outside, instead after seeing and listening to this special mob, she actually showed up in the sunroof.

    She was more chanted as she showed up and with this more chanting of mob really kept her stationed on the open roof top, while the “Hitters” were not seen at this point any closer to the vehicle. BB remained sticking outside the rooftop waving hand/s towards the crowed. The mob now near her car; resembled nothing like the normal local people would resemble or look like?

    During this particular moment of time she did looked down as if she wanted to lower down, maybe she had felt the danger but somehow she straitened up after looking inside the vehicle.

    After viewing the media footages;

    1. It almost feels as if she was persuaded firstly, to come out of the roof top instead of lowering the window and then she was further persuaded to stay put’.

    2. Maybe when she felt something, she was further persuaded to stay put’, maybe again because of the people, who were seemed really going for her, really odd?

    3. To analyse the behaviours of the two crowds, one would have to compare the crowd inside the stadium with the crowd/mob outside.

    At this point the hitters got close enough to trigger the final assault.

    It almost seems unnatural to comprehend with how the crowd actually was build-up around her vehicle as the ascents were getting closer to BB’s car and how the level of noises and the disturbance was reaching the last mark at the same time, just like some film scene, really odd?

    One big situation was building around her vehicle yet not one person out of four inside BB’s car was able to spot the difference of any kind, really odd?
    It seems they’, or maybe one’ of four in the car knew what actually was about to take place. Not one showed up on the roof top with BB to support her in such an unprecedented developing situation “YET THEY WERE ALL THE CLOSEST ALLIES OF BB”, really odd?

    The last moment had arrived; the assassins by then were shown closed enough to hit the target that is if the BB was the real target?

    Media footage shows the assassin opened rounds of fires; One, Two and Three times from her left side and then the same time suicide bomber blows him up?

    The time of shooting and the bomb going off on the side of the car, the Media footage shows BB’s scarf lifting straight upwards.

    Here rises the Question;

    • Why did scarf go upwards if the bullets were coming from the left side direction? (According to PPP gang bullets had hit her, one to the head and one to the neck?)

    An answer to this could be the bullets shot at her never actually touched her, but actually, somebody hastily pulled her down to get her inside the car once the bomb when off after the rounds of three bullets towards BB, and during this BB got knocked to one of the levers on the sides of the car’s roof top.

    It also could be that she also herself have tried to get down the same time and the struggle to pull her down from underneath made her lose the balance and end up knocking her head against the latch.

    However, in the both situations the lift of her scarf would not go upwards as violently as it was seen in the media footage, not unless the fire actually was triggered at her the same time after seeing the first main aim missed her, and the last and final assault then took place from inside car to finish off the job through the laser gun, which actually then explains the lift of BB’s scarf right upwards, the hit was made from the underneath where she was standing?

    Later in the fresh footages of ARY news channel showed BB’s abandon vehicle parked in some secluded open place with no cover or cordon regulations. The car was left unattended right in the open after the incident.

    The vehicle’s front, passenger side door was open. ARY camera showed car with its door opened and through this it showed a bullet hole on the passenger side seat’s shoulder level length. The bullet hole seemed fresh and seemed was close range aimed towards the back seats probably? The front seat occupier was Makhdoom Amin Fahim.

    Here rises the Question;

    • If the car was bullet proof then where did this bullet-hole came from on the front passenger seat on to the right hand side of the back of the seat, car windows were up and closed during actual assault and no one else was hurt or injured during the course?

    • Since then no one has ever said anything about the car and in particular about its inside conditions, yet they talk all the talk in the world, really odd?
    In the most recent TV discussions in about fifty or so talk channels in Pakistan and after receiving the UN report, the incident was re-lived to debate as if it had happened yesterday and therefore all media have a stake in it to open the talk desks. And so they all synchronised with each other after synchronising with PPP Gov to cover one and only portion out of the whole incident that took place over two years ago, really odd?

    And the one and the only portion out of whole incident were picked and we know what that is? Yes, hosing down of the most crucial place by Musharif?

    In all recent discussions somehow they all forgot about Ms Sherry Rahman, really odd? Yet it was Ms Rahman who was telling the world that how BB had died in her lap and where and how many bullet holes BB’s body had sustained?

    The Pakistani Madia have invited everyone else and this crucial witness Ms Sherry Rahman, seemed she never existed to tell the accounts?

    At the time soon after the governments initial two press conferences the dead body was taken by the PPP adversaries from the hospital’s operating theatre, less than six hours to be correct.

    BBC actually have showed the full coverage of PPP people taking the box from upstairs operating room and were shown bringing it down and in the process the idiots nearly dropped BB’s coffin from top floor stair case to the bottom floor.

    The whole scene was so horrid that actually BBC’s presenters were passing remarks such as; “oh they are about to drop her”, “oh she must be crushed inside the coffin, see how they are handling her coffin” and so on.

    I mean really those remarks can be found if searched and that can give you the real time of handing over the dead body to BB’s next of kin.

    The resent footage showing Zardari complaining and blaming the gov of time is nothing but the baseless lie as it was Zardari who actually refused to have the autopsy on BB.

    It was quit shocking at the time to know this and it was all over the news, in the print media and especially around the world’s Medias.
    If it was a not true course of the facts, then why Zardari didn’t cleared this in his press conference,


    Why did he waited this long to come out after the UN report to say about it, on the corrupt money grabbing traitor medias of Pakistan?

    Pakistani Medias are all in it with PPP and Zardari.

    New probes been discussed about those people who dead in the incident. Some are saying there were twenty three and some are saying twenty six including BB. This just shows nobody cared about those who have lost their lives in this well thought and well planed assassination of many lives.

    Mostly who died were gun downed perhaps individually with the bullets in their forehands and these people could possibly be the members of that mob?

    This mob had played a very crucial role of screening everything that was happening at the time. And it could be that the mob actually was unaware of their role, just like the hired services for weddings, funerals and the parties.

    After knowing about what was happening around the time of Other’s and BB’s death, makes you wonder about the scale of preparations must have went in to do the job. And this does not allow one to draw an open ended conclusion of this particular time of the moment. There are no easier conclusions about this one.

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