Is Azm-e-Nau-III A Message To India?

April 19, 2010

Hamid Mir & Muhammad Anis

BAHAWALPUR: In an unprecedented move, the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) exhibited their professional capabilities by targeting a drone in front of not only the prime minister, many federal ministers and parliamentarians belonging to different parties but also more than 30 military attaches of different countries, who witnessed the heavy firepower of the Pakistani armed forces on Sunday afternoon in the desert of Khairpur Tamewali near Bahawalpur.

The presence of the country’s top political leadership in a very hot desert boosted the morale of Army troops, who have been engaged in a six-week-long Azm-e-Nau-III military exercise for the last few days.

More than 50 parliamentarians watched the joint attack of the Pakistan Army tanks and the PAF fighter planes against an imaginary enemy for more than two hours. There was lot of excitement when it was announced that a drone with the name of Shahbaz appeared in the sky. Within seconds, this drone was successfully destroyed by anti-aircraft guns. All the politicians and military officials happily clapped with signs of new confidence on their faces. This whole event gave three clear messages.

The first message was about the unity of civilian and military leadership. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar arrived in the exercise area around 10:30 am. Parliamentarians from the PPP, the PML-N, the ANP, the JUI-F, the PML-Q, many retired generals and media persons were also there at the same time but Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani arrived at around 11:00 am. General Kayani saluted him and gave him full respect in front of national and international media. The message was very clear that the military leadership is firmly standing behind the civilian leadership.

The second message was about the capabilities of the Pakistan Army and the Air Force. The Pakistan Army used homemade Al-Khalid tanks and Anza Mark II missiles while the PAF used not only US-made F-16s but also locally assembled JF-17 Thunder aircraft. The massive firepower of Al-Khalid tanks and JF-17 Thunder proved that locally-made weapons are as good as the imported ones. When this scribe asked PAF chief Rao Qamar Suleman that can you target drones coming from across the border? He responded: “We can target anything coming from across the border provided we have orders from the government.”

Gunners of the Pakistan Army destroyed many visible targets in the air by Anza missiles. These shoulder missiles are produced by the laboratory of Air Defence Weapons System Division of Dr AQ Khan Research Laboratories. Many people mentioned the name of Dr AQ Khan with respect during the lunch and said that success of Anza is actually the success of Dr AQ Khan.

The third message of this Azm-e-Nau exercise is for India. This exercise is going on in areas close to the Indian border. The Indians had conducted a big military exercise “Hind Shakti” in May 2009 along the Pakistani border. Another exercise was conducted close to Pakistani borders in February 2010. The Indian Air Force was also part of this exercise and more than 30 Delhi-based military attaches witnessed that exercise. These were the times when the Pakistan Army was heavily engaged in fighting Taliban militants in Swat and Bajaur. These days the Pakistan Army is conducting another big operation in South Waziristan, Khyber and Orakzai. The Pakistan Army has sent around 40,000 troops in and around North Waziristan recently. On the other side, India planned a big exercise in mid April this year with the name of “Yodh Shakti” in Thar desert close to the Pakistan border. One can say that Azm-e-Nau-III exercise of the Pakistan Army is a clear message to India that ìyes we are heavily engaged on western border but we are also vigilant on the eastern borderî.

Many observers noticed the presence of former CJCSC General (retd) Ehsanul Haq, General (retd) Aziz Khan, General (retd) KM Arif and many other retired senior officers according to the old traditions of the Pakistan Army. Who made this event possible? Certainly, a lot of credit goes to General Kayani.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Gilani underlined the need for high state of preparedness to guarantee peace and security. He said under the current global and regional environment, maintenance of peace and security was a key strategic objective of the armed forces.

Gilani pointed out that Pakistan’s military strategy was based on credible minimum deterrence. “Our democratic system, economic potential, vibrant population, national unity, consensus and armed forces all provide strategic stability against all possible threats to our great country,” he said.

The prime minister said Pakistan was standing as a bulwark against forces of extremism and militancy while bearing a very heavy cost to its economy and prosperity. “The world today finds Pakistan standing as a bulwark against forces of extremism and militancy,” he said, adding: “It is in this struggle where nation pledges to support armed forces in spirit, with its youth and its entire resources.”

Prime Minister Gilani said Pakistan and its armed forces are fully committed in a fierce struggle on its western border and are continuing to retain their capability to deal with all possible threats in the region. He said he was sure that the feat could be rivalled by no military in the world.

The prime minister said he also urged the world leaders to come forward and share the responsibility in helping Pakistan fight the menace of terrorism for global peace. “Never in the history of the country, the Pakistan Army and the PAF were so integrated,” General Kayani said on the occasion.

The Army chief said the Azm-e-Nau-III was conceived and executed as a concept validation exercise; a part of the “eternal preparedness” philosophy of the Pakistan Army. He said the exercise has helped in evolving a timely and effective response to emerging challenges.

“We are focused to the defence of Pakistan and fully capable of defending Pakistan today,” he said. General Kayani pointed out that Pakistan understands significance of peace and was committed to stability in the region but the preparedness for self-defence was its right.

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  1. Well done. A successful exercise for the Pakistani Armed Forces. And it’s not a message for India. It’s more of a message to placate the domestic audience in Pakistan. Azm-e-nau is receiving pretty much zero coverage in India so if a message was to be sent – guess what, it ain’t being received !!

    • If It is receiving zero coverage because you have already boasted “DAS QADAM” and tackling Pakistan and China simultenously,so when you see Azme Nau,you became afraid and gone in hiding.

      • Forget what the Indian can do ……Its a hollow show of strength…..

        The PAF or rather the Pak ARMY can’t protect their own borders or rather they are confused which sides is they are on…

        The Iranian pick there people deep inside the PAK territory, Taliban as per you guys are Indian proxies, NATO, THE US & the Afghans have constantly voilated both airspace and territorial areas in PAKistan and not worry the drones are now going deeper inside the PAK territory.

        So what good is a mere excersie like the ones above do any good……

        Guys I think they should rename the website as… PAKISTAN KO KHUDA HAFIZ

      • Azm-e-nau is not receiving coverage because we’ve got something more important. The IPL. Do you think we’re even remotely bothered about routine exercises carried out by your armed forces.

        I’d suggest stop giving yourselves too much importance.

    • @ “Azm-e-nau is receiving pretty much zero coverage in India”. the statement shows how much entangled you are in bharti media warfare. you cant crawl out of your nesthole and read what anyone other than “indian” media is saying besides those cheesy videos it comes up with everytime.

      the message is not for Indian media. it is for Indian forces and its satanists dreaming coldstart offensive against pakistan and they have the message received, be sure. the bharti exercises did not get any attention anyway, not in Pakistan not globally. on the other hand, pakistani exercises are receiving great attention and cover by major defence magazines such as defence news and janes. this exercise is one of the largest and is being viewed by dozens of country reps themselves as a clear message to india. just come out of your zealous mind and think again. n you dont need to worry if the message was sent or not…its better if india gets it anyway…or theres going to be no india..gud luck

      • Precisely. We couldn’t care less about your exercises. They could be great for all I care. No one in India has really heard about the coldstart doctrine either. It appears you Pakis have heard about it and are (obviously) obsessing about it much more than us.

        But hey – don’t let me stop you from tooting your own horn. Please…. toot away

      • @ “No one in India has really heard about the coldstart doctrine either.”

        i agree with you. for sure the indian masses do not have the kind of time to spare for what their authorities are planning and thinking. Thats cuz those unfortunate people are too busy struggling to earn their share of 1$ of the month. They are too busy, too tired, too bored and too poor for all this stuff haunting the elite brahmins every minute. No wonder you havent heard of it. but does that mean the whole world starts and ends in bharat? you dont know alot of stuff, but this ignorance cant be a punishment for the world !

      • It means this – as your rightly pointed out, 400 Million of my countrymen are surviving at less than a dollar a day and the others are watching the IPL… so we couldn’t care less about Pakistan or your exercises.

  2. I agree. This incomprehensible term azme nau has barely made an impact here. Pakistanis are grossly misled by the establishment about capabilities of their armed forces. They live in delusion that PAF pilots are like tigers, best of the world and more such bluster. Kiyani or any military chief has to try and keep up the spirits of demoralized Pakistani masses by chest thumping and claiming how they are ‘superior’ to India. But let them continue with the show because it is quite amusing…..



  5. May be it is message to India or not, but one thing is sure that Indians will think thousand times before they involve any kind of adventure.

    • yes. just like in 1971

      • Nik the sick your coward country is only good at conspiracies like 1971 and thats what it is doing now in FATA but completely failed. You and your mates should look into the exercises which the maoist recently did in the jungles of india that resulted in quite a few indian army killed and now your army is scared don’t want to enter in the forests as maoist are there to show them their military power. If your coward IAF and army is so powerful then what happened at the time of your own engineered bombay drama your planes tried to enter in pakistan and why they ran away? I tell you why and it was because your IAF and army is scared of pakistan and china. Did you get it NIK THE SICK.

  6. Militarey attache of other countries were invited. So the message did parts that mattered. The message to India is for the consumption of its generals. They’ve got the message loud and clear. Why else do you think they would rather clean the toilets at the Commonwealth games than confront the Pak Army?

  7. Azm-e-Nau-III; Indeed is burning the holes of India in more than many ways. It is now that India is shivering griped with total fear of total inhalation of her existence in the region.

    Pakistan-Power indeed is not a hidden agenda but of course is a solution to many thick and thins of the world’s most difficulties.

    Pakistan’s way forward answer to its enemy India should be primitive direct strike/s, after learning that India is busy fingering in matters that can trigger a massive response from Pakistan!

  8. Salute to Pakistan Army and Airforce …
    I congratulate them and Feeling Proud of the Armed Forces of Pakistan …. MASHALLAH

  9. its bad-luck for the birhamans of bharat that they are being played into and kept busying in b-wood fahaashi and ipl-time- wasting games.

    when not doing that, they are busy in idol worshipping and burning other peoples houses and killling them.

  10. indian army is afraid to fight naxals.and the world is laughing at sissies. we shall see what kind of victory can bharat pull off against naxals because they,naxals, are the rulers of a major part of the country and bharat can do a damn about it. india will either fall to naxals or to war it wants to go to with china or pakistan.

    someone said something about pakistani pilots. well according to russians the pakistani pilots and the CCS of pakistan rates above US schools. and well anyway, its not pakistani pilots bringing down indian jets every now and then. thats like 50% of total crashes caused by poorly trained pilots and the rest goes to poor maintenance sense. its actually funny bharat boasting about quality with these stats coming out every now and then.

  11. I have been alleging government functionaries baselessly. Such discussions possibly burden one’s own shoulders only. Kindly convey my apologies to them and if you are reading this or hear about it then forgive me.

  12. LOL….




    • What an over estimation.You compare India to America.



    plz continue overestimating urselves. just like in 71, it will make the job much easier for us to conquer you.

    • The bitterness and hatred all of us are displaying here is a carefully cultivated fruit which is the main nourishment for corrupt on both sides. Now if you for one moment forget your childish bravado and ask yourself that What will Pak and Indian leaders give speeches about if not about threats from each other? In elections they will have to then talk of real issues…. like poverty, development, jobs…. but as of now they know that however dissatisfied people may be, just use the Pak vs India card and all of a sudden they will forget everything and vote them back to parliament.
      I was hoping that by now youngsters on both side must have woken up. But I guess it will take few more generations!! Till then let the bullshit continue!!

      • relax . we r making fun of pakistani fear. they are born for our entertainement

  14. What you and your mates were born for NIK the sick? I tell you why and the answer is your army using thousands of condom wending machines for their entertainment on you and your mates – Good luck and keep going.

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