Scapegoats Wanted, After $1.5m A Page Report

April 18, 2010

Shaheen Sehbai, The News

WASHINGTON: Costing Pakistan almost 1.5 million dollars a page, the UN report on Benazir’s murder has not moved the case even an inch in any direction but it has well served the purpose of PPP rulers, and killers of BB alike, for the moment.

The UN probe gave Zardari two years, some months and a half to keep the sensitive issue in a limbo so that he might focus on consolidating power. It also indirectly gave him a clean chit and some face saving excuse to act against his top cronies, Rehman Malik, Babar Awan, Brig Cheema, Saud Aziz and company being on top of that list. The UN has also served another purpose. It has given official currency to all the wild and not-so-wild rumours, which were afloat in the country. Yet all the conspiracy theories and all the unexplained mysteries, which, even after the report, still remain in the market. But these have now been endorsed by the world body.

The report has also provided newly empowered and extra-confident Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani a chance to take over the BB case in his hands and do what Mr Zardari could not, because of his ego problems. That way Mr Gilani can put his stamp on his post-18th amendment premiership and also get rid of some of the faces, which he has been wishing to throw in the dustbin for a long time, but was unable to do so. The decision to throw this case first before the Scotland Yard and then the UN was political, mischievous and manipulative from day one. It took away the pressure from Musharraf, until he was in the driving seat; it gave Zardari the argument to claim that he was honouring his late wife with investigations at world forums like Scotland Yard and UN, so that they may come up with impartial results; and it took the issue off the shelf.

This was done with the express knowledge and understanding that these foreign organisations will be dependent on the evidence, which Pakistan will provide them, much of which had been destroyed any way. So apart from meeting some people and making their conspiracy theories part of their final reports, Scotland Yard and UN Commission were not expected to do anything else. They were in fact specifically barred from carrying out any investigation to pinpoint the culprits. It was not made part of their mandate so expecting any finger pointing, except in very broad general terms, was all they could do. This is what they have done at Pakistan taxpayers’ expense, a huge 90 million dollars, if not more. Still by validating and bringing on international record some of the theories that were circulating and the questions that were being raised, the UN report has put some people on the spot who have to explain their conduct or name those who were forcing them to act in an illegal and partisan manner, though they were required to follow the law.

Among them the spotlight will be on CCPO Rawalpindi Saud Aziz and the former MI Chief General Nadeem who was issuing orders. Former ISI chief and now COAS General Kayani may also feel some heat as he was in the middle of what was going on between Musharraf and Benazir and when she was assassinated.

But the axe could easily fall on Rehman Malik, who has been directly and categorically blamed by the UN report for a “seriously security lapse” as he was in charge of BB’s security and he escaped from the scene.

There has also been a huge contradiction in the statements Rehman Malik has been making about the incident. Immediately after the attack, he told TV channels that BB was OK. He also said he was just 4-feet away from BB’s vehicle when the blast took place, but then why he fled the scene, he did not explain. It becomes all the more sinister that he saw the blast from a four feet distance and then instead of protecting BB ran away. Another recorded statement he made is that he immediately took a U-Turn and went to the hospital. This is not substantiated as he had reached Zardari House in Islamabad and came to the hospital much later.

Sacking Rehman Malik may be the easier way out for both President Zardari and PM Gilani as Zardari can then claim that he did not shy away from taking action against his most trusted associate after the UN report and PM Gilani can achieve his lifetime goal of throwing Malik out of his cabinet, claiming the credit as a powerful PM.

Other than these cosmetic political changes, the UN report will go down as a non-event as Zardari will not allow any serious criminal investigation against Saud Aziz, the Interior Ministry, the MI or the ISI and PM Gilani would not want to take on these sensitive institutions, taking cover behind the excuse that his president was not allowing him.

It may be a convenient political arrangement between them and probably these two leaders were discussing the nitty-gritty of these moves when they were meeting on Saturday night at the Presidency in what has been nicknamed as the Core Committee. But after the UN report, and the earlier probe by the Scotland Yard, Zardari and Gilani will have to move on the BB murder case because no further justification or excuse is now left to delay this any further. Pressure is likely to grow, as evident from statements made by Aitzaz Ahsan, Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi and others, to take some concrete steps.

Some scapegoats are needed for sacrifice. Realistically speaking this is all Zardari can do, having stalled every single meaningful and substantial effort to catch the killers of Benazir for over two years. His slogan “Democracy is the best revenge” will no longer hold as democracy does not allow killers to get away.

It is doubtful that those, including the Bhutto family members, who were accusing Zardari of complicity, would stop pointing fingers at him after the UN report. Their wishes may, if at all, come true only after Zardari quits the presidency, the PPP or politics altogether.



  1. Whatever may be the outcome of this funny report,it will pave the way for return of Musharraf,on the pretext of helping the investigation.

    Undoubtedly,this report has put the investigation on
    a completely wrong track,and PPP will use this to prolong its stay in power,even carrying it forward to the next elections.

  2. let me make the job easier for some of you… those involved in the conspiracy indirectly to murder BB: Musharraf, Gen.Kayani, some elements of ISI and the establishment. i mean to say they knew what would happen but did not try and prevent situation spiralling out of control and watched as silent spectators. now, those involved directly are as follows: CIA, Rehman Malik, MI6, Asif Zardari and many members of the Federal Cabinet as BB despised some of the present federal ministers and would have never have wanted these tainted individuals in her cabinet.

    Mr. ‘docile and unintelligent’ Musharraf will not be coming back to Pakistan for quite some time, mark my words. The ‘deal’ only protects him outside Pakistan and NOT inside in Pakistan, many ppl want his blood. he totally ‘shagged’ this country and even he knows that finding acceptance is downright impossible. what did the Pakistan nation and economy get for his 8 year rule? total subservience to USA interests. na, we dont want you, get lost and stay lost mate.

    the next 2 yrs are CRUCIAL in Pakistan’s existence and many events will unfold that will help shape Pakistan’s destiny and make it better. The UN report was an absolute farce which we expected it to be and was a face saving exercise by the UN for Zardari, thats it. simple. the mine boggles at what kind of evil and sinister things can happen in the corridors of power.

    just to finish off, i would like to give one last opinion on what i think we can do to protect our great nation and bring it in tandem with the ideology of our great founder. its very simple: as a nation we need to rise and cast off the shadow of subservience. this can only be done when our nation takes matters into its own hands and carves out its own destiny. left to politicians we will always be left ‘up a creek without a paddle’, meaning they will leave us high and dry each and every time. we need a proper political system where there are representatives from all walks of life and not just the rich abnd famous. its absolutely sick. once we have equality in society as a whole then i’m sure it will be reflected in our political system too. i’m sure about it. lets hope we can enforce this change and make Pakistan the wonderful place our forefathers dreamt of. Elaahi Ameen.

    • @ Ali Alamzeb,
      You seem to hold the politicians responsible for everything that has gone wrong for Pakistan.

      How many years out of the last six decades, was pakistan ruled by elected Govt. ???

      Have some balls to tell the truth…..

      • ‘Neel’ you know ‘jack’ snd you talk absolute s***.. you posess the intelligence of a pea and i’m not surprised by what you have said in reply to my comments. it shows your intelligence which is pretty much zilch from where i’m standing. i think on merit i’ve abused you enough, now lets get talking. when did i say i held the ‘..politicians responsible for everything that has gone wrong for Pakistan.’ i didnt even make this assumption, never mind say it! did you even read a line of what i wrote??? your piece was downright rude and disrespectful to say the least. it showed narrow mindedness and an utter lack of understanding. my dear elementary Neel, its the general consensus that politicians messed up alot and thats not to say the military did any better. in the last 63 years we came up with only 4 or possibly 5 great elected statesmen.. u want me to name them ‘cuz you probably will be incapable of that anyway! MA Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan, Ch Muhammad Ali & ZA Bhutto.. all of these left their indelibel mark on the Republic of Pakistan. you say i ‘dont have balls’ to tell the truth yeah? i will give you truth but your miniscule intelligence will not be able to swallow it. the truth is there is not a shortage of politicians in our country but sadly there is a dearth of honest, upright, just and sincere ones. you seem to insinuate from your waffling (yaar it was absolute gibberish what you wrote) that i’m not for democracy. well, lets see the what the quran says about such governance, thats a different matter altogether. its sad but the kind of elected governance you are talking about was never allowed to flourish and there are many factors for that, i dont think its important to discuss that here. democracy starts at grass roots, there is no point in shouting about it from the rooftops, first bring equality in society all across the spectrum then we’ll talk about equality in political systems and elected governments and why they are not succeeding. the evil lies within us, not within the system and thats the reason why ‘democracy’ never flourished. i never criticised any system. i did criticise you but thats because you’re foolish and unintelligent and dont know what you’re talking about! the present army chief has bent backwards to support the civilian government and will continue to do so. there is no threat to this present elected government from the military and inshallah i think its the last time you will see a military coup in Pakistan, the tide has definitely turned . you speak urdu? allow me the luxury of taking a parting shot at you, jao pehle apna dimaag teek krvao.. phir is forum pe ana. i didnt want to get involved in a slinging match with you becuz this forum deserves better. its a platform for Patriot/Nationalist Pakistani’s to discuss their country’s problems and evaluate prevaling conditions in our beloved country. i think this reason alone demands that we criticise but we criticise each other constructively and with the utmost repsect. we are Pakistani’s and at the moment i think we need to rally round each other and galvanise our nation, find ways of how positive change can be brought about in our country. i’m sure every Pakistani is deeply concerned but like i said in my initla piece, i think glory is aroud the corner. most Pakistani’s are just sick to the teeth at what’s going on and its only a matter of time before a change will be enforced and it will be enforced by the people inshallah. God Bless Pakistan.

    • Simple Oratory.But oratory is not the answer to Pakistan’s problem.

      • ‘NoNonsense’ or ‘Nonsense’ ? me thinks the latter. you wana catch an earful from me too? its not oratory and its definitely not simple neither my dear fellow Pakistani brother. its not your fault. the fact is that ppl like you dont possess much in the way of brains, you come on the forum, chat abit of crap, leave your defacation and then disappear. have you even read a line of what i have said?? the basic jist of what i have said is let equality in society prevail first and only then will their be equality in governance and fair rules for every one.. i am absolutely right in what i’ve said. if you can say something better then come along, lets see what you have to write. or is mere gibberish all you are capable of? this forum doesnt need ppl like you, we need patriot Pakistani’s who have something constructive to say about their country. boy i’ll give you a lesson on oratory, you dont even know the A of it. keep looking at your dictionary, or better still start at A in the alphabet again and go right through B and C right upto Z.. inshallah you will get there eventually! happy hunting!

      • The “patriotic” Pakistani has come out in true colors.Alamzeb may in fact be Pazeb,which has prompted him to use such derogatory language.
        If some people visit this site,defacate and leave is because they want you to clean it.You must do your job properly.

        It is very simple to deliver sermon without looking at ground realities.This is being done for the last 62 years but “parnala wahin girta hai”.

        Never doubt others patriotism,and keep your “self styled”patriotism to yourself.

  3. So true Ali Alamzeb,so true.

    • thank you for your kind words Munazza. well, atleast you understand what i’m trying to say. thumbs up!


    • All caps and paranoia….. awesome combination

    • do write your reply, i’m very interested to hear what you have to say. the whole UN report was a farce and face saving excuse for many in the echelons of power. its not a just a case of who gained from BB’s asassination, its runs more deeper than that. let me tell you something very strange today.. Musharraf & Zardari are in cohorts with each other. Musharraf facilitated Zaradari’s rise to power, Zardari acknowledged his ‘benefactor’ (have you noticed he has hardly spoken out against Musharraf, even though Mush keot him in jail for so many years???) and the truth is that Zaradari still takes advice from Musharraf as to who he appoints to certain ministries and posts.. now there is something. shall i give you an example? Salman Taseer was appointed on Mush’s suggestion, so was Shaukat Tareen and the new finance minister from UAE is another Musharraf man. these are just to mention a few. Zardari’s foreign policy is akin to Musharraf’s. it is merely a continuation so what has changed? i dont support Mr Nawaz Sharif, i just think he is the lesser of many evils in Pakistan’s politics but why does Mr Nawaz constantly cry out at every opportunity about the unjust actions of Musharraf resulting in the coup? why does he say that Zaradari has the soul of Musharraf within him? all these things need thinking about. Musharraf was brought in by US for specific purposes and we are seeing the results of that union today. US has always used military dictators to further their interests whether it be military regimes in Europe, Africa or South Asia. so much could be written on the subject but the fact of the matter is, Pakistan is potentially a VERY powerful nation as you said, it lies at the strategic crossroads where interests of many powers conflict. we are caught in the crossfire. we are a sleeping giant and thats why it is in the interests of others that we remain subservient and dependant on the west. when the time comes to take the bull by the horns and grasp our own destiny you will see a different Pakistan and a Pakistani with a totally different mindset to the one prevalent today. inshallah that time is not far. my personal opinion is that the decline of USA will see the ascent and rise of Pakistan and the Quaid’s ideology. so many jobs will be created for Pakistani’s and inshallah Pakistan will undergo an industrial revolution that will change the face of our economy. another great thing in all this activity will be the gradual decline of rampant corruption and feudalism – these two evils in our society will be purged by the masses… i wont say more… only time will tell inshallah! God Bless Pakistan, the greatest nation on earth!

      • Ali Alamzeb,

        being Pakistani, you obviously feel very strongly about your nation. That is commendable. I personally haven’t followed the BB case, but, having said that, it is always sad when a country has to invite a third party – the UN in this case, to investigate what is essentially an internal law and order situation.

        You blame your politicians – and let me tell you, ours are no different. God knows there are many people in our parliament that we, as a nation, would like to toss into the sea. But, having said that, we do have a strong democratic tradition – and our armed forces know their place – at the border or in the barracks. They have no place in the running of the country.

        I am really unsure about the feudalism you refer to, or the Musharraf-Zardari link – and I would love to carry on the discussion with you off-line.

        However, I do understand your sentiments and I sincerely wish that all does go well, and quickly, in your country.

      • hi & thanks for your comments ‘Amused’, its appreciated. thank you for also wishing my country well. sure we can discuss many subjects offline and i can sure learn from you. you are welcome to contact me on my email ali_alamzeb@hotmail.com and we’ll take it from there. regarding the BB case, yes its an absolute travesty that a third party has to undertake the task of ivestigating this tragedy. however, i do believe that the delicate nature of the circumstances sorrounding BB’s murder was manipulated grossly under the garb of an investigation. this was done to provide an air of legitimacy to certain people by exhonerating them and blaming others. the BB enquiry is very complicated to say the least and like i said there are many state actors involved, local and international. its sad that this woman, who could have been an even better leader in her third stint in power, had to ultimately pay for it with her life. again my dear friend from across the border, i agree with you whole heartedly that the army’s duty is to guard frontiers and borders and not run the affairs of the state. the sad thing is that there just haven’t been enough good, sincere and incorruptible politicians to date that could have gained the trust of the armed forces – its sad but its true. those few who were damn good at their job were murdered under mysterious circumstsances. there is a link between messers Zardari and Musharraf and we’ll discuss that some other time. take great care. it doesnt matter what nationality you are or where you come from, the great thing is that through discourse such as this we can learn from each other on a platform of mutual respect. thank you once again. my email address is provided if you would like to discuss anything with me.


        Ali Alamzeb

  5. The Report was 100% shame on Mushraff government !!!! just read the report and you will see it is 110% true

    Mush denied BB security and made her feel unwelcome

    BB left the peace of Dubai, to come and save pakistan and what did pakistan do for her ? killed her

    • BB saving Pakistan!
      From whom?

      What a joke.

      • Yes.BB wanted to save Pakistan from Zardari.That is what she told in the original will.Naheed Khan may have copy of this will.

        Can somebody answer why husband and wife remained seperated.One in Dubai,the other in USA.

    • Talha Mushrraf was indirectly involved in the asassination of BB. whaqt i mean to say is he knew of the perils that lay ahead, he knew who was conspring to kill her but he sat back like a spectator. if he wanted he could have unmasked the killers immediately after her death but he chose to stay quiet.. thats where he was wrong. this was the only chance with which he could have salvaged some credibility and look what we got in return.. Mr Zardari and his Macleans toothpaste smile and badmaashi. how could Mushrraf do that to us? shame on him. all Mush could do was warn her of imminent danger to her life but she also broke her agreement with him. we can argue about the if’s and but’s, the fact of the matter is BB was not to return before the elections. if that had happened the scenario would have been completely different i’m sure. its true what you say, BB did come here to save Pakistan and according to Gen.Hamid Gul (DG ISI, 1987-1989) she had realised the imminent danger and game being played with Pakistan by US. i have heard that she had become fiercely anti-US also and hence thats why she was eliminated. she was potentially the best leader we had since ZA Bhutto and that was 30 years earlier, so it had taken ages for another good statesman/woman to come through our filthy political system. there is also a theory in PPP circles that she wanted to do everything in her power to stop her husband having any sort of authority and political say in the future government. i think she had realised how much Mr.Z had contributed towards her downfall in her previous two governments! all our best statesmen were killed off, its a crying shame. if they had lived only a few more years this country would have been a different place now, of that i’m sure. it just shows that if you hurt Western, especially US interests, you can bet your bottom dollar that you wont live long. long

  6. Musharraf the American agent is directly responsible. But Zardari is the biggest beneficiary. When Musharraf was targeted, the place of incident was blocked off for weeks to gather evidence but when BB was killed the place was hosed off in a few hours!!! What a joke! I dont want to get into this argument that she was a bad leader but she had been the prime minister twice so there should have been more deference towards her from the sitting government but instead we see the then government to be complicit in hiding evidence. Something is definitely fishy here and Zardari and musharraf seem to know a lot of it!

    • Equating Mush & Zardari is wrong.Mush might have had a purpose(one in a million),but why Zardari.She was after all his wife.

      • Mr Nonsense jee, Musharraf & Zardari are 2 branches of the same tree and time will show you this, i have stated this before. Mush knew who was involved in the conspiracy, right down to the very last name. now you tell me, why did he stay quiet? staying quiet served his interests very well. however, the decent thing to do would have been to unmask all the villains and give himself much needed credibilty which he had lost due to certain policies in the ‘war on terror’ farce. i have seen your posts here before, yaar why is it that you seldom have something intelligent and constructive to say???? yaar yeh baccha kahan se aa geya beech main???????

      • Very true.PKKH is not a place for Bachchas.Neither it is for spent,fully depreciated,ir-repairable Buddhas.

        You seem to contradict yourself.You say Mush is not coming back for quiet some time,but also say that Mush & AAZ are two branches of a tree.It very well suits AAZ to use Mush as a counter balance against Nawaz Sharif,who is being treated by Dawn channel very well these days.I am waiting for Nawaz to declare that doctors have advised him not to speak any more,as his upper story is empty.

  7. The Benazir Enquiry Commission has lived up to UN’s reputation of being
    impotent and useless as ever.

    The findings are pedestrian and add nothing more to what is already known
    ( even through the earlier Scotlandyard Report as well ) and at a good cost
    to the national exchequer.

    Allowing Zaradri to prevail in delaying the relase of the report for two
    weeks has made it more suspect and malafide. This is confrimed by the fact
    that on April 1, the original date of publication, the UN had officialy
    announced that all its offices in Pakistan would remain closed for three
    days to avoid any backlash and public anger, making it obvious that it would
    go against the PPP ( not Musharraf ).

    Now when the report is announced , the only thing it surprisingly confirms
    is that Zaradari and company are innocent , casts aspersions on the
    Musharraf government but yet goes on to endorse the Press conference of the
    same government that Benazir had no bullet wounds and died as a result of
    her head hitting the sunroof lever as she ducked into the vehicle , as also
    that Al Qaeda and Taleban may be responsible for the killing.

    Again the Commission sees nothing amiss with the backup security vehicle
    and its occupants ( the current Interior and Law Ministers included )
    vanishing from the scene and the responsible police officers now enjoying
    high offices instead of being interrogated.

    Zardari claims that he knows the culprits. Why does he not name them ? Rehman Malik claims that he has the results of his own investigations ,why does he not announce the findings ?

    What a charade !

    violent death is always a professional hazard for politicians. Benazir was repeatedly warned of the security threats but she and her handlers arrogantly preferred brinkmanship over caution and paid the price for it, What is the hue and cry about then >


  9. What a high playing dirty game has been played by the most criminal enemies of Muslims and Pakistan.

    Always Only BB’s death is discussed giving no respect to those innocent thousands of lives, who lost their god given precious lives in the hands of most hence satanic cult followers.

    Who gives a “HOOT” if BB has died? No one gives cares about her death, people in Pakistan are dying every day and thanks to the sorry state of Pakistan and to its dirty political environments that they don’t even make it to the most criminal Pakistani bought out hindo lover media.

    Pakistanis should realise democracy is nothing but the rubbish of the western values and it is the biggest fraud on human. Democracy is not for the Muslims, it is time to kick out CIA planted government out of the country.

    PPP people will eventually destroy Pakistan if no actions are taken against these criminal political parties.

    Pakistanis are suffering and they will continue suffering. Pakistanis need to get rid of PPP and Nawaz league and any other rubbish in the country once and for all.

    Have we lost every grain of shame and self respect? As a nation and above as Muslims why don’t we think correctly and according to Quran and Sunnah?

    Why people of Pakistan are living like dajjalis and napak kafir hindoz, knowing that Muslims must follow what they have been told and refrain from following man made systems and religions and must not do those practises which equals SHIRK?


    • yes Amer, exactly. its what i said all along. ham logon main ghaiyrat mr geyi hai! a glorious future lies ahead for each and every Pakistani but in order for this great nation to prosper each and every Pakistani must make a concerted effort to change the existing order of things for the better. lets get back to basics.

  10. @ Ali Alamzeb, I agree with your stand.

    It is sickening to hear from the Muslims about Democracy rubbish, and that really makes you to throw up on those who can’t seems to get tired of keep talking and working for western based ideology the democracy.

    PPP gov says only few words on every plat form. They say; yahi tu hussan ha jamoriath ka? lol

    People who use these kinds of slangs in today’s fast moving advanced world can only drag you down. It is time to get rid of all political systems and parties in Pakistan.

    We don’t need western set ideologies and a democracy is one of their many ideologies.

    So people of Pakistan get rid of the lanath of Christian, Jew and hindo based ideology known as democracy and bring back the Islamic way of life turning experiences in your nation building programs.

    Islam is full and binding for all times. Allah Hu Subhan said something like; today I have completed your religion/Islam for you. After this if we adapt western and or other’s values to govern our lives and territories then we are ((Mushriks))!

    At once; denounce western and non Muslim’s set democracy, which is total rubbish from Pakistan and revive the true and one Islam and its true ideologies the only way to go!


    @ Ali Alamzeb, I agree with your stand. It is sickening to hear from the Muslims about Democracy rubbish and that really makes you to throw up on those who can’t seems to get tired of keep talking and working for western based ideology the democracy.

    PPP gov says only few words to say on every plat form. They say; yahi tu hussan ha jamoriath ka. lol
    People who use these kinds of slangs in today’s fast moving advanced world can only drag you down. It is time to get rid of all political systems and parties in Pakistan.

    We don’t need western set ideologies and a democracy is one of their many ideologies. So people of Pakistan get rid of lanath of Christian and Jew and hindo based ideology known as democracy and bring back the Islamic way of life turning experiences in your nation building programs.

    Islam is complete and binding for all times. Allah Hu Subhan said something like; today I have completed your religion/Islam for you. After this if we adapt western values to govern our lives and territories then we are ((Mushriks))!

    At once denounce western set democracy, which is total rubbish from Pakistan and revive the true and one Islam and its true ideologies the only way to go!

    • ‘Pakistan’s Yes/No Matters’ is a wonderful pseudo, i like it. thank you for your comments. inshallah this will be very true in the times to come when major decisions on the international stage will be heavily dependant on the knod and cross of the head from Pakistan – we are slowly seeing signs of this. our army chief recently went to US and discussed urgent matters pertaining to national security and made the Americans understand our point of view vis-a-vis Indian and their role in Afghanistan. our economy is lying in tatters because this ‘imposed’ war has bled us dry and we seek compensation to the tune of $30bn – Gen Kayani discussed all these matters and on his arrival back to Pakistan, ISPR released a statement saying the strategic dialogue was a resounding success and we shall see its fruits very soon. lets see. WE will be the major player and as i said in an earlier piece the decline of US will bring about the ascent and rise of Pakistan inshallah. the time is nigh…. 🙂

    • also.. how can ‘democracy’ flourish when there is no equality in society? lets bring equality to Pakistani society right across the board first, then we’ll talk about this so called western democracy. ppl are having kittens talking about this, iss main itni khaas baat kya hai aakhir??? lets concentrate on providing our masses the BASIC necessities (clean drinking water, gas, electricity etc.) first before we jump the gun and talk about jamhooriyat!! what a joke!! u agree with me PY/NM?

  12. @Ali April

    Word Pseudo has many meanings in which context did you foreseek this word?

    • i meant ur ‘pseudonym’/account name ‘Pakistan’s Yes/No Matters’ sounds apt. now you know what i mean? i didnt ‘fore seek’ this word. pseudo is short for pseudonym. i hope i have clarified it for you, sorry to confuse you 🙂
      take great care, best regards & duwa.. AA

      • @Ali Bhai

        No need to apologise. It was my mistake for less understanding. Never mind.

        I am also duago for Pakistan and for the umah. My brother your info on the topic is good and I agree 100% with what you said above.

        Let’s hope for the best.

        P.S. Thanks for liking the title, well that’s the story of Pakistan’s best kept secrets. Amen.

  13. Unfortunately we are being led on by our army once again.General Kiyani is playing the game intelligently I will give that to him but it is the same game i.e.run with the hare and hunt with the hound.He is buying for time but he will only end up proving that he is untrustworthy. How will he rid himself of all those soldiers around him who say aye aye to America not out of compulsion but adoration.Those who are advocates for “enlightened moderation,” whatever that is.May Allah keep Pakistan safe and secure.Ameen.

    • hey munazza, care to expand on this? i’m interested in what you have to say only because i know something very much the opposite of what you have said. please explain and i shall reply to you in due course. thanks & regards.. AA

  14. Can you AA in all honesty say that General Kiyani can undo the rot that our own very much Dorian Gray Pervaiz Musharraf has left behind.Dont you realise that habits make ones character.What is the habit of our armed forces. Once we decide on that we will be able to read its character like an open book.One advantage that the armed forces have is that they are the sons of the soil. They lay down their lives when needed. But even an ordinary Pakistani is doing that day in day out.Can the armed forces totally yank off the yoke of subserviency that has been imposed on them out of their own free will by the lone super power.Granted GK is showing a little backbone but is it enough. America has decided that if it goes Pakistan should follow.General Kiyani has been given the choice between the devil and the sea.I am not questioning his loyalty but I do question my trust that I have in his institution because there are vulnerabilities and enemies always look out for the shortcomings of ones foes.

  15. hi.. firstly i want to say that GK is trying his best and we must not knock him for that. yes, he has certain compulsions and is probably taking some dictation from the US. however he is not pro-US at all not in the Musharraf mould at least. i’m pretty sure of this. i’m not ‘having a go’ at you here but we must get over our Musharraf phobia, everyone seems to mention him and i admit sometimes even i do! he is the past and whatever has happened i feel we must look ahead because only in looking ahead can we find some sort of positivity because i dont believe its all doom and gloom. according to many analysts the next 2 years are of paramount importance, infact they are CRUCIAL. i agree with you when you say that if US decides to go down it will take us with it – but that is what THEY think. frankly i dont see it happening because like i said before, the US decline will see the ascent of Pakistani fortunes and a move towards the Quaid’s ideology. GK will probably not be in power to influence this at all. i believe he wont go for his extension and we will see a new Army Chief in the fall of this year. its a shame but elemants of the Armed Forces and the present governing party dont believe Paskistan cant survive without the US’s help and i find that absolutely shameful, disrespectful and downright criminal – that is an insult to the talents and creativity of each and every one of the almost 180 million strong population of this wonderful coountry. our President has gone on record as saying that we cant survive without US aid (who put him upto that, i wonder) but the truth is they need us more NOW than ever because we are to act as their bidders in Afghanistan and expediate a safe and honourable exit for them from this region. they are losing miserably despite their ‘new’ strategy. GK has seen this and he delivered a wonderful speech infront of the Chiefs of Defence Staff of all 28 NATO countries in Brussels recently. have you read the articles pertaining to that huge convention? some of the European Generals/Chiefs were full of praise for his views and strategies. now, recently GK went to US (first time EVER that COAS of our country has gone with members of our government and has taken the ‘lead’ to talk about our national interests) to attend the strategic dialogue. now a lot has been said about this dialogue and whether it favoured us and whether it was just another sham PR exercise like the friends of Pakistan. infact, he raised many issues with his US counterparts and really spoke up for Pakistan, something the politicians are too weak and subservient to do. following this gathering, ISPR released a statement how successful the dialogue was. apparently, GK is wanting US to foot the bill for our losses during the ‘war on terror’ (covert war on Pakistan really) aswell as helping build our shattered economy. the figues being banded about are in the region of about $30bn! we have actually lost more closer to $50bn and thats a conservative estimate. look at the foreign investment that has taken flight from our country and it can be realised that NO nation has suffered more than us. GK disclosed the figures for military and civilian deaths caused by this war. The US actually stood up and took notice. please read articles regarding his speech in Brussels and the US, they are available on the internet.

    now you tell me Munazza jee, who on the international stage has spoken up for Pakistan in this manner? i think we should give credit where due and really support and encourage individuals like GK. they are trying their best in a very hostile environment right now. i’m not saying that you are wrong, my reply to you is for general consumptin also. we ALL have a duty.

    GK has Mr AAZ on a leash! its unimaginable what AAZ would have done up til now if he didnt have our Army Chief breathing down his neck. it would have been catastrophic had AAZ fulfilled most of the prerequisites his US masters had laid out for him once coming to power. GK is the ‘de facto’ ruler of Pakistan and i’m pretty sure he is pulling the strings from behind the scenes and that is the consensus of many. he says little but when he does speak up its usually about a very sensitive issue and it tends to create shockwaves! we know who loves Pakistan and who doesnt and the General certainly has Pakistan’s best interests at heart. look at his recent speeches at Kakul, High Mark 2010, Azm-e-Nau III etc.

    Pakistan is a damn resiliant nation despite what is happening. Pakistan being Pakistan shall overcome and prevail inshallah because our survival depends upon it. more and more ppl must stand up and be counted, i dont trust anyone in the present administration, this is definitely not the PPP of ZA Bhutto, it is the PPP of Mr AAZ and Mr AAZ ONLY! sadly, i think this government is likely to complete its tenure, so me and ppl like you will have to wait another 3 years before we see a half decent government, mainly because we are swallowing up alot of aid right now! during this time i believe many struggles, tehreeks and movements will take shape that will create more and more awareness amongst even the ordinary masses. i do believe that our next government will not be a US planted/pliant government, i really do believe that. never in our history has our nation stooped to such levels of subservience, servility and ineptitude but i strongly believe this is the beginning of the end of such political entities.. inshallah.. lets hope this is true! sorry for the long piece here, i guess i wanted to say alot.. take great care.. regards.. AA

    • Your extralength discourse indirectly endorses the truth of Musharraf and his singular contribution to Pakistan which has been unpecedented since Independence and the Quaid Jinnah.

      It is hypocrisy when people berate Musharraf and try to lionise Kiyani. Moreso when Kiyani was cherry picked by Musharraf as his successor in the Army.

      Why the ‘dyslexic democrats’ are now comfortable in letting Kiyani lead the discussions in almost all key fora . Why is the Army general being tolerated now when Musharraf was demonised unfairly ?
      Is it only because Musharraf was not a ‘ son of the soil;?

      To unashamedly maintain the figleaf of democracy today we cannot wish away the fact that Army always remains in the driving seat Where are the Turncoats ( Blackcoats ) now, where is Nawaz Sharif and his ilk. I thought the Army should always remain in the barracks ?

      • excalibur, Musharraf only had 3 or possibly 4 good years that will be remembered. the rest will be forgotten just like his name. it is NOT hypocracy when ppl berate Musharraf and lionise Kiyani because there is a distinct difference that you are not able to make out and its got nothing to do with being a son of the soil my dear friend. allow me to explain. Kiyani was handpicked by Musharraf due to his professionalism and unflinching support to Musharraf in the most difficult of times, i am talking about the events directly after 9/11 and the subsequent eyeball to eyeball standoff with India in 2002. With Musharraf’s regime the army was constantly interfering in politics and ex soldiers got lucrartive posts in government and other corporations. Mr Kiyani, on taking over his new position, immediately stopped officers’ contact with politicians and pulled out army officers from government postions and you can read about this extensively on the net. ppl still seem to have a Musharraf hangover and eulogise ths guy. i mean come on, get over him and please look to the future because the past is the past and it cant be altered.

        you are very naive and short sighted sir. army should remain in the barracks and thats exactly what its doing right now. Pakistan is fighting a war for its survival and has made tremendous gains whilst flushing out the terrorists from its territory. give them credit sir. our politicians are lame ducks and cant even alleviate the simple problems of the poor and needy – what governance is this? Army will ALWAYS speak up on matters pertaining to national interest if the government is too weak do that. after all there is nothing wrong with this, they are just defending Pakistan’s strategic interests. you talk about the guys in black critically. man they are doing their best and in time this judiciary will show everyone really how much ‘balls’ it has. dont prejudge them. just watch very soon they will go after all the corrupt elemants in government and the beneficiaries of the NRO one by one, they will not spare a soul. Mr Nawaz Sharif is a guy whose politics have long since past their sell-by date and he was riding on the backs of the judiciary in their monumentous movement. opinion polls showed that he was the most popular leader in March 2009, i wonder why. apparently, he has been made a promise by US that the next government will be his and he must not play confrontational politics with the PPP but instead, bide his time and play the part of friendly opposition! what the f!!!

        try and read abit more, use your intelligence or what little you have of it to sift the right from the wrong and make sensible remarks when you come on this forum. we are Pakistani and bickering and picking bones out of ppl’s articles doesnt serve anyones purpose or for that matter Pakistan’s. i wish you luck. take great care. pray for our country and its under privileged folk, they need their break soon man. Allah Hafiz.. AA

  16. hey!! i wrote a really long reply and PKKH has not posted it… thats not fair na! plz post it, after all we are Pakistani and we live in a ‘democracy’ na???!!!

  17. Democracy is the best revenge………… !!!!! with helpless Pakistani’s.

    Even a human using 0.1% of his brain can make out that who was involved in the murder of BB and who is the benficiary. We dont need any investigation for that.

    Those responsible for her security ran away from the scene like race dogs, and they now claim to be the faithful followers of BB.

    What a class of “Mighty Corrupt Hipocrates” we have produced and brought forward to take revenge from simple Pakistanis.

    I feel ashamed that our soldiers have to salute the most corrupt men & women the world has ever produced.

    • Is ‘Democracy’ really the best revenge as YOU and the PPP jiyala’s say? which democracy you talking about, Pakistani? British? American? Russian? Chinese? French? German? care to elaborate on that sir?

      • @Ali Alamzeb

        People like you who are too full of themselves miss the point always.

        My view on our brand of ‘dyslexic democracy’ and the compulsion of the Khaki to save the country from BOTH internal and external threats is justified and none other than Musharraf delivered on it in the national interest.
        He never clamped Martial Law at all for the first time when compared to his predecessors ( perhaps you were too young naive when Zia ruled the country otherwise you would have known what a military rule really is like )

        As you concede yourself , Musharraf’s initial few years were exemplary only because he was the Chief Executive and his cabinet comprised professionals alone.
        When people kept on baying for democracy , he held elections and after that the Parliament was responsible not him. Yet he kept a strict watch and both macro and micro economic indicators plus the country’s international image and respect soared to great heights .
        When progress under him is benchmarked to any other period in our history, the facts speak for themselves.
        Get out of your tunnel vision for a change and never forget your true and patriotic leaders.. We can ill afford to experiment again and again waiting for some saviour to be born and grow up beyond his pampers to change Pakistan’s destiny in a timely manner.
        In demonising Musharraf we may have already missed the bus !

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