What’s A Meridian Jet Doing In Karachi?

April 16, 2010

Teeth Maestro

Last week while traveling to Islamabad for a personal visit I noticed this jet parked on the tarmac near the PAF sheds, little did I think again about the airplane until I read a blog post by Omar R Quraishi who also happened to notice this plane while he was jet-setting to Lahore for a day, upon his return he put his journalistic talents to use and Googled out some concerning facts.

Meridian Airways previously known as Air Charter Express is being used by British Ministry of Defense from RAF Lyneham base and may also be engaged in flying to Afghanistan as well. With extensive involvement of the US and British forces in Pakistan, it might be as simple as a routine trip to Pakistan shipping supplies to the American forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But Omar logically deduced some similarity with CIA covert rendition program to say

“The plane looked very similar to other aircraft that have appeared in news stories every now and then on the whole so-called ‘rendition’ programme in which the CIA uses private aircraft to ferry prisoners to various countries where they are then interrogated so that US laws regarding prisoners and torture don’t have any bearing”

We know for a fact that the US has in the past smuggled out a number of Pakistani nationals out of Pakistan, so I too would be worried as to why this jet is being operated in Pakistan it being suspicious parked behind three PAF Jets at the Karachi Airport, Omar Quraishi rightfully questions

“Who came on it? What was it being used for? And how many such planes use Karachi airport in a week? A month? We are taxpayers and our taxes go to pay for installations such as Karachi airport and for the salaries of the air traffic controllers who interact and guide these planes to land — surely we need to know –who is going to tell us this?”

Original post at Teeth Maestro

Omar Quraishi’s blog



  1. What’s amusing is that the photo used in this article AND in the blog post mentioned was NOT taken in Lahore, but was taken in Maastricht/Aachen.

    Now, unless Aachen airport is in Lahore – it appears that the article might be a bit misleading eh !!


    • @abused(amused)
      u r amused on ur stupidity..ehh?? this pic is file foto…its been used only for a reference to meridian airways…..chutiya

      • I’m just amused at your upbringing and intellect… but hey, it just appears to be a typical Pakistani upbringing, so please don’t let anything change that. Abuse away…

  2. Well, no one claimed that this picture was taken in Lahore… they probably did not have a camera on hand, so used a stock photo from the Internet… nothing misleading about it, IMHO…

  3. @Amused,
    you mean one was taken in Maastricht (Holland ) & the other in Aachen, Germany, how do u know ? unless u have taken them !

    • You didn’t really bother clicking on the link I provided above did you?

      • @ Yes I did ! am skeptic, you never know which source is trustworthy ? today’s media owners/journalists/policians ?
        Blackwaters exist? yes & No, according to who? supply to afghnistan is it still
        going thru Pakistani territory ? yes or no? according to only Rehman Malik, PPP’s
        failed Govt. if Marjah really exist ?
        hundreds of videos, photos were found fake & tempered ! yet another proof shall
        I say !

      • suit yourself….

  4. The trees and Background certainly don’t look like Karachi

  5. This artical could have been eccepted if only they would have taken some on the spot photos, while plane was still stationed. Only then the artical would had some cradibilty and interests to know more about the matter.

    Plz provide us with some pictures, so we can believe you.

  6. Well I know this company very well. They are transporting goods out of Pakistan. Not a big deal. No need to be worried about.

    • @AircraftSpotter,

      1. are they transporting human beings out of
      Pakistan as well ?

      2. can they transport Bovin out of Pakistan e.g

      Rehman Malik ?

  7. Rehman Malik should respond on these questions

  8. They should transport RM out of Pakistan on a donkey cart, so everybody knows and offer a sigh of relief. 🙂

    Why waste money on a chartered flight.

    And guys, please be cool and don’t fight amoung ourselves atleast !!!

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