Taliban Defiant Following Marjah Operation

April 16, 2010


KABUL – Recent operations by foreign and Afghan government forces in Helmand province had little impact on Taliban capabilities ahead of the summer fighting season, an insurgent commander has claimed.

Despite February’s assault by 15,000 troops on the Taliban stronghold of Marjah, its ranks are unhurt, uncowed and poised to retaliate, Abu Hamza, who claims to command 300 rebel fighters operating in southern Afghanistan, told the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in a telephone interview.

“We will inflict heavy casualties on the foreigners this year,” Abu Hamza, who is well known in the region, said. “We have not been defeated in Helmand … The foreigners are now surrounded in Marjah. We have only withdrawn tactically from some areas.”

Marjah was a key focus of Operation Moshtarak (Dari for “Together”), which began in February as an assault on insurgent strongholds with the declared aim of re-establishing Afghan government control of the area.

Western forces say vehicle traffic, an indication of the extent to which free movement is established, has been growing in Marjah and Nad Ali.

Marjah itself had been a major center of opium poppy growing and refining. A scheme to distribute wheat seed to persuade farmers to move away from poppy is due to begin in Marjah – the registration process began on April 4.

Abu Hamza’s remarks reflected Western media reports quoting United States military officials as saying the Taliban are again encroaching on Marjah from all sides, so far mainly scaring local people from participating in development projects.

Abu Hamza said Taliban casualties during the fighting were ten killed. The International Security Assistance Force, ISAF, put the number of confirmed enemy dead at six, compared to 21 troops killed mainly by improvised explosive devices, IEDs.

A total of 29 civilians were listed as killed during the Marjah fighting, although local people say the number was around 40.

According to Abu Hamza, the low insurgent death tally resulted from avoidance of direct engagements with troops and widespread use of IEDs, which to April 4 this year accounted for 79 of 134 combat deaths of foreign soldiers across Afghanistan.

“We have inflicted heavy casualties with these weapons,” claimed Abu Hamza, who gave his age as 35 and said he’d fought for the Taliban in various provinces since the Islamic militia was toppled from power by US-led forces in 2001.

He said senior Taliban commanders ordered units to intensify use of roadside bombs and also attacks on specific targets in cities, like the February assault by gunmen and suicide bombers on guest houses and businesses frequented by foreigners in the capital.

“I believe that instead of face-to-face fighting, attacks like this one are a more successful tactic,” Abu Hamza said.

Asked whether civilian casualties inflicted by such actions constituted terrorism, he replied, “Is it not terrorism when the Americans bombard and fire rockets at people’s houses, funeral and other traditional ceremonies, and kill innocents under the pretext of fighting the Taliban or al-Qaeda?

“We have warned all Muslim people to avoid areas where foreigners congregate, therefore responsibility lies with the people, not the Taliban.”

Concerning the location of insurgent forces after the seizure of Marjah, Hamza said, “You should put that question to the Americans because they have modern equipment and say that they can see everything from the air, so they should be able to say where we are.

“I will say only that the Taliban have tactically withdrawn and are active in their areas. We never flee.”

Reports from Marjah indicate that insurgent fighters have largely blended in with the local population, and in many cases are locals themselves, also benefiting from US cash payments for human and property damage incurred in the fighting.

Their supply of arms and ammunition here and elsewhere is steady and comes in part from countries that also oppose the US, the commander claimed, while noting that weaponry alone is no guarantee of victory.

“The Americans have very modern weapons … We have the weapon of belief [in Islam] while they do not,” he said.

Lack of cultural awareness, he went on, would also disastrously undermine foreign forces deployed in the country.

“They have no information about the Afghans’ history, culture and traditions. Our strength is [boosted] by their actions, such as breaking into people’s homes, bombarding them, disrespecting Islamic values, and so on, things which weaken them and strengthen us.”

On the ultimate goal of the resistance, Abu Hamza reiterated the line of the Taliban leadership that all foreign forces must be withdrawn from Afghanistan and sharia law established.

“The Afghan government has no authority in the presence of the foreigners, who control of everything. We will hold no negotiations with the government unless the foreigners leave,” he said.

Asia Times



  1. @ On seeing the photo, my neighbour shouted,
    ” sat sri akaal ” told him he is mistaken ! he
    insisted & shouted ” Ajaad Khalistan Jindabaad ”
    further added, ” Talib Singh noo ajaad karo ”
    Marjawan ga Khalsah na chaddon ga. I had to call
    fire brigade !!

  2. Let us see if Donkey (Dan Q) has the guts to put up the UN report which blames Musharraf for the murder of Benazir. If they do not put it up is it because Donkey is part of that murder too? And by the way, I like touching other men bcuz I’m a faggot.

    • It seems you have ghetto intellect,living around garbage.

    • @ Dan Q have guts or not, but I am 110% sure
      that UNO has no guts or balls to mention for one
      second the plannings which took place early january 2007 in Badakhshan & Faizabad between CIA,Raw,Mossad, mi6 & Khaad where actual situation in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and most likely the assassination of Benazir was finalized.

      (Gen.Aslam Baig’s interview on the media)

      Scotland Yard collected very important numbers of
      Brit-Pakistani family’s addresses & whereabouts ! followed by UNO reports which is not even worth a Bakri ki menggani. PPP,Zardari & Mushy knew all !
      PPP+Zarbhutts OR Pakistan, we have to choose !

    • This report has no value as it is prepared by a diplomat who was not an investigator.Such reports can be drawn by any individual.For example:
      1)On BB’s arrival in Karachi,who advised her to go down,just before the blast took place.
      2)At Liaqat Bagh,who told her to come out of the roof opening.A Karachi gossip says that Asifa regrets of phoning BB to get up and see the crowd.Who advised Asifa to phone.
      3)The first news that BB was shot came from Dubai.We heard on Geo that people were asked to pray for her.
      4)Why no post-mortem was made.
      5)Who killed Shahinshah,the only eye witness.
      6)Where is the original will of BB.
      7)Why Nahid Khan and Safdar Abbasi fear for their life.
      8)Where was Rahman Malik?

      The only involvement of Musharraf was that he might have had the knowledge of the plot and could not stop it.

      • @NoNonSense,
        your questions answered by my neighbour
        Sach-bol Singh:
        1) Rehman Malik
        2) PPP’s jiyallahs backed the idea !
        3) Dubai was her exile holiday resort !
        4) post-mortem forbidden by gaddiPeer.
        elite’s bullet entered right side of
        upper skull,came out from the left
        lower side of her nuke, bullet
        came from front building’s top roof
        5) a second elite waiting for sign !
        6) in swiss bank locker !
        7) because body was inspected by them
        8) found him hiding under the pajero,
        with his head between his legs.
        Of course Mushy was kept informed, did he
        believe it at such length ? yes, but ?
        Ham wahan hein jahan se hamko bhi
        kuch hamari khaber nahin atti

      • Another saying also fits here:

        MIAN BEEVEE RAAZEE(here it means agree to dis-agree)

        The qazee was Musharraf.Aur phir:


  3. @ Gando Geo of Pakistan … UN have not blamed anyone. UN have said there were not eficent securty of BB. UN did not said musarif is to blame. though we will love to see him hanging on the poles of Islamabaad along with halfo of PPP traitors and indian agensts.

    Dan Q is a top class patriotic jawan of Pakistan unlike the GEO traitors the indian RAW and CIA’s agents working against Pakistan and Pakistani people. May all of you enenmies of Pakistan and of Pakistanis burn in hell forever. SATAN KAY BACHY DAFA HO JAA YA MARY PASS AJA MAA TUJY ACHA KAR DOO GA..AJA INDIAN RUNDI. !:))

    • @ Pakistani voice,
      yes, UNO usually talk bullshit all the time !
      you & me would love to see Mushy hanging on
      Megh malhari barsati peeng, but alas, UNO’s
      owners don’t ! therefore he has joined his
      salah in London.
      Btw, is it possible that the Indian doshizah in
      question give me the honour of being her host
      first ?

      Kuch kharabi un mein nazar agayi he aapko ?
      kiya kamar bal khagayi unke nazuk boojh se

  4. It becomes difficult to discern between a Taliban and a Jihadi. Are Taliban not defneding their homeland from foreign invasion?

    If onkly they understood Islam from the perspective of Haqook-al-Ebaad. They know Haqook-Allah undoubtedly.

    • @ There is hell of a difference between them,

      Talibans, particularly Takfiri Talibans are only

      defending their own lucrative & sectarian

      ideology supported by wested interest of the

      west, nothing, what so ever, to do with Islam.

      They were even fake Jihadis, if they were at anytime !

      Both the Huqooqs are essential of one system, but

      judged “separatively”

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