National Cadet Corps of Pakistan

April 16, 2010

Sana Zubair

National Cadet Corps / “Janbaz” / “Mujahid” are the types of military training which were used to be given to the students of Colleges and universities till 2002 when Pervaiz Musharaf stopped this training. Under these, the patriot and educated youth of Pakistan were given the training of the first aid activities, to use basic weapons and to tackle the emergency situation which also includes the conditions relating to war or battles. The leaders of that time knew better, the threats, conspiracies and uncertainties which our beloved country is facing due to the enemies in form of friends (internal enemies) and International enemies as well.

Today we are facing even worse conditions than that of late 1990s. Daily news channels and papers are full of crime stories, suicide bombings and many small issues which might be threatening in future and are not even reported by the biased media. Due to which our whole nation is going into the depths of hopelessness and ultimately desensitization specially Youth which is the backbone of our country. Now a days for us, the youth of Pakistan, some words are used “frustrated”, “hopeless” and “helpless” but apart from all these, the youth is still looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, looking forward to a better future, even stood up and launched themselves in the practical skies. But the problem arises when they don’t have the power to do what they want to. It is quite clear from the present scenario that NOW is the most suitable time for NCC training to youth to mobilize civilians for protection; when suicide attacks have become a part of our daily lives, India is fighting an unofficial war against us in Baluchistan, in FATA and in the northern areas. As well as along with America and Jews, India is playing a big game against us by sitting in our neighbor, Afghanistan, When India has stopped our water in of Indus, Chenab and Ravi, and defense and strategic analysts are of the point of view that the next war expected very soon and the cause of that war would be the water problem and a list of other problems.

When we talk of this type of training, people may think that we are extremists; we are inviting war, talking about dreams impossibilities and negative direction of thoughts and actions which may lead to a disastrous consequence. But the people of this point of view might not have the knowledge of Youth Battalion training in Israel. In Israel, a student is not given a 10th grade degree unless he passed a training of one week. Not given an intermediate degree without one month of the training, and three months of training for a graduate degree. Under this training every recruit goes through a basic training program where they are taught the basics of army discipline, shooting, first aid, information on chemical and biological warfare and physical fitness.

This training is compulsory for both males and females requires by National Defense Service Law 1986 with few exceptions. It is the only country in the world that maintains obligatory military service for women. The secret of the agility of a small territory like Israel is in the policy of Mandatory Military training for its Youth. Israel has fought many wars; in 1948, 1967, and 1973 and she has always emerged as the victor, because its entire population up to its last man and woman is a fighter as a soldier.

Yet another example. India also has launched similar training. The National Cadet Corps (Delhi, India) formed with the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948. It is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools and colleges all over India.

This type of training reduces the differences between Armed Force and Civilians, which enemies are trying to worsen. The Cadet Corps/ Civilian Army can serve as a Reserved army. The army reserves would fulfill the army’s manpower needs. Reserve units carry out many operations, such as Defensive Shield, like the Israelis in the recent wave of Palestinian violence. More over, trained cadets can performs other civil services like securing public transportation, educational institutions, open markets and parking lots as well as helping out at checkpoints.

Moreover, NCCs act as a second line of defense. They can organize camps to assist the ordnance factories, supplying arms and ammunition to the front, and also were used as patrol parties to capture the enemy paratroopers and identifying and capturing suspected suicide bombers. The N.C.Cs can also work with the Civil Defense authorities to actively take part in rescue work and traffic control. However, the previous syllabus of N.C.C should be revised to make it more advanced.

India, for instance, after the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars revised the N.C.C syllabus. Rather than just being the second line of defense, N.C.C syllabus was upgraded to lay a stress on developing qualities of leadership/officer-like qualities.

India and Israel are among our dangerous enemies. Both are giving NCC training to youth, then the question arises why not in Pakistan? As a Muslim country we should be well equipped for every kind of situation; required by our religion as well. The strength should be balanced off. IF NOT TODAY, in these turbulent times, THEN WHEN is the right time going to come?

It’s the high time to have to develop a National Patriotic Army on the civil side. In these challenging times we need to have mandatory Military training for our Youth in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Defense. We have to prepare youth to use modern weapons and devices so that youth can take up the responsibility to handle the urban warfare which has been imposed on us; by protecting the cities, towns and streets. Our army has already handling too much pressure. They are not only guarding our borders but also protecting mosques and institutions, not only giving their own lives at the border but also of their families back home. We have to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Pak Army to save this sacred land. When the patriotic, visionary, well equipped and motivated youth would stand up with the army, no evil force is ever going to dare to have bad intentions towards our country and people.

It’s about NOW OR NEVER!  We have to stand up to put our request formally to the authorities. We need to be equipped formally for the times to come. We do Hope for the Best, but in any case, we have to Prepare for the worst!  This is the Action plan that all winners in life use to turn imagination into reality, fantasy into fact, and dreams into actual goals and ultimately into ACTIONS. Youth today has dreams, motivation and hopes and ready to sacrifice their lives for Pakistan MashAllah, we just have to direct and convert this positive energy into some fruitful actions.

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  1. ” When India has stopped our water in of Indus, Chenab and Ravi”….

    I didn’t realise India had the capability to STOP rivers. Hmmm….. it’s amusing when you guys give us more credit than we deserve, but hey… whatever makes you happy

    • “Amused” indian, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Have you actually seen the Chenab and Jehlum? I have and they have more or less dried out since India started to built dams. Diverting water is not that tough of a job actually.

      Again the Indians like you self chose to bury the head in the sand instead of seing the things for what they currently are:

      1) Indian occupation of a Muslim state.
      2) Indians terrorism in Baluchistan.
      3) Indian water crime.

    • @ amused

      Im really amused at your Malu education when things have to be s-p-e-l-l-e-d out for you 😀

      “Stopping rivers” mainly implies blocking or stunting water supply through the use of Dam’s or canals. Pretty typical of country where people have to Hire Security Guards to prevent water theft 😀 :D…lol lol lol


      Needless to mention that sometimes you an inadvertently given too little credit when infact you deserve a LOT MORE 😀 😀

      now shush man ..its ur turn to stand guard at ur village well…hahahahhahahahahaha

      • duh !!

        Look up dictionary for difference between “Stopped” and “Theft”. They mean two completely different things.

        As regards my ‘Malu’ education, whatever that means – atleast I know the difference. So, obviously, ‘Malu’ is better than Paki eh !!

      • actually he is praising u considering that makkus have a much higher per capita income, standard of education and std of living compared to pakis.

  2. No need to snigger.Perceptions are realities.In our case reality is sobering none the less.Wait till China stops the flow of Indian rivers.That will surely be very amusing.

  3. Obviously, it seems that the writer never attended NCC. I didnt learn jack from NCC. People only did it to get 2.5 % increase in their FSC score.

    • dear thats what the article says that not only NCC is restored but also “its sylabus should be revised”

      try for its restoration than we will ourselves set its sylbus inshaALLAH 🙂

    • u didnt learn from NCC bcoz u were never interested in learning something from it.

      u did it for the 2.5% mark increase.

      well, i can tell you my dear, there are people out there who do NOT need a 2.5% mark increase to list themselves as “SUCESSFULL in FSC”……
      but still they loved to do it. it is ur intrinsic INABILITY to learn from things frm which others do learn but u can’t….

      look at urself dear….. the problem lies within u . not with the education../..course../..NCC..

      NA LAYEQ log hamesha school/course ko hi bura kehta hain…. as we all know the facts are other way round.
      the author above greed that the syllabus is outdated and traditional stereotype attitude had creeped into it but that does not mean that the fundamental idea of NCC is worthless.

      u dont juge a car by its driver..bro!!!

      and yes.. the author of the article DID attend NCC

  4. yes and girls should have all basic defence,protection,organisation and first aid ttraining.

    • yup 🙂

    • Indeed. Everyone should have basic training. The world is increasing becoming more dangerous and it is just right that the youth – the future of tomorrow – be given a training in discipline – so that they can be a strong pillar for the country’s future

      • Truth is always the winner, whoever is morally fine-man, he will be helped, may Almighty God, make us all do, somuch good things that v go to paradise forever,aameen.

  5. At amused: You are a insult to all fools everywhere. If you don’t like what is written, go drink some cowpiss and marry a dog like you Hindus like to do. Both you and Dog Begum can bathe in the river water that you have stopped flowing to Pakistan.

    • Indeed. I might be an insult to fools everywhere, but shining examples of Pakistani intellect like you are obviously a credit to your nation – aren’t you?

      Look – the new Pakistani intellectual – who’s idea of a dialogue is abuse and then wonders why the world does not take him seriously…

      • If you believe that we all sprang from apes than Amused Indian didn’t spring far enough.

        Leave him to wallow in make-belief world of ‘shining Inida’.

        Facts have slapped Amused Indian’s face for the umpteeth time and Amused Indian still cannot awake from his dream, then let him dream on..

      • In Northern India,due to shortage of women,one woman is marrying more than one man,resulting in a generation who do not know who their father is.With fetus killing of girls,this problem has become widespread in Shining India encouraging Gay culture.

        Lot of Indian contributors on this site are ignorant of their fathers,what to talk about descendets of apes centuries ago.

        Gay Hind.

  6. SHINING INDIA in one sentence:


    Not just the film industry (‘Bollywood’) and the media but even the Indian army is at it as it uses the old cald war American strategy and renamed it’COLD START’

    the very imaginative and creative Indians indeed !!!

    • wow! you must be the smartest person in pakistan 🙂

      • Certainly indians cannot be no judges of intellect, when their judiciary sanctions a man sleeping with a man to be “tolerance”..lol lol

        I think someone is looking for you smart boy 😀 😀 …lol

      • Hmmm….. looks like our resident Paki has forgotten about good ol’ Ghaznavi and his boy slaves 😉

  7. @ all
    dont take the word “stop” literally..cum on get a life ppl.
    n secondly, its written in the article (if u have read carefully) that the previous syllabus of NCC should be revised and upgraded!..

    n plz read the article carefully, and impartially before commenting!


  8. At Amused,
    You’re the one who can’t engage serious dialogue. All you do is criticize and make disparaging remarks against our country. Any wonder why you are the butt of abuse by others?? Probably, you don’t but anyway, I still think that you should piss off!

    • You’re absolutely right… engaging in serious dialogue with a Pakistani who thinks abuse and anti-religious sentiments constitute “discussion” … is a bit difficult for anyone with more than one brain cell.

      So yeah “I still think that you should piss off!”…. if that is your idea of “serious dialogue”…. hmmm… don’t let me wake you out of your slumber

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