Pakistan Army Anger At NATO Border Tactics After Forcing Militants Out

April 15, 2010

Richard Beeston

Fresh from a bloody victory against the Taleban in this rugged frontier outpost, the commander of Pakistani forces has lashed out at the NATO operation across the border in Afghanistan, where he says hundreds of militant fighters have sought refuge under the noses of American troops.

Colonel Nauman Saeed, the commander of Pakistani forces in the Bajaur tribal agency, has led his men on a two-year campaign to drive out thousands of militants, including al-Qaeda members. He lost 150 soldiers during the operation, which culminated in a battle over the militant headquarters in a series of tunnels dug out of rock.

At the height of their power the local Pakistani Taleban collected taxes, ran a primitive justice system and used Bajaur as a base to build bombs.

Colonel Saeed should be pleased with the operation, which has imposed Pakistani rule on the area for the first time in the country’s history.

Instead, he points to a map over his desk that shows an area marked in red where insurgents are still active along the border with Afghanistan’s Kunar province, which includes the Korengal Valley from where US forces have withdrawn. “We not only feel frustrated, we feel let down,” he told The Times, adding that there was intelligence to suggest that 700 Pakistani Taleban were just across the border. “We still see no action (by the Americans). They are doing what they can do — we say they need to do more.”

His views, echoed by military and intelligence officers in Islamabad, mark a dramatic turn in the conflict. For years, America and Afghanistan accused the Pakistanis of not doing enough to tackle the insurgents on their territory. Since Pakistan began its campaign two years ago it is Islamabad that is complaining that America, Nato and the Afghans are not pulling their weight.

“They (the insurgents) have a more open, hospitable playing field over there (in Afghanistan),” he said.

Colonel Saeed also criticised Western aid agencies that promised to help reconstruction and development in the tribal areas but have so far done little in his area of operations.

“We have a share of the development budget and we have spent every penny,” he said. “But it is too little. The scale of what is needed is much bigger.”

Times Online



  1. Never trust Hunood,Yahood and Nasara.

    It is very satisfying that an officer of the rank of a Colonel can stare Americans into their eyes.

  2. Alhamdulillah !

  3. Please learn from your mistakes already now.
    Allah Al Mighty has been repeating in Quran for 14 centuries:

    “O believers, do not take the Jews and the Christians as your friends and protectors, they are friends of each other. And whoever makes them a friend then he is from amongst them. Verily God does not guide the unjust people. And you will see that those (Muslims) in whose hearts is a disease run towards them saying ‘We fear that a calamity may befall us.’ So God will soon bring victory or a decision from Him, causing them regret on account of the thoughts they harbored in their hearts.” (Quran 5:51-52)

    History has proven it again and again to us that when we don’t act on this warning given by Allah we are the losers. Unfortunately we put our “Greed” and love of duniya more dear to us then death and forget that we will meet Allah soon that is what is stopping us from enforcing this command of Allah..

  4. Pakistan army should stop the massacre of our own people!

    • Go in hiding.They are looking for you.

    • Taliban are not our own people, they are vicious, vile and cruel, obviously you are not aware of the ground realities of the situation in FATA and how the locals have seen persecution at the hands of these “Fasadis”.
      The Pakistan Army has the unwavering support of the people of the Tribal Regions, they are fighting alongside us in the form of Lashkars(Militias).
      And InshAllah with the support of our people and blessings of Allah Almighty, we will come out on top.
      Pakistan Zindabad.

  5. The army can do only so much. The rest depends on the civilian government. What is it doing but wasting time on agendas that matter little to the daily lives of the people living in areas now cleared by Pak Army.

    • corrupted political system elite should be culminated.no more betrayals! …khilafah, the only way to go

  6. I have not heard of any Pakistani leader doing anything to rehabilitate these people from Tribal areas after the army operation cleared these filthy terrorists from these areas. Our Pakistani government is only concentrating on raising taxes, raising fuel, gas, electricity and other Value Added taxes. Other than that they are only concerned about grabbing more power, begging for more loans and looting the national exchequer in billions. Pakistan is on bring of a major disaster. Its just a matter of time when Zardari/Gillani administration will be sent home for good. I hope I see that day soon.

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