Karachi’s New ‘Able’ Administrator

April 14, 2010

In present time when more and more righteous people like Dr. Israr Ahmed are departing this Earth, the worst and most corrupt people under the Sun are being given the privileges of power and authority. These unworthy people are naturally making the most of these opportunities to fill their pockets, fulfill their interests by employing all means even if the nation would severely suffer as a consequence.

Part of the problem lies within us as a nation as well. We have now “learned” to suffer. We don’t stand up, we never ask the rulers, we never hold them accountable for what they are doing. We must question the ruling elite on their suspicious, unjustified and unfair actions. We must speak up against decisions and actions which are exploitative and damaging for the people.

Is this the kind of Administrator people deserve? Does he even know what his responsibilities and obligations are? Does he even bear the load of being a civil servant? Is this kind of a person really deserve to be on such a position?

The ruling elite must mend their ways before a time comes when they would be thrown out on the streets by the people!



  1. Do we have any doubts about our ruling elite !!! We shouldn’t.

    All present leaders are like this. The “mistake” the new adminiatrator made is that he got caught on camera.

  2. I know him personally, He is very sick nowadays and on lot of medications. he is not drunk, How could he be drunk with so many people. This is Stupid TV Clip. They can confirm this with hospital as well

    Sometimes these TV just do stupid clips without checking things properly. Shame on this TV.


    • If he is SO sick ..then maybe he should be hospitalized an not walking around attending conventions and parties !

      He should not be governing Karachi which is the largest financial and economic base of Pakistan. Im sure out of 180 million people we can find someone who is able and fit to do this job as opposed to someone suffering from illness !

      Our leaders from now on will have to prove themselves to be innocent because they are already proven guilty.

    • When you know him personally,can you tell KIYA SURKHAB KE PAR HAIN IN HAZRAT MEIN,that he has been selected to govern the largest city of Pakistan.

      • It as as absurd to justify the appointment of an incompetent person on the grounds of ill health as Zardari putting in false medical certificates of mental amnesia in order to avoid Swiss court hearings or the guilty police inspector in Benazir’s case currently enjoying a high office in Islamabad under the Zardari regime.

        Musharraf’s Local Bodies system gave Karachi an able Mustafa Kamal. Now that the system is being politically replaced with the old colonial system of civil bureaucrats/ poltical pygmies the results of which are for all is for all to see

  3. In fact this is only tip of the iceberg.My countrymen our country is ruling by Ali Baba and many theives. Sorry to say I just can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Only Allah all mighty can do something.

    • PKKH!

  4. By looking at Lala’s face, it seems like he is another person who might have a fake degree and now controlling the biggest city of Pakistan. If you ask him what his plans are for Karachi, he will have no clue at all. Just watch how he reverses back Karachi to year 1993-94. These corrupt leaders have no solution for general public. This should be the last chance for PPP to win any elections. Public should reject them completely in the next elections to teach them a lesson. Unfortunately, we have nobody else around who are their better replacements. Pooray mulk ka hashar nashar kharab hogaya hai in kambukhton ke waja se. Allah in se humein nijaat dila. Ameen.

  5. 100% politicians are like this man.

    His only fault is that he was stupid (drunk) enough to get caught on camera !!!!!

  6. Check this out:


    He is sick, how would you trust this TV. Fake TV.
    I know most people are corrupt gov. I am just show the other face of journalism.

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