U.S. Puppet Cuts His Strings

April 11, 2010

Eric Margolis

Henry Kissinger once observed that it was more dangerous being America’s ally than its enemy.

The latest example: the U.S.-installed Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, who is in serious hot water with his really angry patrons in Washington.

The Obama administration is blaming the largely powerless Karzai, a former CIA “asset,” for America’s failure to defeat the Taliban. Washington accused Karzai of rigging last year’s elections. True enough, but the U.S. pre-rigged the Afghan elections by excluding all parties opposed to western occupation.

Washington, which supports dictators and phoney elections across the Muslim world, had the chutzpah to blast Karzai for corruption and rigging votes. This while the Pentagon was engineering a full military takeover of Pakistan.

The Obama administration made no secret it wanted to replace Karzai. You could almost hear Washington crying, “Bad puppet! Bad puppet!”

Karzai fired back, accusing the U.S. of vote-rigging. He has repeatedly demanded the U.S. military stop killing so many Afghan civilians.

Next, Karzai dropped a bombshell, asserting the U.S. was occupying Afghanistan to dominate the energy-rich Caspian Basin region, not because of the non-existent al-Qaida or Taliban. Karzai said Taliban was “resisting western occupation.” The U.S. will soon have 100,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, plus 40,000 dragooned NATO troops.

Karzai even half-jested he might join Taliban.

Washington had apoplexy. A vicious propaganda campaign was unleashed against Karzai. The New York Times, a mouthpiece for the Obama administration and ardent backer of the Afghan war, all but called for the overthrow of Karzai and his replacement by a compliant general.

An American self-promoter, Peter Galbraith, who had been fired from his job with the UN in Kabul, was trotted out to tell media that Karzai might be both a drug addict and crazy.

Behind this ugly, if also comical, spat lay a growing divergence between Afghans and Washington. After 31 years of conflict, nearly three million dead, millions more refugees and frightful poverty, Afghans yearn for peace.

For the past two years, Karzai and his warlord allies have been holding peace talks with the Taliban in Saudi Arabia.

Karzai knows the only way to end the Afghan conflict is to enfranchise the nation’s Pashtun majority and its fighting arm, the Taliban. Political compromise with the Taliban is the only — and inevitable — solution.

But the Obama administration, misadvised by Washington neocons and other hardliners, is determined to “win” a military victory in Afghanistan (whatever that means) to save face as a great power and impose a settlement that leaves it in control of strategic Afghanistan.

Accordingly, the U.S. thwarted Karzai’s peace talks by getting Pakistan, currently the recipient of $7 billion in U.S. cash, to arrest senior Taliban leaders sheltering there who had been part of the ongoing peace negotiations with Kabul.

It was Karzai’s turn to be enraged. So he began openly defying his American patrons and adopting an independent position. The puppet was cutting his strings.

Karzai’s newfound boldness was due to the fact that both India and China are eager to replace U.S./British/NATO domination of Afghanistan. India is pouring money, arms and agents into Afghanistan and training government forces. China, more discreetly, is moving in to exploit Afghanistan’s recently discovered mineral wealth that, says Karzai, is worth $1 trillion, according to a U.S. government geological survey.

Russia, still smarting from its 1980s defeat in Afghanistan, is watching America’s travails there with rich enjoyment and not a little yearning for revenge. Moscow has its own ambitions in Afghanistan.

This column has long suggested Karzai’s best option is to distance himself from American tutelage and demand the withdrawal of all foreign occupation forces.

Risky business, of course. Remember Kissinger’s warning. Karzai could end up dead. But he could also become a national hero and best candidate to lead an independent Afghanistan that all ethnic groups could accept.

Alas, the U.S. keeps making the same mistake of seeking obedient clients rather than democratic allies who are genuinely popular and legitimate.



  1. LOL. Eric writes well but always puts in a sentence that paints the wrong picture of events going on in Pakistan. I refer to this statement (from above):

    “Washington, which supports dictators and phoney elections across the Muslim world, had the chutzpah to blast Karzai for corruption and rigging votes. This while the Pentagon was engineering a full military takeover of Pakistan.”

  2. how about our pakistani scumbags are they going to follow Karzai or keep on kissing “white Masters” arse.

  3. The mercenary paki army will always do the USs bidding. There is no shame for Pakistani Generals who will sell their own mother for a few dollars. Karzai has at least some concience and has some feeling for his people. He is not heartless like the paki generals who slaughter their own kinsmen at the bidding of their masters.

    • Jane Thurber a.k.a Ram Singh Gopal. Go home. We don’t want any Indicks polluting a Pakistani forum.

    • @JT(RSG)

      Don’t be under an illusion that the idol worshippers have any role in Post Us Afghanistan.

  4. Re: kissing “white Masters” arse. These jewboys are everywhere and their hatred and deceit is obvious. They try to pass the blame on whites when it’s the jews who control the US, Europe, Russia, etc. Even the president of Iceland is married to a yid.

    Icelands Jewish first lady. Dorrit_Moussaieff (born January 12, 1950) is the Israeli-born British First
    Lady of Iceland, a jewellery designer, editor, businesswoman, and socialite…
    You ashkenzazi jew boys!!

    • Why it took you so long to understand them.Hitler knew 70 years ago.

  5. @jane thurber…piss off..stop spreading propaganda

  6. Our politicians and our army is a much obedient puppet, whose strings are strong. They will therefore keep kissing the arses of their white masters, as we ordinary citizens suffer. It might takes ages until these goons realize the folly and sacrifice the dollors for a better nation

    • If you are Pakistani(which I doubt),go and settle in India.You are wasting your time in Pakistan.

  7. Amazingly Karzai whose country is under US occupation and who is believed to be under the security of US guards is taking on to US, it seems bit odd and could be a conspiracy designed by the evil forces. Nevertheless if it is true that he’s got balls to speak to yanks in that tone then our pakistani generals, beurocrates and politicians who are bigger puppets than karzai should take lesson from karzai. Our politicians, generals, beurocrates haven’t learnt from the history of pakistan’s so called ally america who has always deceived pakistan and don’t be surprised that they are trying to now eliminate pakistan’s nukes with the help of pakistani puppets. May Allah save us from these evils and provide pakistan with a leadership who only fears Allah the almighty and work for its people and act as protector of the nation rather than puppets.

  8. @hotbloodpaki. If you are really a Pakistani (which I doubt), what does paki mean in your nickname if you mean Pakistan then at least don’t disgrace the name of your motherland and call it paki.

    If you really are hot blooded then use your brain to figure out who the real enemy is and just don’t brag about on this forum.

  9. @ K M Rashid – get your eye sight tested dude you cannot read the names properly and also I have a doubt about you too that you are not KM Rashid but Fauzia Wahab – only she can pass such a ridiculous comment about someone, or you could be an indian malu. Don’t mess with pakistanis.

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