India’s New Army Chief Has China In Sight

April 8, 2010

  • Variety of sex scandals, financial scams, land frauds in Indian army welcome General Singh
  • Land scams like Sukna issue await Singh n Issue of Uniformed female sex workers in India army’s Kashmir establishment set to test Singh’s nerves
  • Inability of Indian Army’s Armour and Artillery to fight in the night tops issues facing new Indian Army Chief
  • Plans to mess with China via Afghanistan appears to be on top of Singh’s war doctrine
  • General Singh finding it hard to re-unite Indian army that he did divide during cold war with General Kapoor
  • Global acknowledgment of Pak army’s capabilities to tackle challenges demoralizes new Indian Army Chief

Over the past few months, the Indian army was divided in two: half supporting former army chief Gen. Kapoor, and the other half supporting Gen. Singh, in charge of the eastern command who succeeded this month in dislodging the army chief.  Now Gen. Singh’s first task is to reunite a divided army.  But that’s not all.  This in-depth look also shows Gen. Singh comes with other interesting plans.

Christina Palmer and Ajay Mehta

NEW DELHI—Gen V K Singh, the senior most infantry officer of the Indian army took over as the country’s 26th Army Chief after winning the notorious ‘War of the Generals’ with General Deepak Kapoor on Thursday with a variety of spicy scandals, juicy scams, serious disciplinary, administrative as well as technical issues waiting to test his nerves, reveal the findings of a The Daily Mail investigation.

Fifty-nine-year-old Singh, who took over from arch rival Gen Deepak Kapoor, who retired from service, has become the 26th chief and will stay at the helm of the 1.13 million personnel-strong ‘night blind’ Army of India for a period exceeding two years.

General Singh, who was earlier known as the Fort Williams’ Boss as he was head of the Eastern Command, emerged victorious in the notorious War of Generals in Indian Army that he started off with his arch rival General Deepak Kapoor, a year back over certain personal and professional issues. During the War of Generals, General Singh managed to divide the Indian army top brass into two factions which subsequently resulted into the division of the entire Indian army into two camps that were know as the Kapoor camp and Singh camp. The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the tough most task for General Singh would be re-unite the Indian army at least at the top leadership level but it appears to be an uphill task as he has souring ties with at least 5 important Corps Commanders and some even senior generals in the staff side. The Daily Mail’s finding further reveals that the top Generals that were in the Kapoor camp are still at odds with Singh and are stuck to the Kapoor’s policies and war doctrine. Highly credible sources at the Indian Army headquarters informed The Daily Mail that there was no warmth and excitement amongst the Command and Staff top brass over the arrival of General Singh at the helm of the affairs as many were of the view that General Singh had polluted the atmosphere of the institution through his dirty games during his cold war with General Kapoor. “He ensured insulting punishments for some very senior Generals who could have been punished with rather mild censures. Then he ran a campaign with own Chief General Kapoor with the help of Military Intelligence Chief General Loomba and leaked many secrets of Kapoor to press and politicians and now MI Chief General Loomba, who is his personal friend is busy in round the clock monitoring and scanning of those senior generals who were considered to be close to General Kapoor. Everybody is feeling suffocated”, said Brigadier Sharma while talking to The Daily Mail (of course the name has been changed for the safety of the source).

The Daily Mail’s findings further reveal that General Singh’s other biggest challenge is to implement his war plans of messing with China via Afghanistan but with the current state of affairs in the direction of Indian Army’s ability to fight in the night with the night vision problems of Armour and Artillery vehicles, he is reported be to be concentrating more on intelligence operations from Afghanistan via Xinjiang province of China.

The Daily Mail’s investigations disclose that other major challenge for General Singh is going to be the elimination of night blindness from Indian army’s Armour and Artillery wings which is not possible to happen in his 2-years tenure, making him chew his butts regarding implementation of his war plans and other strategies.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that the most complicated task for General Singh would be to handle the issue of deployment of female sex workers in the disguise of women soldiers in held Kashmir. It remains a fact that General Kapoor’s experiment of deploying sex workers as female battalion in India controlled Kashmir last year, backfired earlier this year as many of the 172 female sex workers that were deployed in Kashmir region as a female battalion to minimize the suicide ration of the male Indian soldier who in this practice out of sexual frustration, not only started spreading sex related diseases but also went pregnant due to no concept of safe sex  amongst the soldiers of Indian Army and the Indian government, as a response to SOS from General Kapoor, purchased 1085 condom vending machines for Indian army to be installed at different units in Kashmir’s border areas. The Daily Mail’s sources say that General Singh was not in favour of this experiment of General Kapoor but now he finds himself helpless in this direction as Indian government and Indian media had already glorified this experiment, considering it to be a part of women empowerment by Indian government.  General Singh is very much perturbed by this challenge.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that there are at least 3 land and financial scam in the Indian army that are to be taken care of by General Singh while in at least of these scams, Singh aides are reported to be deeply involved.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that Pakistan Army’s global appreciation and acknowledgment for its tremendous abilities to handle the challenges after the successful operations against militants and terrorists in Swat and Tribal areas of Pakistan has caused enough worry to General Singh.

From www.AhmedQuraishi.com



  1. LOL!

  2. indian army is a lower land locked isolated third rate, third class and a third gender pile of plop.

    Time for Pak China to decide to disintegrate illegal Indian state established by the English masters of the hindo sub humans.

    Thank you PKKH for such a brilliant investigated journalism. Bravo all hats to PKKH ))

  3. indian army deployed sex workers in kashmir .what a dirty army .shame on u !

  4. Indian army is a ratbag army who needs 1085 condoms wending machines probably the only thing they good at to F!!! each other. India is going to be divided in at least 20 pieces and the new singh of indian army will not be able to stop it because its a coward and terrorist army full of corruption.

  5. man its repulsive….

  6. The coward army general singh should sight his coward army and its terrorism rather than putting china on his sight. If he continues to put china in his sight he will then soon loose his eye sight as the chinese will defeat his coward army like they did in the previous war. He should better prepare himself for the 20 pieces of india that he cannot stop.

  7. It’s kinda funny but Christina Palmer and Ajay Mehta do not seem to exist outside of Pakistani blogs… Interestingly, all their articles seem to be anti-India… I wonder if these are pseudonyms used by Ahmed Quraishi and Zaid Hamid sir…

  8. aaha… the mysterious “Christina Palmer” surfaces yet again… it’s funny how figments of imagination are printed as news and current affairs in Pakistan. No wonder you lot are so warped.

    But please don’t let me knock any sense into you. Please continue believing this dribble… and continue wondering why the whole world laughs at you

    • @ Amused hindo

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      • aww… another typical Paki who can’t write anything that makes sense.

        PS: India isn’t land locked. We’ve got a long coast line… but hey, don’t let those geographical facts stop you from believing your fairy tales… and do continue rambling. It amuses the whole world to see you behave that way.

      • @ Pakistani

        That was quite a rant… hope you feel better now…

      • @ Pakistani voice,
        I was amused & valued every gram of ur
        answer to already amused one !!
        Imagine, Indian COAS declares his army
        could see during the night hours,
        and instead of correcting their view, they
        sent a platoon full of attractive hindo
        sex workers on Kashmir front where there
        are already 700.000 Indian army’s
        masturbating elements busy the whole day
        with their handicraft !

    • @Amused
      Actually she is not very mysterious she resides in New Delhi with her ‘Indian’ husband!. She has even talked on news channels regarding her article on prostitutes being deployed in Kashmir.

      • dude… sorry to break this to you. There is no “Christine Palmer’ in Delhi or anywhere else in India. More importantly, the daily mail (if it actually exists in print) is regarded as a joke by the entire Pakistani media (except AQ and gang)… and no one in India has even heard of it – let alone give interviews to it.

        But hey – like I said – don’t let me stop you from your delusions.

      • @IM

        That’s interesting… Maybe you could also share her address, as no one seems to have heard of her or her so-called husband except in Pakistan and specifically on PKKH…

      • @Amused & Reality bites
        Daily mail regarded as joke?? OH REALLLYYYY?? When the news of prostitutes was revealed Mid-Day confirmed that “India has decided to lodge an official complaint against the ‘wrongful news reports” and that “the order to lodge a complaint has come directly from the office of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram.”The Indian portal quoted an unnamed Indian diplomat as saying, “Such news can tarnish the image of our forces. So far, it was a conscious decision by the government not to deploy women troops on the border. But we want total success of this experiment and we need to tell the Pakistanis to behave.”

        The editorial by Daily Mail regarding APP putting a pro-Indian stance when a Kashmiri boy was killed by Indian forces got 2 journalists suspended! So sorry to disappoint you but both Indian and Pakistani’s take it ‘very’ seriously!

      • @Reality Bites

        You seem to be self biting Hominid recently found in Africa.And when you bite yourself,you rush to PKKH.

  9. oye amused hindoo u r wasting ur time baby

    • I agree… you lot are so deluded, pretty much everything is a waste of time.

      • Yeah are we delude – what about your dilusions about afghanista – thats called reality bites. Go back to 2-3 months old articles where you and your mate malus were claiming never leaving afghanistan and its not pakistan’s baap ka mulk blah blah blah – the reality is biting indian ass now and its been kicked by your uncle sam and aunty queen of uk. Just go and have your piss – piss drinkers

  10. Amused Hindooooooooooo

    This article is enough shame for Idnians. Now accept it.

    • First you make up your mind, are you against Indians or Hindus? As there are many Indians who are Muslims and many Hindus who are Pakistanis… So please do clarify who do you hate exactly…

    • This article isn’t shame for “Idnians”… it just exposes Pakistani paranoia to the rest of the world.

      • @Amused

        Keep visiting PKKH so that TUM PAR LANAT PARTEE RAHE.

      • I visit PKKH to see how paranoia affects an entire nation and turns people into morons.

      • @ yeah, Indian baniye bare dheet hotay hein ! Afghanistan se maar kar bhaganah hoga, Indian Army could’nt see during the night, then China & Pakistan could be
        defeated together at a time, now the
        bhang’s effect is simmering down to 0 degree, & mahashay finds himself all naked lying on the chah bahar highway that Indian Army was supposed to have built in time for Afghanistan, Indian casualties increasing everyday, their salaries, logistics & equipement is paid
        by US-Israel funds for future Charities
        alloted by AIPAK’s Indian bureau !

  11. Daily Mail, indeed. Never heard about it. If you want to post other’s articles, at least pick a credible source.

  12. What the Daily Mail is NOT reporting is that
    i)China and India are talking to each.They recently set up a hot line to avoid any mis-communications.


    ii)Trade between India and China is growing and expected to reach 60 BILLION DOLLARS.FAR FAR greater than ant pakistan-china trade.


    Daily mail off course will focus on the negative and imagined about India.

    But in the real world,it is only Pakistan which will be left behind,as other improve their economy and trade.

    • @ that is called mediatic anti-Pakistan bullshits & fake rumours, Indians have picked up bad habit of lying & bluffing on daily basis on their figures & international relations.

      1.Why one million of Indian escape from india every day ?

      2.According to WFP, India accounts more than 50 %
      of the world’s hungry(more than the whole africa)

      3.100 millions Indians sleep on footpath daily
      4. Her fiscal deficit is one of the highest in
      the world !
      5.India’s Global Hunger Index (GHI) scores 23.7 %
      ranks 66th out of 88 countries, India’s rating is
      slightly above Bangladesh, but below all other
      south asian nations & listed under alarming
      category, Ref IFPRI contry report on India,
      More to come !

  13. China who is equal with India in numbers but it’s economy far ahead would crush India within ten days!!.

    • China does not need to crush india.The Mao doctrine is already conquering India.

  14. @reality bites – the reality is biting you in Afghanistan your hindu ass is kicked by your dad america and your auntie britain as they told you f off from afghanistan – this is what the reality bites, you moron living in fairytale world with your coward genral deepak and singh who has very weak eye sight trying to put china in his sight – he should check his army’s record in the previous war against china. Piss drinkers piss off!!!!!

  15. @ Poor Indian hindu chanakyans, don’t realize

    what is waiting for them, in case Pakistan

    and china attack at the same time !! Dehli,

    Gujarat bombay, ahmedabaad Ayudhia, no news,

    Aryan’s re-incarnation.!!!

    • Rafay miyan, woh din chaley gayey jab khalil khan fakhta udaya kartey thay… wake up and smell the chai…

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