Pentagon For Pressure On India To Ease Tension With Pakistan: WSJ

April 5, 2010

Times of India

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is actively lobbying for more pressure on New Delhi to ease tensions between India and Pakistan, the Wall Street Journal has reported. It has also revealed that US President Barack Obama had issued a secret directive to intensify diplomacy towards that aim and to win Islamabad’s cooperation in Afghanistan.

Asserting that without détente between the two rivals, US efforts to win Pakistani cooperation in Afghanistan would suffer, the directive in December concluded that India must make resolving its tensions with Pakistan a priority for progress to be made on US goals in the region, the daily said citing “people familiar with its contents”.

A debate continues within the administration over how hard to push India, which has long resisted outside intervention in the conflict with its neighbour. The Pentagon, in particular, has sought more pressure on New Delhi, the influential daily said citing US and Indian officials.

The journal cited current and former US officials as saying the discussion in Washington over how to approach India has intensified as Pakistan ratchets up requests that the US intercede in a series of continuing disputes.

The Obama administration has, so far, made few concrete demands of New Delhi, it said citing US and Indian officials.

According to US officials cited by the Journal, the only specific request has been to discourage India from getting more involved in training the Afghan military, to ease Pakistani concerns about getting squeezed by India on two borders.

The directive to top foreign-policy and national-security officials was summarised in a memo written by National Security Adviser James Jones at the end of the White House’s three-month review of Afghan war policy in December, the daily said.

According to US and Indian officials cited by the Journal, the Pentagon has emerged in internal Obama administration debates as an active lobbyist for more pressure on India, with some officials already informally pressing Indian officials to take Pakistan’s concerns more seriously.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has been among the more vocal advocates of a greater Indian role, according to a US military official, encouraging New Delhi to be more “transparent” about its activities along the countries’ shared border and to cooperate more with Pakistan.

US military officials were circumspect about what specific moves they would like to see from New Delhi, the Journal said.

But according to people who have discussed India policy with Pentagon officials, the ideas discussed in internal debates include reducing the number of Indian troops in Kashmir or pulling back forces along the border, it said.

The State Department has resisted such moves to pressure India, according to current and former US officials, insisting they could backfire, the Journal said.



  1. India is not a one man show military dictatorship where an army general calls the shots.

    Its an active parlimantary democarcy where ever issue is debated.

    Its not that the USA will demand and it will happen.
    The day that a list of demands or order come,as the US state department itself ,mentions,it will royally backfire.

    Unlike pakistan india is not taking aid or arms in gifts from USA that it will be beholden to it and do whatever its says

    • What sort of Parliamentary (Chanakya) democracy it is that it arms itself by raising a bogey of China but deploys all its forces alongwith Pakistan Border!

      Pakistan phobia has become Indian psyche.

    • @rajk
      I agree on some of ur points.

    • @ Rajk

      Indian democracy is worse than Dictatorship, where people die every day in thousands of numbers with hunger, child birth, living life below humanity line etc.

      Indian Parliment is an other example of thugs, mafias & feudal lords, who are ruling “Non touchables” for years & not providing them basic amenties.

      If India has given Pakistan the actual decided industries and finances at the time of partition of 1947; and later on not invaded & sent proxy terrorist (backed by Indian Democracy) to neighboring countries included Pakistan; the SubContinent might have been in a better condition. Still India (Bharat) is spending Billions of Dollars for Arms to Praise Western Countries by keeping it’s masses Hungary and dying.

      Secondly, If USA is giving Pakistan Aid then it’s their obligation because of the mess they left in Afghanistan after USSR’s colapse, it’s only Pakistan who came to help them to get ride of these USA’ trained fighters.

      If India (Bharat) wants to claim West to be thier friend then most welcome but remember frienship can only be earned by Sacrificing not offering Money in exchange.

      The Friendship Pakistan have with US core, that you’ll never earn in Centuries.

  2. Lol india dont ask for aid from U.S hahahahaah lolzz, the only difference is We ask AID infont of everyone .. AND INDIA Ask Aid from U.S Under the table ….

    • A usual and typical pakistani response.

      Apni begairati to hatane ke liye kaho sab bhik mangte hain!!

      Pakistan receives Billions and Billions in aid.

      India in any case has taken only small amount of aid from USA.
      Are you aware of this?

      ”The US is set to cut aid to India by 35% in 2008 after the South Asian nation was categorised as a “transforming” country with one of the best-performing economies in the world, in a sweeping overhaul of the US foreign assistance programme.”


      Do not fall prey to old illusions and propaganda.

      The world is changing fast.

      Pakistan is being left behind to chaos and a centre of conflict and strife.

  3. India is treating under pressure form Pakistan and America. Was there a debate in the Indian Parliament to retreat or not?

    I don’t think so.

    Wake up. RAJAK. You are living in a fool’s land. Indian Parliament is a sanctuary for the the criminals. You know that, unless of course, you watch Indian new channels with rose-tinted glasses.

    Indian democracy is run by criminals and racists for the criminals and racists, where minorities caanot find a voice.

    I suspect you don’t live in India and have not felt the full force of your ‘hinduocracy’.

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