Hindu Extremists To Target Shoaib Malik’s Family During Wedding

April 1, 2010

Lirpa Phool Chandrasekaran | Exclusive to PKKH

MUMBAI – Hindu extremists have a plan or two up their sleeve for Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik.

The Indian tennis star has decided to marry the ex Pakistan cricket captain and this has not gone down well with Hindu extremists such as Shiv Sena, which has organised protest rallies all over India in which posters and effigies of the bride and groom were set alight.

Though the Sena does not have a good enough presence in Hyderabad it is doing everything possible to make its presence felt on the D Day of Sania’s marriage. It is believed that there would be a protest organized by the Sena in conjunction with many other Hindu extremist groups near the hotel where the marriage would take place.

Bal Thackeray is said to be fuming ever since the news of the marriage broke in the media earlier this week.

‘They are attacking us with their terrorists, they are kicking us out of Afghanistan, they are sidelining us at major global summits and conferences, and now they are stealing our women? Is India a land of neuters that she has to go find a man in Pakistan to marry? (India mai kya hijray rehte hai jo woh mard dhoondne Pakistan gaee hai)’, Said Bal Thackeray this morning.

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) which is known for its violence against North Indians in the state of Maharashtra has also joined in the chorus.

The MNS is headed by Raj Thackeray, nephew of Bal Thackeray, who had split from the Shiv Sena in 2006.

‘We’ll see how this Pakistani takes our girl. This is an insult and we will not let this happen at any cost’, Raj Thackeray is reported to have said.

It is believed that Sania and her family will be enhancing the security arrangements of the marriage as Shoaib’s family from Pakistan could be targeted.



  1. @ ALL bloddy hindus,

    Now suddenly she became ur girl.Before her decision of marriage with shoeb malik(though i dont like shoeb cuz he is supposed to be a sattebaz) but now I respect this girl and her decision to marry a muslim and had guts to marry with a pakistani guy.She is unlike other so called muslim celebrities of India who married hindu or chrisitian girls take for example all the khans in indian film industry they all have hindu wife.azharuddin,pataudi and now irfan khan all with hindu wives (irfan pathan soon to marry hindu girl and her mother said that if her would be bahu do not want to become muslim she will have no objection).Muslim Mps almost all of them have first or second wife a hindu or xtian ones like salman khurshid who has xtian wife and his sister married to a hindu guy,syed shahnawaz husain has hindu wife,late sikandar bakht(kambakht) has hindu wife and hindu daughter in law.Farooq abdullah’s son married to a hindu girl and his daughter married to a hindu guy.Abbas naqvi married a hindu girl and the list goes on.
    Hats off to u sania My wishes n prayers r with u always.Inshallah ALLAH will give hidaya to shoeb malik and u to be on imaan and work for Islam instead of countries u belong to cuz Islam has no boundaries no nationality no country.Islam is for the whole universe.

    • @Muh-salman Khan ji,
      Those marriages u referred, are forced & feared,
      to avoid being the victim of current Nazi Hindu India, commonly known as automatic ” shuddhi”, but
      rest assured, Pakistanis also felt necessary to
      have hindu wives, if u doubt me, ask the Governor
      of Pakistani Punjab ! The only remaining obvious aspect workable of failed secularism in S.E Asia.
      Late Z.A Bhuttos mother was a hindu too, so why
      on earth are u “shocked ” this is progressivism

      • @Rafay Kashmiri Pandit,
        They r not forced marriages but they r married cuz u have to b accepted by brahmin rulers of india.This is not progressivism this is being a non muslim in the garb of secularism.

    • In India, people marry in different religions but not on the condition that one has to convert to other religion (like Islam)….the mother of Deepak Perwani said that if his son marries a muslim he has to convert to Islam which she will never allow to do….The tragedy with islam is that its an exclusive religion and not inclusive…thats why where on one hand we have successful interreligion marriages in India without conversions (Hrithik-Suzzane khan, Sahrukh-gauri,amir-kiran etc..), on the other hand we have pakistan where one must convert to Islam if someobody is outside the religion…that itself shows how tolerant Islam is….

      Anyways best of luck to Sania and Shoaib…..both are rejected and unemployed,….both of them had bad experience in their first engagement and both if them need eachother and both of them are resident of Dubai…….wishing them all the best in their married life and settlement in Dubai

      An Indian

      • @ mkd,
        absolutely propagandist false chanaky’s
        tactics ur comment, u r giving urself
        example of a Pakistani hindu mother,
        Btw, Islam is the last religion, ur
        Hindusim exist since… & still u
        Indians have dozens of ” shuddhi ” organizations who are forcing muslims,
        Christians & Bhuddists to reconvert into a tragic inhuman racist theory called Hindusim, otherwise the consequences are
        Gujarat, Bombay, Ayudhia & dozens of
        massacres, why millions of Kashmiri brahmans & other hindus opted for Islam ?
        Who liked the tragic caste system forced on 850 millions of Indian citizens since Brahma ? Here both of them are muslims,
        so in reality, its National Hindu racism
        playing dirty tricks, if sania was a hindu, what would have happened ?
        Is India a Hindu republic or a secular ?
        Nobody knows, that is chanakya ! u dig ?

      • @mkd
        Islam is inclusive of all see we dont believe in nationality at all we believe in oneness of GOD and try to follow HIS rules and not the man made rules ,though unfortunately there is not a single place on the earth rigtnow where Islam as a socio politico economic system is working.
        Moreover those people who u think r representative of Islam or muslims(even muslims of India)r not even considered muslims by the majority of Indian muslim.We invite u to read QURAN and try to understand it and come to the all inclusive system of Islam.
        Once again I would like to say that SANIA has guts and I respect her now(though becuz of her clothes on tennis match I hated her)and pray ALLAH SWT that she become true Muslim and pray the same for all of Muslims so that we together can strive for Islam as a sytem on this earth of ALLAH SWT.

      • Actually Islam is very tolerant but i don’t expect for you to see the wisdom on the Muslim position of marriage.Hinduism on the other hand is a mythology based on ancient stories so you don’t have the same pride as we do.

        There is a difference between the law of the nation and religious law.As you can see no one has killed Suzanna Khan or any other Muslim lady who married outside Islam but Allah does not allow it because it is the first step in future generation becoming disbelievers!.Deepak Perwani looks through Hindu eyes but interestingly he’s always defending Pakistan and gets “pissed off” when being called an Indian.

    • Khan saab, you make Islam sound almost like a virus, which can spread across national boundaries, destroying other religions and belief-systems…

      • @reality bites,
        u did’nt get the point, Hinduism is quite
        different than all monothestic, Abrahamic or lets say, one God’s religion, consequesntly their human aspects is
        completely different, would say just the opposite of hinduism, Its between Allah SWT & human being in its complete form aa a creature that Allah has created by Himself, not by an accident or dependable
        on the functionning of other Deities,the
        hindu mythology is avoided by a hindu
        layman, similarly thousands of things hindu layman leave it on prohat Brahaman to handle, the nonsensical dogmas, theories, devmala stories, artificial personage, the myth of birth & marriages, extremely superstitious & rigorous worshipping, in every field Hinduism is a torture to a normal person like me, I am
        so less bothered by ritualistic religious
        pagan absurdities.

      • @reality Bites.
        I m sure Islam is a reality which will not bite u but will liberate u from the man made laws and being a slave of man made laws and religions.
        Islam does not sound like a virus but it is like an antibody which destroy all the viruses and then energy and health spread in ur whole body.Islam is a truth and will overcome all falsehoods for falsehoods r by its nature bound to perish.
        I invite u to read Quran by using this website:-
        Hope peace will prevail in every heart.

      • @ reality bites
        Islam is a reality but it will not bite u rather it will embrace u it will love u it will liberate u from the false gods it will liberate u frm the man made laws.
        Islam is not a virus but rather its like an antibody in a body which decreases the power of virus and makes u healthy and energetic.
        Islam will one day conquer the hearts and minds of all across national boundries but it will surely destroy all other man made religions cuz Islam is truth and falsehoods has to perish as falsehoods r by its nature bound to b perished sooner or later.
        Hope u will try to know the reality of Islam so please read Quran on http://www.islamicity.com and analyse it for urself then u will see how it will act on u.peace of heart will prevail on u.

  2. hahahhahahahhaaa………
    India ki bisteeeeee………..Wow!!!

    • @ Fatima bi, Chaliye aapki to izzat afzayee hui na… bahut achcha laga aapko khush dekh kar, bhaley hi ismay kisi doosray mulk ki “bisteeeeee” karni padee…

  3. @ Do we really need such extravaganzaa ? giving it
    a false colour of overexuberant mutual showbis promotional exibitions to “improve” relationship between two neighbours, one, an adopted spoilt child of the west, coming from a poverty stricken society, the other, forcibly being brought at the brink of social & moral disaster by the west ?

    As for Nazi Bal Thakuray, he & his party, alongwith
    other Indian political terrorist parties must be brought before Inter. Penal Tribunal for crimes
    against humanity, including the Indian Govt.
    perpetrating Genocide in Kashmir,with 700.000
    army only inside the valley, and training,
    financing & equipping terrorists in their 17
    training camps in Afghanistan, e.g TTP American Talibans. Its funny, organised terrorists are
    trained by Indo-Israeli specialists, protected by
    run by CIA, MOSSAD, RAW & MI6.

  4. @ May be somebody should make bal Thakuray
    an april fool, we still have some hours left !!
    I heard he loves National Socialist Fuhrer
    Adolf Hitler !!

    • How about this? We send free air-tickets and hotel stay to both Bal Thackeray and Zaid Hamid for a visit to Mecca, Jerusalem, Rome, and Hardwar… Hopefully, they’d come back reformed and more aware of each other’s religions and beliefs…

      • @ reality bites,
        don’t think its appropriate to send Zaid Hamid with Balaji, he might get infected !

  5. heyy m really intrested to have good relations with our neighbour and wish for their improvement ….and luv is beyond boundries…and they both are in luvv..so lets b happy in their happiness…….and should say sania a very warm welcome in PAKISTAN.we luv u both….

    sadaf pakistan

    • @ sadaf
      no, sorry !luv has bounderies, u cannot luv &
      marry Shiv senna’s desh ke ” hijray ” correctly indicated by Rhymes !!

    • dont hv good relations otherwise India will swallow u.

      • @ Sadaf ? have u changed ur mind ?

  6. “Lirpa Phool Chandrasekaran”

    No such person exists… Fake news created by PKKH to rake up people’s emotions… Such a cheap trick now that their bread-winner Zaid Hamid is out of favor… Tsk, tsk…

    • I liked her saluting style with her feet.

      • lol….how pathetic? anybody can see that the flag has been photoshopped. good idea though but horrible implementation.

    • @reality bites
      ” No such person exist…..”/
      pls, stop smoking shit stuff ! u r absolutely
      influenced by Balaji’s Goebbelian natak !
      Btw, Mr.Zaid Hamid’s graph is at the highest
      today,(globally) chi chi chi ! go and
      have a bite of virgin grass at ur asthaan !

      My neighbour says, if he was sania, he would have
      shown his solid pair of buts to Indian flag as it
      depicts Nehru’s giant rectum offered to the
      Lady Montbetonia, in the middle.

      • Hmmm… that must feel good… you know you can try other stuff for your constipation, besides pissing people off on anonymous blogs… have fun with your life, get out more often…

      • @ reality bites,
        well I just came back after 4 and a half months of lovely winters back in the country. Anonymous blogs…..hmmmmm let me
        see, can’t recall !

  7. • For marital affairs, Islam benchmarks very clear and well defined set of laws, boundaries, rules and ordinances of “All Mighty Allah” for all Muslims to follow.

    • Islam does not permit Muslim men/women to marry with KUFARS (idol worshipers)or with non believers (atheists). If Muslim man/woman marries with such, they no longer are considered as Muslims.

    • Islam permit Muslim men to marry women who are the beholders of the Holy Books, i.e. Quran, Bible and Torah.

    • Islam permits Muslim women to marry only Muslim men.

    • Islam rejects non marital relationships of any kind between men and women.

     Pakistanis get side track as easy as with this hype of; Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza.

     Pakistanis quickly lose sense of directions and aims and become focused on non relevant issues like; Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza.

     Pakistanis don’t spare time and forget their tasks and adjectives and starts devilling on non productive activates like; Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza.

     Pakistanio; do you not feel shame when you live and act like your enemies (hindoz)?
     Indeed you know hindoz are KAFIRS and Pakistan’s historical enemies, so then why do you do things that your enemy does?

     Pakistanio do you not have any standards or motives other then Shoaib Malik or Sania Mirza or Indian media or indian bollywood?

     As Pakistanis if you think following lifestyles of your enemies or playing sad and pathetic games of Shoaib Malik or Sania Mirza would make you above and beyond than carry on with your patty little idol worshiping games.

    o All I can say for the likes of you; SHAME ON LOT OF YOU!

    • @Pakistani voice bhaijan,

      Zarrah haath halka rakhiay, Muhabbat aur
      hambistari to universal he, Hazrat Adam AS ne Hazrat Howa AS se unka mazhab poocha tha ? qabl iske keh woh………karte ?
      basadd ehtraam,

      Ulfat hojaye, kissi doshizah se agar,
      poocho ge tumhara religion kia he ?

      • You’re wrong if trying to justify a Muslim lady marrying a non-Muslim man when Allah(swt) has clearly stated otherwise!.

        Gay and lesbian people say the same that we can’t help how we feel lekin a sin is a sin!.Priority for a Muslim is always the command of Allah even in matters of love so we’re to put our entire trust in our creater!

        Alhumdolillah,there is so much cultural and racial diversity amongst Muslim people so i don’t see the need of to marry non-Muslim’s!

      • Salam bhai ap gahlat keh rahay ho islam main none muslim kay satha shadi nahi ho sakti jabtak kay wo islam qaboolna ker lay agar aisa hai tu usko akhrat main hisab daina paray ga love tu waiasy bhi sb jhot hota hai per agar ghalati say kisi ko ho jai tu pehlay islam phir koi dusra 1 muslim honay kay natay hamin yai bat sochni chaihi a akhir Allah say larai lay kay koi jita hai aj tak so plz stop for your bad thinking plz

      • @ Imran
        Brother I am not defending siners. Plz read up once again what I worte above.

        Islam does not permit women to marry non Muslims. Woman have to marry an Mauslim. He could be any.

        Muslims in india are lost peopel. Those fake Khans of their medias, are nothing but the KUFARS. I mean by those who are faking up as Muslims in hindo country cowardly for mere worldly gains. May Allah’s lanath on those.

        Few days ago I read about some Khan from india saying Im half Muslim and half hindo? Now I wish Pakistanis should see to this and not fall pray to hindo propoghandas againt Muslims and against Pakistanis.

        Pakistani brothers and sisters plz boycott anything from KAFIR india. Dp not watch their medias or have anything to do with them. Do not fall fools to indian fake KHANS. No true Khan would be marrying kafir women and live like hindos.


      • @ I agree with the bulk of your reply,

        Gunjaesh agar hojaye,taraddud mein agar,
        keh muhabbat taqazah he kisi ke dil ka

        hame apke akhiri paragraph se mukammil
        ittifaq he !

      • @RK

        Your comment about Adam&Hawa is blasphemous.There was no need to bring them in.Moreover,the discussion here is about inter-religious marriages,not love affairs.How does anybody know Shoib-Sania’s is a love affair.

        @Syed Afief,

        Very much encouraged to read your comment.It is heartening to see that Muslims are still holding on to their faith in India.Always consider Pakistanis standing shoulder to shoulder with you in such matters(of course except very few)

    • I agree with all of ur points.

  8. That’s what india is a true terrorist and the hindu extrmists are the real threat to the world. These so called hindu superpower india inside is just a piece of crap where there is no tolerance. These hindus kill others just because they eat beef and chicken what a piece of sh??? india is. Come on liberty lowers condemn indian terrorism the mother of all terrorist country india. A lesson for india lovers including our elite class. Our media should also control itself always running indian news.

  9. hehehehe…. looks like PKKH making up stuff again. And the dimwitted Pakis buying this news without bothering to check facts…. amusing indeed. Despite the Thakreys being completely useless, they haven’t actually commented on anything – but then, since when has that stopped you Pakis from making up stuff eh. Carry on boys…

      • @ IM, Varun,
        whats the difference whether Balaji
        leave his rectum open or shut, but he
        farts every now & then against muslims
        in general, & Indian muslims in
        particular, so we can stuff him with
        his own…… even if he does’nt speak !

        @Varun, darling
        well, myself caught wordpress at random,
        issuing interview of BBC correspondant
        inciting the sufis of Pakistan to fight
        against Talibans, why don’t u go to UNO
        security council.
        Stop behaving like a DOMNI of Rang Mehal

    • @amused you won’t be amused to hear to what i am going to say that you and your country india is one hell of shit. Scum bag its you who does not pay attention to the news. Its your ball licker ball thackeray and hindu terrorists burning the posters of Sania. Mother of all terrorist india that is just piece of crap and nothing else.

  10. This is fake news ., none of the Thakrey said this ., salutes to paki media , have guts to lie openly

    • @harsha,
      Try to learn first how to bluff !!

  11. Your blog is reported in WordPress for using wrong word against India and your blog will be banned soon because the world knows that Pakistan itself is a terrorist country. njoy blogging

  12. PKKH is such a Hypocritical website. i think i have to unsubscribe from it on facebook.

    • Sooner the better.


    • @ aisa na karna yaar !
      nahin to chor ki darhi mein tinka hoga !

  13. @Amused Thakeray,
    ha ha ha ha ha……..lolzzzzzzzz
    Your Indian bluff not always works, for u, BJP,RSS
    & 15 Nazi Shuddhi parties r “useless” (on surface)
    but beneath they r part & parcel of Indian Genocidal
    culture. Recently, Kashmir, Gujarat, Bombay, Ayudhia’s muslims are very very recent mahabharat’s epochs, & Thakerays & Co were always quite
    ” usefull “.
    Sania / Shoeb wedding, goodluck for them,
    but Indian Hindu Takfiri Taliban’s killer instinct & Bal Thakeray’s wedding existed long long ago !

    • I know you Pakis have a limited IQ, but do try to be a bit coherent. I have no clue what you are talking about … and once your hashish induced high wears off, I bet you won’t either.

      • as i said before about Indians,
        poorest among poor, that also
        englobes IQ !!

  14. Poor Indians…

    • @ poor Indians, oh yes, they are poor but
      poorest among poor in spirits !

  15. @ NA kar yaar,

    is that a new Indian shuddhi party ?

  16. happy ccouple inshalla.sania jee is now our expected babhi.shoib gi kiya chakka lagyaaa hai.mazza agayaaaa.

    • @waqasayub22,
      yeh chakkay, chaukkay shaadi se pehlay ya
      ba’ad ke hein ?
      mazza to shaadi ke ba’ad atta he, bhai !

  17. Hum apni Bhabhi ko lenay India aayengay Baaraat lekar………

    aur Dil Waalay Dulhaniya Lekar jaayengay Pakistan! This is our version of DDLJ…. 😀

    its true, that Shoaib Malik has laid to waste all the efforts of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan! 😀

    It is true, that there was no match for Saania all across India, and this alpha female had to turn to Pakistan for an alpha male!


  18. They rejected 11 Pakistani men and Sania rejected men of whole Indian nation” Welcome Sania Bhabi!

  19. This news is also in times of india You BLACK HINDUS go see THERE

  20. Sushmita Sen is going to be next bhabi ” wike of wasim akram ” LOL
    Shiv cena sahe bolta hai ” HAMAARE DESH MAIN KYA HIJRE REHTE HAIN” lolzzzzzzz Muahaahahaha

    • @ Rhymes,
      Shive senna’s boys, do they have wives,
      or simply cows/ Oxes…..

  21. Wife of *

  22. The world knows who is spreading terrorism everywhere…
    RSS/Shivsena are rotten bu they donot kill people the way LET, Hibulla and hundrededs of organizations do…
    Rhymes : damn it.. having little fair skin with no brain is a curse..

    • @ Anand
      nand ke lala ! where is that bitch world
      of yours who knows about terrorism
      “everywhere” ? does she live in Iraq, Kashmir,
      Palestine,Afghanistan, bosnia, Gujarat, Mumbai
      Ayudhia ? I want to meet that bitch, if she is
      still milkable that bitch gaomata of yours !

      Yes, agreed !your RSS/Shivsena, they
      don’t kill like LET, hibullah & ” hundreds” of
      organisation do, but they simply gather muslim kids & women in a locked room, fill it with water
      & run electricity, they simply cut open pragnant
      muslimah’s belly with kirpan, take the infant
      cut into pieces before mother & then relieve her of pain, gang rape of thousands of minor muslim
      girls, filming it & recording on video.
      Those Indian cowards are nazi pigs & belong to
      rooten parents, they ought to be beheaded, even
      if Talibans be required to do so ! Each & every
      Hindu swine will pay, There are 220 terrorist
      organisations in India,Internal insurgencies
      in India has killed 57.000 Indian soldiers,
      India will break into pieces, then we shall
      do justice to U mahashay !

    • @Anand
      Your freakin Hindu extremist were behind the Samjhota express blasts!

  23. India mai kya hijray rehte hai jo woh mard dhoondne Pakistan gaee hai)’, Said Bal Thackeray this morning…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…!!
    Hijry sale… Saloo baz aa jao ham lardke wale hein or baja le kar aayein gy or utha kar le jayen gy….


  24. Jalne waloon ko jalne de or tapne waloon ko tapne de,

    things happen for reason and no one can make a break in the right happening if there is almighty Allah’s Will!
    these are gali ke ghonde,! bal takhere is the bad name and ugly face of India

  25. “India mai kya hijray rehte hai jo woh mard dhoondne Pakistan gaee hai”

    bacha Bal Thackeray!! becareful your wife kept this secret for long time now she will decide the same what sania did.

  26. “Is India a land of neuters that she has to go find a man in Pakistan to marry? (India mai kya hijray rehte hai jo woh mard dhoondne Pakistan gaee hai)”, Said Bal Thackeray this morning.

    :-)))) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..it just can’t get any better than this….can it?

    • Definitely not for the Indian Hindus, especially if the comment referred to all the Muslims in India…

  27. All hinduz must see
    ur babes go after evry paise wala.
    see here
    its times of india reported
    Especially for indians. see this. http://photogallery.indiatimes.com/articleshow/5750812.cms

  28. This shows that Indian Muslims Love Pakistanis
    Very Warm Welcome to Sania Mirza!!!
    Hindus donot get angry on this, ask your extremist Hindus to accept this with big heart.

    • @ Siyal

      “This shows that Indian Muslims Love Pakistanis”

      If you can conclude this with a sample size of one, you must be in line for the next Nishan-i-Imtiaz award after the great scientist AQ Khan…

  29. INDIA HUMARA SALA HOGAYA hahahahaaaaaaaaa
    tu tu tu tu………………..
    bloody indians just cry now….
    its all over ………………

    • Ok, happy?

      Now put that pacifier back in your mouth…

  30. I don’t know why Shoaib is marrying Sania. If its due to her wealth so Shoaib has a lot already…Pakistan have the best and beautiful girls why he go to India and for Sania … who is not pretty…noooooooo…Shoaib…what are you doing man…

    • It is a marriage of commercial convenience and media hype.

      We can only pray for a happy married life.

      • Well said…

  31. It’s simply a marriage of two Muslim’s because in Islam the girl is disallowed to marry in non-Muslim!.Sania seems relatively religious furthermore this is not the first time it has happened!.Zaheer Abbas is married to an Indian Muslimah and Adnan Sami Khan’s mother is also from across the border.

    This is Sania’s choice too,she’s not being forced into it,no one stopped her from marrying Salman Khan,Zaheer Khan,Irfan Pathan or Mo Kaif so Indian’s get over the jealousy because inter racial Muslim marriages are becoming increasing popular all over the globe!.For your information many Pakistani Hindu’s especially from Karachi are married to Indian Hindu’s but you don’t see us crying foul play!.It’s happening so get over it!

  32. Look it’s like this that we can’t help being irresistable,even the late Princess Diana wanted to marry a Pakistani!

    We’re romantics at heart just like Heer-Ranjha,Laila-Majnu,Mirza-Sahiba and Sihni-Mahiwal to name a few famous Muslim lovers!!.

    I think Yash Chopra should make another movie called Mirza-Malik,it has a ring to it don’t you Indian’s agree!!!?

  33. Mubarak ho INDIA ab hamara SALAA banny ja rha hy 😀

    • Which means:


      • @ NoNonsense,
        ur fatwah was amusing,
        r u referring to Indian Film 1958 ?
        ” Juroo ka bhai “with lovely songs by
        Talat / Lata
        ” Subha ka Intezar kaun kare ”
        ab tera intezar kaun kare
        le bhi lo hum ko apni bahon mein,
        roh bechain he nigahon mein
        Hai, iltija bar bar kaun kare

        dedicated to sania and shoeab

  34. Best of luck I love it,please come and stay with us.
    Every Pakistani love sania Shoib(S&S).
    Oh INDIANS Lovers SUPPORT them, all loving people are one.

    • Amen…

      • if all loving people are one, then how about asking shoaib to start playing for india? (not that we want it – he’s a useless player).. but just on principle.

  35. the pak govt. should take involvement in it, and ask indian govt. to provide Malik’s family, the full security..

  36. hmm…let’s put this way…if any paki hindu decides to marry indian girl what kind of reactions pakis will have??…surpised???

    anyways, i was watching a documentray where the journalists asks the mother of deepak perwani if she can marry her son from india, she said no body in india will give her daughter t0 live in Islamic pakistan….as per india, people know that paki is an islami country and in india there are more muslims than pakistan…still Sania has decided not to llive in Pakistan but in Dubai and will continue playing for India…..

    In India, people marry in different religions but not on the condition that one has to convert to other religion (like Islam)….the mother of Deepak Perwani said that if his son marries a muslim he has to convert to Islam which she will never allow to do….The tragedy with islam is that its an exclusive religion and not inclusive…thats why where on one hand we have successful interreligion marriages in India without conversions (Hrithik-Suzzane khan, Sahrukh-gauri,saif-amrita etc..), on the other hand we have pakistan where one must convert to Islam if someobody is outside the religion…that itself shows how tolerant Islam is….

    In pakistan every politician says that we all are pakistnis and we all are muslims (clearly insulting the minorties)….the reason is that islam is linked in their constitution and media….wheras in other countries religion is seperated from state…the minorties were not even allowed to vote in general elections untill pervez musharraf allowed them….

    In India religion is seperated from constitution and thats the reason people like Bal thakrey are in minority and most of indian people are secular….and due to this indian democracy, people like Zakir Naik are continuing their hate ideology in India….

    Anyways best of luck to Sania and Shoaib…..both are rejected and unemplyed,….both of them had bad experience in thier first engagement and both iof them need eachother and both o them are resident of Dubai….wishing them all the best in their marrie d life

    an Indian

    • @mkd,
      remember, Pakistanis are more tolerant,
      broad-minded and generous than U Indians.
      UNO confirmed, India is the most intolerant
      & full of racial & religious hatred !

    • @Mkd
      If a Pakistani Hindu marries an Indian Hindu why the hell would Pakistanis have a problem?? They are of the same religions! What have we got to do if Sania lives in Pak or not or if she will keep playing for India. It’s her personal matter! Besides most of the time of Shoaib malik in spent in Dubai coz of matches rather than pakistan!

      Yes in Islam only a man can marry a non Muslim that too only a chaste Jew, Christian ONLY not a polytheist. A girl can only marry a Muslim men! That’s our religion. If our religion was not “inclusive” as you put it millions of people wouldn’t be converting to Islam and wouldn’t be following it’s teachings!

      Our country was made on the basis of religion hence Islam cannot be separated from it! And you guys who proclaim to be secular have voted for Hindu extremist parties like BJP! They go around killing non Hindus and there is nothing anyone can do about it! Converting from Hinduism is also banned in some states! So don’t try to lecture us on secularism and shitty democracy in which Hindu extremists are even sitting inside the parliament and 5000 members have criminal cases which include rape, kidnapping etc!

    • Are you on batteries saying the same thing over and over.Unlike Hindu’s like Thackaray who openly express hate towards Muslims Zakir explains Islam according to his understanding.He’s never said kill non-Muslims.

      Religion being seperated from the constitution need not be a good thing so quit boeasting besides Pakistan was established in the name of Islam but we’re not insulting non-Muslims.In India opression against minorities is well know and their murder is condoned by racist and fascist Hindutva brigade.

      Islam a worldwide faith covering all races that shows it’s tolerance where as Hinduism remains and Indian religion due to it’s narrow minded approach.For this reason terrorist Hindu’s want to make India a Hindu nation where people from other faiths are not only unwelcome but should be killed unless they convert to idoltary.

      As i’ve stated before that many Pakistani Hindu’s especially from Karachi have married Gandu Hindu’s and are living happily,i know a few myself just don’t ask their telephone number.Cricketer Danish Kaneria has always praised Pakistan insisting how tolerant we are but in your blind hate it’s impossible to show you reason.You must be on cow cola i assume.

      • @Imran bhai

        You seem to suffer from the same bipolar disorder as your icon Zaid Hamid… In the above post you say “we’re not insulting non-Muslims” while using expressions such as “Gandu Hindu’s” and “Cow Cola” in the same post elsewhere…

        Come on man, make up your mind… (by the way, interesting use of the collective first noun, “we’re” instead of “i am”… Looks like you also represent the views of all Muslims just like Zaid sir…

      • @reality bites,
        Actually, Imran’s point was not wrong in pointing out Thakarey’s ” usually clear ” open point of view which does’nt represent all Indians including reasonable hindus who enjoy some part of
        Indian population however ! we must not generalize.
        pls don’t bite ZH, u can bite Thakarey &
        his likes anytime u prefer !

  37. Shoaib Bhai cha gaye ap yar to gud……. 🙂

  38. Bunia will never change. They are the real friends of Shatan. Most Hindus has always proved themselves as Bagal ma Chori and Moan ma Ram Ram. That is why they are exactly like the Yahood. No wonder Hindus are the best friend of the Jew. They both are Bunias and they both know Pakistan will take care of them soon at the same time.

    • @ Rufi

      Hmmmm… so I guess there’s no Muslim trader or businessman in the whole world… They are all either Hindu or Jewish baniyas… I wonder if the Karachi Stock Exchange is also run by them!!!

      • @ No no , no not at all, KSE is properly run by political thugs & mawalis sattabaaz
        ex-baniya, mahajan ha ha ha ha

  39. The truth is revealed. That typical scumbag Paki now admits to the earlier marriage and has now divorced Ayesha. How typical of you Pakis…. saali jaat hi kharab hai.

    • @Amused
      You moron…go watch what those Indians are saying who were part of this deal between the two families, they said Shoaib has still not accepted that.. that freaky woman was his wife but the elders told them to finish it off anyway! Shoaib even refused to apologise!

      An Indian newspaper editor even said on a Pakistani channel that this siddiqui family doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to daughters and said they are bringing a bad name to Indian Muslims. He even said a previous son in law of the family said he was harassed by them! Rashid Latif even said he is ready to testify in court that the pictures sent to Shaoib were different coz he used to use his laptop to chat with this freaky woman! So before giving statements find out what really happened!

      • Aesha looks like an ad for “three in one”,incredible bulk.

      • so tomorrow another girl goes and says that she is Shoaib’s wife wuill he give talaq to her also?
        Living in denial is a way of life in Pakistan it seems.. thank God RAW is not blamed for this event 🙂

      • @Sri
        You pea brain there is a lot of different opinions about the way marriage took place.

        Shoaib got married on the phone and many well known Islamic scholars say that a marriage cannot take place on the phone. Which is also why he denied the marriage secondly there was also a problem regarding the picture of the girl being sent different and him marrying someone else, this stuff is also debatable among scholars! But when a Nikahnama has been signed the only way to finish it off was this way coz otherwise the incident would keep on getting dragged for probably years! This freak Aisha who is 9 years older than Shoaib … kept changing her statements as well first on Geo tv she said ‘Shoaib treated me well’ next thing you know she files an FIR that she was ‘abused, harassed’..than she says he is asking for dowry and than says he is willing to pay me 100 million dollar which was than reduced to 10 million dollar in the FIR she filed!

        Why the hell didn’t she reply to the notice sent to her in 2008 by Shoaib’s lawyer?? Than suddenly in 2010 she remembers she had some abortion and her father who kept saying they were married said Shoaib had pre marital sex with her daughter and he should be stoned to death!
        I hope that Indians don’t blame the Sania-shoaib wedding an ISI plan to destabilise India!

    • Come on folks, let’s give credit where it is due… at least, der aaya durust aaya… i think better sense prevailed finally… let’s just hope now Sania doesn’t have a change of heart at the last minute… the bloody thing is like a bollywood potboiler or zee/sony tear-jerker… come on, get married already!!!

      • @ filbadih koshish ki he, mulaheza ho:

        Ham tasarruf mein rahe,
        unko bisharat na howi

        tasvir-e-yaar jo miti dil se,
        ala-e-kalam ne ban saka qazi

        bikhre auraq nikahname ke,
        haargaya balaybaz ik aur bazi

      • Wah wah… Rafay saheb…

  40. Marraige is purely a personal matter for an individual. Sania has all the right to choose whoever she likes as her lifemate. I can not understand why the slumdogs are so much pissed off by this wedding. They are making a fuss out of nothing and putting shit on their heads without a reason. It is not an insult for Hindus if an Indian girl decides to marry a Pakistani boy. It is a normal daily matter. Why slumdogs are making or feeling it like a national embracement. BTW, Slumdogs have many other reasons to get embraced and disgraced globally but this wedding is certainly not one of those reasons.

    • @ Other reasons Slumdog’s embarrassment
      No.1 there are 100 million indians who do not have
      a proper roof & sleep on footpaths.

      No.2 Indians give away 200.000 of their kids for adoption all around EC & USA every year.

      No.3 Indians get around 250 millions US$ charities
      for their kids collected by Church (EC USA)

      No.4 According to Indian planning commission’s
      report 26.8 % of Indians live below poverty line. (World Bank poverty line of 1 $ a day, but the
      Indian poverty line is of Rs. 360 a month or 30 cents a day.
      I can carry on !
      Pakistanis ought to learn lesson ! remember,
      Nehru said ” we will turn Pakistan into a desert”
      We better get their ass before…… !

  41. I think the other lady, Ayesha Siddiqui who claimed to be Shoaib Malik’s wife, deserves punishment rather than a divorce. A marriage contract that is obtained by cheating and fraudulently is nothing more than a trash paper. A cheater who met him as ‘Aapa Maha’, and used a picture of another girl to marry him over the phone certainly committed fraud and damaged his dignity and honor besides bring utmost embracement for the two families of Shoaib and Sania. She needs to be sent behind the bars. How can any one, the least a court of law, would believe whatever that cheating and fraudulent girt is claiming.

    • @Rai Rizwan

      You clearly seem to have full trust in Shoaib’s version of the story compared to that of Ayesha… Fair enough, being a fellow countryman one would expect you to support him…

      However, in your blind nationalistic faith you don’t seem to question why Shoaib didn’t sue Ayesha’s family if he knew she was lying… Why did he agree to divorce her quietly?

  42. Well Done Sania Hope you have a long and happy marriage and when you get kids pls teach them that there is nor difference between Hindus and Muslims

    I am a Hindun and this Hindu Extremists can kiss my African ass. All my friends are Muslims and that’s made my life a better one.

    Learn some thing you stupid Indians and Pakis, You differences effect you countries. Stop all this fighting and turn the nations from 3rd world countries to 1st world countries.

  43. @ Jayesh Patel is sincere, being a hindu, its very
    encouraging, broad mindedness ! btw, my neighbour
    is an Evangelist extremist, can he kiss
    Rehman Malik’s Anglikan ass ?

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