More Hindu-Muslim Riots in ‘Secular’ India

March 31, 2010

Curfew follows Hyderabad riots

Indian police have imposed a curfew in the southern city of Hyderabad after three days of clashes between Hindus and Muslims

The violence, which was reportedly triggered by arguments over decorations for a religious festival, has left at least one person dead and scores injured.

“One man was stabbed to death and many more were injured in street battles,” AK Khan, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, said on Tuesday .

“We have imposed a curfew on parts of the city because we did not want the situation to escalate.”

The clashes were reported to have started late on Saturday, with gangs attacking religious places, houses, shops and vehicles after some Hindus tried to replace green Muslim flags with their saffron banners.

Hundreds arrested

More than 100 people were arrested as the violence spread through the predominantly Muslim “old city” of Hyderabad, with crowds pelting each other with stones at each other near the Charminar mosque.

Five mosques and one Hindu temple were damaged, police said.

About 1,800 paramilitary personnel were deployed to help the police, who used rubber bullets, teargas shells and baton-charges to disperse the mobs and to bring the situation under control.

“These people here are damaging vehicles, beating women, what sort of humanity is this, in which religion is it written to beat others,” Durga Prasad, an advocate of Andhra Pradesh high court, said.

“There is no humanity left here and people are behaving like animals and not like humans.”

Police remained alert on Tuesday as the festival, celebrating the birth of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, got under way.

Hyderabad has a population of eight million, nearly 40 percent of them Muslims.

It has historically suffered from communal tensions which have been increased since  the proposed division of the Andhra Pradesh state.

Hyderabad, home to Indian headquarters of Google and Microsoft, has attracted major investment from global information technology and pharmaceuticals firms, and is a symbol of India’s emerging economy.

Frequent strikes as well as road and rail blockades have caused widespread disruption to businesses in the last year.

Analysts say the turmoil has created a sense of uncertainty among investors, though social networking group, Facebook, chose the city in March for its first office in India.



  1. Altaf the self exile, Bilours, Afsandyars, Sindh card holders, BNP and all opponents of the creation of pakistan should see the evils of india. These people should read the writing on the wall that if they try to break away from pakistan which will never happen anyway InshaAllah but suppose it does what they are going to have is their sisters, mothers and families slain by hindus who worship monkeys, cows and pigs etc. Wake up and work for the unity of pakistan and grab kashmir from india the way it was grabbed before and don’t let the indian banya steal our water.

  2. PKKH there is nothing about US in my comments it is only about india so it should appear as india is not donor of $50 million to our media it is US.

  3. […] More Hindu-Muslim Riots in ‘Secular’ India […]

  4. Just goes to show the damage a retarded monkey can do if his birth is not celebrated!!.Hindu’s are not retards,they’re a disgrace to humanity…they’re subhuman!!

  5. ok if hindus r not human then muslims r what?all the problems in the world r bcoz of muslims while all the development is bcoz of hindus. look at the recent report in the us that shows indians r at the highest post in all dept like nasa, it n getting the highest pay.at the one hand we r constructing a new world while u r destroying the present one.muslims smell like hell u ate meat like animals. u r dirty creature on this earth.

  6. hey guys, do not divide the world people on the basis of religion. when we were born we were not knowing about the religion. we are religion by force not by choice. so, stop blaming each other for creating unpeace to society. unite to demolish the terrorism, and bring the peace to society not only for urself but also for ur family and neighbour. hate will only spell blood on ours courtyard, we and our family will be no longer. so, spread love and unity for peace and development.

    jai INDIA and jai PAKISTAN


    I am Very thankful to GOD, I was born as a Muslim in a Muslim family & Country.

    I am very much agree with shankare comments when we were born we were dnt know about the religion. We are religion bye force not by choice.

    But the thing is “when u born u dnt know what is ur religion this is not your fault when u become at that stage u know about wrong & ryt things then u must choose what is the good religion for you. “

  8. hindu muslim both are humans both have two legs two hand 2 eyes 1 nose and 1 power ful brain given by allah or bhagwan but they dont think they just fight iam hindu iam muslim tell me one thing after your death where you re born in hindu or in muslim if u have answer then hindu muslim war will be end. see my dear friends there are some countrys who cant see hindu muslim staying happy like brother sister they want to devide us and rule india back and some bastards politicians are helping them tell me one name of politicans who died in hindu muslim war no one only poor people died if you will fight like this the day is no longer far when u will be servent of other country keep unity think only we are humans not hindu muslim god is one only one power rules world and if he got’s angry he dont look hindu or muslim he will punished all.

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