“Aman Ki Asha”:- Indian-American group asks US to declare Pakistan a terrorist state

March 31, 2010

Times of India

WASHINGTON: Arguing that Islamabad is using terrorism as a tool for its foreign policy, especially against India, an Indian-American group on Wednesday asked secretary of state Hillary Clinton to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state and seize all its nuclear weapons.

“Instead of penalizing Pakistan for its support to the notorious terrorists and spreading global terrorism, US, unfortunately, is rewarding this country with the deadly weapons and billions of dollars of hard cash,” Narayan Kataria, head of New York-based Indian American Intellectual Forum, said in a letter to Clinton.

Similar letters have also been written to several influential lawmakers.

“We should recognize in unambiguous terms that Pakistan is the root cause of terror and instability in that region. In order to win the war in Afghanistan it is essential that American war strategy should be focused on Pakistan. In the next 18 months, American troops will be leaving Af-Pak region,” Kataria said.

The letter said, Indian American Intellectual Forum believe that it is inappropriate for the US to prop up Pakistan and balance its strategic partnership with India by selling deadly F-16 to Pakistan Air Force together with other advanced weapons and avionics for air-to-air combat that appear to us unnecessary for counter-insurgency operations in mountainous area against Taliban.

“This is being done in spite of the admission by General (Pervez) Musharraf that Pakistan is modifying the arms, which are meant to fight the terrorists, for use against India,” the letter said.

“Intelligence inputs received by Indian officials indicate that Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba has acquired as many as 50 paragliding equipments from China for the potential use to launch suicide attacks in India. This, obviously, could not be accomplished without Pakistan’s active connivance, complicity and tactical support,” it said.



  1. Desperate Bhindians trying to outshine Pak but sadly for them the American government need our backing!.The question of seizing our nukes is comedy at best!!

    Mumbai false flag didn’t do the trick so now they’re barking like dogs for some attention!

  2. Well well well the mother of all terrorist state of india wants pakistan to be declared a terrorist state. What a joke, that must have made Hillary laugh receiving that letter from indian community I should say the terrorist community. Why would it make Hillary laugh?? because she knows from all her intelligence reports, facts and the history that india is involved in terrorism not only in pakistan but also in bangladesh, china, nepal, bhutan, sri lanka and each and every country in the region that has border with it or not. And here is so called ‘AMAN KI ASHA – TERRORISM KI ASHA’ trying to label pakistan as terrorist. Have these indian terrorist forgotten what they are doing to kashmiris and pakistanis that is called terrorism what india is doing and pakistan is the victim of it. THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT AND SO IS USA.

  3. Aman ki asha hindus are burning the pictures of Sania Mirza because she is marrying a pakistani muslim. What is this – Aman ki asha hindus this is called terrorism. If Hillary can read this she would know the real terrorist is india that has no tolerance for others and wake up call for pro indian pakistanis to see it. How much more evidence they need that india is a terrorist state and can never be a friend of pakistan.

  4. India is already very much short of toilets.TOI has done a great service which will make Indians wetting their DHOTEES,without looking for a Toilet.

  5. i saw in a newspaper a pic which has slogan like, aman ki asha, jhooti bhasha, hindu ka tamasha…..
    becasue u know the bhand-miraasi(notanki drama) kind of people they are.
    their this new show is like ,ulta chor kutwal ko daante ( ie endia themselves biggest terrorists in the world and calling pakistan one).
    is the pak nuclear technology kept in road side tthela that they wanna seize it,if u say it in their own language u would say , ke ye unke Baap ka nahin ke jo aake lelen.

  6. Yeah Sania Mirza chose to marry a handsome Pakistani instead of an ugly Gandustani!.Why get upset over it when previously many years back actress Reena Roy did the exact same!?

  7. PKKH Admin

    You should seriously consider renaming this website HIHH (Hate Indians Hate Hindus) instead of PKKH… This would be more in tune with the tone of most of your articles and the postings… There’s hardly anything here to do with Pakistan’s welfare and self-improvement…

    Alas, you are not able to utilize such a powerful medium and such dedicated group of followers towards something positive and more useful… Wish you all the best…

    • Atleast we allow for Indian’s and Hindu’s to express their views on this site.Before you preach peace to us visit Indian forums to see their hatred for Muslim’s and Pakistanis!!

      Where as two wrongs don’t make a right but equally reap what you sew!

    • @reality bites,

      sorry, I read HIVHH, had some view problems
      lately, I better put some eye drops, anyway
      we Pakistani are more tolerant, broad-minded
      & generous than u baniyas, oh really ? since
      when u worry about Pakistan’s welfare & self
      improvement ? well, reality guides not bites !

  8. anyone is free to marry anyone but after marriage she should belong to her husband country.but sania wants to play for india just for money n fame thats wrong.look in few decade india is going to be a superpower despite all its problem while u r going to hell with ur mullah terrorists.next target of us is u.u bastards ate meat like animals n smell like hell.

    • @aryan

      Are you sure a Dravidian also shares your views.
      Don’t forget,you are usurpurs and you will thrown out by them.

  9. @ Aman ki asha,

    Amn ki asha, brij ki bhasha hogaei,
    mil gaei Sam se, kambakht fahsha hogaei

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