Invisible Taliban Harass US Marines

March 29, 2010

Wazir, an elderly bearded Afghan, is adamant: “The Taliban haven’t been here for weeks”.

So US Marine Lieutenant Jackson Smith prepares to take his leave. Suddenly, gunfire rips through the dust on the outskirts of Marjah, a settlement that last month was the focus of a major US-led offensive to clear out the Taliban.

Smith’s men dash to the nearest wall for protection, amid the din of at least two assault rifles.

More than a month after US Marines led 15,000 troops into action in Marjah, on the poppy growing plains of southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, the Western-backed government does not have the area under complete control.

Operation Mushtarak, launched on February 13, is the biggest offensive since the 2001 US-led invasion kicked the Taliban regime out of Kabul and the first test of a US strategy to end the war as soon as possible.

Crouched down in the dust, the Marines try to position M-4 machine guns on a low wall to return fire. On a hill overlooking the village, an Afghan soldier fires a heavy machine gun and the ground shakes.

“OK, guys, we move to the next wall,” orders Smith as the firing gets heavier.

“It’s ours, ours, no worries!” shouts Sergeant Robert Kayser as the soldiers duck down on hearing the rat-a-tat-tat of an American heavy machine gun.

The streets are deserted in the village of mud, cement and straw-built farmhouses. Through a small hole in a wall a family gestures at Taliban fighters firing slightly further along, from a house near a mosque.

The soldiers advance with difficulty: one Marine falls over while scaling a low wall. Another, weighed down by two rocket launchers and his gun, falls into the water while stepping over an irrigation canal.

Bullets continue whistling overhead.About half an hour later, the Taliban cease fire and the soldiers advance.

An Afghan soldier under Commander Amanullah — a northerner who fought against Soviet troops in the 1980s and emanates nonchalance under fire — insists he has seen an insurgent near the mosque.

Marines and Afghan soldiers enter a house and question the head of the family, a man apparently in his 50s.

Amanullah becomes impatient: “It happened right outside your home and you didn’t see anything, you didn’t hear anything, just like usual,” he snaps.

The man insists he was going to have a cup of tea near his poppy fields and took shelter on hearing the first bullet.

The Marines fan out around his home. “Hey guys, don’t go on that road, it’s loaded with IEDs,” shouts one.

On the road — a track between fields — bombs have wounded four Americans and an Afghan soldier in recent days.

The Taliban haven’t been found and the troops resume their patrol. Children play in the street and life seems to return to normal. Some even come and shake the Marines’ hands.

But no one tells the Marines they know where the Taliban are hiding. They insist the last fighters fled weeks ago.

“They lie — of course they lie. They are scared to death. They won’t say where the Taliban are. Taliban must have hidden their weapons. They must be somewhere in a compound. Who knows?” says Sergeant Kayser.

In the courtyard of one farm, it is not the attack that preoccupies a group of three Afghans. “You killed our dogs. If you continue, the people will hate you,” says one.

“Where was the shooting coming from?” retorts Sergeant Kayser.

The Afghan with the long white beard gestures vaguely in the direction of a Marine encampment. “You promise, but you don’t keep your word,” he charges.

“What did we promise?” asks the sergeant.

“Not to come at night anymore,” says the man.

“We are not coming during the night, searching houses. We patrol at night to kill Taliban,” says the sergeant.

“Patrol, OK, but don’t fire on us,” says the Afghan.

“We don’t shoot at you,” replies the sergeant calmly.

On the way back, firing echoes at least three kilometres (two miles) away in a neighbouring district.

“It’s supposed to be a quiet area. But nothing is easy here,” says Smith.



  1. Looks like American Soldiers are beginning to have hallucinations…….. even if a Surround Sound system is playing the noise of Firing, they start hopping around and taking positions and firing back!
    That shows how much dedication the Crusaders have to fight the “Terrorists”.

    If the American, NATO and Allied Troops carry on with this for another 6 months, it seems like the Americans are going to have to run away and then the Senators and President Obama himself will be standing in Afghanistan trying to fight the “insurgents”…… Cuz American, NATO and Allied forces seriously don’t wanna fight invisible people, or they’re too frightened themselves and they deliberately ignore what their eyesight is showing them!

  2. The villagers and Taliban are doing a great job in confusing the crusaders!.Villagers when shooting at the Yanks become the Taliban before revrting back to their original identity!!

    The Yanks are losing big time because there is no clear enemy!!

  3. I would suggest you guys watch the movie “Objective”. It came out last year and its about these invisible soldiers in Afghanistan.

  4. Hey Syed Ahmed,

    I’ve watched that movie…. They can’t understand that the SuperPower (ALLAH SWT)is helping those that are fighting the Crusaders. Crusaders have brought nothing except pain, blood and destruction to wherever they went…… Long time ago during World War-II, they ripped apart Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then they destroyed Vietnam, and after that several parts of Africa, and now finally Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    In urdu we have a saying “laato kay bhoot, baato say nahi maantay”……… Crusaders aisay nahi maanengay. They’re gonna meet their fate on the path they’ve taken to avoid it. Their fate is nothing but defeat, the most shameful defeat in the history of mankind. Insha’ALLAH.

    • i agree with you
      taliban win the war Insha Allah
      bec Allah help him.
      Pakistan Zidabad

    • I read a book(Urdu translation) written by Shaheed (Salem)Azzam,a Palestinian Professor(who had kept all Mujahideen groups under his tight command).Hence martyred in Peshawar in early days.

      He has narrated many such stories,where Russian soldiers used to ask Mujahideen” WHO WAS FIGHTING ALONGWITH YOU IN WHITE ROBES RIDING WHITE HORSES”.This was before the Stingers came to help.

      This time,as Talibans are fighting their own war without any foreign help.InshaAllah,they will succeed.

  5. Inshallah may your words come true aameen. The kuffar crusaders are the worst enemy of this world. Because of them all Muslim countries have suffered. These cowards know they cannot fight face to face with the most courageous and brave Pashtuns of Afghanistan. Hence they bomb this ancient great country from the sky using cluster bombs mini atomic weapons and other dirty weapons they carry together with evil in their hearts. These mercenaries from hell have killed so many innocent Afghani women and children since 8 years and are still continue to do so. In Pakistan so far 1200 innocent villagers have been killed due to the cowardly drone attacks. The best way to defeat these cowardly killers is to adopt the ‘Viet Cong’ style of warfare during the days of Vietnam. With all their sophisticated weaponry and military might these cowardly US army could not defeat the small Vietnamese people who fought a very tactical cunning guerrila war confusing the enemy so much that they literally ran for their lives out of Vietnam after lost half a million of their soldiers. What the Pashtuns are dong is the right tactic. They should fight a guerrila war if they want to throw out the enemy.

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