Indian Party Wants A Sikh Buffer State Between India, Pakistan

March 29, 2010

The Daily Mail

Sikh leaders say the US should learn from the US-Pakistan record that effective engagement is better than negligence. The Party wants Washington to reestablish the Sikh Desk in the US Embassy in New Delhi and open a US Consulate in the Sikh city of Amritsar. The Party believes that US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue is a welcome development and will indirectly help in balancing India’s behavior in the region. The Sikh leaders also called for nuclear parity between Pakistan and India.

NEW DELHI, India—The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), Amritsar, which is an Indian political party representing the Sikh nation, views US-Pakistan strategic dialogue in a very positive light.  The Sikh leaders welcome the reduction in trust deficit between the United States and Pakistan because they believe that an Indian state that violates human rights, commits the genocide of Sikh peoples and of its other religious and ethnic minorities can only be restrained in the presence of strong neighbors such as Pakistan and China, says a press release received by the Daily Mail.

The SAD is hopeful that Washington will learn from the record of the US-Pakistan relationship and reopen its separate relationship with the Sikh nation so that a buffer Sikh state between what they called “a theocratic Hindu Indian State and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will stabilize politics in South Asia and guarantee permanent peace in this region.”

In a statement, the party added, ‘To begin with, our party appeals to the US State Department to reopen the Sikh desk in its Embassy in New Delhi and open its Consulate in Amritsar so that Sikh-American relations improve.

“The Sikh buffer state would obviate tensions between the Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India which have since 1947 upset peace in this region. As far as nuclear concessions are concerned, “we think that there should be parity between these two countries as far as the 123 Nuclear Agreement is concerned, but IAEA must possess the power to check and inspect the nuclear arms industry of the two countries and the military nuclear reactors that make weapons should not be exempt of IAEA oversight”.—PR.



  1. Alhamdulillah, sikhs are waking up. sikhs have been victim of Indian attrocities for very long, now the sikhs should stand up and seek to establish their own homeland, Khalistan. EastPunjab should become Khalistan with close cultural, economic, and travel ties with Pakistan. In return, Pakistan should provide sikhs easy acess to the Sikhs festival places in Lahore etc.

    We should welcome these demand from Sikh to establish Khalistan to act as a buffer between Pak/Ind…..Sikh could be exempt as they are not Hindus when we come to ‘enchain’ the Indian PM during ghuzwa-e-hind. As He(s.a.w) has said, so shall be done

  2. Lets get one thing straight that Khalistan will never become a reality so the small Sikh community should accept that!.They neither have the manpower required to create a state and India will never bow to their demands.They missed the boat in 1947 when the chance to liberate themselves was waiting to be taken.

    Another thing is that the original map of Khalistan shows Lahore as it’s capital so these people are intent on making trouble for Pakistan/is too!.Needless to say their childish dreams will remain just that and neither do us Pakistanis require their support.

  3. Their nothing called Childish dreams

    … these Sikhs are the same people who ruled the region under Maharaj Ranjit Singh (1799-1839)
    … In 1850 Panjab was the last state acquired by mighty British and ruler of that Panjab were Sikhs
    … 97% of people who lost life for freedom of Hindustan where Sikhs
    … Only people in India who has guts to oppose the biased polices of center
    … Only 2% of Indian population but are 20% of Indian defence forces

    Moreover Sikhs will be more interested in having greater access to Sikh Historic places in Pakistan. Average Indian don’t care about it.

    So question is not whether dream of independent Sikh state is small or too big. Rather when will be the next big opportunity to fulfill this dream. The question of capital is useless at this moment because even Sikh don’t know when and in which form they are going to get this independent existence.

    Moreover these buffer states (like Kashmir, Panjab) are the only longer lasting way to bring peace to the region.

    • Dreamer,

      Yes you’re livibg in a fantasy world thus need a reality check!.So what if you ruled for a few years when the Muslim’s ruled the subcontinent including the Sikh’s for a thousand years!.Let’s not forget Islam’s history in Europe during the midevil period that is an example to everyone!.By comparison Sikh history is shallow to say the least!

      I’m not interested in your contribution or sacrafices you claim to have made for India when our ancestors spilt their blood like water to establish Pakistan!.The 97% of sacrafices you claim to have made for the liberation of India was no favour upon us Pakistanis and neither do we care of how many Sikh’s are in the Indian armed forces when we have an entire country!!

      Personally i don’t care either way about Khalistan as long as it’s not established on Pak soil!.Furthermore out of the 40 million Sikh community a large number if not the majority have no interest in Khalistan thus the movement has failed to gain any real momentum over the last thirty years.

      The simple FACT is that there is NO Khalistan on the world map so come back when you’ve established one because talk is cheap!.We only care about the Muslim’s,the Sikh’s are not our problem!!!

  4. Imran,

    pakistan wasnt on the map either. If Pak (1947), Israel (1949), Bangladesh (1971) etc etc can come to exist, whats gonna stop Khalistan from showing up on map. Its just Sikhs have not been waken up yet and India has false propaganda or her democracy and free country imposed on westerner’s eyes. But Sikhs will wake up soon. Khalistan is the only way to go for Sikhs and Pakistan. Also in Khalistan, Sikhs will be safe from the wrath of the ghuzwa-e-hind, because ‘Khalistan’ is not mentioned in the prophecy. If you dont believe in what muhammad (s.a.w.) has said then thats a different matter altogether, just like Hindus do not, which is understandable…

    Khalistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad

    • Gazoo,

      India is the greatest obstacle in the path of a Sikh nation today and secondly many Sikh’s are simply not interested in the movement!.Popular Sikh’s like Navjot Sidhu,Harbhajan Singh and Daler Mehdi want nothing to do with it.This is no longer the 1947/48 era when Pak and Israel were established,the politics and dynamics have moved on!

      Sikh’s are welcome to visit their holy places in Pak with or without Khalistan but you won’t be getting Lahore under any circumstances for it is majority Muslim,that much i can guaranteed you.

      The Prophet(saw) simply said that Muslim’s will again conquer India including the region you call Khalistan!!.Hazoor(saw) went further by stating that”Islam will reach every home on earth be it made of earth or straw”.

      • I wonder if the prophecy includes Khalistan in the word ‘hind’.

        At the time of the prophecy, Muhammad (s.a.w.) knew only of the ‘hind’ which comprised of a small terroriy or country such as Dehli, or one the major cities, which used to be country itslef, such as mysore, agra, etc.

        Allah only knows, this is just my guess.

        So to escape the wrath and just to be on the safe side, Sikhs should start on the Khalistan project per chance they may be spared. Once they start the democratic process, hold conference elections etc, US will not be opposing the will of people as amercians never oppose democratic process

      • correction: to escape the wrath of ghuzwa-e-hind……….

  5. Gazoo,

    There is a difference between human effort and prophecy thus Sikh’s will certainly do what they feel is correct!!..The thing to remember is that there is no Khalistan at this moment in time,your Punjab is very much part of India!.

    The Prophet(SAW) foretold that the entire subcontinent will again come under Muslim rule no matter if or not a future Khalistan is established.I’m afraid American’s won’t be supporting a Khalistan because there is nothing in it for them…and no they support opressors like the Arab monarchy and Zardari not democrats!

    What’s currently happening in the world is exactly how the Hazoor(SAW) foretold for it to be like great opression of Muslim’s and invasion of our lands!.Ghazwa along with a massive Muslim invasion of the west when the Ummat shall conquer Italy and liberate the Middle East especially Palestine are future events waiting to happen.

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