Constitutional Game To Undo Pakistan From The Backdoor

March 29, 2010

Dr. Shahid Qureshi, The London Post

LONDON, UK—Pakistan is unfortunately one of those countries where traitors masquerade as politicians and treachery is deemed to be ‘legitimate politics’.  There is no prize for guessing how did the desire the revoke the 17th Amendment got transformed into a full-fledged exercise for subverting the constitution. The answer is that it was a part of the scheme that involved the NRO and the formation of a coalition government in which all the parties are opposed to the Two Nation Theory of Pakistan. Mian Nawaz Sharif saw the game plan a bit late but he did see it and withdrew from the coalition. If he had not withdrawn, the judges dismissed by Musharraf would not have been restored and NRO would have become law. But the puppet masters have not given up; they are still eager to implement their original plan albeit with slight alterations due to new circumstances.

The plan is devious and not easy to understand. Some of those in the committee reviewing the Constitution have some idea of the true nature of the exercise they are engaged in but most of them do not know what is going on; they do not have a clue what is good for the country and are unable to see through the machinations of parties with anti-Pakistan agenda. The reports of ‘consensus’ and ‘absence of leaks’ makes one suspicious of the entire project. I fear that a ready to sign ‘draft amendment’ is a sinister plot. The public and the press must have a debate on what the committee recommends. The Constitution is too important a matter to be left entirely to politicians.

It seems to me that all the ingredients are being in place to undo Pakistan from the back door without even a fight. It seems the parties in the ruling coalition are in a hurry to fulfill the agenda of international plotters. The puppet masters had been relying on the gullibility of Nawaz Sharif who has been saying he would support no action that would destabilize the country.

The Constitutional Reforms Committee (CRC) which has decided to present the 18th Constitutional Amendment before the two houses of the Parliament, rejecting the reservations of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and some of its recommendations. He may have reacted a bit late but it is important that he has smelt a rat. After the priorities of the Zardari regime which came into power on the basis of a controversial ‘will’ of late Benazir Bhutto are dubious to say the least.

Owing to the deliberations and recommendations having remained shrouded in secrecy, people might not know why Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minster and PML-N chief, objected to these constitutional amendments in a press conference only an hour before a signing ceremony?

The reality is that these amendments have many dimensions and multiple usages. Obviously the plotters are not stupid and are backed by an efficient machine. For example, those who drafted the Kerry Lugar Bill had Pakistani insiders to advise how to cloak their sinister ‘agenda’ behind nice words like support for democracy, promotion of tolerance and accelerating the pace of ‘development’. The problem is that Zardari regime has too many ‘insiders’ promoting foreign agenda who are hurting the people and damaging the state. The MQM draft for constitutional amendments visualized “Provincial Autonomy” which gave the federation just two and half subjects – Defence, Foreign Affairs and Currency – Sine qua non for a Federation. The Draft Bill for Constitutional Amendments tabled by the MQM on 12th January 2009 MQM was not without foreign advice and support. I must admire President Asif Zardari, MQM leaders –  Farooq Sattar and Altaf Hussain – and the teams of minders they have, for being so ‘creative’ for their masters.

International financiers and plotters use constitutional loopholes to disintegrate countries to take control of natural resources. These plotters, their bankers and local agents are adept at creating food and other shortages, unemployment, insecurity, lawlessness, corruption, poverty and constitutional hiatus that make it necessary to invite foreign experts and international financial institutions for advice and help. The whole idea is to pass the control over national institutions, assets and resources to these plotters. For example two ‘insiders’ who are cronies of President Zardari – Wajid Shamsulhasasn High Commissioner to United Kingdom and Hussain Haqqani Ambassador to the United States – are allegedly involved in activities against the national interests of Pakistan . Wajid Shamsulhassan violated the decorum of his rank and the Service Rules of Pakistan when he went to collect documents pertaining to the trial in Switzerland and bring official documents to London and keep in his personal custody. Hussain Haqqani allegedly issued visas to the Blackwater personnel and was instrumental in adding conditions harmful and denigrating to the Armed Forces of Pakistan in the Kerry Lugar Bill. That the President as well those who serve him – whether cronies or not – are also subject to law, has been blatantly ignored. President Zardari and the team of his cronies continuously undermine the state; they get their orders obeyed because they have learnt ‘how to bypass the system’ to complete international agenda.

One cannot help admire the plotters for their selections of agents and deploying them in fulfillment of their multi layered conspiracy which is hard to detect and even harder to frustrate or neutralise. The game is not new but it is being played differently making it hard to tackle.

It seems that minders of Zardari, MQM and ANP have the Soviet Model of disintegration in mind. In modern times international plotters exploit legal and constitutional loopholes or arrange for such constitutional amendments that lead inevitably to the disintegration of the country. For example in dismantling the USSR the international plotters used constitutional provisions which had been placed intentionally. They were provisions in the Constitution of the USSR – put in during the heady days after the Russian Revolution of 1918, that made dismantling of the Union not just possible but easy. Article 70 of the Soviet Constitution Stated: “Union of the Soviet Republics is a unitary, federal, multinational state, formed on Free Self Determination of Nations”. Article 72 was more explicit and stated: “Each Union Republic retains the right freely to secede from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”.

Interestingly no such provision or mechanism is available in the US Constitution. According to US experts “the constitutional language is ‘sparse’. It is up to the Congress to give meaning to that language”.  We all know who control and gets the majority in the Congress?

“It was 1974 constitution of former Yugoslavia which caused the break of the state”, said Antonio Moneo Lain a visiting fellow at LSE in his lecture at London School of Economics on 2nd December 2009. I asked him that although, “USA is also a union of States but no such facility like choice of becoming independent is available to the states as the issue of state autonomy is kept vague”.

This is an edited version from www.ahmedquraishi.com of the article originally posted at The London Post



  1. the things is clear, army should act one and for all in the benefit of whole nation,my point is that politicians blame army and now judiciary for trespassing their constitutional limits, but dont they trespass their limit,by interfering in the every day decisions of civil administration, the beaurucracy i mean,very notorious but why?politicians snatched their independency bestowed by the constitution and is given in any normal constitution of the world,the limit of politicians and parliment is to be limited in policy making,the general observation if the policy is being carried out and investigate if any irregularity has occured, and nothing more, give the pillers of state the administration(civil and militry),the judiciary their constutional guard the respect and constitutional protection of their cheifs and their right to appoint their officials and the rule of seniority and limit the parliment that their power is limited to make policy, and make laws(but not contrary to constitution)for the policy and observe if any irregurality then making the inquiry send it to court for decision,and make NAB and independent institution protected by the constitution(and not by law as corrupt politicians have the power to change easily)and national security counsil a watch dog of every important national affair and we will see how those diry politicians and their god father america can interfere in our matters of national interest

  2. Londonpost.com is run from Lahore if you look at its IP address. It is a blog and not a genuine newspaper, does PKKH not care about credibility of news?

  3. Mian NAWAZ Sharif does’nt give a FUDGE about Pakistan. He’s just afraid of the ‘PROVINCIAL AUTONOMY’ cause after that How will Punjab suck the resources of the country and also for the PUNJABI ARMY OF PAKISTAN.

  4. @NA Kar
    U seems to be Indian in pakistani forum try to divide pakistanis by using regional issues.

    • I always thought you were from India…

  5. A well timed article.
    Our politicians are pigmies and Lilliputians.

    Instead of agreeing on Pakhtoonkhaw,there was not a single voice from any corner that:

    Name NWFP as Khaibar(Or whatever)
    Name Punjab as Ravi
    Name Sindh as Sachal(or whatever)
    Name Balochistan as Bolan

    Not only,they have lost a chance of re-making Pakistan,they have laid the foundation,as stated in the article.

    • @ Mu-salman Khan

      Facts stand on their own merit. Jinnah created Pakistan to eliminate imminent Hindu domination in the name of a ‘ numerical’ majority .
      Punjab has replaced the Hindu domination since Independence.
      Punjab was hostile to the Quaid’s idea of Pakistan till Pakistan became a reality and hence unavoidable for them.
      East Pakistan broke away owing to Punjabi arrogance and manipulation to deny the rights of East Pakistan and hence force Bengali majority to go on their own .
      This suited Punjab as they are now the majority whether civil or military and continue to unjustly hog all corridors of power at the expense of the smaller provinces in the Federation.
      It is instructive to note that March 23 was always celebrated as Pakistan’s Republic day until 1971 when East Pakistan became Bangladesh and since then it has been deliberately hyped as the Lahore 1940 Resolution day.
      The then CM of Punjab dumped the Resolution the very next day.

      History speaks the impartial truth and cannot be re written with a spin by any vested interest.

      • It is still not too late.Punjab can be dIvided into three provinces:

        2)Central Punjab(RAVI)
        3)Southern Punjab(Aulia Nagar)

        But,instead of eliminating Provincial Nationalism(AS there is only One Nation–Pakistani),the silly parliamentarians have conceded to Pakhtoonkhwa.


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