PKKH and Takmeel-e-Pakistan Press Release

March 26, 2010

Takmeel-e-Pakistan is a mission that is above ethnic, sectarian, linguistic divides. When we launched this mission and decided to pass this resolution, our objective was to unite Pakistanis from all walks of life, from the common man on the street to the leading scholars and respected ulema from all over Pakistan.

Unfortunately we have faced stiff opposition and threats of violence and death from certain quarters in the last few weeks, which is why we have decided to clarify our stance with regards to Zaid Hamid and the Yusuf ‘Kazzab’ issue.

PKKH and the Takmeel-e-Pakistan team have never had anything to do and will never have anything to do with any Yusuf Ali / Yusuf Kazzab.

Both PKKH and Takmeel-e-Pakistan are completely ‘independent’ organizations and our association with BrassTacks and Zaid Hamid is due to our agreement on issues concerning Pakistan’s National Security, and projection and promotion of the ideology of Pakistan. We urge all parties to resolve this issue peacefully instead of publicly issuing threats of violence and calling for ‘Jihad’ against fellow muslims – which was threatened in statements in newspapers in the buildup to Takmeel by individuals linked to AMTKN and allied groups.

We respect the noble mission that AMTKN carries forward, and have nothing but the utmost respect for Ulemas, irrespective of their maslaks. We also believe Zaid Hamid to be a patriotic son of Pakistan who has done phenomenal work in a short space of time to make Pakistanis realize their true potential and the beautiful future that awaits them InshaAllah. We believe this issue is resolved soon so the focus can be on Pakistan again, at a time when we face multiple threats from our external enemies.

Pakistanis need to unite at this critical hour. The Takmeel-e-Pakistan resolution that was succesfully presented to the nation on March 23rd 2010, is the first step in this direction, and InshaALLAH we will work hard in the coming days and months to get all leading ulemas, scholars, and thinkers on board with this noble mission and work towards our common goal: implementation of a true Islamic system in Pak Sarzameen  and the revival of the Islamic ummah, based on the principles of Quran and Sunnah as demonstrated in the Khilafat-e-Rashidah.

Pakistan, InshaALLAH Hamesha Paindabaad – and may Allah SWT destroy those who oppose efforts to implement His system as we promised on March 23rd, 1940 and again on March 23rd, 2010.

Dan Qayyum

Editor, PKKH and Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution Dated March 23rd, 2010.



  1. great Dan!!! great work!!!

  2. m.A and the oath taking ceremony did take place…ab toh asam khali hai…..Pakistan will become the greatest nation!!!!!!! insh’Allah!

    • @ PKKH, Dan Qayyum

      Brother thank you and thank you for clearing up your stand. We also stand with our honourable brother and a son Janab Zaid Hamid Sahib.

      Yousif Ali case; I will never call him with name like kassab as i don’t believe that he was kassab of any crimes, such as his dirty enemies taged him with.

      His enemies and the enemies of Pakistan are one. These enemies are the one who are helping india inside Pakistan.

      These eneimes are to see Islam and the followers stay confused and divided.

      Anyone who is after Janab Zaid Hamid Sahib trying to damage, is clearly an enemy.

      We demanad every person should come out and state to clear their stands; either they are with Janab Zaid Hamid Sahib and his mission or other wise.

      Pakistanio show your support and stands;

      Pakistan and Janab Zaid Hamid Sahib both Zindabaad Paindabaad

  3. […] started to distance itself from Zaid Hamid. About 30 mins ago, PKKH and Takmeel have released a press release which further reveals the cracks within the alliance of ZH and these patriots of Pakistan. The […]

  4. it means you people still giving priority to country over your religion,, astaghfirullah.. after got many solid proves abt zaid hamid link with yusuf kazzab, you guys still compromising?? \shame on you..

    lets see how you guys bring an islamia shariah with zaid hamid , ali azmat and maria B…

    remember that ALLAH will bring islami shariah but not through ZH,, inshallah

  5. Not satisfactory. Complete disassociation from the defender of a false Prophet is required. Please consult Ulemas from all schools of thoughts regarding the issue and you will find the truth.

  6. Within two sentences you have gone from putting kazab in double quotes to just referring to Yusuf as Kazab. A positive step.

    ZH however refuses to call Yusuf a Kazab. Failure to do so negates all the good stuff that he may have done. PKKH should have no association with a known sahabi of a kazab and defender of a kazab.


    • I think PKKH has supported Zaid hamid as a patriotic son of Pakistan, which is quite encouraging.

    • Don’t make your own conclusions.No such thing above.

      Now it is Farz on AMTKN’s to complete their mission by proving what they professed,and finally settle their claim of ZH being a follower of a False Prophet by obtaining a Fatwa.

      One is not a true Ashiq & Fidaee-Rasool(SAW)if he stops here as it is a matter of Deen.

  8. As for right now it’s completely an unavailing attempt because you didn’t specify what would be your possible course of action if ZZH and AMTKH fail to ‘resolve’ this issue. And to be honest, there’s nothing left to resolve after the official release of so-called ‘Truth’ –the video– at Takmeel website in which ZZH ‘adjudicates’ not only the incrediblity of AMTKH’s case against Yusuf Kazzab but also the verdict of Session Court, Lahore.

    Uptill now all this Takmeel fervor is only characterized with ZZH as a person, who knows Dan Qayyum? So do you have any option like ZZH minus Takmeel-e-Pakistan mission if status quo remains?


  9. We welcome this move by PKKH. We believe you guys are a bunch of patriotic Pakistanis. It is understandable that at this stage your statement had to be diplomatic, but hopefully with time you will completely separate from Zaid Hamid.

    Allah o Akbar!






    • It has been a long tradition of Pakistanis to discourage and diss her own talents either for the sake of few $ or because of fears or repraisals from the munafqeens, such as Maulvis fromn the Tahaffuz and kafereens and such as hindus and RAW. We see here quiet a few of those disguised as a Muslims. If they are Muslims, they are from India working for the Information Ministry of India and spreading disinformation against our hero ZH.

      WHat they dont realize is that ghuzwa-e-hind is real and it WILL happen, ZH may not be the person, but some one else will have the honor.

      Danish Q unfortunatley bailed out and missed the part of being in the tahreek of ghuzwa-e-hind and get the blessing from Allah and Muhammad (s.a.w.). The following twolines of a song came to my mind, sung by Muhammad Rafi:

      naseeb mein jiskey jo likha tha ++ woh teri mahefil mein kaam aya

      kisi key hissey mein pyas ayi++ kisi key hissey mein jaam aya

      Subhanallah , kya theek baat kahi hai shaer ney\

      @Gazoo: Behave. Firstly, Ghazwa-e-Hind has NOTHING to do with Yusuf ‘Kazzab’. He was never part of Takmeel either. If you care to READ the above statement, we have distanced ourselves from the Yusuf ‘Kazzab’ issue and NOT ZH or BT. [DQ]

      • Thanks for clarification, Now lets see some new video form ZH on takmeel of Pakistan. I was watching his vidieo last night on Niamatullah Shah Wali. SubhanaAllah. How did know that kafir Akbar will be king of India, and otehr predictions. Allah must have given him the wisdom and ilham.

        I find ZH 10 times better than these toofani maulvis. Zh may be belssing from Allah at a time we need to rise

  11. Sometimes hopelessness stuck me while looking at the response of people to great causes. If there is any doubt about the methodology of zaid hamid then one should comment on that but unfortunately we start discussing things which are either useless. From all the words which he speaks i am yet to hear anything that is contrary to islam or Muslims. Zaid hamid has given me hope to re-live in Pakistan while the maulvis were still discussing pity issues like ” which finger to start while cutting nails” i have heard people discussing the whole khutba on same subject. They are misguiding people, they are destroying the energy of youth to follow the right path.
    Once i first hear zaid hamid, regardless of his past i knew there would be many standing against him. i guess i was right. People who are criticizing him should come with some alternate solution rather then doing nothing and chanting empty slogans. Zaid hamid ‘s sin was not bigger then Shirak. if he ever committed it, he is sorry for it, remember that islam started with people who use to dig their daughters alive while lately they became the leaders of Ummah, so pious they were and there words lately.

    I hope the mission of takmeel goes forward as per the plan and we have leadership from the youth to replace the lot sitting in both parliament and Masjid’s. We have a country run with spiritualism rather then baseless logics and only emotions. Practical islam rather then fairy tales.

    Long Live Pakistan, the next capital of Khilafah. Long live political islam.

    • Great comment. Lots of us feel this way, but are not as aggressive and violent as the opposition

  12. Slowly but gradually PKKH has become nothing more than a mouth-piece of ZH and his campaign.

    Recently, when the Yousaf Kazzab case re-surfaced, PKKH was mostly seen publishing articles clearing ZH’s position and stance. It would be fair to say that PKKH itself has lost its identity in this process.

    Please continue with the great and valuable work you guys are doing sans ZH.

    From sincere and dedicated fan of PKKH.

  13. This is encouraging..PKKH have stuck to their guns well..I have been very discouraged with the reaction from the religious element especially since I consider myself a religious ( but not a great) Muslim..I don’t always agree with hamid but I’m sick of the attacks against him!! what are those who are attacking him standing for? Division and fasaad or enjoing the good?

    • Its sad that PKKH has distant itself from ZH which is exactly what the munafiq maulvis wanted to heppen. we do notice that only the Aalmi Majlis is creating fasad for the reason they are protecting themsleves from prosecution for murder of Yousuf Ali. They are also scared that they did something based on an idiot journalist from Khabrein in Lahore.

      Takmeel should nothave distanced from ZH or abondoned ZH under the threat or pressure from maulvis or foreigner. Thats cowardly act, Muslims are not supposed to be coward, should have stuck to the gun for the haq and truth and more accurately for ghuzwa-e-hind. Jinnah had immense mukhalfat also, but he didnt give up except when left for London and came back when called by Iqbal….

      We will not find anyone as good as ZH in near future…..I hope ZH starts his own outfit to see that Pakistan reaches where she should

      Zaid Hamid Zindabad
      Pakistan Paindabad

  14. I am glad that PKKH has distanced himself from ZH. ZH needs to resolve this issue of Yusuf Kazzab with AMTKN peacefully. I dont have any objection to the message ZH has given thus far, but his personal beliefs have done far more damage to Takmeel-e-Pakistan. And I am surprised that he is still clinging on to Yusuf Kazzab while whole Takmeel-e-Pakistan was effected. Had he resolved this issue we could have a huge crowd at Minar-e-Pakistan and pass the resolution in a respectable manner. I no longer support ZH, unless and until he clears this, and if he doesnt then Takmeel-e-Pakistan will be just fine without him.

  15. I would also add that if ZH doesnt resolve this issue then lets ditch ZH and take ulema on board and do another Takmeel-e-Pakistan function without ZH at Minar-e-Pakistan and pass the resolution in a respectable manner. It doesnt have to 23rd March, pick another date and do it, make it happen. Just imagine thousands of people at Minar-e-Pakistan supporting Takmeel. I am with Takmeel-e-Pakistan devoid of Zaid Hamid (if he doesnt resolve his YK issue). Danish bahi you can lead it, please seriously think over it, there are huge people who we lost due to ZH YK issue, now you will get those people back and have a respectable Takmeel-e-Pakistan.

  16. zaid hamid said thousand times, he believes Nabi Mohemmed(SAW) as last prophet,so muslims have to believe this because whats in hearts, nobody knows, tomorrow if people gonna blame(naozobillah)you or anybody else even ulemas, would people believe that too? iam afraid if v muslims pakistanis will not benefit from the presence of zaid hamid,afather like person, v will b missing alot and nobody like him knowledgeable and speaking-ability will come again to this land. i pray to Allah(SWT) that He gives me,myfamily and zaid sahib & many others, who are waking-up ummat ,abeautiful Jannatul Firdous ,aaameenSummaAameen.

    • in this site, down the scroll,u will see in urdu an endian newspapers clipping about how endian-army is supporting propaganda against zaid hamid.

      • Wish you could send this to AMTKN.

        Similar conspiracies were hatched in 1971 when our own people were blaming each other while Indians were doing their job.AlBadr and As-Shams,who gave their lives to save Pakistan(in East Pakistan) were discredited in the remaining Pakistan.

        How easily people get into the enemy trap,and call themselves Fidayees and Ashiq-e-Rasool(SAW).

  17. MashaAllah a great step to unite the nation as the mission of Takmeel cannot be achieved without unity.

    We all are Muslims AlhamduLillah (Our non-muslim Pakistanies are our brothers are equally Pakistanies with all rights) and as Muslims, we are very sensitive regarding the Honor of our Holy Prophet PBUH.

    Zaid Hamid is still defending Yousuf Ali Kazzab. He is calling everyone, who calls Yousuf Ali a Kaazab, a FASADI. He is calling Ulemas as “2 tukkay kay molvi”, “Napak Paleed”, “Ghutiya”. He is just trying to divide Muslims instead of uniting them. He tried to create a sectarian divide on the Kazzab issue as well by going to brailvy Ulema and tried to get their support.

    By doing all such thing, Zaid Hamid is just increasing the anger among Muslims which can result is bloodshed.

    This step by PKKH and Takeeml-e-Pakistan of distancing from Zaid Hamid has mad every Muslim very happy as the mission of PKKH and Takmeel-e-Pakistan is the actually the mission of every Pakistani. Now every one will join with clear mind.

    • @wajid……….. Zh is not calling ulamas a fasadi, do takey etc…. he is calling the ulamas and maulvis who deserves. There are many many ‘maulana’ / ‘maulvis’ who are those two beacuse of long untrimmed wild beard. If you check their credentials, I am will to bet they do not have anyor they have a counterfiet one, just like Jamshed Dasti, the MNA.

      Did you see th epress conf that these darhi waley maulvis after the Shahadat of Mufti Jalapuri? They looked nothing mauqa parast, photo oppurtinist, fasadi, and quick to blame an innocent person ZH, in FIR. Now they are saying that ‘ well perhaps they were in too much of a haste’. the maulvi on the left, toofani I think, looks like leader of a cult, memeber of the Taliban

      Zaid Hamid Zindabad
      Pakistan Paindabad

  18. i love pkkh for this decision,, very good,, keep it up,,,

  19. Zaid Hamid and Yousaf Ali Kazab issue has certainly created a lot of confusion in the minds of all and sundry. The momentum which was gained (prior to this issue) by the team of ZZ on Pakistani Nationalism was awesome. The pace of this nationalist movement has slowed down.

    Being a student of leadership I have observed that many movements and activities which revolve around one person only, if that person is gone or cornered the whole effort some times comes to zero. Therefore for the continuity of a process its the duty of the leader to groom his / her alternates.

    • Rightly said! We are already sick and tired of the Personality politics, and this recent spanner thrown in the Takmeel Pakistan Movement is only a grim reminder to all of us of the personality based setups. We can feel the way PKKH has slowed down & the way they are steering it away from ZZ as an independent entity,,, Good news for all of us

      PKKH, atleast resume the pace of posting topics,,, we can’t afford delays or down time. Always have back up plans. The show must go on!

  20. To start with,induct new blood in the second tier and say thank you to the last batch.

  21. @ Salman Zafar:

    Hey there…… since you’re so firm on your belief that we’re Dajjals and Liars, why don’t you hold a press conference and prove it!

    You might have personal issues against PKKH and you’re using this moment to label all with the same thing….. exactly what a loser does. Its ok Salman, carry on. We’ll see you on the day of Judgement for having called PKKH liars without any verification and/or justification.

  22. @paktriot

    go to the zaid hamid exposition website and look at the various sections thoroughly….

    Asif Shiraz ko dekho….look at the flip flopping….

    from in 2008 to doing verbal gymnastics of claiming even thinking of linking zaid to yusuf kazzab was an act of blasphemy in itself…to march 2010…when he released a video admitting zaid’s past with yusuf…thats a contradiction in itself to say the least….

    similarly…PKKH was publishing zaid’s work verbaitum till recently….only now has it condemned the kazzab as a kazzab….it supported zaids view point of calling the kazzab “yusuf ali”

    hence…implicitly…not calling him a kazzab….

    now they have made 180 degree turn on such an important issue….

    if PKKH was a nationalist website of high quality….kam say kam….at least zaid ka backround to sahi tara check kar laytay….

    instead of getting mesmerized by his sweet talk and…getting into all this trouble….

    look at the exposition folks..they have videos of people going to maulana sarwar Qadri …who zaid spoke of in his video…and said he defended yusuf kazzab till the very end…

    when sarwar qadri sahib was told this..he flatly rejected it and said shaitan he shaitan ka defaa karta hai…musalman nahi…he said zaid ko pakar layna chaheeyay….

    this is the reality of the falsehood zaid is propagating…..and up till late..PKKH was fully printing it..as if it was its own…and only now have they got into their senses and called the kazzab what he should be called …a kazzab…

    maulana naeemi who zaid talked of in a press conference…was asked about him and he said that zaid is a bigger kazzab than yusuf kazab…go onto youtube and see the videos for yourself…

    this whole episode was highly irresponsible on PKKH’s part…kam say kam jin ulema ka zaid nay video may naam leeya tha…un say kah kar contact to kar laytay…aur loogon nay keeya tha…why didnt PKKH??

    its at the very least an episode of serial incompetance in my eyes….

    and now..that it has been shown that zaid lied in his videos…regarding some ulema’s alleged support of yusuf kazzab…..and that zaid is a lier…

    how can u call him a patriotic son?

    kiya iqbal kay shaheen kay definition par zaid ka past behaviour utarta hai??

    does it fit iqbal’s shaheen’s profile??


    its terrible…zaid needs to be cut…his behaviour is dangerous and harmful for all those around him…kamakaa kee controversy…

    this blind faith in hamid is an error and a stain on PKKH’s part to say the least…
    thats my view….

    • @ Salman Zafar you are a kafir hindoo hiding in name like Salman Zafar. do you lier know Pakistanis do not have name like ((Salman Zafar)).

      Salman????????never heard of such a name in pakistan. may you burn in hel for liying kafir kutty ki ulad.

      janab zaid hamid is pakistan’s top leader indeed. all pakistan stands with him. ALLAHU AKABAR….NARAY TAKBEER ALLAHU AKABAR….ZAID HAMID ZINDABAD…PAKISTAN PAINDABAD!

    • Salman zafar,

      here is a song for ya:

      bandaey natram, bandey matram


  23. sorry…i meant mufti Naeem….

    not maulana naeemi…

    my bad….

    but also another point…

    PKKH now calls AMTKN’s mission noble….. and has the utmost respect for them….

    this is a 180 degree turn on their earlier post..

    zaid hamid buries the yusuf kazzab myth….

    there zaid was quite harsh on AMTKN …to say the least….

    so at that point in time they believed zaid completely?? did not even bother to ask AMTKN some questions via email…before verbaitum publishing what zaid was saying???

    they basically insulted AMTKN…and they havent even apologized for their mistake….

    again…it shows an immature haste and too much blind naive trust on PKKHs part on zaid hamid…

    again i am not outright calling PKKH dajjal and or liers and etc….

    but they should appologize for their mistakes…u cant just rewrite history here…u know what u guys did…..

  24. i mean i believed in the video response zaid hamid made….

    then u go online and actually see Sarwar Qadri sahib totally reject zaid’s claim…its utterly ridiculous…

    if zaid lied on that issue…then he is not sadiq or ameen in my eyes…and i dont need “tarbeeyat” from such a person who needlessly insults AMTKN ulema….and lies about barelvi ulema like Sarwar Qadri…and does not condemn yusuf kazzab as kazzab…although that barelvi aalim…sarwar Qadri sahib…was doing so…so its not a deobandi berelvi issue as zaid claims….so thats another lie….

    and after all that to still call him a patriotic son???



    call a spade a spade…..

    drop him…get real scholars and people of knowledge to talk about iqbal…get more senior defense analysts to talk about forign policy…..

    get historians to recount the tales of our Mujahids….

    it might be more work…but its worth it

    laikin ..for the sake of your own soul….iss Zaid Zaman Hamid kay chakraon say niklo yaar!!

    he is not worthy of being called a patriotic son…we have seen his real level of competence and ethics in how he managed this recent matter…

    first it was fasadis who were responsible…
    and now its AMTKN….ahem…the ones on a “noble” mission who are “respected”

    look at the flak you have taken recently….

    it was all needless….and you know that for a fact….

    so why not reform your site…and get patriots with better credentials…better past histories…and better kirdaar…..than you current favorite “patriotic son” (zaid zaman)

  25. *mufti ghulam sarwar Qadri….go look up his reply to zaid’s claims on youtube….

  26. he calls zaid a dajjal …a shaitan…do you want to be with a dajjal and shaitan….choro what has happened in the past…look at the future…and at akhirah….


  27. oops my bad..he calls yusuf a kazzab, dajjal and shaitan..but he doesnt have nice words for zaid either….

  28. I fully condemn Yusuf Ali Kazzab ..as a kazzab a dajjal and a shaitain

    and i condemn zaid zaman hamid for not denouncing him and for causing needless trouble among the youth…misleading them……

    he is a shaitan aadmi…..and needs to be caught and arrested..and made to do all the shariat mandated steps that are required of him….

    or punished if he likes that accursed Kazzab and is not willing to comply with what AMTKN is asking….

  29. anyone who thinks yusuf was not a kazzab or was nauzobillah a “wali” is either out of his mind….OR has been deceived by the chalaakee and the makarri of Zaid hamid and his sweet talking……OR is himself a trouble maker who wants to spread fitnah…..

  30. or is a minor or clinically insane or demented and does not have reasoning capacity in him.

  31. Salam wa rehmatullah.

    I think we are missing a very important point here.

    without getting into the controversy of Zaid Hamid, Allah swt used Zaid hamid to open up the hearts of thousands amongst the sincere youths who love their land and deen and want to do contribute effectively in Pakistan.

    So although there are some negatives that came out of it, primarily its the positives that charged us all up, that the youth of pakistan is ready for the challenge of Establishing a sincere leadership and removing this corrupt system and replacing it with the Khilafah Rashida insAllah.

    So Allah might have closed one avenue for some people but it has definitely opened up thousands more and i sincere believe that a soul who is looking for the truth would definitely find its ultimate goal and join the Dawah of Allah swt and Alhumdulillah there are plenty of sincere people and organisations amongst us who have been working for exactly the same goal for decades and let us open up our hearts and seek the truth.

    and Remember that its not the personalities that are important, rather its the idea and ultimately Islam is the true huq and it should prevail.

    I hope you understand my point.

    Nabeel Hanif

  32. ehsaan framoshi ki had hoti hai – jab yeh qaum andhery mein bethi thi tab kis ne aa kar roshni ka raasta dikhaya?

    jab yeh mullah jinno ne 60 years se kush nehi kiya sivai hamay aapas mein larvaanay ka – inko pata chala ke hamara kaam koi aur rasool s.a.w. ke tareeqay par kar raha to inki path gai – inki shaqle kabhi dekhi hai?

    mein aaj kuch last year ke programme dekh raha tha zaid saab ka aur unno ney hazaar dafa woh shayr doraya ke “..ki mohammad se wafa to ham terey…”

    is tara kisi ka character destroy karnay ki koshish wohi kar saktay hai jinko khatra hai – aur jo is waqt saath chor raha hai to inka apna nuksaan hai – zaid saab ko koi farq nahi paray ga inshallah.

    aur inshallah zaid saab ho ya na ho lekin jab khilafat e rashida ki tareekh likhi jai ga to unka kirdaar is soi hui qaum ko ghairat, daleri aur imaandari ki aur bulaanay pehley likha jai ga

    • Ameen, summa Ameen

      Rana saheb, people like Salman Zafar are either fake names or belong to the same belief as Salman Rushdi. Do the two SALMANs seem familiar? If he really IS a Muslim then I am willing to bet he is a paid employee of the Ministry of Information, India, working for the minimum wage attempting to discredit Zaid Saheb. As we have witnessed India and yahoods are very scraed and see their loss if ZH’s mission continues.

      I started follwoing his mission only Jan 1st, 2010 and have learned so much about our muslim entity that never knew it existed. He is a tremendous assets to the Ummah.

      May Allah give him health and long life and courage to continue with his mission.

      As aqa (s.a.w.) said about the ghuzwa-e-hind, so shall be done. Ameen. We shall shackle the aziz-e-hind (the PM of India) and bring him to Islamabad to put on trial. Hindus and Indian elites are not stupid. They study ahadeeth and know its going to happen, thats why they are out in full force to discredit ZH. What they dont seem to understand that all their opposition will not stand up to Allah’s hikmat to fulfill the words that came out Muhammad (s.a.w.) wisdon

      May all Muslims have blessing of Allah, and shifa’ah in qyamah.

      • g i am pretty much sure that there are people who paid by different states to spread disinformation. this is an openly admitted policy of israel and i wouldnt be surprised if india has a similar policy.

        but the shameful thing is how normal pakistani’s have fallen for it – how these maulvi’s who never did anything for unity except eat halva now have the gall to attack zaid saab.

        no gustakh can ever call for khilafat – this requires amazing strength of iman. because calling for khilafat is an open challenge to the whole force of shaitaan. these mullahs for 60 years even denied that such a thing exists. tahir ul qadri has just said in a fatwa in london that the quran does not mention khilafah – banda sochay itna parha likha insaan – itna barra alim khilafat ka farz hona nahi jaanta? jab rasool s.a.w. ko 3 din aur 2 raat nahi dafnaya – to sahaba kiya kar raha thay? sahaba ko pata tha ke sab se barra fardh hai ke aik leader ho. aur ham mashallah 80 saal se gaflat mein soey huey hai beygharto ke neend. hamaray mullah aur politicians ney majboor kar diya awaam ko ke maangnay waala hath aagay karay. laanat on all of them.

  33. The answer to propaganda

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