Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution: The Beginning

March 25, 2010


On 23rd March 2010, the Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution was presented and passed. Despite all the opposition, disruption and disturbance, the Patriots of Pakistan were able to clearly outline the vision for the revival and rise of Pakistan and demonstrated their commitment, dedication, devotion, sincerity and loyalty to their beloved homeland. Their passion, emotions and enthusiasm clearly reflected that they are now standing for Pakistan, they are determined for Pakistan’s betterment and development and they will do anything to transform this sacred land into a prosperous welfare state.

The Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution clearly reflects that Its NOT about any single person, its NOT about any organization, its NOT about a certain group of people, its ONLY and ONLY about the ideology of Pakistan, the revival of the true spirit of Pakistan and the RISE of Pakistan as an exemplary Islamic welfare state….

This is also a time to look back through the history of Pakistan and recall what has the political setup contributed towards Pakistan and the Pakistani Nation? What have they given to the people of Pakistan except corruption, mismanagement, poverty, exploitation, severe social, economic and financial problems, injustice, civic problems. This is what the Patriots of Pakistan are standing against, this is what the Patriots of Pakistan are committed to eradicate from Pakistan, this is what the Patriots of Pakistan want to replace with welfare, justice, harmony and prosperity. It should be clearly understood and remembered that this is a serious struggle against the exploitative, corrupt, polluted and filthy system of governance in Pakistan. This is a struggle to pull the people of Pakistan out of all the misery, darkness and the mess that the traitors, looters, betrayers have made in Pakistan. It is certainly and most certainly NOT about following any single person literally for the sake of blindly following him or her. Those who are in contradiction with these ideas or have any other intentions, whoever they may be, and those who intend to go beyond the boundaries of Allah’s commandments, Quran, Risaalat, Sunnat and Shari’at, can NO LONGER be a part of this Movement and shall never be tolerated. Such a person or group of people shall immediately be dissociated from the Movement launched by the Patriots of Pakistan. This is about the state of Pakistan, Pakistani nation and the eventually the true implementation of Islam.

Another point to contemplate: Is it a service to Islam to block or oppose such a Movement? Is it really a contribution to Pakistan to place hurdles and obstacles in the way of such a Movement? Is it by any definition productive for Pakistan or the people of Pakistan in any way? Has the disturbance done any good to take an initiative to solve the problems of Pakistani people? Has it done anything to raise a voice against the corrupt politicians and the exploitative system? Has it in any way helped towards the cause of building  and developing Pakistan? Has it shown any commitment towards “Pakistan”? Has it demonstrated a determination to launch a struggle to get Pakistan out of the mess and alleviate the pain and suffering of Pakistani people?

The elements who were disturbing the event, have they done “anything” productive “ever” for Pakistan? What has their contribution been so far? Have they ever launched a Movement to fight the corruption, injustice, poverty, exploitation in Pakistan? Have they ever tried to stop the looters who hold such events to beg for votes and once they get into the assemblies, all they are focused at is how to make more and more money in the given time? Have they ever stood up against the any kind of corruption in the Government departments? Have they ever gathered around a department where bribery, nepotism and other crimes are commonplace? Have they ever raised their voice against the ruling elite for the rights of people, to eliminate their suffering and problems? If they are just against a single person, why they were opposing the Takmeel event? That event was not about just a person, it was NOT about following a person, it was actually the launch of a full-fledged Movement solely to bring about a change in Pakistan. Does it not mean that they are not merely against a person, they are actually against the initiative that has been taken? They are against the Movement which is challenging the corrupt system? They are against the voice that has been raised for the people of Pakistan? Is it that they “don’t” want things to change for their own interests? Is it that they “don’t” want to see Pakistan getting our of troubles? Is it that they actually want to sabotage the Movement that is building up to bring about a change? Is it that they are a part of the corrupt and they want to keep things as they are, because it suites them more? If they are sincere to Pakistan and its prosperity and development, why are they opposing this Movement as a whole? Why are they standing in the way of Revolution that only aims to work for the rise of Pakistan?

In the past 63 years, what have their contributions been towards Pakistan? If they really wish to put an effort or make a contribution, shouldn’t they bring the nation together and stand against the external and internal enemies of Pakistan instead of dividing, confusing and misguiding them and doing something which can contribute nothing to Pakistan or the People of Pakistan?

It is time to think objectively and critically that who is serving what objective. It is time to judge whose efforts are directed towards Pakistan and whose towards some other smaller gains. Its time to open the minds and eyes to distinguish between who has been doing the damage to Pakistan and has cruel intentions against Pakistan and who is working and struggling for Pakistan and willing to sacrifice for the sake of Pakistan.

Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement is a mission launched by the Patriots of Pakistan to achieve all the objectives which laid the foundation of Pakistan, the objectives for which our forefathers stood up, fought and won Pakistan, the objectives for which the Muslims of South Asia demanded Pakistan, the objectives for which millions of people sacrificed their everything and to finally fulfill the promise that we made with Allah that we’ll establish His rule here. The Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement ONLY and ONLY aims to achieve these objectives and NOTHING else. Its ALL about Pakistan and the Love of Pakistan.

The Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement is just the beginning of the patriotic struggle for the Patriots of Pakistan. The mission will go on until the revival and rise of Pakistan as a prosperous Islamic welfare state Insha’Allah.

Read the Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution and decide for yourself what is it actually demanding. What exactly is it aimed at, what exactly it is asking for, what are the intentions and what is this struggle all about.

Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution:





  1. great guyz…….maybe now they’ll understand…….maybe they still won’t understand…..well i don’t know who said this but i like it…..”some people make wonders happen, some people see wonders happen, some wonder what happened”……..GO PKKH!!!

  2. hello
    can any 1 provide me the urdu version of Takmeel-e- Pakistan Doc, i need to ditribute it to my fellows n family……..khakanlone@hotmail.com
    plx mail it to me if ny 1 have it!!!

  3. if it aint abt a single person, then the person in question should have been removed from the movement before *successfully* presenting the resolution. even AQ has distanced himself frm ZH.

    and the opposition was to ZH and not the movement itself. Because you guys refused to distance yourself from ZH, the movement got brought down.

    • The Movment was successful in terms of; it has given the ADAN. And this call is hurd by millions of true Pakistanis.

      AQ is fully behind and supports every step ZH takes to build Pakistan.


    • let’s take a trip down memory lane…
      When Quaid-e-Azam stood up for Tahreek-e-Pakistan…hundreds of poeple were against him but he did wot was right…Allah wouldn’t have blessed him if he wasn’t on the right path…
      Take a read again on the article…it wasn’t “brought down”…the resolution was passed b4 they could spoil it(:D)…ZH isn’t someone wid alot of leisure tym…if these politicians were actually working for Pak n not juz accompanying people around the world v would have done nothing but support them…but apparently they r tooooo bzy corrupting the country rather than working 4 it…
      AQ distanced himself from ZH on those blasphemy allegations…but we knw that ZH is against any1 who claims false prophethood…so AQ unfortunately, misunderstood the whole concept lyk sooooooo many other people…
      if u can’t support something true, honest and sincere then plzzz don’t criticise it…

    • Why shd we distance ourselves from a person who believes firmly in ALLAH [swt] and Prophet Mohammad [saww]???? Just because you Fassadis say so?????

      We will not surrender this nation to mindless military doctators or corrupt politicians, and we certainly don’t want ur corrupt system.

  4. dont be disheartened by this ahmed bhai and zaid hamin sahab …we are with you all the way , i wouldve driving 400 miles to be there had i been in lahore…there is always next year, these thigns take time …dont lose hope please..keep up ur good work

  5. You guys thought that there will be no resistance and it would be like a walk in a park. There is no such thing as peaceful protest as far as Pakistan is concerned. Tameer e Pakistan consumed millions of life, tekmeel e Pakistan will consume more.

    • no v never did…v were always prepared 4 wotever was gonna happen…
      N watch it when u talk about Pakistan in that way…poeple lyk me r not gonna thank u 4 that…
      protests, violence is in every country…name me one country who never had a drop of blood shed in their land…
      And if tahreek-e-Pakistan took lives…take a look at wot it had blessed us with…n now if takmeel-e-Pakistan consumes our lives…think of wot THIS will bless us with…

  6. So they suceeded in bringing down a sincere attempt at change by demonising the main speaker..typical Pakistan..it seems this qaum is undeserving of such movements!! Allah swt gives us who we deserve and right now we deserve zardari and nothing else!! We deserve hypocrites theives liars scum marasis..because we ourselves are full of the above!!

  7. I don’t care about the opinions of the ignorant people, my thoughts and prayers goes out to Zaid Hamid Bhaye!! We love you and We are with you!!

    • “For him are angels ranged before him and behind him, who guard him by Allah’s command. Lo! Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts; and if Allah willeth misfortune for a folk there is none that can repel it, nor have they a defender beside Him.” [13:11]

      First change whats in our hearts! If its love in our hearts for *one* man who has been a proven follower of a false prophet who was labeled as a blasphemer by Ulema of *all* sects (shia, ahle-e-hadith, deobandi & barelvi) then don’t expect Allah to remove the azaab that plagues our nation.

      Love Allah and his Prophet peace be upon him. Hate the enemies of both Allah and his Prophet Peace be upon him. Don’t be like sheep; open your eyes and see the evidence (documents & audios are available on the ZHE blog).

      Demand ZH to do tauba and curse Yusuf Kazab. ZH’s failure to do so only reinforces the belief that ZH still believes in Yusuf Kazab to be a tasalsul of Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon him naoozubillah.

      Pakistan Paindabad Insha-Allah

  8. Lots of hindoz are on Pakistani websites spreading disinformations.

    KAFIR hindo RAW is behind this. india must be disolved, as india is a illigal terrorist state created by the zionest christians and the harami jews.


  9. Alhamdulillah…
    May Allah bless PAKISTAN and ZAID HAMID…
    V r always wid u ZZH…
    Pakistan zindabad!!!

    • thats great..we r with u sir hamid.. because u took stand for pakistan ..May Allah bless you..pakistan zinadabad..

  10. i relly like him.he is true muslim.i dnt know why some people dnt like them

  11. Takmeel….. after much hype turned out a joke.
    The damage was done by Zaid’s lie.

  12. Personally I think,the movement will get momentum as Fasadees will now disperse and again will be involved in Barelvi-Deobandi tussle,due to introduction of Sultan Bahu’s fikr.Again start calling each other Kafir.They had nothing to do with Ishqe-Rasool(SAW),and were Fasadees instead of so called Fidayees.

    Blasphemous Danish cartoons and Dutch film will continue to stare at them but they will go to long sleep.

    Now,under the movement,they should form committees of intellectuals on Science,Agriculture,Education,Health,Industry,Infra-structural development,development of villages to stop urbanisation,Environment etc.

    • Brother If u look at Dr Israr Ahmed and Hizb ut tahrir then u’ll be surprised they have everything ready to be implemented.

    • Suggest that Takmeel should form a shadow goverment i.e.a government in waiting and prepare all plans so that whenever get the chance,start executing them immediately.

  13. Salam-o-alaik. I dont understand why Zaid hamid and Dr Israr Ahmed don’t pair up? Imagine how bigger force they will become? apparently both working for the same cause? and i tell u what there is another horse which we dont mention quite often that is Hizb-u-tahrir. They were banned in pakistan in 2003 by Musharaf but If these 3 get together and work, wouldn’t it be better and bigger in power? Why not if the cause is 1? Superiority of Allah SWT? Plz ZH and PKKH team consider this. God bless!!!

  14. why was’nt any one else like Ali azmat,maria.b & other clebs there they were supproting this were’nt they???,i thought Imran khan joined the mission so why was’nt he or anyone frm his party was on the scene????

  15. Can you please upload Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution copy in high resolution. You know what it mean. It’s hard to read this copy of it.

  16. Dear PKKH Team,
    The second paragraph of this post shows your fears. This is in fact exactly what has happened, Takmeel, PKKH all have been taken over by one single person ZH.

    PKKH should separate it ways from fitna of ZH. Takmeel function should be organized again, at a better venue not a naach gana theatre. Once takmeel separates from ZH, you’ll get many more ppl…. not just 200 ppl. The way the resolution was passed is hilarious and a shame. ZH reading it at 500 miles/hour and then passing it himself. You gotta be kidding me.

    Say No to ZH!!!!
    Takmeel Zindabad!!!

  17. you are right saad? Really dont know wat happend, Ppl like nadeem Paracha aur publishing articles against zaid hamid now. writing about the downfall of zaid hamid. We should stand with zaid hamid . And I request PKKH to tell us what exactly happend on 23rd march, where were those ppl like ali azmat, imran khan & maria b ????

    • Let us put everything in the back burner.Now the resolution has been passed,we should move forward.Will not achieve anything going back to events of 23rd or before.

      When we move forward,and bring success,those who were opposing will also join so that they get something at the time of Batwara,as happened in 1947.

    • PKKH is way too busy moderating comments to be concerned with answering your q =)

      • It is good that PKKH has waken up.As mine are objective and positive,I never fear that mine will not appear.PKKH BAHUT ZIADA SHAREEF HAIN.Not like others where a differing comment never appears,and if appears,it is accompanied by insults from the editor.

      • I have some very innocuous comments go through and some which ask rather difficult queries get lost in the mod queue

        i have lost respect for Dan Q and his team.

      • What Mod? There is no Mod in PKKH.There may be Pakistani Traffic Constable doing the job.

  18. thats nice, but dear i am confuse why not apeare Maria B and Ali Azmat at event?

  19. so why there is no press conferance to let us know what actually had happend? Why ZH is not communicating to us. we are worriesd and really need to know about what happend and who did all this to stop takmeel e pakistan?

  20. to ahmed qurashi.

    bro where have you gone to? we need to know what happend and who was behind all this to stop takmeel?

    you are some how slow in your responce. where is everybody>??>???

  21. Sir Zaid and team, I support and love your mission. But I am very much hurt the way these Guys are putting allegation against you on the issue of Yusuf and it doesn t stop there…
    We have to be very active…
    You have to come up and give proper answers about this Kazzab issue please…otherwise we are loosing lots of our support.

  22. i m great fan of the msg that spreading by the ZH….may ALLAH help ZH….but the propagenda that spreading by some ppl is so disturbing….MAY ALLAH help the ppl who are working for the great Islamic Pakistan….


  24. Why don’t you guys go for the solution rather then creating more problems for yourselves and other patriots. I promise your support gonna be in millions from hundreds “IF and ONLY IF…. ZH say YOUSUF ALI KAZZAB”! Simple is’nt it?

  25. all supporter of Sir Zaid,
    Its not about what happened on 23 rd march,
    Only two issues that can lead Sir zaid to loose all support
    1 Yusuf Kazzab be bery clear abt him,

    2 Ulemah. Have to do some open air Q & A seesion with khattem e Nabuwat guys
    if we can over come this issue rest is piece of cake…
    Just focus on it team,

  26. How did PKKH think that they were going to succeed with ZH being all one man show. That guy just is desperate to be the leader. All other celebs by now know like rest of all Muslims in Pakistan what type of character ZH (deceptive/lying) and what strange views he has on questions of Islamic faith. ZH just used you good guys because you are too shareef.

  27. Ali Azmat was at the venue and Maria B and Feeha Jamshed were also on the way to the venue.

  28. Its becoming more and more a one man show. Get ZH out of campaign and continue …

    What’s the big deal.

    Because of one man’s past and current stubbornness the whole campaign is getting derailed. That also.. if only ZH can utter 2 words Pakistan can go forward. Yusuf Kazzab. Without any inverted commas.

    • I can’t understand why people are forcing ZH for this.He honestly thinks that he is not privy to YAK’s claim for prophethood and fears from QAZAF.

      Elsewhere I have suggested a solution:

      Ulema should give a Fatwa and ZH can declare:As Ulema have pronounced YA to be claimant of prophethood,I declare my dis-association with YAK.

      Sessions Court judgement has no significance.

      Otherwise if somebody puts forward Sultan Bahu’s fikr and says that he was not declared deviant,Fasad will start.

  29. those people who tried to stop takmeele pakistan outside alhamra, did they ever tried to stop a musical show, fashion show, concert, dance show, stage show,political drama show etc, anything ? no, but they had to stop zaid sahib, from bringing welfare to pakistani people, he is the one who Mashallah single-handedly started all this awareness programme for pakistanis, with few more people with him, he mashallah got rolling and now Allah nazre-badd se bachaaye, he got a big jamaat of conscious, able and thinking people who will inshallah implement true ideology of pakistan, Mashallah la quwwata illa billah.

    • one more thing, it seems like there r people working on endia’s payroll, to write in pak blogs specailly against zaid hamid. hindu zionists r as naive as the animal they worship ie cow, if they think that posing as pakistani and muslim and posing as a relighious party member, they will discourage youth of pak.

    • Mashallah……Naray Takbeer Allah Hu Akbar

  30. Mr. Parcha has written a horrible article in the reactionary paper called dawn.com

    Please refute it.

    We also want to see PKKH publish the map of Pakistan. Why does the camera always focus on Sindh and Southern Pakistan. Why doesn’t the camera show the North of Pakistan and KASHMIR as part of Pakistan?

    Editor Pakistan Patriot

  31. Dear All,

    i want to say something open your eyes and try to understand situation of our country never ever blindly trust on any person … like ZZH,

    our target is ISLAM and Pakistan, who is in favour of it we will support, when ever he try to missuse we will ignor,

    i appreciate him what he is doing till this time,

    but i m also affraid and have doubt, that some where something may goes wrong, they way he is in and whatever he is saying mostly goes against reallity,

    he says many times harsh words for all including pk leaders and CIA, America, etc but yet no one object,

    where as if any other person says something even against zardari in media i m sure he will not be in picture lateron, in his senario its worst,


    and where as current pk political situation non of them is sensare with country everone needs money and power and for this they can do any thing,

  32. I lay the blame squarely on Zaid Hamid for causing this event to become the biggest FLOP ever. Let’s admit it, it was a huge embarassment to the Takmeel movement.

    The problem with this movement is the same problem with the rest of the political parties (PPP, PML-N, MQM, etc.). They are all dependent on ONE PERSONALITY and CANNOT function with that ONE PERSONALITY. Why can’t this movement be about Pakistan and NOT Zaid Hamid?

  33. Dear i think we should all stop all this and concentrate about our Beloved COuntry. As far as ZH is concerned we dont have the right to say that he is a BLASPHEMEOUS or not.
    He is doing what we should have done.
    We dont know what is in his heart therefore we cannot declare him bad. He is following the Path of our BELOVED HOLY PROPHET S.A.W.W though there are misatkes from him also but that does not mean that HE IS A SATAN.
    All the people who have worked for the revival of the MUSLIM UMMAH had faced the maximum resistence from the fellow muslim brothers.
    So its not new that ZH is also getting scolded by fellow pakistanis.
    Think honestly which person from all the of the pakistani nation has the strength to even accept the truth that we are destroying our nation by ourself, i believe there is no one or hardly 1 % people. We dont want to correct ourself becuase its a good life for us. We dont want to be govern by rules of shariah because we cannot bribe the judges, we cannot get the license by back channels. We cannot do corruption.

    If we do an honest survey from all around the muslim world that whether we do want original sharia LAW or not. i am sure than more than 98% muslim will vote against the sharia LAW.


  34. The outcome of Takmeel-e-Pakistan will show the truth….

  35. PKKH, you guys need to either distance yourself with ZH and continue on with Takmeel-e-Pakistan or knock some sense into ZH. Danish saheb please tell ZH to listen to Asif Shiraz and Fawad Asher advice and ditch Yusuf Kazzab. Dont tell me ZH cant do this much for Pakistan, if he cant then Takmeel-e-Pakistan will do just fine without him. I am sorry I use to be biggest supporter of ZH, but now I cant no longer support him until he clears this issue.

  36. PKKH & Sir Zaid Hamid

    يريدون ليطفئوا نور الله بأفواههم والله متم نوره ولو كره الكافرون

    Dont loose hope don’t give up the path you have chosen is not an easy one it has it’s tests and trials…Haq does not need to put up a big show..there is no glamour here…there are no easy victories…when you choose such path…the world will stand against you, ridiculing, taunting…did this not happen with our beloved RasoolUllah (S.A.W) if we are true followers of our RasoolUllah (S.A.W), then these minor setbacks shall not let us down…let us gather ourselves n pray to Allah (S.W.T) to forgive our mistakes and give us strength and courage to follow the correct path…we may have made some mistakes, so let’s beg Allah (S.W.T)
    for guidance and let us not try to make it a gimmick or some reality show. Let us take guidance from Quran and Hadeeth
    (وقل جاء الحقُ وزهقَ الباطلُ إن الباطلَ كان زهوقا )
    and as far as people like NFP are concerned please don’t bother as thts what they’re made for mocking and rediculing whatever is related to Islam yet there existance will profit not even themselves.
    فإن يصبروا فالنارُ مثوى لهم
    you just keep doing what you do who wants to follow will follow and who don’t want it’s their free will
    لا إكراه في الدين

  37. May Allah give us the wisdom to understand the true path
    and the courage to follow it Ameen!

  38. Assalamu alaikum,

    The support base of the takmeel-e-pakistan is wider than pakistan. There are a lot of people who are outside pakistan who support this movement, and they do not have pakstani nationality, for example those who have been born outside pakistan in a country that does not recognise dual nationality. To them, pakistan is an identity, with an ideology to boot. We know what pakistan means. Bear in mind that when a people do not fulfill a responsibility, Allah Ta’ala can replace such people with another group who can fulfill that reponsibility. The Pakistan dream will not be buried, regardless of whatever the sceptics say.

    Pakistan Paindabad

  39. @ Yawar Khan

    sir thank you. ppl who are behind this are also the ones who want to see pakistan breakup. these hindoz and kafirs are after our pak watan pakistan.

    zaid hamid sahib is pakistan’s true leader and we stand with him. may ALLAH help us to work for islam and pakistan.

  40. Has PKKH distanced itself from ZH?

    • No we haven’t. Kindly do not believe every rumor you hear, there is a lot of that going around.

  41. Now we have a resolution. What next?

    The 23rd March, 1940 was a resolution for an independent country against the government of that time. We are living in the ‘Democratic Republic of Pakistan’, which was the original name of Pakistan chosen by Jinnah and his group. We cannot do a thing to change anything in Pakistan unless we’re democratically elected. So, what is our political standing?

    Are we proposing a revolution against the current ruling elite? All the talk of bloodshed, giving lives, shock and awe are leading me to believe that we are proposing a revolution.

  42. ” The Phoenix flops” Here you go guys, go ahead and read it.. http://blog.dawn.com/2010/03/25/the-phoenix-flops/

    WHAT, did i hear that he’s charged for murder?? OMG how the hell will he capture New Delhi now??:-D ..

    Coward ass.. And u are speaking of capturing other countries..

    Last but not the least..His favorite quote>> “This is Radio pakistan from New Delhi” -WILL DIE WITH MILLIONS OF OTHERS!!

  43. The answer to propaganda

  44. great endeavor… long live zaid sb.i request sir zaid hamid to do some `wake up pakistan` shows at ajk as well…

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