The Awakening: Takmeel-e-Pakistan

March 22, 2010

Aquib Moin | PKKH

The state of Pakistan has been a hostage of “professional” politicians, tycoons and feudal lords almost since the time of its inception. After the demise of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the assassination of Quaid-e-Millat Khan Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistan fell in the hands of the traitors and betrayers, who then sucked this land dry and their evil thirst still hasn’t quenched and their undying greed for power, fortune and resources is still at work day and night to suck the Nation’s blood like parasites till the last drop.

It is not in their interest that the Nation of Pakistan prospers, it is not a concern for them that the people of Pakistan have been suffering from poverty, hunger, lack of basic human rights and welfare, lack of adequate civic services and a large number of social, financial and economical problems which has made the life of a majority of Pakistanis very difficult and uncomfortable. The mass exploitation, suppression and oppression of Pakistanis is critical for them to maintain so that they can fill their greedy pockets, build lavish houses on the skeletons of common people and get luxury cars which crushes the dreams and needs of the public under their cruel wheels. They would never want to change things, they would never like to take the necessary measures for the prosperity of Pakistan for it would all come in the way of their selfish, treacherous and dirty intentions.

The last things the internal as well as external enemies of Pakistan would ever want is a wave of awakening among the educated, intellectual and thinking minds of Pakistan. A sense of self-realization, a craze of patriotism and the recognition of destiny are the notions which devastate their system of lies, betrayal and exploitation, so they don’t want anyone thinking about it, talking about it or preaching about it.

The recent wave of awakening in the youth of Pakistan has emerged as a direct and serious threat to the filthy elite which has been ruling the state, eating it from all directions. It has served to make youngsters realize the meaning of Pakistan, reminded them the ideology and philosophy of Pakistan and unveiled the written destiny of Pakistan. This awakening has attacked the evil network and it is hitting hard where it hurts the most. Its taking Pakistan towards a positive revolution, its taking Pakistan towards a massive change directed towards people, its taking Pakistan towards the revival of its true ideology, its taking Pakistan towards its rejuvenation into a true Islamic welfare state with righteous governance abiding by the Rules of the Almighty. So the “beneficiaries” of this ugly system are doing whatever they can to stop this from happening. They are employing all kinds of tools and techniques to sabotage the process of Revolution. But, what they don’t realize that its an idea whose time has just come and nothing can stop it now!

So don’t be deceived, don’t be fooled, don’t be distracted. Stay firm, stand united and believe. Its not about following a single person, its not about explicitly following any specific organization, its just about being a Patriot of Pakistan and working for Pakistan and Islam. The sole purpose of the struggle is the revival of Pakistan as a true welfare state and to relieve the Nation of Pakistan from the misery they have been in and nothing else at all! The Patriots of Pakistan are now devoted and committed to bring about a positive change in Pakistan, The Patriots of Pakistan are now geared up against all of the traitors, looters, betrayers, criminals, The Patriots of Pakistan have now decided put in all efforts and stand against all odds to take Pakistan to its final destiny and ultimately fulfill the promise that was once made with Allah.

The Revolution has begun, the Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement is the launch of the mission by the Patriots of Pakistan to raise Pakistan’s flag higher than ever and to transform Pakistan into a prosperous Islamic welfare state.

So be on the right side, contribute towards building and establishing Pakistan and participate in taking Pakistan to its ultimate destiny…..

Join the Revolution…




  1. Rest Assured !…We are with you Pakistan !

    Allahu Akbar !

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  3. MashAllah Good article! Hit all the key points . We really hait these feudals and siyasatdaan thiefs and dacoits…gangsters i pray to Allah that all living traitors and chors are brought to justice in an islamic court soon…(regardless of who they may be) and not be allowed to go/stay abroad and seek refuge with their foreign masters… Whose boots they happily lick and for whom they try to oblige the honorable Islam loving people of pakistan to do the same…taubah astagfaar

    • *hate

  4. please send somebody to minare pakistan location with banner that the prog now relocated to alhamra besides qadhafi stadium at 3 pm rather tahn 10 am.it will guide alot of ppl who done know this change

  5. Brothers and sisters I read this on http://www.theunjustmedia.com.So I thought to share it with u (I m sorry if it hurt the sentiments of my muslim brothers and sisters of pakistan)

    “Reality Part 1 – Operation ‘Rah-e-Nijaat’ (Path to Salvation) and the Actual Facts”

    All praise be to Allah, who gave honour to Islam with Jihad, and constructed a mentor with fighting, and who disgraced Disbelief and the Disbelievers by the Mujahideen: fighters, loyal, Believers, and Allah is Most Able to give them victory.

    And peace and blessings be on the master of all the prophets, the leader of the Mujahideen, the Prophet of mercy, and of battles, and upon his family and his Companions: those who elevated the banner of Islam over all religions!

    To Proceed:

    I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the outcast,
    In the name of Allah, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful.

    “So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in Faith!” (3:139)

    And Allah, the Most High, also says:

    “And fight them until there is no more persecution, and the religion is for Allah alone” (8.39)

    And the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said:

    ‘One fought to make the word of Allah the most high, so he was on the path of Allah’ [Reported by Muslim]

    My respected, brave and daring (jealous) youth of the Muslim Ummah, and the Muslim Ummah’s scholars and Mujahideen, especially those who are suffering, and facing hardships, pain and trouble in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and all the Muslims brothers everywhere:

    First of all, I will briefly outline the various types of battles we face, in the short time I have. This war is between Disbelief and Islam. This war is not between the Taliban and America, rather it’s a war between the Muslim Ummah and Disbelief. This is a Crusader war, and in this war the enemy is using various kinds of tactics.

    One of which is ground warfare, in which the army and the Mujahideen are fighting face to face.

    Everyone in the whole world, be it a Muslim or non-Muslim, accepts this fact that the Taliban have won in this ground warfare and all praise be to Allah!

    The second is the air warfare, it is that war in which the enemy uses planes, helicopters and other aeronautical technology. Today the world knows that the enemy has also failed in this war.

    One war which is very important is the media warfare.

    The enemy is putting forward propaganda against the Taliban and the Mujahideen via this media war, and wants to win this war by the media, and I concede that the media of the enemy is very strong. The media has portrayed the Taliban as terrorists in the eyes of the world; according to this media the Taliban are the killers of humanity, whereas they are no such thing!

    The enemy is fighting the war with the media, and have announced again and again that the army has achieved its goals in South Waziristan. If the goal of the army in South Waziristan is to make the oppressed people cry, make orphans weep, and force the local people to migrate, and to make children orphans, and to martyr the old and the youth, or to violate their honour, or to bombard the mosques and the schools – if these were the goals, well then the army have achieved their goals!

    But if the goal of the army in South Waziristan and other areas is to break the backbone of Mujahideen, and do an operation against the Taliban, then all praise be to Allah, the Mujahideen and the Taliban have not been weakened by this war, rather they have become even stronger, and their jihadi spirit and zeal have increased even more. They have stood up even stronger than before!

    Today I want to say to the Pakistani nation, that the Pakistani army and government are using them like toys. Sometimes the war in the tribal areas is given the name of a war against foreigners, that there are foreigners in the tribal region, and they are the agents of India, Russia, Israel or America. When the Pakistani army and government face failure in this tactic, then they say it is a war against the Taliban, the Mujahideen and the terrorists, and they say we are doing this operation so that we can break the backbone of the Taliban and the terrorists, and this operation is being carried out against those who violate the peace of Pakistani cities.

    If, after the operation in South Waziristan, there is a decrease in the attacks on the intelligence and spy agencies of Pakistan, which are the heart and minds of it, then the people must believe that the Pakistan army has achieved its goal.

    And if the attacks on Pakistani intelligence and security institutions have increased then the Pakistani people should ask there army and government: why is there an operation going on in the Tribal area?

    The tribal people are those who before Pakistan even came into being, raised the banner of Jihad against the British. Haji Mirza Ali Khan and Mullah Paiwand are those figures that cleaned out the tribal lands from the filthy British, who dishonoured the people here.

    When Pakistan came into being it was these same tribal people who joined Pakistan without any conditions, and who sacrificed their lives, children and property for the freedom of Pakistan.

    Today the technology of Pakistan of which we were proud, which was meant to be for the protection of the borders of Pakistan, and was meant to fight the enemy; today that same technology is being used against the innocent tribal people, and their children; this same technology is being used to martyr them.

    There have been many peace deals with the government of Pakistan , but every time they are the ones who go against the peace deals. If the government wants to negotiate with us, or wants to make a peace deal with us, our doors are open for negotiations, but the condition is that they must withdraw from their friendship with America.

    But if this government remains an ally with America, and its slave, then with such a enslaved government and such an enslaved country we cannot have any dialogue, while there are not autonomous on their own. Because everyone is aware that a slave is never independent. Whenever we had negotiations with this enslaved government the negotiations have never succeeded.

    The Pakistani government is an enslaved government, but if this government declares freedom from America’s slavery, and says goodbye to America’s friendship, then under these conditions we will negotiate with the Pakistani government.

    And if this government remains in the fear and terror of America and remains its slave then with such a slave government we will make no negotiations.

    And the second condition is this that Pakistan should be returned to its real aim, the real aim of Pakistan, the slogan on which it came into being, and that slogan is “There is no deity except Allah”

    Until Pakistan’s system is not based upon “There is no deity except Allah”, until that time we will continue fighting against this government, because not only is the current way of Pakistan against “There is no deity except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”, but its also against the divine rulings of Qur’an and Sunnah.

    As long as the system of Pakistan doesn’t return to “There is no deity except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah” our jihad will continue.

    Allah willing.

    America and its allies are facing a serious fight in Afghanistan, and in this fight they have already lost, but America and its allies are announcing that they want to negotiate with the Taliban, and in the name of negotiations they want to get out from Afghanistan .

    I want to make the Muslims aware of the fact that the Jews and the Christians are cunning nations: they never manifest their weakness, or their defeat in front of the people.

    I want to give this glad tiding to the Muslim Ummah that America and its allies are facing a very bad defeat, and are trying to fool the Muslims by using the terminology of negotiations.

    The Commander of the Believers, Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid, may Allah protect him, has refuted that there have been any negotiations with the Americans in his talk, and stated that we will never be ready to negotiate with the Americans. Allah willing, America’s feet are getting hurt in Afghanistan: they are facing a heavy defeat in Afghanistan and they are running from there.

    And if America is spreading this hoax: that after Afghanistan they will attack the tribal areas, well this cannot happen, because in Afghanistan America and its allies learned a lesson which they will, Allah willing, remember for one thousand years!

    If America and its allies do make this foolish mistake, and enter in the tribal areas of Pakistan, and forget the lessons of Afghanistan and Vietnam, then the historians will write in the history of Americans that in South Waziristan they ended like the battle of Karbala!

    Allah willing!

    All praise be to Allah, we are Muslims, and we love Islam and our creed, and Allah says:

    “Verily the Believers are brothers” (49:10)

    The Afghan Taliban are waging jihad under the leadership of the Commander of the Believers Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid, may Allah protect him, and the Pakistani Mujahideen are also under his leadership.

    The Commander of the Believers is the leader of the Afghan Taliban, and the Commander of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan is also the Commander of the Believers: Mullah Muhammad Omar, may Allah protect him.

    The Commander of the Believers is fighting the Disbelievers with great steadfastness, and in this war the Pakistani Taliban are standing shoulder to shoulder with him.

    “Our Lord, pour down upon us patience, and make our steps firm and assist us against the unbelieving people!” (2:250)

    “Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire!” (2:201)

    O Allah save us from the torment of the Day of Judgement, and the torment of the Scale!
    O Allah guide the Ummah of your beloved!
    O Allah have mercy on the Ummah of your beloved!
    O Allah forgive the Ummah of your beloved!
    O Allah forgive the transgression of the Ummah of Muhammad, peace be upon him, with your mercy, O Most Merciful!

    Remember us in your prayers

    Umar Studio for propagation.






    • Change the site name to COMMUNIST.

  11. hey communist dont waste ur time here.help ur maoist n naxals brothers in india.

  12. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
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    Visible and Invisible Auliyaas are Protectors or Helpers of DEEN – Global Auliyaa Thinks Globally

  13. Very well written. The current propaganda against Zaid Hamid shows how afraid are those people from the awakening of the youth of Pakistan and how they are using all the possible ways to dis-heart Pakistani youth by assassinating the character of the person they have found, their leader who is guiding them towards the awakening, the destination, the Takmeel-e-Pakistan.

    It is not in the interest of these blood sucking politicians and self-declared guardians of religion that well educated and patriotic youth entering politics to sabotage all the worst things they ask votes for but INSHALLAH they will see what we are capable of…how we, the youth of Pakistan, will change the 60 years old mess in a matter of years…

    Salute to every individual playing their part in this fight….


  14. As I read on the other blogs,even the Al Hamra location has been sabotaged by Fasadees,those who were claiming that ISI,Army,Establishment even America were behind Takmeel movement.

    Our nation is very good at negativity.They can only shout: NAHEEN CHALYGEE.If you ask them bhai what CHALYGEE.They cannot answer.

    I don’t know who to blame,but for sure,it will take years for youth to rise again.

  15. http://zaidhamidexposition.wordpress.com/

    Well where are the followers? Has he lost many because of Yusuf Kazab issue? Have youth realised he isnt clean as he comes out to be.

    May Allah protect us from Fasadees and hypocrites

    • In the path to righteousness,difficulties come.Before 1947,enemies of Islam were Hindus but now Muslims are opposing each other with the threat of bloodshed.See the greatness of Allah,enemies aired the resolution themselves.Wah!

      I have thrown a challenge to them(in their blog),now you take up the mantle and do what ZH was trying to do(my comment is under moderation and might disappear as my so many have,in the past).

      JI chief has warned today that the expected Constitutional amendment may include cancelling Quadiani clause.Now so-called Fidayees should threaten a bloodbath.Now is the real test for you.

      To PKKH,you have seen that Fasadees did not have the moral courage to let appear opposing comments(they were talking of freedom of speech for the Fasadee who disrupted IU function),and you,PKKH,are still allowing Fasadees in your fora. and turned it into Trafalgar Square.

      One another point is that Barelvis,Deobandis,Shias,Ahle-Hadith(rather everyone)are now united.It should be a good omen for religious peace in Pakistan and hope they remain united and Kafir manufacturing industry will close down.

      • I can guarantee you that no one who worked hard for creation of Pakistan, openly lied, believed in a Kazab and create division between different schools of thoughts (Deobandi/Brelvi).

        Who is a fasaadee? One who is fighting for honour of Nabi(saw) or the person who has lied throughout the episode hiding behind different Ullama. But not willing to accept what the whole of Pakistani nation knows and accepts i.e. Yusuf Ali was a Kazab

        We love pakistan but above all we love our deen. Let us not confuse the most important point, we are muslims first and pakistani second.

  16. People who blame our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the creation of pakistan like Altaf Hussain, Bilours, Pro Pakhtunkhua, Pro Sind Card, BLA and all the india and hindu supporters who claim that quaid Muhmammad Ali Jinnah made mistake for a separate state for muslims “PAKISTAN” should read it and be ashamed for their stupid ideas.

    The Quaid: An American view
    Published: March 23, 2010 – Nation Newspaper – Lahore

    Basharat Hussain Qizilbash
    Popular leaders often become victims of unnecessary controversies: the bigger the leader, the bigger the controversy. The person and politics of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan, is just one example. Much has been written about him by the Muslim, Hindu and British writers but, being directly affected by the outcome of the partition in 1947, they have either written eulogies or elegies on his role in this historic event, lacking balance and imp-artiality expected of historians.
    A few days ago, I came across a newly published research on the Quaid which can be categorised as an impartial account of his political life. Incidentally, the scholar is an American, William Stafford Metz, who wrote his doctoral dissertation, The political career of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, at the University of Pennsylvania in 1952. This was probably the first dissertation on Jinnah. The scholar was able to write an impartial account because neither did he visit the subcontinent nor did he interview the friends and foes of the Quaid which could have coloured his work. In fact, his was a unique position to analyse the role of Pakistan’s creator from long distance without being personally embroiled in the cross-currents of partition.
    Till today, Quaid’s critics accuse him of being a communalist – a charge Jinnah vehemently denied. Metz agrees with Jinnah by stating that “his actions had not only borne his denials out, but had continued to justify his title as the Ambassador of Unity.” Thus, he was universally regarded as an outstanding leader of the Congress, the Muslim League, the Home Rule League and the Imperial Legislative Council. Actually, it was he who raised voice against communal politics in the Legislative Assembly, by stating: “I once more appeal to this House, whether you are a Mussalman or a Hindu, for God’s sake do not import the discussion of communal matters into this House and degrade this Assembly which we desire should become a real national Parliament. Set an example to the outside world and our people.” Leaders whom he thought he could deal with passed away one after the other. Jinnah remained on the political scene and hoped that the next crop of the Hindu leaders, in particular Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru would live up to the class of their predecessors but he was to be utterly disappointed. In 1937, when he appealed to Gandhi to use his influence to bring about a Hindu-Muslim settlement, Gandhi despairingly replied: “I wish I could do something but I am utterly helpless….I see no daylight out of the impenetrable darkness and in such distress I cry out to God for light.” Nehru’s reply was childish: “To talk about the rights and interests of the minorities and their safeguards was utter nonsense.” Jinnah did not lose hope. As a last resort, he appealed to the Hindu public to use their collective wisdom to reach an agreement with the Muslims before the British withdrawal: “Even nations who have killed millions of each other – which we have not yet done – who may be the bitterest enemies today may become friends tomorrow. This is politics. If your leaders are on this path, as I say they are, and if you do not approve of it, it is your responsibility, the responsibility of the Hindu public, to come forward and say ‘stop this internecine war; declare a truce; let us sit as equals and come to a settlement.”
    A question that can be raised at this juncture is, as to who could be blamed for starting communal disharmony in the subcontinent? Metz lays the blame on those Hindu political groups who started aggressive religious revivalist movements. Once the seeds of communal disorder were sown, it became the responsibility of the Hindu majority community to go more than half way to meet the demands of the Muslim minority to make them feel secure. To achieve communal harmony, Jinnah offered to tour the whole of India in the company of top Hindu leaders such as Gandhi, Motilal Nehru and Madan Mohan Malaviya but the whole plan was torpedoed, when first Malaviya, the leader of Hindu Mahasabha declined to accompany him and later the other Hindu leaders also rejected his proposals, Lala Lajpat Rai being the chief rejecter.
    Jinnah felt disgusted. Metz rightly records that his method of compromise and ‘give and take’ after being spurned by the Hindus made the Muslims more defensive and more suspicious of Hindus than ever.
    The Hindu insistence on the representative form of government was looked upon by Jinnah as a mean to tie the 70 million Muslims hand and foot to the tyranny of the Hindus. He was duly exasperated: “I can tell you honestly that the Hindus are foolish….The bulk of the Hindus has lost their heads and their mentality, perhaps you may not know, but I know it. I assure you that unless Hindus will have the courage and confidence – they are afraid of Muslims – this India will never get Swaraj. It is not the joint or separate electorates or five of ten seats. Hindus have not the necessary courage and Hindus are afraid of Muslims.”
    Metz’s study has established that the Quaid made repeated attempts to keep the Hindus and Muslims united in their struggle for freedom but when he was left with no option, he regarded partition as the best possible solution of the communal problem for all the peoples of India.
    Email: qizilbash2000@yahoo.com

  17. It is in best interest of PKKH to disassociate from ZH without wasting a minute – more you wait more readers will go away endoubting the credibility of this blog. Remove all his videos from your site and base you website towards the national interests of Pakistan, not to spread the false propaganda preaching of a Kazzaab.

  18. Everyone who thinks ZH endorsed Yusuf Kazzab…why don’t u guys take action against him according to Sharia law in court?? Get the person who saw ZH with Yusuf with his own eyes and heard him say with his own ears that ZH believes that Yusuf was Astagfirullah some prophet. Make the person swear upon the Holy Quran ‘Whatever I will speak will be the truth if not may the wrath of Allah swt be on me’. And than get ZH punished.

    Until u guys can’t get anyone person to say everything I mentioned above in court keep ur mouths shut.

    • Don’t worry.The enemies are on the run.After Asif Shiraz interview,their stand has been proved wrong.On their reverse gear is:

      1)We are not the official voice of AMTKN,
      2)We will not support him till Ali Azmat and Maria B are with him.
      3)On Tasawwuf,we will discuss later.

      In fact BILLI THAILAY SAY BAHIR AAGAYEE HAI.They wanted to sabotage the function with bloodshed,seemingly they have done it.Now coming up with other demands.FASADEES.

      The book on Sultan Bahu,Shiraz has kept HOLA HATH.Otherwise there is much more to that.This is reason ZH feared Barelvi-deobandi clash.

      • Yaar Asif Shiraz said that Yusuf was a kazzab and Zaid hamid should condemn him…jao aur uss keee video youtube par sunao…to finish this matter regarding adab of RasulAllah is more important than any takmeel…

        Asif also said BT members should pressurise him to take proper stance on yusaf kazzab matter …or to get ulema who Can clarify his position regarding this matter…. Dekho the ZHE people are not approaching this matter correctly…in my view ….laikin genuine matter is there…

        Adab e Rasool is very important…

        according to Asif’s video….yusuf did very bad things…he would nazobilah trick people and do fraud by saying he is murshad e kamil and that Hazoor SAW appears in yusafs form…and would act and pretend to be ( Nauzobillah) HazoorSAW and mislead people….(according to the claims made by Asif Shiraz ) he needs condemnation….i.e.zaid sahib must do so too… regardless of whether he was yusafs follower or not and i would say also make a taubah for the delay in condemnation…
        Search youtube for ‘drbeelz’

        that video series was up a few days ago listen to the ENTIRE thing closely… Then form an opinion…. I have been in contact with Asif ocassionally over the past year or so. he did used to be an ex BT member…

        yaar we are not assosiated with qadiyani ghulam ahmed but we are all still ready to condn him…similarly…even if we have never been follower of yusaf kazzab…we still ought to condemn him for what he did and claimed

      • @Salman Zafar(a belated response)

        You have completely missed my point and continue to harp.Let byegone be byegone.

        My purpose of mentioning Asif Shiraz was his highlighting the teachings of Nizamuddin Aulia,(Data-although Allah is only Data)Ganjbakhsh(Bihishti Darwaza),Madhu Lal Shah Hussain,Sultan Bahu etc.Go to their Mazarat and observe for yourself how ADAB of Allah and Rasool(SAW),is being observed.If you are a real Fidayee,change ZHE to TE( tasawwuf exposition).But you will not do this as yours was not HUBB-E-ALI,but was BUGHZ-E MA’AVIA.

        We should now say Fatiha on AMTKN as its Satanic mission has been achieved.

  19. If its not following of one person, then as he has allegations on him so change that person, make someone else as captain and continue the mission.

  20. The answer to propaganda

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