The Takmeel-e-Pakistan Revolution

March 21, 2010


  1. No comments I have tears ……….

  2. I am not 100 percent sure , I am more than Million percent sure that zaid hamid is a gift for us From Allah. Please be with him or Allah would nt be with us this time. Pakistan Zindabad

  3. InshaAllah,Takmeel will take place.This 23rd March will be auspicious for Pakistan.

    I foresee the same scenario as that of 1947.Enemies tried to stop it tooth and nail but once it was decided that Pakistan will come into existence,said:


    Because then they would not be able to survive and thrown out of Pakistan.

  4. gathering a crowd is no success. what matters is the potential of the crowd.

    • It is just a matter of having faith in Pakistani youth.

  5. ” Amna ” Crowd is there because they have potential, Please learn to encourage ppl and say MashahALLAH instead of passing those sarcastic comments.

  6. @ Amna
    indeed the potential matters…….come and witness the potential of the Crowd!!!

  7. Just be carefull with the comments, there is no pre-destination in Islam.

  8. Let’s hope no more Pakistani youth end up like this:

  9. Or like this:

  10. The answer to propaganda

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