Pakistan destined to defeat India: Nizami

March 17, 2010

LAHORE – Editor-in-Chief The Nation and Chairman of the Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) Majid Nizami has stated that freedom is the greatest blessing of the Almighty, Who may save us from dominance of Hindus, as our sworn enemy India is bent upon destroying Pakistan. However, if it did not refrain from committing aggression against us, then Pakistan is destined to defeat India because our horses in the form of atomic bombs and missiles are far better than Indian ‘donkeys’.

He was talking to a representative of the Punjab University (PU) television after inaugurating an exhibition of rare and historic photographs about the Freedom Movement, jointly organised by the NPT and Student Teaching Centre (STC), as part of celebrations of the Pakistan Day here at the New Campus on Wednesday.

“If one wants to have an idea of as to what would have been our condition, had Pakistan not come into existence, he should visit India to apprise himself about untold pathetic living conditions of the Muslims there at this point of time,” Nizami said, adding that we were grateful to the Almighty Allah that today we had been blessed with Independence. He said that the day was not far off when we would once again conquer India.

Nizami directed the NPT officials to distribute the exhibited books free of cost among the varsity students and not even a single book should be taken back, as he would pay the price of all the books from his personal purse.

He urged upon the students to acquire maximum knowledge because without education no one could succeed in any field of life.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran said that the PU would shortly examine the construction of a befitting memorial in the Old Campus ground where Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had addressed a mammoth public meeting two and a half months after the establishment of Pakistan. He said we should always remain in peak preparedness to face our born enemy India who even today had not accepted the existence of Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan had to play a key role in liberating enslaved minorities from the clutches of Hindu majority in the Subcontinent. He underlined the vital need for imbibing spirit of the Pakistan Movement in the country’s youth in order to rekindle in them the passion of reconstruction of Pakistan.
NPT Vice-Chairman and former PU Vice-Chancellor Dr Rafique Ahmad said that the father of the nation was in deep love with the country’s youth whom he always described as his most valuable pearls and diamonds.

Advisor Student Affairs Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry said that the main purpose of holding the photographic exhibition was to promote sentiments of Pakistan’s solidarity amongst the students.

Earlier, Registrar Prof Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan, Advisor Col (r) Ikramullah Khan, Institute of Communication Studies Dean Prof Dr Mugheesud Din Sheikh, Dr Mazhar Moeen, Dr Mansoor Sarwar, heads of various departments and a large number of PU students warmly welcomed NPT Chairman and Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami on his arrival at the venue of the exhibition.



  1. This is the thinking which is required by all Pakistanis who love their country and Islam.

    This is our destiny, which will take a far more greater effort today than before to reach it…..

  2. U guys r really lucky as u got freedom.Mr. Nizami was right when he said to look at the pathetic conditions of muslims in India.Once a ruler now living a life of distitution in many places.If u guys have seen “Slumdog Millionaire” u should also b aware that those “slumdogs” r none other than muslims(80% of those living in slums in mumbai or delhi r muslims).

    • Khan sahib, which part of India do you belong to and how is the general situation there?

    • ha ha ha barking dogs seldom bite:)..for the next 1000 years there will be such war cries in pakistan but no action.. by the way why do these analysts propose too simplistic argument that the root cause of everything in pakistan is outside pak..it is wise to start from yourself and see what is amiss in you..otherwise credibility of people who are making such claims are seriously at stake..possibly they are playing this outsider card for their own selfish reasons

  3. Insahallah we will bring GAZWAY HIND to endia to end endia soon Insahallah.

    Muslims are living in napak paleeth, illegle kafir state india and we need to get rid of this terrorist hindoo state to establish one All Pakistan. Naray Takbeer Allah Hu Akbar!

  4. may Allah give Barakah to mr. majid nizami for his good intentions, Mashallah.

  5. he he he he …. one delusional f00l and a thousand followers…. It’s good for India actually. Keep up your irrational behaviour. As it turns out, we’re not harming you – you are harming yourselves… and your blind faith in nonsense ensures that you are unable to fix it as well…. carry on boys… carry on doing our job for us !!

    • Your comment simply exposes your deep rooted fear of Pakistan that you try to hide behind your false laughter!.The only fool here is you!!

      • 🙂 yeah we indians are very afraid..afraid of winning every time..We have won already 3 times and afraid of doing 4th time..

        btw don’t believe the propaganda about muslims in india.if you are good in india then your growth cannot be stopped irrespective of your religion.yes there are some right wing nationalists in india as well..but you guys also have mentally retarded people who are self proclaimed strategists like zaid hamid

        We believe that terror is not a religious phenomenon ..India is growing at 10% per annum and would continue to do so for the next 25 years..you would then see muslims of our country richer and better off than you guys by manifold..look at feeding your people first ..you can talk about all these propaganda theories later

  6. thats the difference between india and pakistan while india thinks of well being of pakistan u think to harm india.thats the path which will take u to selfdestruction.look india is going to become a superpower in 1 or 2 decade.everyone including us admit it but u continue to beg for money to western countries.look at the financial status of ur country and u will realise where r u.in india only muslims r not poor, hindus are also poor.thats the problem of population growth but they r getting reservation in govt jobs and once they realised to have a small family all problems will be solved.muslims r more patriotic than anyone.look our nuclear n missileman abdul kalam, abdul hamid who destroys many pakistani tanks singlehandly.our all bollywood superstars r muslims n the whole country love them.today u r feeding haterd in ur children for india,tomorrow this same haterd will make them kill their own people.so teach them abt love n brotherhood.

  7. One cannot expect creativity from people of failed state. Muslims in India are very much secure than any part of the world,, Here there are no Mohajirs just Indians. people like you have given bad name 2 islam n ur hapless country. Pakistan to bharat ka baccha hai. First fix problems of ur fellow countrymen and then think of other muslim. But not indian Muslims. Your next generation doesnot need America to destroy coz u urself will destroy them. Think abt it. Hatred has no pllace in Islam. These are not the Teachings of followers of Prophet. You need to learn Islam before Journalism Mr Nizami. May better sense prevail on people like you who bring bad name to Pakistan. May Allah part you and all of us with Hidayaat AMeen.

  8. This old fart Majid Nizami is having wet dreams about capturing India. That is the problem with you guys, just keep day dreaming. You couldnt prevent the dismemberment of your own country but that does not prevent you from dreaming of capturing India! We have a saying: The dog walking under the bullock cart thinks he is bearing the burden of the cart. That is the best way to describe you people. Jeib me do phooti kaudi nahin aur khwab dekhtein hein Hindustan par kabzaa karnein kee.

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