Afghanistan Not Safe For Indians

March 14, 2010



  1. How is RAW able to penerate ISI conversations ? hahahahahah Indians are so stupiD !!!!! what next ? intercepting CIA-ISI coversations ?

    • Well since it was a discussion with that sell-out Karzai, anything is possible. He is on the payroll of multiple governments.

      Anyhow, India is at a disadvantage in Afghanistan. Soon we will kick every uncircumcised d.i.c.k out of Afghanistan.

      • Please send the flesh back to India as people are dying there of hunger.

  2. AlhumduliLah good news

  3. Indians should be out of Afghanistan and their terror network needs to be dismantled which is targeting our cities and innocent people. Now pakistan should rid kashmiris from indian terror and push them out of kashmir where india is stealing our water and InshaAllah it will happen soon.

  4. Good news. The must leave Afghanistan.

  5. Expecting more attacks in the next 18 months,,, means that they have scheduled to go back and just delivering as many blows possible during this time…
    tsk tsk tsk…

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