After US and India, Karzai Changes His Tone

March 11, 2010

‘India is a close friend of Afghanistan, but Pakistan is a twin brother’ – Karzai

Foreword by Ahmed Quraishi: This coming from the same man who spent the past eight years working closely with the Indians and CIA to build BLA and TTP and send terrorists to Pakistan. But thanks to Afghan Taliban, they all had a falling out and everyone wants to save his hind. That’s why all of a sudden US is ready to ditch India to appease Pakistan and Karzai says India is a friend but Pakistan is a ‘brother, a twin’. We Pakistanis are certainly brothers and twins of our cousins the brave Afghans, but certainly not of the snakes planted there by others.

Reuters – Afghanistan does not want a proxy war between Pakistan and India or anybody else fought on its soil, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Thursday during a visit to Pakistan.

Nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan are vying for influence in Afghanistan, complicating U.S.-led efforts to end an intensifying Taliban insurgency and bring stability to Afghanistan more than eight years after the Taliban were ousted.

Karzai said he did not want any country using Afghanistan against another. His visit comes after Pakistan has intensified efforts to fight militancy, winning U.S. praise.

“The bottom line is, Afghanistan does not want any proxy wars on its territory,” Karzai told a news conference with Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani.

“It does not want a proxy war between India and Pakistan in Afghanistan, it does not want a proxy war between Iran and the United States in Afghanistan,” he said.

India has developed close relations with Karzai’s government while ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been fraught with tension over recent years, mostly over Afghan suspicion Pakistan is quietly helping the Taliban.

Analysts say Pakistan sees the Afghan Taliban as a tool to promote its interests in Afghanistan, where it wants to see a friendly government in power and to limit India’s influence.

While India accuses Pakistan of backing militants who attack its interests in Afghanistan, Pakistan accuses India of using its diplomatic missions in Afghanistan to help separatist militants in its southwestern province of Baluchistan.


Karzai said India was a very close friend and had given much support but Pakistan was like a brother.

“India is a close friend of Afghanistan but Pakistan is a brother of Afghanistan. Pakistan is a twin brother … we’re conjoined twins, there’s no separation,” he said.

Both Afghanistan and Pakistan were facing regular, deadly attacks, Karzai said hours before a roadside bomb killed four people in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar.

“We in Afghanistan are fully aware and recognize that without Pakistan, and without its cooperation in Afghanistan, Afghanistan cannot be stable or peaceful,” Karzai said.

“It is also, I believe and I hope, recognized in Pakistan that without a stable and peaceful Afghanistan, there cannot be stability or peace in Pakistan,” he said.

The recent arrest of several Afghan Taliban leaders in Pakistan, including top military strategist Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, has led to speculation Pakistan is changing its position on the militants in anticipation of some sort of peace process and the departure of Western forces.

Pakistan has said very little about the arrests, only officially confirming the arrest of Baradar. Gilani said he and Karzai discussed an Afghan request for Baradar’s extradition.

“We have our own judiciary … we are consulting the legal experts too, and we’ll sit with them and discuss it and get back to the honorable president,” Gilani told the news conference.

A Pakistan court late last month barred the government from sending captured Afghan Taliban leaders abroad.

The Pakistani interior minister had earlier said Baradar was being investigated for crimes in Pakistan and would be tried there in the first instance.

Ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been uneasy since Pakistan’s independence in 1947 but have warmed since a civilian government came to power in Islamabad in 2008.

At times, Karzai and former Pakistani military leader Pervez Musharraf were hardly on speaking terms.



  1. MashAllah in ki thuaki hui to ab Pakistan ke paon pakar rahe hain.

  2. Is duniya main kuch log pyar ki zubaan naheen samajhtey hain. Jotey kha kar hi seedhey hotey hain….

    Shame on Karzai puppet.

  3. His time is up actually ….. soon he will be replaced with someone else ….. these are efforts to stay relevant.

    We cannot trust such a person because the moment he is secure again, he will become a snake.

  4. Afghan Talibans are our brothers and Heros, afterall they are the one who sacrificed more then anybody and took a stand against all those Criminals America, India and Yahoodi scum.
    Long live Mullah Umar Ameerul Momonieen.

  5. I really salute Afghan Taliban. They saved us (with the help of Pakistan) from USSR in 80’s and now from US. But on the other hand, my eyes get wet when I think that why World so-called super-powers want to destroy Afghanistan. First, Russia attached them. Then after few years USA attached them. They have been fighting for their land for almost 25 years. All Muslims should think about this.

  6. Change of attitude of India,US and Afghnistan,in no way should affect the extension of COAS.

    Come what may,Kayani should get an extension of three years to see through AAZ exit.

  7. Isn’t it intriguing? Zardari is out of the scene.

    Something cooking up in Islamabad!!

  8. Another one of US’s cheap tricks, and time buying tactics.

  9. Pakistan should be careful with the USA because this foe in shape of a friend has bitten us many times. On the other hand pakistan did many things for them such as bringing china close to them. Huge help against USSR and supply lines for them during this war which is illegitimate one. Instead of recognising our sacrifices they are talking about dollars and aid but why don’t they recognise the financial and lives we have sufferred because of this foe. When it comes to snake like india which is sometimes friend of USSR and now USA. Pakistan’s true and all weather friend is China so we should stick with that friend. Gen Hameed Gul has truly stated yesterday that US is leaving Afghanistan as early as October this year but its agents are trying to find our nuclear weapons as smelling dogs. He further stated that US wants to push pakistan into a civil war. Loyal pakistanis should be watchful and donot let the indian and american agents divide our nation and fail their nefarious designs. If we are one these thugs will just fail.

  10. Karzai has shown us once what he is capable of doing to the people who fed him for decades. All his countrymen loves Pakistan as their own country and we treat them as brothers and always will. But Muhammad (SAW) said a Momin do not place his hand on the same hole second time from where the snake had already bitten him once.
    So Mr. Kayani beware of the snake he will bite again.

  11. AQ is a 2 cent propagandist, why doesn’t PKKH rely on REAL security analysis instead of these pseudo intellectuals.

    Come on guys you know better!!!

  12. Mashallah, Another round of blast by taliban in Pakistan, Keep up the friendship going till you R.I.SHIT!!

    • @fake UltraNationalist,

      Since when Hindus started saying MashaAllah?
      Welcome sign.Convert to Islam.Leave animal worship.

      • LOL @ \Hindu started saying mAshallah.

  13. A pig with a lipstick is still a pig!

    We all remember Karzai’s hateful statements against Pakistan, how he embraced India and turned a blind eye to their terrorist activities using Afghan soil against Pakistan.

    How can this shameless person now talk about not wanting Afghan soil to be used by foreigners against other foreigners?

    Karzai and everyone being to close with India should either be marginalized or be simply taken out!!

    Why? Because we have bled, our children has been killed and our society & security has been compromised. Now it should be payback time. Not a single son of a bitch should be spared!

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