Water Flows or Blood

March 10, 2010

Reiterating their demand for the defence of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, thousands of Pakistani farmers alongside the Farmer Wing of Jamat ud Dawah lead by patriot Professor Hafiz Muhammed Saeed lashed out at the recent Indian blockage of water that rightfully belonged to the Pakistani fields.

In a protest one of a kind – hundreds of tractors marched along Mall Road and gathered at Nasir Bagh area of Lahore. Demanding an end to the water terrorism being committed by India, the farmers showed their courage and determination to defending their rights .Their emotions were described by the banners they held. From ‘Water or War’, ‘Diversion of Pakistani Rivers = Indian Water Bomb’, and ‘Liberate Kashmir to Secure Water’. Realising the realities on the ground and unstinted by the fake promises and photo-sessions by the government ministers in contact with their Indian couterparts they held up a banner which read “No Peace with Indian Water Aggression”. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed once again reiterated his pledge for peace in the region and said that its India which is imposing war on Pakistan.

“My crime is that I speak for the oppressed people of occupied Kashmir and India, my Deen demands that I should speak for Indian Muslims and other minorities subjugated by ruling elite of India,” he said.

Hafiz Saeed also spoke of the hypocrisy of UN Security Council and talked about how they were in haste while imposing sanctions against Jamat-ud-Dawah but totally silent on the controversial Indian projects in disputed territory.

Hafiz Saeed said that by water aggression India wants to starve and disintegrate Pakistan, and that Pakistan’s rulers must come forward to stop Indian aggression against Pakistan. He warned the aggressors that this protest was infact just the beginning of the “Farmer Kashmir Caravan” movement against the water terrorism being committed. The farmers showed their support by loud chants and raising their pitchforks and spades in the air. He also added that JuD would start the movement in all four provinces and Azad (liberated) Kashmir and revive the combined feelings for the need of defending the homeland against the Indian threat.
The Water Rally was also addressed by Jamat-ud-Dawah’s head of Political affairs Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, convener Tehreek Hurmat-e-Rasool Moulana Ameer Hamza, Moulana Hasnain Siddiqi, Inamullah, Abdul Qadir Subhani, Abul Aziz Alvi, Asfhfaq Jutt and others.

Head of farmer wing of Jamat-ud-Dawah Ashfaq Jutt said farmers cried in front of everybody that there is no water for cultivation but no one took notice of it, now this is Hafiz Saeed who heard our cries and helped us to show the world that how we the farmers of Pakistan are suffering due to Indian water aggression. On behalf of farmers of all four provinces Ashfaq Jutt thanked Hafiz Saeed for his support for the noble cause of irrigation water.

It was a unique demonstration to protest Indian water aggression by bringing hundreds tractors on the Mall to show how much Pakistani farmers are affected and concerned about decreasing water in Pakistani rivers. The speakers said that if the current situation continues then Punjab and Sindh provinces may become deserts which will be a huge blow to Pakistan’s economy, security and stability.


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