The Road To Takmeel

March 10, 2010

Huma Naseem | PKKH Editorial Team

It was 2006 when we both had left for greener pastures or so we thought, ours was a case of survival, we had heard it repeated to us many a times “survival of the fittest”. From the outside my country seemed like a jungle anyway, what does it reckon anyway when u turn on television and any news channel u turn to the headlines will consists of these keywords ‘Terrorists, Afghanistan, Nuclear Proliferation, Taliban, Islamic militants, Pakistan and suicide bombing, and Iran” so its fashionable the way I see it and gloomy when a nationalist sees it. We were both not at all nationalists in anyway oh we were far from what. Sweden was his destination and UK was mine and it was a destination that was to be turned in to a home as it was initially thought about.

According to available data an estimated 9,300 Pakistani students were enrolled in the UK, close to 7,000 in Australia, 5,300 in the US during 2008-09, and many others in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This clearly reflects the huge number of fresh , motivated and opportunity seeking individuals who have left home for studies and most of whom who will choose to stay abroad if better opportunities are thrown their way. It may sound prosperous to some but for a Nationalist it’s a tricky question, considering the level of brain drain that Pakistan is suffering from.

On the other hand, things are yet not so grim as reported in the mainstream media, there are bomb blasts and news of suicide bombers entering one city or the other, currency rate is declining, and stock market is on a serious roller coaster ride, real estate sector is witnessing its worst ever slump, industries are suffering due to power crisis and withdrawn subsidies. But all this waits for one action Unity of a nation that’s just waking up to its possibilities.

Pakistan has been termed as fastest growing telecom industry in the world, due to the very reason major telecom players in the world are turning to Pakistan for investment and that despite all the bad news they hear. This sector has changed lives tremendously in Pakistan, not only that the communication is made easy but also life made simple , services like Easy paisa and E-Banking from telecom operators has brought about a serious paradigm shift in Pakistan. A possible introduction of 3G in the Market will not only boost the market shares but will also bring Pakistan telecom sector alongside the major competing telecom industries of the world.

Incoherent efforts from previous and present government to bring reforms and inactions to contribute to the economy has caused serious damage to the economy that’s starving for positive reinforcements. Thus most of the economic indicators not only seem to be declining but depict a sorry state. This can be fixed with only few major actions as well, such as proper taxation structure, educational reforms and a boost to micro finance sector of the economy etc. what surprises and pleases one at the same time is the fact that this however relies heavily on the leadership and the people who are very much at the helm of the affairs. Pakistan is not a case of scarcity of resources or war torn economy it is case of poor leadership and ineffective policies.

The last two three years have brought a thinking shift in most of the youth of Pakistan , they are beginning to realize their responsibilities , and most importantly the promises and that their previous generations made to the country when Pakistan came in to being. This was the most difficult nut to crack; character building is something that’s not easily done by politicians or technocrats. Therefore the name behind this new found or rather newly awakened Pakistan is neither a politician nor a technocrat. Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid is a man who not only changed the hearts and minds but also demonstrated with his inspirational speeches and analysis that there is a threshold to a nation’s slumber as well. Just when Iqbal was thought to be a name that will soon be forgotten in the history books and Jinnah will only be important for portraits in the important buildings. He revisited the chapters of history that’s not so long ago and gave these men a virtual life in this century and for the years to come. Another rare feature of the movement associated with Zaid Hamid is the amazing amalgamation of people belonging who may have nothing in common, there are students, fashion designers , nationalists , islamists, Singers , writers and journalists etc. thus the only factor common is Pakistan and that’s what one calls unity and faith.

Pakistan was formed in the name of Islam, it is therefore not a name of a geographical boundary that neighbors with India and Afghanistan, it is the name of a way of life that derives its strength from Allah, Rasool PBUH and Islam. For those who vie for a secular Pakistan are thus to be informed that only an Islamic State is a solution for Muslims and for non-Muslim , our history reflects that where Muslims and non-Muslims always lived together in harmony and it was only under the leadership of a Muslim ruler that minorities were protected and taken care of .

And while some of us may still be confused and lost in the slumber of the myths such as political disparities , and ethnical differences or secular idea of a state., they are yet not so far to reach as it may seem to the ones who are busy exploiting this very feature. We have over come a lot in the last 62 years of our short history and we shall over come this too like it never even existed.

So today as I see it , I see a different Paksitan and a different spectrum of Pakistanis , we are struggling in some areas and doing well in others , economy may not be great and IMF may be cursing it further like a parasite does to its host but good thing is that we know and we are on our way to recovery , it will take time may be to the extent that it may drive some away but when the road to recovery is located its only a matter of time. The world must know that the more they try and crush us beneath the rubbles the more we will resist. We were given Jinnah as Quaid-e-Azam who never lost hope in the darkest of times and the British and Congress of Hindustan together couldn’t deter him from making Pakistan, the bastion of Islam.

Today is not yesterday..Today is Pakistan and future is Islam not just as a religion but as a way of life that embraces people from all religion, race, and culture.

So lets celebrate this March, a resolution whereby we will give our pledge to the most amazing country that we have in the name of Pakistan, Our Pakistan that we will do our utmost to contribute productively for the betterment and the prosperity of the Land of Pure and Madina –e-Sani , we will enliven and rejuvenate the Islamic principles that laid the foundations of this country never to forget again.

So Let us raise our voices to the highest of our pitches and revisit the glorious and most amazing past of ours that is to be called past only for its tense but not for its standing as it was a stepping stone that brought us to the day when takmeel is due and it will be done soon ..Insha’Allah ..





  2. China’s rise is attributed to the “brain gain”.
    Pakistan also had a big “brain gain” during the period of Musharraf.

    Moreover,nine foreign countries had agreed to establish world class universities in Pakistan.

    Even,Indian Education Minister had spoken of forward looking policies of Dr.Ata-ur-Rahman.

    But what happened.We lost everthing.Now,nobody talks about these issues.We,as a nation,are Jahil and will remain so.Because our priorities are some other things not education.

  3. Haqeeqat.org seems to have been hacked, its dozens of pro-pakistan articles have disappeared
    please google’s cache to read and recover those if you want to read

  4. What kind of nonsense is this. Jinnah’s sophisticated vision had nothing to do with the crude and crass Islamo-fascism that this Zaid Hamid character is spreading. If Zaid Hamid is the new hero then PKKHH

  5. yes we make pakistan as the Jinnah’s pakistan the center of khilafa
    Pakistan Zindabad

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