India Prepares To Run From Afghanistan With Tail Between Legs

March 10, 2010

Dan Qayyum | PKKH

India has decided to run from Afghanistan with its tail between its legs as Pakistan increasingly takes center-stage in bringing stability to war-torn Afghanistan.

CNN-IBN Reports: India plans to ‘scale down’ its operations in Afghanistan and will advice its citizens in that country to return home, sources in the government have told CNN-IBN.

The Indian government is considering paring down its presence at reconstruction projects in Afghanistan. Projects underway may be wrapped up quickly and there may be even a freeze on undertaking new projects.

Apart from the embassy in Kabul, the work of consulates in Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Jalalabad may also be scaled down.

CNN-IBN learns the precarious security situation in Afghanistan–highlighted by the terrorist attacks targeting Indians in Kabul on February 26, is prompting a gradual but significant rethink in New Delhi.

Pakistan Forces India Out Of Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s immediate neighbours – Pakistan, Iran, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, as well as the US, met earlier this year in Turkey to discuss the situation in Afghanistan and to take stock of measures for the restoration of peace in the country. The original “six-plus-two” formula also included Russia, but in the new set up Moscow representation was replaced by the United Kingdom.

Diplomatic sources said Pakistan had been lobbying for the renewal of talks among Afghanistan’s neighbours in order to foil Indian designs of gaining a foothold on Afghan soil.

Pakistan believes India is not an immediate neighbour of Afghanistan and therefore should have limited role in the country.

Turkey was asked to convene that meeting, as it enjoys the backing and trust of Pakistan and is accepted as a neutral party for promoting a common approach to the conflict. The conference urged regional players to work together in order to stabilise Afghanistan and the region.

The revival of the talks group came at a crucial juncture – two days before the London Conference attended by 50 nations to discuss the Afghan issue and deliberate on measures to help the war-ravaged nation. The organisers of the London Conference, like the US, had been trying to convince Pakistan on accepting the greater Indian role in Afghanistan.

India appears to be the biggest loser from the London conference. Not only did Pakistan succesfully manage to keep it out of key decision-making, but also offered to help train 300,000 Afghan Police and Army personnel within the next 2 years – a role that India had been whoring itself out for.

Participants of the London Conference also rejected India’s assertion that there were ‘no degrees of Talibanism – all factions must be fought and destroyed’. India often bundles the Kashmiri militant groups within this classification, in an attempt to discredit the legitimate Kashmiri freedom struggle. New Delhi has even gone to the extent of alleging the presence of Afghan Taliban in Indian occupied Kashmir – which was rejected outright by its own Armed forces, causing massive embarassment.

On the other hand, it is Pakistan that seems to have come out of this conference with its head held high. Not only does the world accept the need for bringing Afghan Taliban into the political frame – a long-standing demand of the Pakistan Army – Pakistan has also been requested to assist in brokering the deal which the US and NATO believe will allow them a safe exit.

General Kayani reportedly told US and NATO commanders in the recent meeting in Brussels that Pakistan intends to take a hands on approach and play a central role in bringing stability to Afghanistan. He also demanded the US and its allies curb Indian influence in Afghanistan as the latter has been supporting terrorism in Pakistan from its many bases on Afghan soil.

The tough, matter-of-fact line on India was in stark contrast to that of the current ‘democratic’ rulers of Pakistan, who have bent over backwards in their attempts to appease both the Indians and the Americans.

In a recent presentation to Pakistani media, Gen Kayani also reiterated his widely reported comments on the Pakistan Army’s view of the situation in Afghanistan and the way forward there – and made it clear that his institution’s “frame of reference” for addressing the problems in that country included certain concerns that are India specific.

History, unresolved issues, India’s military capability and its ‘Cold Start’ doctrine meant that Pakistan could not afford to let its guard down.

“We plan on adversaries’ capabilities, not intentions”, General Kayani said.



  1. 😉

  2. to india…………run forest run!!!!!

  3. India had nothing to do in Afghanistan in the first place and only went on to off balance Pakistan. Lets face it, who really want to live and work in Afghanistan anyway. There is nothing there.

    Regarding the capability vs intention:

    “Your true enemy is not he who wants to destroy you but cant. It is he who can destroy you but dont”.

    • yes!!! you are right… but its true that india is our anemy INSHALLAH ALLAH will protect our pakistan and safe us from enemyz….

  4. Breaking News,

    Karzai stopped from addressing National Assembly.

    What a rebuff!


  6. India has no reason to let its people die in Afghanistan, it is the job of US lead NATO.

    But any Pakistani celebration is going to be in for a rude shock !

    Pakistan is being trapped, and the real tough time for Pakistan will come when the western world will leave Afghanistan and would force Pakistan to do the heavy lifting alone !

    It will be the most thankless job for Pakistan, as Pakistan will be held responsible for everything that would go wrong, and be punished for that … !!

    • @neel123,



    • Nothing as such will happen rather a pro-Pak givernment is inevitable.Celebrate we certainly will do after forming a cofederation with Afghanistan.USA,Israel and India will be taken care of in due time.

    • LOL @ Anonymous!!

  7. @ Neel123

    Yes, India is very intelligent to pull out it’s soldiers from Afghanistan, before they are shredded like carrots and vegetables.

    Good move by India.

    • India is so thick it sided with the Russians and ended up on the losers side. Now it’s done it again. Where’s this ‘intelligence’ you boast of? Idiot!!

      • Mr. Abdul.

        Get your eye sight checked. Read my response carefully. Have you ever heard of “sarcasm” or you are new to English language?

  8. Its amazing how US is playing with Pak Military, Firstly gave a big role to India in Afghanistan by planting a brave soldier(Mush) and making him a supreme commander of our army. We still have his lovers showing their dedication to his cause on this website.
    Now US bowing down to Mr Kyani’s demand to scale down India’s role in Afghanistan. Dont you guys think it was too easy to achieve. I think America is commiting a big blunder here by making it look like giving into Kyani’s vision for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mush has already been exposed who he was working for. We still need to see how Mr Kyani come out as. Mr Hamid Gul made a very good point in his recent interview with Moeed that Pak army did not have to correct the past doings, its the future we should have in our sight.

    So guys hold your horses we living in very interesting times, things are never as they seem. Just wait and see. Lets concentrate on our innerself and try to change that. Surely there must be something terribly wrong with our innerself to have Musharaf as our COAS and ZARDARI as our president and Mr NS as our future Head of State who expexts you to vote him freely and then submit to him.



    • @JAT Peshwar your statement is laughable as all of your country mates were insisting previously that india is there to stay. India what a miss??? lol. go home lalaji this is not your cup of tea the Afghanis are brave and they have shown you what they did to Russian and American empires and that “Tum kis khait ki mooli ho” of course your coward RAW was just staying there to send terrorists to FATA and Baluchistan. Worry about your india now as Nixels, Dalits, Sikhs, lower casts, muslims and China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Iran and Pakistan will make you squeeze to the size of BHUTAN. That’s the end of drumming up about the pussycat superpower a complete failed and epicenter of terror india.

      • SIKHS OF INDIA ,DALITS , NAXALS ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SONS OF GREAT INDIA.REMEMBER NAXAL LEADER SAID WE ALONE CAN FIGHT WITH PAK ARMY AND TALIBAN IF NEED BE.and indian muslims are our hindu conveted muslims brothers.srilanka our neighbour we helped them to win ltte . nepal is a hindu blood country chinese have their roots (bhiddism) in india .China is only using pakistan so it can squeze its remaining economy so pakistanis cannot develop their own economy they want to flush pakistan with their cheap junk for the rest of the world pakistan is a global migrane a bankrupt country produces stinking talibanis.WE indians be it be naxals sikhs dalits are all anti pakistan and hate it to the core. we be alive to see pakistan go in drains one day by it’s own deeds.

      • Uh son, the movie ended for quite some time now, we are closing the cinema,, time for you to go home…

  10. @Neel check out your previous postings with big claims that india will never leave. See its happening with the grace of Almighty Allah and nothing india can do about it. Your banya army cannot stay in Afghanistan and the victory InshaAllah comes to Afghans and pakistan. InshaAllah the good things will start now and you are like “KHASIANI BILLY KHAMBA NOCHAY” AND “ANGOOR KHATAY HAIN”. India is a complete failure and once the Afghanistan is fixed Pakistan will focus on Kashmir and water stealing of india and soon will push the coward ratbag indian army out of kashmir and make the great philospher of pakistan Allama Iqbal our nations’s leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah and all the pakistanis dream come true. INSHAALLAH.

  11. hahaha India raw defeat very badly in tribal area….geedar ki mout ai to sala bhaga

  12. WOH MARA MR. GENERAL HAMID GUL AND ZAID HAMID YOU ARE LEGENDS. I remember General Hamid Gul’s discussions on many occasions when he was saying that India wants to stay in Afghanistan but it will not happen. Woh mara – yes!!!!. Shame on those on this forum who were talking bad about our lion Gen. Hamid Gul. Allah InshaAllah pakistan kay sath hai.

  13. As they say on indian news channels, “BOHAT BARHIYA”!!! 😀

  14. lol…

    another funny one by PKKH

    well done….

    • Ask.jeeves,

      Actually, Indians are good at providing cheep entertainment. Now that they are running with their tail between their legs, it’s really amusing for everybody. See even you couldn’t hold yourself from this “LOL”.

      Thanks to Indian for providing us with such a splendid entertainment.

  15. @neel 123
    Don’t for a second try to sound like a well-wisher of Pakistan coz we don’t buy such stuff. whatever will happen will happen. Once India, Us and Nato flee from Afghanistan, the rest is the piece of cake. Its not that we can’t control Tlibans its that we won’t cos then we’ll have to welcome US of A who never leaves without humiliation for them and destruction of the other country.

  16. the togher Pakistan is with India, the BETTER for India.

    Here’s why:

    Personally, I think the Kashmir dispute has served the interests of India superbly.

    As long as it continues, and Pakistan wastes its strength on the futile “cause” of trying to get the Kashmir Valley (the only predominantly Muslim bit of Kashmir held by India) it means India will have to keep its borders with Pakistan sealed.

    That has big implications.

    Pakistan’s population growth is very fast, and if it were wise enough to drop the crazy Kashmir issue and become friends with India, it would have splendid possibilites of promoting Muslim expansionism at the expense of Hindus.

    It could butter up Hinduy vanity and offer a confederal union with India, with free population movement. That would mean Hindus being trapped in a state with steeply rising Muslim numbers. Eventually it will mean the Islamisation of the Hindus.

    To prevent all this, Hindus need a hostile Pakistan cut off from India.

    And that is precisely what the Lashkar-e-Taiba supporting Pakistan offers them.

    Pakistan will NEVER get Kashmir. All it will do is beat its head bloody.

    Go right ahead.

    • You deserved to be DASWAN NAURATAN of Moghal Emperor Akber.i.e.Daswan Ratan but PHUSPHUSA.

      • you know much about indian history YOU MUST BE HINDU CONVERTED MUSLIM. SO BETTER SHUT UP.

    • Kashmir??? CHOKE ON IT INDIA!

    • You just don’t learn do you!!.We were not supposed to get Pakistan either but we did so it’s a question of having the heart and belief!.As proved throughout history that when we want something like a Pakistan or Kashmir that we partly liberated we are successful!!!.Victory depends on of Pakistani and Muslim unity not Indian or Hindu occupation!

      You’ve got 800,000 troops in India wasting energy,money and taking their own lives…it’s helping India,yeah right!!!.Ask Arundhati Roy!!The Mumbai falseflag was also supposed to be beneficial to India but you only humiliated yourselves infront of the world when we refused your demands!!Ghazwa-e-Hind here we come!!!!!

    • “Ganpat chall daro la. Soda zarra kamm thora pani milla. Thora table wable saaf kar day nah yaar.”

      Yes u must be drinking some heavy shit when writing something so stupid!

    • Yaar.What is this name.GAN-PHAT

      • Actually its misspelled. Theres a D missing in GAN .. bas,,, rest i dont want to be moderated… PEACE!

  17. @Nobody – Sorry, I misread your post. My apologies.

  18. @Ganpat Ram – you have very funny ideas. Dude think of the size of hindu india in the next 20 years and that is going to be only the size of Bhutan I mean few hundred meters and may be few mountains in it and may be ganga jal in it and thats it. Don’t you worry about kashmir as our few hundred men showed you they can take it when they did half of it in 1947 and could have taken it all if your baghal main churri and moon main ram ram leaders were not running to UNO. Nevertheless, we cannot change that but what Pakistan is now going to do is take it from your banya army. Like your mates talking big in this forum on Afghanistan that india will never leave now you see it happening and india dum daba kay bhagh raha hai the same way you guys are talking big on kashmir and soon your india will run out of it with its hands on its butts. Get ready for it lalaji

  19. Just dont trust India….They cant win over Pakistan at all (impossible) but they r going to be a pain in our neck always….

    • yes no one can ruin our pakistan INSHALLAH but india ever wants to ruin our pakistan… may ALLAH bless our pakistan… we love pakistan!!!!

  20. @Shahid, I couldn’t agree more with your points. Mush was one traitor who went on unnoticed. Mush was a spy and a indickn hindoo.

    Musharif Gadar did all this;

    1) Mush created Kargil war without nation knowing about it and kept PM Nawaz in total dark. He wanted to damage Kashmir cause as much as possible before the big blow, which later on we saw how he sidelined the whole issue of Kashmir favouring indicka. Mush sold out Kashmir to indicka.

    2) Mush kept nation in total dark and kept saying Kashmir is being discussed behind closed doors. Actually he was enjoying hindoo made indickn SARAB, that’s what he was doing with his country fellows (indicks) and his media (indickn media).

    3) Mush taken over on legitimate gov Nawaz and put gov in prisons.
    4)He sacked judiciary for his maximum gains.

    5) Mush with drew Pakistan from Afghanistan and took indicka in Afghanistan and since then indicka is in Afghanistan as if hindoos and Afghanis are blood brothers for centuries and this point was actually has been debated feverishly on Mush planted GADAR AND KAFIR media day and night that indicka and Afghanistan has thousands of years of history. i say Pakistan is full of GADARS., let’s sell them to make some money.:))

    5) Mush let RAW a hindoo terrorist wing of indcka to open consulates on our western boarders to destroy Pakistan by cutting off NothWest Frantiers and Baluchistan through TTP (Pakistani talibans), BLA and Bahgti and Marry Bagti GADARS. These groups were being made and put in place during his eaight years. LONG PLAING

    6) Mush let Bhutto a THIVE AND a GADAR to come back to country and made deals with her and with others with BLACK LAWS, defaming Pakistan’s being as a state.

    7) Mush pawed the way for indicka to get closer with USA and made them two strategic partners again withdrawing Pakistan from USA favouring indicka.

    8) Mush handed over Pakistanis and some of those Pakistanis who could make Pakistan a 21st century’s supper power; I mean Dr. Afiah Sadiqi.

    9) Mush made indickn kafir shoket Aziz Pakistan’s PM with free hand to do whatever S Aziz could to destroy Pakistan economically. S Aziz then sold Pakistan steel mills and Pakistan’s banks to Indicks for mere pennies. And funny thing is no one even found out till everything was sold out, theft out, or ripped off from Pakistan just like Kashmir and Afghanistan. S Aziz however, now works for india openly. S Aziz Pakistan’s former PM is NOW employed by a indickn hindoo guy who bought Pakistan steel mills and a one bank from Shoket Aziz.

    10) Mush tried to extradite Dr. Q Khan for a bit of more money and to secure indicka bit more, so no more threat of nukes once top makers been shifted over to USA for good and then indicka could take the rest of Pakistan with flying colours. Dr. Afiha Sadiqi was already shifted to complete job he had to shift Dr. Q Khan and his job could have been completed bit sooner than later, where he had to make deals with BB to stay bit longer to finish the job.. Meaning; finishing off Pakistan for indicka making indicka a supper power of the region ruling Pakistan and once Pakistan under indickn hindoo then the whole Muslim world would have gone under USA and indicka.

    I can go on about Mush GADAR’s list of treason and crimes against Pakistan and Pakistani nation which is a very long list. But I want you guys to understand what has been happening for very long in Pakistan and still is happening.




    • What a thoughtful and illuminating comment from Dr Khan Mohammad Khan,Ph.D,LLD,D.Sc (and what not)from Harvard(but they did not teach him English.Poor guy).

      Beware Guys.Dr.Khan has woke up.Ab Pakistan ki khair nahin.

      • @Khan Mohammad Khan think you have valid points there. It is true and this is how it happend.

      • @Reality Bites

        My my,,, is that the best that you can do… You are a bias cheap wanna be promoting Indian specific… Get lost & make your own world a better place…

        I bet Narindar Modi will get away again!!!

    • Have a look at this:

    • Yes Dr.Khan woke up and elected a Dacoit to represent his state… Thanks a Bunch!

  21. HAHAHA…..

    US is cleaning the Muslim population… yesterday it was Iraq then it was Afghanistan and now Pakistan… 🙂

    About 100,000 are killed in Iraq alone and 30,000 in Pakistan…



    THANK YOU America before this disease spread to the world 🙂

    • @Butcher Amit,

      As you kill rats in billions to feed millions of hungry hindus,you think that there is nothing wrong if humans are killed.

  22. […]     Re: India Prepares To Run From Afghanistan With Tail Between Legs India Prepares To Run From Afghanistan With Tail Between Legs Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz I was right, a rabid zaid hamidi […]

    • may ALLAH protect our pakistan….

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