Agartala conspiracy was real: Mujib planned secession in 1969-Traitor’s daughter confesses

March 9, 2010

By Moin Asnari | Rupee News

For the past 39 years politicians and the “Blame Pakistan first” crowd have blamed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for saying “Humm iddhar tum uddhar” (a quote which has since been refuted as bogus), and blamed the Pakistan Army for the attack on the Mukti Bahni militants on March 23rd as the reason for the creation of Bangladesh.

Ms. Hasina Mujib the daughter of Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman has now confessed that Sheikh Mujib had planned to secede from Pakistan in 1969–two years before the March 23rd “Military Action” against Bharati (aka Indian) saboteurs and their misguided supporters in Dhaka. General Mankeshaw wrote a book in which has claimed that he recruited 80,000 Hindus to create the Mukti Bahni. These terrorists were dressed up in Pakistan Army uniform and raped and pillaged Bengalis. They also were dressed up as civilians carrying out acts of sabotage against the civil and military government of Pakistan.

Sheikh Hasina Mujib’s confession shed new light on the events of March 23rd, 1971 because it proves that the Agartala Conspiracy was a real conspiracy sponsored by Bharat against Pakistan. President Ayub Khan had indicted Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman as a traitor.

Seeking Bangladeshi identity: Bangladesh was created in the name of Bengali nationalism. However the Hindu Bengalis who had opposed the parition of Bengal in 1906 opposed and did not join Muslim Bangladesh as Bengalis. Mujib regime killed, according to many, more than 30 thousand patriots, who opposed plunder by India and by the BAL, and through the regime's misrule and plunder, along with Indian plunder and conspiracy, they caused the man-made famine of 1974, in which 3 to 5 hundred thousand people perished, according to reports. Mujib suppressed all democratic rights and unleashed a reign of terror. In the above circumstances, according to some, Bangladesh faced extinction as an independent nation and was about to become a vassal state of the Indian hegemonists. The coup of 15 August 1975 saved the situation to a large extent and it was widely supported by the people. On August 14th, 1975 Bangladeshi nationalists buried the secularism deep into the Bay of Bengal. Today Bangladesh faces new threats from India again. . After failing to take over Bangladesh on Dec 6th 1971, India is forcing a transit policy on defenseless Bangladesh that is fighting for her existence. The Transit facilites that Bharat is asking would clog existing Bangladeshi roads and pose a security threat to Bangladesh. It would also exacerbate the situation in Northeast "India" where the sevean Assamese states want freedom from Delhi. The Transit agreement poses a mortal threat to Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s founding leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had made detailed plans for the liberation from Pakistan during a stay in London in 1969, his daughter and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said.

Sheikh Mujib discussed his plans at a meeting held a few months after his release from prison following a prolonged trial in the Agartala conspiracy case in which then Pakistan government had brought sedition charges against him and 34 others, Hasina told a meeting Sunday.

They were charged with conspiring to separate from then East Pakistan with help from neighbour India. Agartala is the capital of Tripura state in northeastern India.

‘He went to London on Oct 22, 1969 following his release in the Agartala case on April 22 that year. I reached London the next day from Italy, where I was living with my husband,’ bdnews24.com newspaper web site quoted her as saying.

‘It was there that Bangabandhu (a title Mujib received in 1969 from political supporters) at a meeting made plans for liberation, including when the war would start, where our freedom fighters would be trained and where refugees would take shelter.

‘All preparations were taken there (London). I was serving tea and entered the room several times where the meeting was being held. I heard their discussions,’ the prime minister recalled.

Hasina was addressing a discussion here to mark her father’s historic March 7, 1971 speech, when he had called upon the people at a massive rally to prepare for independence struggle from Pakistan.

Hasina did not indicate who were present at the London meeting.

Political analysts here said her disclosure, reinforced by the claim of her own presence at the meeting, could be a scoring point in the ongoing debate on who actually declared the country’s independence.

Mujib’s role is disputed by opposition leader Khaleda Zia. Zia’s supporters claim that it was her husband and then Pakistan Army major Ziaur Rahman who had first broadcast a freedom speech.

Referring to this debate, Hasina urged all to go through the reports of intelligence agencies and foreign ministries of different countries.

Mujib, who became Bangladesh’s president, was assassinated in August 1975.

Ziaur Rahman, who became the army chief and later the president, was assassinated in 1981. Siffy News. Mujib planned separation from Pakistan in 1969: Hasina 2010-03-08 10:40:00

Sheikh Mujib met an ignominious end on 14th August 1975, when Bharati conspiracies to absorb Bangladesh into Bharat were buried deep into the Bay of Bengal. On that day Bengali patriots killed the traitor who had declared himself “dactator for life” and banned all Bangladeshi political parties.



  1. Why did we release the idiot from Prison

    • This is a good article by PKHH, must better than the recent political properganda posted on behalf of ISI and Hamid GUl, ZH

    • When you have dictators you risk making big blunders. Why? Kion kay wo kissi kay agay jawab daar nahin hotay, hence a dictator.

  2. A friend of mine who lives in Jeddah, told me this story.

    One day I was in a limousine,whose driver was a Bangladeshi.He told me that he was working in the Foreign Office in Islamabad and was the personal driver of ZAB.He stayed in Pakistan upto 1973.

    He said he can swear and say that the Agartala case was real and Mujib was rightly arrested.But for the politicians and so-called democracy cries in the last days ofAyub Khan,Mujib had to be released and case withdrawn.


    • @Paki

      You seem quite good a telling stories my friend… Do you have any credible reference for your amazing revelations?

      • @Reality Bites,

        It is understandable as Traitor for Muslims and Pakistan,was your creation.

  3. Poor Bangladeshis. They are 150 million people stuck on a tiny land, the ocean is making a yearly inroad, their political leadership is curropt down to the last bone and their Godfather India is pushing them out from Assam and border regions. I am happy my father took a u-turn and decided not to go to the then East-Pakistan.

    Today when Muslim Bangladeshis see the discrimination of Muslims in West-Bengal and the imposing attitude of New Delhi they are
    asking why they took part in the partition of the
    largest Islamic country in the world.

    Funny, the two biggest traitors of South Asia were from the same place/province: Mir Jafar and Mujib-ur-Rehman.

    • One must not forget that at the time of Independence,there were 36,000 Madrassahs in East Pakistan as against nearly none,in West Pakistan.The Muslim League was founded in Bengal,whereas West Pakistan had a unionist Govt.

      Bengalis are politically very active,no vaderashahi.In West Pakistan,Republican Party was made,overnight and all Muslim Leaguers joind Congresi Gandhi,Dr.Khan,to remain in power.

      If one reads “Shahab Nama” of Qudratullah Shahab,more facts come to knowledge.

      It is true that Mujib was a Ghaddar,but what made him so popular.He cashed on public sentiments,which turned against Pakistan,due to deprivation of their rights.

  4. Can you kindly ask your prodigious graphic artist to create a header of Pakistan Patriot

    Editor http://www.rupeenews.com

  5. Those Politicians or champion of democracy and yellow journalists who are saying Akbar Bugti a martyr were pressurizing Government for release of Traitor Mujeeb-ur-rehman. Every body knows that Bugti was taking bhatta from POL in Sui and was maintaining a private army and was big bid hindrance in development work of his area. He was fighting against Government and when he was killed being called a martyr by politicians. These Politicians have released so many terrorists in Baluchistan. So nobody take cares of country. They just watch their own interest and agenda.

  6. HAHAHA ….

    moin ansari is a riot. 😀 lol. what a crap article.
    he’ll start about aliens helping india next 😀 😀

    keep it up

    • @ask jeeves
      Pea brain try reading where he got this article from “BDnews24”!!

  7. dear all. Pakistan has to survive and will definitely survive, going back to 1971, it was all indian controversy that led to the disintegration of our country.. Bengalis had suffered more than ever after Bangladesh came into being.. Pakistan Army still did its all the very best to vipe indian actions and mukti bahini, but still we broke out. its just that if the politicians of that time could have negotiated on the common terms, the situation could have been good. anyways,, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  8. Such things happen in history that you win some and lose too!.Alhumdolillah,Pakistan has survived and i believe it was now Bangladesh that lost in 1971!

  9. Bangladesh and Pakistan and China should all attack India at the same time.

    Lets see about India’s Cold Start Doctrine in a three front war with the Naxalites attacking from within.

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