Takmeel-e-Pakistan: Why a National Movement on the lines of ‘Tehreek-e-Pakistan’ is needed?

March 8, 2010

Aquib Moin | PKKH

In 1940, a historic resolution was passed by the Muslims of South Asia. The world saw the true manifestation of the ideology of Pakistan. Under the leadership of visionary, revolutionary and exemplary Muslim leaders, the Pakistan Movement reached its glory and the Muslims showed the passion, emotion and unconditional devotion which is their historic heritage. The whole world witnessed the potential, energy and zeal of the Muslims of South Asia and that was alarming for World powers…..

Seven years later, Pakistan emerged on the map of the world as the first ideological state claimed in the name of Islam, in the name of truth and justice, in the name of righteousness. But the creation of Pakistan was shrouded under conspiracy, betrayal and treachery. India and the British Empire deployed all of their resources and executed their evil designs to do irreversible damage to the new-born state at the time of its very creation, hoping and aiming that Pakistan shouldn’t be able to survive on its own for long and it will soon kneel down in front of India to take it back again. But destiny had other plans for Pakistan. Its creation was “sanctioned” for higher purposes; Pakistan survived…..

In addition to not transferring the allocated resources to Pakistan, amending the borders which were actually decided at the time of partition, seizing the regions which were meant to be parts of Pakistan, making migration a nightmare for Muslims, the British empire with their allies made every move on the chessboard of South Asia to ensure that the newly born Muslim state would evolve as a very weak state, vulnerable for subjugation right from the time of its creation. They did it by wiping out the elite of Muslim leadership and leaving behind their pawns to establish and run the western system of governance, which would facilitate their foreign masters to keep ruling the state even after leaving the region. They designed these schemes as they feared that this new born Islamic state might not transform into an Islamic superpower, which would be a major threat to their system and their intentions. But despite all the trouble and turmoil, Pakistan kept on going until the time it became the first and only Islamic nuclear power in the world. Something which the so-called world powers never wanted….

Since the time the foreign oppressors left this region, our homeland is in the hands of filthy politicians, landlords, feudal lords, industrialists, money makers, false scholars and agents of the Western masters. There have been criminals, crooks, betrayers, looters, conspirers in the power avenues of Pakistan whose “job” has always been to exploit the nation of Pakistan, weaken the country from its very roots, destabilize it and make it vulnerable for the evil purposes of the foreign masters. In return, these looters filled their deep pockets with Pakistan’s wealth and resources and left the people of Pakistan to suffer and face unjustified hardships. They crushed the concept of a pious leadership and notion of a welfare state just to appease their masters and eat their own people like cannibals. But the sole supreme power, Who is the best of planners in the Universe has always saved Pakistan from utter destruction as Pakistan is yet to serve its purpose….

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the dirty and evil nexus of US-UK-Israel-India started working very hard for the culmination of their great game. They have done all their homework and manipulation in an attempt to give Islam and the Muslim World a final “check-mate”, as they badly fear that it is only Islam which can offer the humanity solutions of its problems, it offers an alternate, just system; a system which is based on divine scriptures and not on devilish notions. Its their worst nightmare that the comeback and rise of Islam is imminent and the truth will ultimately prevail. Therefore, they are making all efforts to malign Islam and Muslims so as to somehow prevent the rise of Islam as a righteous socio-politico-economic system. Another wicked dimension of their intentions is to take control of all of the world’s resources and corridors of transportation, which they are desperate to use for their sinister plans and most of that happens to be under the feet of Muslim world. To serve these evil purposes, a global war based on lies, falsehood, deception, propaganda and disinformation has been waged against Islam and all of the gear is in place to demonize Muslims.

At the vortex of all their activities and operations is the state of Pakistan. Why Pakistan? Because Pakistan is unique! Pakistan is the only nuclear-armed Islamic state, Pakistan is the biggest obstacle, which can block their way, Pakistan bears all the potential that can respond back, defend and stand for the Muslim world, Pakistan is the last and strongest fortress of Islam towards which other Islamic states look with hope and expecting Pakistan to come forward as their saviour, Pakistan has the capability to unite and lead the Muslim world,  Pakistan might have been having problems but the people of Pakistan haven’t lost their ideology and values. So it is the biggest threat to the system and the global goals of the Western elite and their allies, therefore, they are trying to encircle it and squeeze it from all four corners and their operations against Pakistan are at their peak now. But, on the other hand, it is their misfortune that the time for Pakistan’s revival and rejuvenation has also come….

It is high time that we as the nation of Pakistan should realize the truth, recall our true heritage and history, recognize our destiny, remind ourselves the purpose of Pakistan, understand the games being played against us, analyze what kind of conspiracies are being designed and executed against Pakistan, come out of the deception and the web of fake realities, take stand for everything that is right for Pakistan and reject everything that is wrong, prepare to take charge of the state to pull it out of all the mess and bring about a positive change in Pakistan, it is truly high time that we, as the Patriots of Pakistan, must now wake up!

In order to counter the malevolent strategies against Pakistan, to make Pakistan what it ought to be, to revive the same spirit that created Pakistan, to build Pakistan as the strongest fortress of Islam, to establish Pakistan as a true model of an Islamic welfare state and to get Pakistan ready to lead the Muslim world to be delivered from the cruelty of the devil worshippers, the Patriots of Pakistan must rise up and run a National Movement on the lines of the Pakistan Movement. We now need to bring back the energy and the spirit of 1940’s resolution, we now need to speak up, we now need to condemn what is wrong and suppose and enforce what is right. We are now in a need to build up a revolution that would eradicate the current filthy, exploitative, unjust system, get rid of the dishonest, insincere and corrupt people and establish a just facilitative welfare system based on Qur’an, Sunnah and the heritage of our magnanimous elders, bring forth honest, devoted and pious leadership, which could lead Pakistan to its ultimate destiny. To accomplish this mission, we need to rewrite history by reliving the experience of Pakistan Resolution 1940. The ideology of Pakistan be understood and manifested in the similar way and the zeal for Pakistan must be raised to the same level. Only then will we be able to face all the challenges, only then will we be able to reach the final destination, only then will we be able fulfill our long due responsibility and promise, only then will we be able to protect and defend our sacred homeland from the worst enemies of Muslims and Islam…..and it will only be possible after such a revolution that the creation of Pakistan will be justified and the sacrifices of our elders will come to full fruition.

The “Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution” is the first step towards this journey. A resolution with which we as the Patriots of Pakistan will strongly demand what we want for our country and utterly reject what is not right for our homeland. It is now time for us to put in all efforts to revive the true spirit of Pakistan, launch a massive struggle on the scale of Pakistan Movement and finally make Pakistan what Allama Iqbal dreamt of and what Quaid-e-Azam was passionate about.

Pakistan Zinda-O-Paindabaad



  1. A Very Encouraging article!

  2. Long Live Pakistan !

  3. I am with u in noble journey. I pray allah bless this opportunity to watch takmeel e pakistan (Ameen)

  4. Whats exactly is going to happen on 23rd March. i mean the program will include what ? …

  5. OTH k ab bazam e jahan ka aur andaaz hai
    mashriq o maghrib me tere daur ka aaghaz hai…

  6. MashAllah very good, very accurate article!!!

  7. from Tehrik e Pakistan to State of Pakistan…..was done within 7 and a half years time….from 23rd March 1940 Pakistan Declaration to 14th August 1947 Independance Day

    ….InshAllah Takmeel e Pakistan will be done in a shorter time period than that…

    InshAllah 23rd March 2010 will start the Takmeel e Pakistan movement (70 years after original Tehrik e Pakistan)

    ….and InshAllah Pakistan will be built on Quran and Sunnah, (as it was originally intended to be, which is demonstrated by the Objectives Resolution of 1949),

    That is the Pakistan I wish to see on 14th August 2017….(70 years from creation of the State of Pakistan)

    • * InshAllah 23rd March 2010 Takmeel e Pakistan Resolution(or Declaration, whichever it is), will mark the start the Takmeel e Pakistan movement (70 years after original Tehrik e Pakistan movement)

      • *will mark the start of the Takmeel E Pakistan Movement

        (arrgh, cant you edit your post for mistakes? 😀 )

      • *23rd March 1940 Pakistan Resolution(….the Pakistan Declaration was a pamphlet written in 1933 by Choudry Rehmet Ali ….)

  8. I am in.
    This country was made to prosper and nothing else.

  9. Great Article … lets Get UNITED brothers and Sisters!!!

  10. My best wishes r with u my bros and sisters.Grab this opportunity but make it a point that Pakistan will be ruled as per Quran and Sunnah and not by any fake democracy or bureaucracy or dictatorship.Let not military or any leader play with ur sentiments.Enough is enough u don’t have much time left.yahoodo nasara r planning for armageddon.Let it be final blow to yahoodo nasara.Remember we may soon see Imam Mahdi(RA) and Isa(AS).This will be the beginning of a rise of khorasan empire.Inshallah.

  11. Sir Zaid, grt fan of ur.
    Please let your supporters know what happened on that day. Its good we resorted to peace.
    But many of us are now very much confused as to what is happening. There is lot of accusation/allegation/ they have challenged ur identity( syed)……….Its a very heart breaking situation for me…
    Please come and clear these false allegations

  12. Long Live Pakistan. Prosperity and power for Pakistan only. Anyone who is betraying this country will be punished. We put our life for Pakistan. If Pakistan lives and prospers we prosper. Nothing before Pakistan.

    Death to the corrupt and death to criminals terrorist and others who follow orders from foreign enemy Nations.

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