What US Army Doesn’t Want You To See

March 6, 2010




  1. the speech in the end is really powerfull!

  2. IOC should have an armed wing or a few countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, S-Arabia, Nigeria, Iran, Malaysia and even Turkey should join hands to a create a dedicated international military force which can operate under and within the OIC countries.

    Why are the Muslim countries afraid to do what is the requitement of our time?

    • Mr. Shah, your idea could have been implemented long time ago when Bosina issue started. (We)Muslims are their own worst enemy.

      • Okey, but the question remain the same: “What is keeping this from happening?”

    • OIC has been de-cyphered,long time ago,by Mahathir Mohammad as “Oh,I see”.

      Many more occasions came,such as Pakistan being selected to represent Ummah at UN.

      It is for sure,that any initiative for uniting Ummah,to a bare minimum,has to be taken by Pakistan,that is why conspiracies are hatched by enemies against political instability,and every time we have to start with zero.

  3. This is eye opening video – consipiracy plotted against us. I would not say that this “us” only includes us the Muslims of the world, though primarily it is the case. I am sure there must some from amongst us, acting as a party to all of this, for their own promised gains. Just blaming the entire west is not justice as well. As, there are many from amongst them who support the injustice behind the scene. So, basically before we should blame others, we should start from within ourselves. To make the odd man stand out, make yourself as an individual, stand in. Stand in with those who are like you, and then you can all stand together as one, and make those against you, stand out. It is very very important that we do not loose hope and that we seek each of us who are on the right cause. Be honese and brave within yourself. Be honest with others and brave in standing with them.

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