India to send more troops to Afghanistan

March 6, 2010

Times of India 


The recent killing of RAW agents in Kabul attack has exposed Indian activities in Afghanistan. The Indian media avoided to highlight or protest the killings, out of fear of exposure of Indian designs against Pakistan. Now Indian government clearly said it is sending more troops to protect RAW assets.

NEW DELHI: India on Tuesday said Afghanistan remained a “vulnerable” area for Indian assets as the government plans to provide more and better security to its nationals posted in the war-ravaged country. 

“There were intelligence alerts that Indian assets may be targeted, following which adequate steps were taken but Afghanistan is a vulnerable area,” home minister P Chidambaram said on Friday’s attack in Kabul in which six Indians died. 

Chidambaram’s comments come close on the heels of a government move to send another contingent of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel to strengthen security of Indian interests in Afghanistan. 

Sources here said the Afghanistan government has agreed to the Indian demand of sending more security forces to guard vital installations and ongoing development projects, which have become the target of terror groups operating in the region. 

The home ministry is also planning to move Indian officials, including doctors, to safer locations in Afghanistan after terrorists struck at two hotels in which Indians engaged in development and reconstruction works were staying, the sources said. 

Realising that the Taliban and their associates have started targeting Indian officials who are in the field and are vulnerable, India has begun a review of their security. There are about 4,000 Indians engaged in such projects — being implemented as part of India’s development assistance to the tune of $1.3 billion to Afghanistan. A team of investigators is already in Kabul, joining a probe being conducted by Afghan authorities into last Friday’s terror attack.



  1. Stop spreading your lies. India doesn’t have any “designs against Pakistan” in Afghanistan. Pakistan is the one that has designs against India and Afghanistan. Pakistan is supporting the taliban and the terrorists. The ISI does not want peace in Afghanistan.

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  3. Who told you that they were RAW agents.Atleast read the news paper.

  4. Of course terrorist india has nefarious designs against pakistan even general McCrystal acknowledged that and what about so many consulates india has with the border areas of pakistan are they eating mung phali there or smoking drugs of course they have terror camps and pakistan should destroy them with surgical strikes. India is full of the biggest liars of the earth as they have been killing innocent kashmiris, stealing pakistan’s water and targeting innocent pakistanis in our cities. India is an epicenter of terror.


      Pity Indian soldiers.Afghans do not know how to cremate.They will throw them from the mountains.

  5. India can send as many troops as it wants to get killed!!!.That’s what awaits them in the graveyard of empires!

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