Holbrooke unsure if Pakistan against Afghan Taliban

March 6, 2010

Dawn News

WASHINGTON: US special envoy Richard Holbrooke said in an interview with the Financial Times that he is agnostic about whether Pakistan had decisively turned against the Afghan Taliban.

Holbrooke made the comment in relation to Pakistan’s arrest of the Afghan Taliban’s operational commander Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

He said he was not prepared to make a judgement on whether relations between the United States and Pakistan had turned a corner after Baradar’s arrest.

Holbrooke declined to say whether the US was getting good intelligence from the joint interrogation of Mullah Baradar. But he said he had “no problems” with the Lahore High Court’s denial of a request last week to transfer the Taliban commander to Afghanistan.

Regarding military operations in Afghanistan, Holbrooke said the US and its allies faced a “daunting” task there and “it is much too early” to predict how the situation will turn out.



  1. This man called holbrook is he crazy or what? on one hand he praises pakistan on its efforts on eliminating terrorism from pakistan and now he does not consider pakistan is doing good enough. Enough is enough and why pakistanis should be fighting your war against the Taliaban of Afghanistan. You started this war didn’t you? so go fight yourself and don’t blame pakistan for your failures. Take your puddle india the cheif terrorist alongwith you and world would be peaceful once again. This is the easy way otherwise you will learn your defeat the hard way.

  2. Holbrooke knows jack rather we just tell them what they want to hear!.Sooner or later they’ll see our real face!!


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