20 More IAF planes bite the dust. More than 300 remain grounded

March 6, 2010

By Moin Ansari | Rupee News

Half the Indian Air Force has now been grounded

Bharat (aka India) has more than 600 planes in its inventory. It has grounded a couple of hundred Mig-21s which have a hard time defying gravity–more than 250 have crashed. The IAF has also grounded a hundred of the Mig 29s. Now there is news that the IAF has grounded the 20 Kiran Aircraft.

In the wake of Wednesday’s aircrash in Hyderabad, the Indian Navy has grounded its entire fleet of Kiran aircraft.

The Navy has a fleet a 20 Kiran aircraft -12 Mk-I and eight Mk II aircrafts – which are based in Goa. “As per the standard operating procedure, the aircraft will not fly till the time they are cleared by the Board of Inquiry (BOI) looking into today’s mishap”, Navy officials said here.

They added that if the probe team found no problems with the aircraft, the fleet would be airborne soon. A Kiran Mk II aircraft of Navy’s Goa-based Sagar Pawan Aerobatic Team (SPAT) today crashed in Hyderabad while performing at the India Aviation airshow there.

Navy officials added that one civilian and two pilots – Commander S K Maurya and Lt Commander Rahul Nair – were killed in the accident. Indian Express. Tags : Kiran aircraft, Navy, Rahul Nair Posted: Wednesday, Mar 03, 2010 at 1752 hrs. Navy grounds entire fleet of Kiran aircraft.

Most crashes in the IAF have been traced to pilot error, lack of training, and bad parts. The Russians claim that the planes fail to fly because of the bad quality of parts made in Bharat. There is a huge issue with the HAL produced  pumps which fail to perform at heights. For three decades Bharat has been unable to fix the problem–giving the IAF the worst crash record on the planet.

Bharat has been unable to produce a credible trainer aircraft. The LCA was supposed to be that–but it has languished in the design phase for the past three decades–with no end in sight. Bharat’s Kevari engine could not fly–now there are rumors that it is being transferred to water works so that it can swim. We are not making this up–the canceled Kevari is now being tried on naval vessels. This in itself would be an amazing feat–use an aircraft engine to power a ship! Only in Bharat (aka India)!

Pakistan produced the K-8 in a joint design and production excercise with China. Aptly named the Karakoram–the K-8 is now being revamped with the K-9. Pakistan’s Mushaq trainer is being exproted to friendly countries. Bharat still doesn’t have a trainer aircraft–or let us say–it doesn’t have enough of them to meet the demand.

The situation will be exacerbated in the next few years, as Bharat purchase 126 new aircraft for the IAF. If it is unable to control the crash rate–the 126 planes cosit $10 billion will bite the dust quickly.



  1. india tu to gya

  2. By showing old equipment, I think this is the way they are trying to get more equipment and arms from US or Russia.

    • 100% agree with Nadeem. These are called deceptive Hindu tactics. It is just a pretext to acquire more weapons.

      • Dear Imran & all my other Pakistani brothers,

        Please stop equating India with Hindus… There are almost as many Muslim brothers in India as there are in Pakistan… Think of them every time you hurl an abuse or grenade towards Indians… Such acts only make life tough for our Muslim brothers on the other side…

        By the way, just imagine if there was no partition in 1947 or creation of Bangladesh in 1971, today a united India would have had roughly equal proportion of Hindus and Muslims, creating an equilibrium of power and stability… What’s more important that we could have been a strong powerful nation at par with the likes of USA and China… Just think…

      • Like you said “IMAGINE” It is not reality.
        We don’t hold anything against the common people of India. They are pretty much struggling like any other normal people around the World. It is the state of INDIA that we are hurling or abusing! try to understand the difference just like India has issues accepting Pakistan as a state!

        INDIA aka BHARAT aka HINUSDTAN is very well representing it’s inhabitants.

  3. OK, SO??? What’s Pakistan’s role now?? Will you have the guts to strike INDIA because there are more than 300 IAF aircraft’s grounded??

    • No.We enjoy looking at you wetting your Dhotees in fear of Pakistan.

      • The whole world saw whose got wet in 1971!!! Now I know PKKH wont publish this comment of mine!!

  4. India is a nation that believes in creating technology base to fuel its defence forces needs be it fighters,submarine etc.yes, it is under the process it will take some more time to realize complete indigenization.

    Unlike pakistan which buys north korean missiles and chinese fighters and paint them as indigenized system. No country can acheieve it in a span 50 years a complete indigenisation. If we were to go by pakistan possesing a rocket technology, i do not see any pakistan satellites in the space, despite the fact that both rocket and missile technology go hand in hand.

    • Please inspect the Pakistani Missile when it hits you if it was imported from North Korea or China!

      I bet then would be a right time for you to tell us that rocket & missile go hand in hand.

      Pakistan has better technology. PERIOD! 😐

  5. Yes my paki friends you are right Indian IAF is in bad shape but we are gonna change the ball gome in few years to come with not competing with pakistan but with china..wait the change in about to come.

    • Yes dear u r rite, Pak will be in an entirely different league by then!

      • Ha Ha this is getting really funny.God blog PAKISTANKAKHUDAHAFIZ.GOD BLESS PAKISSTAN.

  6. It doesn’t matter where a missile or any weapon originates from and neither do it’s victim’s care after destruction!!.Pakistan will do whatever it takes and i mean exactly that…whatever it takes to defend itself!

    It’s not our fault that India is basically at war with every neighbouring nation from Pakistan to Srilanka and China,it even has tensions with Bangladesh!!.As a result it has no friends in the region and very few as a whole!!.Just ask the Australian’s!!!

    • very funny imran khan, if you call pakistan and china nations then you are right. but i cant give that credit, sorry. you are wrong about sri lanka, bangladesh, nepal, bhutan etc.. even burma i hate to say it but the indian government with the rotten dictatorship. in bangladesh didi takes care of us too.

      • Exactly what is your point??.I’m afraid i don’t understand Hindglish!!!

  7. Sulatn,

    Why do you Bhindian’s keep forgetting 1947!.The greatest mass movement in the history of mankind that broke India into three!

    If our ancestor’s can do it once then we can can do so again!!

  8. @Imran

    You said “It’s not our fault that India is basically at war with every neighbouring nation from Pakistan to Srilanka and China,it even has tensions with Bangladesh!!.As a result it has no friends in the region and very few as a whole!!.Just ask the Australian’s!!!”

    You make it sound as if Pakistan is in any better situation than India.. My friend, we have earned such a bad name all over the world, it’s embarrassing to show a Pakistani passport at any immigration counter around the world…

    • In your Indian View only. I am a frequent traveler to M.E, Europe, Africa & rarely to India. I move freely & proud without any problems. The only ones trying trying to make my experience hell is only when I visit India. Thanks a bunch!

    • The discussion at hand was the Indian’s not Pakistanis!.We accept our problems but understand the reasons behind it are different.The world at this momnet is controlled by the Zionists who are fully aware that Pakistan is it’s greatest obstacle to world domination!.Need i remind you that Pak is the only Islamic nuclear power!

      Furthermore,Pakistanis get a hard time due to war in neighbouring Afghanistan that is spilling over in Pak.Indian’s on the other hand are disliked for things like bad smells that are associated with them.Most westerners can’t relate to Hindu culture whatsoever that makes them even more vulnerable.

      • Bad smells!!! Oh so you think, the westerners actually make a distinction between Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, and Africans? Dream on…

  9. I’m dreaming,happy!!.Yes most people actually do know the difference about Pakistanis and Indians just like different Europeans!!!!

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