Amaresh Misra On Hemant Karkare’s Controversial Assasination

March 5, 2010

 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



  1. True.

    Musharraf was in India for Asia Today conclave in April,2009.Koel Puri interviewed hi.

    Koel: Indian army Jawans like you very much.
    Mush(surprised): Why?
    Koel: Because you lead from the front.

  2. Great for that harami dictator to be loved by some one, Indians even, as he is hated in Pakistan. Coward harami hummay USdones-TTP-NROZardari kay darmiyan phansa kay khud Europe may chain ki neend so raha hai.

    • Yahan to jis ki dum uthao……

      You name them.Nawaz,Zardari,Zani Harami Imran Khan ,Choudhrys and…

  3. Finally a voice of reason from Hindustan. But the game is the same: the core Pak-o-Hind dispute of Kashmir remain off topic as if it did not exist.

  4. wonder whea amused n neel123 are

  5. Mr. Misra is contradicting himself by saying that the bombay was staged by israel and america and they wanted to kill Karkare as he was exposing them but then goes on saying that it was pakistan’s work and india is stopped by the americans and not attacking these camps in pakistan. He is addressing a muslim gathering portraying himself to be their friend and on their side but he is talking about hindu india to attack muslim pakistan. Why he is doing that because the hindus cannot hide their animosity against pakistan, he is clearly contradicting himself here blaming america and israel for this but still considers its pakistan. Hemant Karkare exposed the extremist hindus who were behind samjhota express attack burning over 50 pakistani muslims then why he thinks that pakistan is behind terrorist attacks on india when india is the real culprit being mother of all terroist state by invding east pakistan, kashmir and genocide of over 100k unarmed innocent kashmiris, raping their women, The real face of india is that it is an epicenter of terror by sending terrorist to pakistan from Afghanistan to NWFP, Baluchistan and our cities where they have done mass killing and americans and israelis are their partners and not against them but against pakistan. They have given india a lot of weapons and nuclear technology isn/t it true? No matter what the indians blame pakistan to hide their sins but the world can now see the cunning hindus that they are terrorists who are doing everything to destroy muslims and lower casts of their own country but also killing kashmiris and stealing pakistan’s water. BANYAS BE CLEAR IF YOU DARE ATTACK PAKISTAN THE RESPONSE WILL BE SWIFT AND WILL LEAD TO FULL FLEDGED WAR WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS. SO DON’T YOU DARE.


  7. I noted Amaresh’s comment of how the Indian armed forces lacked motivation in going to war against Pakistan!.This is very true that deep down Bhindian’s are afraid of Pakistan not that they’ll ever admit it!

  8. My Pakistani as well as Indian brothers and sisters,

    Before you hurl another abuse or insult at each other, please imagine if there was no partition in 1947 or creation of Bangladesh in 1971, today a united India would have had roughly equal proportion of Hindus and Muslims, creating an equilibrium of power and stability… What’s more important that we could have been a strong powerful nation at par with the likes of USA and China… Just think…

    To me it seems that every time we fight with each other, throw abuses and bombs at each other, the Western powers must be so happy to see their evil plan continue to succeed for over 60 years now… I wonder why most of us fail to see this simple reality, instead we keep listening to people who continue to spread racial and religious hatred…


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